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HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 04

by MTL17©

Author's Note

A special thank you to Vintage for his previous contribution to this series.


Fans cheer loudly throughout the arena as the fireworks go off for the beginning of Thursday Night Smackdown.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen I'm Michael Cole and myself and my partner Tazz would like to welcome you to a very special episode of Smackdown."

"No kidding Cole, tonight is going to be off the chain and I can't wait."

"Neither can I Tazz, what do you think Trish has in store for us with this mysterious 'contracts signing'?"

"I don't know Cole, but it looks like we're about to find out."

Sure enough the familiar giggle leading into Trish's music echoed throughout the arena quickly followed by loud cheers as the WWE women's champion entered the arena, holding her title high in one hand and her strap on in the other.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the WWE women's champion... Trish Stratus." Lillian Garcia announced nervously in the ring, quickly leaving to go sit at ringside rather than still be in the ring when the ass loving women's champion entered.

Trish grinned at Lillian's departure as she entered the ring, the blonde champion pleased to see her orders had been carried out and everything was in place.

This was going to be a special night for Trish, and for the WWE as a whole, and it had to be perfect.

As such Trish made sure to have a professional office work table be placed in the ring instead of those cheap ones the WWE left lying around so it would be nice and steady for what's to come. On this table there were several different contracts and a pen, just like Trish had instructed so everything was indeed in place. All that remained was to get her bitches out here with her and Trish could complete her total conquest of Stephanie McMahon, Stacy Keibler and the WWE itself.

"Thanks for that wonderful introduction Lilian, but I'll be taking it from here, so you just sit back on your fuck-able little ass and enjoy the show." Trish instructed the ring announcer, pausing for cheers before turning to the audience, "Hello everyone, welcome to a historic night in WWE history... mm, something is missing... oh I know what it is, Stephanie, get that cock depository you call an ass out here."

There was a brief pause and then Stephanie's music hit the sound system as Stephanie walked out onto the stage. Or at least what used to be Stephanie walked out onto the stage, as the woman approaching the ring looked more like a porno secretary then the GM of an entire show. Her skirt was as short as it could be, her breasts were practically popping out and the little glasses she wore just completed the look.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the biggest tit sucking, pussy munching, and ass licking slut on the entire roster who just loves it up her ass, the general manager of Smackdown, and more importantly my bitch, Stephanie McMahon." Trish announced loudly as her bitch got into the ring.

Trish smiled at her bitch as she walked up to her, turning around when they were almost face-to-face and pulling down her tight spandex pants and thong to reveal her gloriously big bubble butt.

Stephanie grinned happily before falling to her knees, grabbing a tight hold of Trish's waist and burying her face in that big ass, planting one huge wet sloppy kiss on it before beginning to eagerly slide her lips all over that rounded rump, covering Trish's ass in kisses.

"Mmmmm, that's better. Now where was I... oh that's right I was welcoming everyone to a historic night in WWE history. And believe me, this is going to be historic for many, many reasons. What happens tonight will be remembered for years, maybe for the rest of this company's existence, and I can honestly guarantee no one watching will ever forget it. For starters due to the record setting numbers in both PPV buys for the other week when I first busted Stephanie's butt and ratings for last week when I popped Stacy's anal cherry the WWE Board of Directors have decided that now all HLA matches will have their own PPVs, the first of which will be next Sunday and will feature me defending my title against Torrie Wilson, and Torrie..." Trish turned to the nearest camera which did a close-up on her face so she could talk directly into it, "In that match, I'm going to totally dominate you, just like I'm going to do after it. The only difference is during the match I'll be kicking your ass, and after the match, I'll be fucking your ass!"

Trish paused, partly to allow the audience to cheer, but mostly to allow herself a few moments of fantasizing about destroying Torrie Wilson's ass hole.

"The very first HLA exclusive PPV is going to be called No Anal Mercy and can be ordered through all the normal channels. For those wanting a up close and personal view of Torrie's ass being kicked, then fucked, go to for all the details on how to purchase tickets to the arena the match will be in. Unfortunately all this means that there will be no more HLA matches on free TV..." Trish paused to allow the audience to boo, "But that doesn't mean they'll be no more HLA on WWE TV, it just means that from now on at any second a special HLA moment, like the one happening tonight, could appear on WWE TV. So I suggest you people stay tuned to RAW and Smackdown, because you never know when we might be showing me drilling some hot diva's ass with my strap on, or making one of my bitches kiss my ass like Stephanie is doing right now!"

Again Trish paused, this time to allow a close-up of the once proud Stephanie McMahon lovingly kissing her ass.

"Mmmmmm, that's really good, keep that up Stephanie." Trish said to her bitch before turning back to the audience, "Stephanie was a really great ass kisser when I first made her my bitch but she somehow managed to become even better at it after a little training."

Turning back to her bitch Trish laughed as she enjoyed again the sight and feel of Stephanie kissing her ass.

"Of course while figuratively kissing ass has always been a big part of this business literally kissing ass in public is not, and isn't exactly behaviour fitting of a general manager, a point I was forced to point out to the board of directors as Stephanie's insatiable desire to kiss my ass was very distracting during our meeting with them. Also her constant need to be butt fucked has been affecting her work. Do you know she missed Smackdown last week because she was too busy getting fucked up the ass? In fact she spent almost all of last week with a strap on dick in her butt, and during the brief times she wasn't being sodomised her poor misused ass hole was gaping so wide you could have fit one of her limousines up her butt. I mean I know she's daddy's girl and everything but Stephanie has clearly shown that lesbian anal sex is all that matters to her any more. So myself and the Board of Directors were forced to come to the conclusion that Stephanie McMahon is unfit to be the general manager of Smackdown and she needs to be replaced... but by who?" Trish pretended to look thoughtful, "Eric Bischoff originally thought he was going to get the job, effectively making him the GM of both shows and giving him absolute power over the WWE... but the Board of Directors didn't much care for that idea. In fact it didn't take much to convince them he was a liability which needed to go and now I have his job. That's right folks, you're looking at the new general manager of RAW, and more importantly you're looking at the Smackdown GM kissing the RAW GM's ass."

Trish paused again, looking around at first the shocked looks of the people surrounding her and then at her rival GM kissing her bubble butt.

"Like I said, this is a historic night. I'm sure no one expected the Smackdown GM would end up kissing the RAW GM's ass only a few short months into this whole GM thing, especially not Stephanie." Trish giggled, "But then again Stephanie has proven herself a terrible GM by allowing herself to be turned into my bitch and becoming so obsessed with taking it up the ass that she is unable to do her job. So right here tonight in front of your very eyes she will step down as GM and hand Smackdown over to me."

This time Trish only pauses briefly for dramatic effect, the blonde Canadian momentarily too wrapped up in her speech to even care what her bitch is doing.

"That's right people, I am moments away from becoming the GM of both RAW and Smackdown, giving me absolute power over the WWE. As for Stephanie, she will be demoted to a position more suited to her abilities. She will become my ASS-istant. She'll make me coffee, take notes, kiss my ass like she's doing now, do a little paperwork, run simple and unimportant errands, and of course bend the fuck over for me when ever I want a piece of her ass. And Stephanie is so looking forward to her new role, aren't you Stephanie?" Trish asked, turning slightly so she could lean over and stick the mic in Stephanie's face.

"Oh God yes Mistress, I can't wait to become your ASS-istant." Stephanie said, eagerly repeating the lines Trish had taught her to say into the microphone after she pulled her face away from Trish's ass, "You're so right Mistress, I'm not fit to be Smackdown's GM. I'm just a worthless anal whore who only cares about getting fucked up her ass by a truly dominant woman like you. Please take Smackdown off my incompetent bitch hands and make me your ASS-istant. Put me in the only role I'm qualified for, kissing ass and taking it up the butt!"

"Don't worry Stephanie, as my ASS-istant you'll be doing almost nothing except kissing ass and taking it up the butt, which as you rightfully said is all you're qualified for. In fact I think it's only fitting I take Smackdown off your hands and make you my ASS-istant with my strap on dick deep in your ass, don't you agree?" Trish asked, now turning around so she was looking directly into Stephanie's eyes.

"Oh yeah Mistress, take Smackdown from me while fucking me up the ass. Butt fuck me while making me your ASS-istant. Slam my ass harder while you become Smackdown's GM and I become your ASS-istant." Stephanie said.

"Well that's exactly what's about to happen bitch, because over there on that table is the necessary contracts for us to sign together which will make me the Smackdown GM and you my ASS-istant... but that's not all. You will also be signing every single cent and possession you own over to me. All of it. Your entire fortune. You'll even be handing over any little speck of power you have going around here in the WWE. So when we leave here, you really will be nothing but my bitch!" Trish said, briefly pausing, "Do you have anything to say to that?"

"Yes Mistress... please do it. Take everything I own. I want to be nothing but your bitch and I can't wait to give my Mistress everything that is rightfully hers so I can become her worthless ASS-istant whose only purpose is to kiss her ass and take it up the butt!" Stephanie said proudly.

They were the words Trish had told her to say but the Broken Billion Dollar Princess meant every word, the once proud Stephanie McMahon truly willing and eager to sign everything away to Trish Stratus so she could become the blonde's property.

"Good girl." Trish said, smiling happily, "Now go bend over that table and present your ass to me so I can take everything you own bitch!"

Without even the slightest hesitation Stephanie happily got up, skipped over to the table, bent over it, quickly pulled down her short skirt and then her thong before then spreading her ass cheeks wide, presenting her ass hole to Trish just like her Mistress had trained her too.

Trish smiled at Stephanie's obedience before she pulled her thong up, kicked off her spandex wrestling tights and attached a strap on around her waist. Once her toy cock was in place Trish stroked it menacingly as she approached Stephanie, pausing and smiling as she reached her destination and looked down at Stephanie's ass hole which was still gaping slightly from the pounding she had been giving it before she came out here, and no doubt from the other poundings it had taken throughout the day.

Licking her lips Trish pressed the tip of the fake dick to Stephanie's butt hole and said, "Beg for my cock up your ass Stephanie. Beg your Mistress to shove her big cock up your slutty ass and make you her ASS-istant."

"Please Mistress, fuck me up the ass and make me your ASS-istant! Shove your big cock up my slutty ass and make me your ASS-istant!" Stephanie begged shamelessly, "Please take Smackdown away from me Mistress. I'm not smart enough to run this show by myself. It needs someone like you to run it. Besides, I only care about taking it up the ass anyway. So please Mistress take this show off my incompetent hands and turn me into your coffee making, note taking, butt kissing ASS-istant!"

Stephanie's begging ended in a long, loud moan as Trish easily pushed her entire 12 inch strap on not only through Stephanie's still slightly open back door but all the way into the very deepest depths of the brunette's bowels in one long, slow, firm thrust, Trish needing less than a minute to get the monster cock all the way inside her bitch's butt.

"As you can clearly see ladies and gentlemen Stephanie is such a total anal whore sliding my strap on up her slutty ass is easy, isn't that right Stephanie?" Trish asked her bitch.

"That's right Mistress, I'm a total anal whore! I just can't get enough of it up my ass which is why my ass is so loose and slutty." Stephanie moaned obediently.

"See, right from the anal whore's mouth." Trish laughed, watching as Stephanie began reaching for the contracts, "No Stephanie, not yet. I want to have some fun with your ass first, really get myself in the mood to officially turn you into my ASS-istant by fucking your sweet ass and using it for my pleasure."

"As you wish Mistress." Stephanie moaned as she reached back to clutch tightly onto her ass cheeks which she spread without needing to be asked, "Please use my ass for your pleasure. Show everyone around the world how you totally own my ass and that it's yours to do with as you please."

Again Stephanie's begging ended with a long moan, this time the dildo being slowly removed from her butt until just the head remained inside it, every inch being quickly returned in one hard thrust before the process repeated itself again, Trish constantly changing how hard or fast she pushed the strap on in and out of her bitch's ass, the RAW GM granting the Smackdown GM her wish by using her ass as she pleased.

Of course Stephanie wasn't going to be the Smackdown GM for much longer, something Stephanie couldn't wait for as she stared longingly at the contracts which would relieve her of her power and wealth and put her completely under Trish's control.

Stephanie could remember how much her power and wealth had meant to her, how much being the Smackdown GM had meant to her, but now all that stuff just seemed to be holding her back from her real purpose in life as Trish's bitch.

Thinking back on it if she was honest with herself Stephanie had never really felt comfortable in a position of power. She was much more comfortable in her current position.

Stephanie now lived for Trish to fuck her in the ass. Her ass was now the centre of her world, the only part of her which was worth anything. She was just a piece of ass, an orifice, a ass hole on legs who was only really good for one thing, lesbian anal sex.

Every time Trish slid into her ass Stephanie knew she was fulfilling her purpose in life, this fact giving her pleasure that could be only topped by a rough ass fucking and the multiple anal induced orgasms that resulted in it. That was what Stephanie dreamed about every agonising moment Trish wasn't fucking her ass, and as such Stephanie knew Trish was right, she wasn't fit to do anything except devote her life to being Trish's anal whore.

Stephanie was moments away from giving up everything to Trish and becoming completely dependent on the woman who took great joy in constantly sodomising her, and as far as the submissive brunette was concerned that moment couldn't come soon enough because as wonderful as always as it was to have her butt hole being stretched out and used by her mistress Stephanie couldn't wait until she was allowed to willingly give everything she had to the woman who had tamed her in front of the whole world, millions watching as she officially became nothing but Trish's ASS-istant.

While Stephanie couldn't stop staring at the contracts which would take away her power and wealth Trish couldn't stop staring at Stephanie's ass hole stretching around her cock, the women's champion mesmerised by the sight of her thick strap on sliding in and out, in and out, in and out of her bitch's back door, Stephanie holding her ass cheeks as wide apart as possible so she could offer up her butt hole as a sacrifice to Trish who was only too happy to use it for her pleasure.

Trish kept waiting to get tired of fucking Stephanie up the ass but no matter how many times she slammed the bitch's butt she never tired of it for a second, in fact the more she pounded Stephanie's pooper the more Trish seemed to love it. Hell, Trish didn't just love it, she was addicted to it. She was now addicted to Stephanie's ass. She was addicted to fucking Stephanie's ass. Stacy's too.

Part of Trish wondered if it was because she had gone so long without having a nice piece of ass to regularly fuck, but even when she had bitches in the past she didn't abuse them as much as she abused Stephanie and Stacy.

The fact they had submitted to her so completely, also both of them had been her rivals, both of them causing her misery in the past making ramming their rectums all that sweeter, but ultimately the main reason was probably because their asses were just so fucking hot.

Stacy's ass was perfect, maybe the slightly better of the two, but Stephanie's slightly rounder, fuller booty was just as fuck-able, a fact Trish was more than proving right now.

Considering this was her eighth butt fucking of the day it seemed like a miracle that there was any tightness to Stephanie's ass left, but it remained the same perfect tightness it had been since shortly after Trish first turned Stephanie into her bitch. It wasn't too tight, but it wasn't too loose. It was a perfect fit around Trish's huge strap on, the women's champion delighting in sodomising a woman who would very shortly be her employee.

For now Stephanie was something else though, the Smackdown GM, and the Smackdown GM was getting ass fucked by the RAW GM. The woman in charge of RAW was ass fucking the woman in charge of Smackdown. RAW was ass fucking Smackdown.

Trish had no idea just how many times RAW was metaphorically going to ass fuck Smackdown in the future but for right now she was pretty sure none of the audience would get to see one GM ass fucking another so she decided to make a real show out of it, changing things up from the slow but steady pace she had been using to fuck Stephanie up the butt by giving random hard thrusts into Stephanie's anal passage, occasionally twirling it around so she was moving the dildo around inside her bitch's bowels, constantly keeping Stephanie guessing about how she was going to get it next.

All this caused Stephanie to moan louder than before, the sound causing Trish to finally look away from Stephanie's stretching shit hole and the woman herself, the blonde smiling to herself as she saw the brunette staring longingly at the contracts which would give all her power and control over to the women's champion.

It was clear Stephanie desperately wanted to sign the papers so she could devote herself to what she was always meant to be, another woman's bitch, which was a good thing because as much fun as Trish was having stretching Stephanie's ass hole out she was more than ready to take over Smackdown, become the GM of the WWE and start officially employing Stephanie as her ASS-istant.

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