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Taking My Co-Worker

by webbyhose©

I had worked with Christine for about 6 months and I wanted her so badly it hurt. I had no idea why. She was not particularly beautiful but something about her made me want to fuck her.

She was 5 foot 2 tall, mid 40's,auburned hair and slim. He tops were never low cut but the tightness accentuated what looked like gorgeous breasts. She tended to wear longish skirts with a slit back, which gave tantalising hints of toned black hosed legs. Whenever she walked by my desk the nylon whispered in a way that made me want her more. We were both managers in different departments but worked closely together. Some days after spending a meeting with her I would have to rush to the bathroom to furiously jerk my hard cock.

I would fantasise about taking her over her desk plunging my cock into what I was sure was going to be a tight pussy.

My desire grew daily. She was married and was always very prim and proper n the office. Eventually I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I knew she always worked late on Wednesdays and that no one else was in the office.

After leaving work I returned in the early evening dusk to see Christine's office light on. I was wearing black and slipped on a ski mask. She had, as always, forgotten to lock the side door into the building. In a bag I carried a ball gag and camera.

I his in the printer room knowing she would have to visit at some point. I took the starter out of the fluorescent light.

After a few minutes the printer whirred and I waited in nervous anticipation.

Christine tried the light and let out an exasperated sigh when it did not come on.

She went towards the printer using the light from the door. I grabbed her putting my hand over her mouth and disguising my voice told her not to scream. I pushed the gag in her mouth and fastened it.

I then walked her to her office and pushed her in. I locked the door and pulled the blinds. All the while she trembled and stared in fear. He beautiful green eyes were pleading with me to let her go. I knew her husband was working nights so we had a long time to have fun. I told her to strip. At first she shook her head but I told her that her clothes were coming off even if I had to rip them off. Very slowly she began to remove her clothing.

As each item came off I got harder. She wore a white lace bra that held breasts that were as perfect as my fevered wanks had imagined. Removing her skirt revealed lovely toned legs encases in black thigh highs and white lace panties through which I could see a dark patch of pubic hair. I took out the camera and took pictures to enjoy later.

I told her to stop. I removed my clothing and pulled a condom onto my 8 inch long and thick cock. Her eyes widened.

I walked over to her a slipped down her panties, stroking her thighs and rubbing her arse.

I made her clear her desk and lie on it. I pulled her to the edge and knelt to lick her moist slit. The taste of her pussy was better then any fantasy and I drank in her smell.

Involuntarily she moved herself on my probing tongue and mouth. A low moan came through the gag.

I moved my mouth from her pussy and kissed up her body before pulling her tits out and sucking on her nipples. She squirmed beneath me.

Eventually I could wait no longer and I slipped my cock inside her. It was as tight as I had hoped. I began to fuck her with slow steady strokes. He arms came around me and fingers and nails dug into my back. After a few minutes I felt my orgasm building and could hold on no longer. My hot cum spurted into the latex sheath and I collapsed on those lovely breasts.

I pulled out and then began to lick her again using all off my tongue skills until despite herself she shuddered to an orgasm.

I took more pictures of her before turning her over and licking at the bud of her anus. She tied to wiggle away from me but then seemed to enjoy the sensation. I began to finger her using lube I'd brought with me. I slipped on another condom and this time entered her anally. He tight arse gripped my cock and it took time and patience before I was fully inside her and could start fucking her properly.

I did not last long before I shot another load.

She had been a better fuck than I'd ever imagined.

I turned her over and removed the gag. I kissed her deeply before telling her to tell no one or I would know and come looking for her.

I went home and wanked looking at the pictures of her beautiful body and remembering how fantastic it had been to be inside her..

The next morning I got to the office just after Christine. I opened my desk draw to find a pair of lace panties and a note that read " A souvenir of our first time. Didn't I say it was better to wait and to make it memorable? Can't wait to feel your cum inside me very soon xxx"

I was sniffing the wet panties as Christine came in my room and locked the door.

Written by: webbyhose

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories