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Paula's First Black Cock

by LarryandPaula©

I would like to thank HoneyWldCat for her help in putting our experience on paper. She is a terrific editor and gets straight A's from us. Thank you Honey.


Paula and I have been married nine happy years. She is 34 years old, 5 foot 7 inches, 130pounds, long-legged brunette with a 36 b/c chest. I think she is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. I'm 37 years old, 6 foot 2 inches, 200 pounds, and in shape. We have a 7 year old daughter. I have a good job as a mechanical engineer that allows Paula to stay home and be a full time mom. We have a nice home (not a mansion). Our lives are comfortable. Paula and I both have high sex drives and tried to keep things hot and interesting in the bedroom. We weren't virgins when we met and we both had had our share of lovers. We used our experiences as fore-play when we were newlyweds.

After five years of marriage and a child, we knew things were starting to get a bit stale and routine. As newlyweds we fucked nearly every day. Now we were down to a couple times a week. We started to look for things to get it hot again. We started fantasizing about bringing others into our marriage, and we would role-play and imagine another couple joining us in bed.

We were introduced to swinging four years ago by a new neighbor couple we had welcomed into the neighborhood. It was then I found out how much I loved watching Paula enjoy another guy's cock.

A year later, I got a job offer from a company that was almost back home for us. The offer was right and we took it.

It took another year to get settled into our new home and re-establish a relationship with our family. We began missing the eroticism of swinging. We started considering our new friends and neighbors and discussed possibilities. None of them interested us like Janet and Dave had.

I started to browse the swinger's ads online and noticed the ads where couples were looking for black males for the wife. This really got my attention and the more I read the harder my cock got. In bed that night while we were playing around I asked her:

"Honey, have you ever fucked a black guy?"

"No, why?"

"Just curious. I was online going through swingers' ads from couples and came across some that were looking for black guys to join them"

"Have you ever thought about it?" I asked.

"Of course. I think a lot of women are curious about black men. Just never found the right guy."

I didn't push it anymore and we had a great night of sex. While we fucked I fantasized about her gorgeous legs spread with a big black cock buried deep in her pussy. I wondered if she was having the same fantasy. I was hoping I had planted a seed. The idea had really turned me on.

When I got home the following night I Googled for interracial chat rooms and one of the hits was the Dark Cavern. I made up a screen name and went into the chat room. The other room names were black male, black cock, mwf, mwm, husband or wife, and some cuckold names. I didn't know what a cuckold was but I didn't like the sound of it.

I started chatting with black guys, white couples, husbands and wives. Over time I began bringing Paula into the room with me and we chatted together. The more we explored together the more the heat started to come back into our relationship. Paula showed interest in exploring this. We downloaded some interracial pics and mpegs. I always loved the effect they had on her. We were fascinated at how many white couples seemed to be enjoying this lifestyle.

I was chatting one night and got a message from a guy named Tony.

"Where are you from?"

"Cincinnati, how about you?" I replied.

"I'm in Philly but I have a client in Cincinnati"

Now I'm not naïve enough to think everyone in chat rooms is real, but Tony was different. His first question wasn't "got a pic of her?", or "does she like anal?" or others that showed no class or were probably white guys pretending to be black guys.

I told Tony we were new and curious about this lifestyle. We chatted for a while and he told me he had introduced couples to it before. He had found it to be a very erotic experience for both the couple and himself. It was getting late and I had to get up the next morning. I told him to stay in touch and sent him a g-rated picture of Paula. He returned his, a g-rated of him in a suit. He was an easy-going guy. I wondered if Paula would like him.

The following night Paula and I logged into the Cavern and found Tony. He told her she was a very attractive woman and if we were up for it, he'd be interested in meeting us. He wasn't sure when, but he thought he would be in Cincy in three or four weeks. We told him to keep us up on what was going on.

Paula went to bed and before I logged off the computer I looked for online stores that sold amateur interracial videos. I ordered three that looked good and by the end of the week they arrived. After our daughter went to bed I fixed us drinks and put one in. I flipped through some of the scenes and Paula commented that she liked that they were amateurs and not professional actors. I found a scene where a cute blonde wife was getting it from behind by a well built black guy. Paula put her hand inside her robe and I got between her legs and told her to just enjoy the show while I licked her beautiful pussy.

"Are all their cocks that big?" she asked me.

I smiled and kept licking her. I wanted her to cum while she was watching the movie. As she watched the action on the screen she got more and more excited and came in my mouth.

Over the next couple days we watched all three videos and the sex was fantastic. From then on, our fantasies and role-playing centered on Paula have her first experience with a black guy. I didn't press her about Tony's offer because I really didn't know if this would go anywhere, either from Paula's perspective(would she really want to go thru with it) or Tony's prospective (was Tony for real?), but later she was checking e-mail and found one from him. He was going to be in town the middle of next month and if we were interested in meeting him, he was all for it. Paula showed it to me and she started to put the brakes on the situation.

"Fantasy and reality are two different things" she said. "Tony seems like a nice guy but I don't know if I want to fuck him!"

"I thought all this turned you on" I countered, all of a sudden feeling like a complete fool.

"It does, and I've loved the effect it has had on you. Our sex life is like when we were dating. Why is that?"

"I don't know. It just is. Do you find Tony attractive?"

"He's an attractive guy. Good personality with a sense of humor. And he seems to have a brain. I like that in a guy" she told me. "And our role-playing and fantasizing about all this does have me curious. I just don't think I'm ready to take it to the next level. This is different from Dave and Janet" It was obvious she hadn't dismissed the notion of making our fantasy our reality completely.

I told her there could be no harm in meeting him for drinks while he was here because I felt we somewhat knew him as a friend, we had been chatting with him for over a month now, and if there was no attraction at least it might help us understand what we could be getting into if we entered this lifestyle.

"Tony has to understand that if we meet with him it's social the first time. There's no guarantee these panties are going to come off for him!" I know Paula and I realized that even agreeing to meet for drinks showed she was at least open to taking it further. Plus, the passion was certainly back in our sex life. I kissed her and told her I understood.

I sent Tony a note explaining that. I had a response the following day.

"Just leave it to me. You're not my first couple. Are you sure you can handle this?" Tony asked.

"I've watched Paula before. And she's watched me. We're not new to swinging. Just make sure you've represented the real you or she'll be turned off. Paula's no dummy."

He replied that he was the real thing and still wanted to meet us and understood. "If nothing else I could spend the evening in the presence of a very pretty lady." Paula loved Tony's flatteries. We called him on his cell to show we were real and to be sure he was real. We set a date for a Thursday night as Tony had to fly home Friday. He'd be staying at a Marriott near the airport that had a nice lounge. We set the time at 7:00pm. Meanwhile, our sex life was on fire again and I frequently brought Tony into our fantasies. I could tell that Paula started to think that she should be more open about it and not pass up an opportunity to have Tony as her first black lover.

The big day finally arrived. We were excited and nervous.

I took a couple days off from work and we made arrangements for a sitter. Around noon, I dropped Paula off at the salon to have her hair and nails done. When I picked her up, her hair was up in a sassy updo and her fingers and toes were a very sexy shade of red. We grabbed a light lunch because we didn't want a big meal, nor did we want to be hungry when we met Tony.

Around 5:30 we started to get ready. Paula took out a black skirt that cut short about 6 inches above her knees, a red satin top, and a black half bra that showed off her nipples, a black thong, black thigh high stockings and black strappy four inch heels. She took my breath away. I kissed her and she asked me if I still wanted to go through with it and I told her I loved her and I was sure.

We got to the Marriot about 6:40, and didn't see Tony in the lounge yet. There were two other couples only and some businessmen at the bar. We found a booth in the corner where we could have privacy and ordered a couple drinks. Just a couple minutes after 7:00, Tony walked in. We recognized him from his picture and he was the only black man in the place.

I motioned him over and shook his hand and introduced him to Paula. He looked Paula up and down.

"Man, Larry, you are one lucky guy to have such a beautiful wife! She's even prettier in real life than her picture!" I'm sure Tony got laid a lot. Women love to be praised. I sat down and Tony took a seat next to her across from me. The waitress came by and Tony ordered another round and a scotch for himself. We started making small talk and Paula told him she felt like she knew him from all the chat and emails we had had with him. We just talked for a while about what I did and he explained his business to us. I loved watching him glancing over at Paula and enjoying what he saw.

After a while, I put money in the music machine and ordered the Righteous Brothers and Tony asked Paula to dance. I wanted slow dances so he could hold her close. I watched as Tony took my wife's hand and she slid out of the booth. Her skirt rode up on her thighs exposing her stocking tops and a glimpse of her thigh. Tony smiled at me when he saw that.

I watched as he started with his arms around her waist and her arms around his neck. As they danced, Tony would let his hands fall to rub her ass and my sweet wife offered no resistance. When they came back to the booth I could see Paula was blushing and I saw the outline of Tony's cock in his pants. My hard on would have been apparent if I were standing. When they got in the booth this time they sat closer together, and I knew that Tony had his hand on Paula's thigh and she had hers on his. Paula told me later he was copping a feel and she spread her legs and allowed him to play with her pussy.

When "Unchained Melody" came on Tony took her back to the dance floor. This time they danced closer and I watched Tony feeling my wife's ass. He ran his hands up her sides and over the sides of her tits. Paula responded by pulling him closer grinding her crotch into his. Her head was resting on his shoulder with her eyes closed. I could tell by the way they were dancing that she was turned on. He lifted her chin up and gave her a kiss on the dance floor. Paula kissed him back with a passionate kiss of her own.

After the dance they came back to the booth. Paula sat down and Tony excused himself to go to the john. While he was gone, I asked Paula what she thought. She simply replied "I want him". My heart was pounding out of my chest. When Tony came back Paula told him we should go to his room. He gave Paula a very passionate kiss and I saw his tongue seeking out hers. Tony grabbed the tab and we headed for the elevator.

When we got in his room they wasted no time. Tony took Paula in his arms and kissed her again. I took a seat across the room for what was about to unfold.

I was sure his tongue was going down her throat. While they kissed his hands roamed all over her body. Paula's arms were around his neck as she enjoyed him feeling her up. I heard her moan as he squeezed her ass, then ran his hands up and played with her tits. He unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it off her shoulders, then reached behind her and undid her bra. I watched as her hand went between his legs and started rubbing his cock through his slacks. Paula knows how to get a guy ready for her. She loves to fuck.

While she played with his cock he reached behind and unzipped her skirt and it joined her blouse and bra on the floor. Tony licked and sucked each of her nipples, and she reached down and started undoing his belt buckle. She fumbled with his zipper and his slacks fell to the ground. By this time, Tony had pulled her thong aside and had buried a finger in her pussy, then two. Paula pulled Tony's briefs down and he stepped out of them. She had his cock in her hand, rubbing it up and down. His cock was hard, and I could tell from his fingers that Paula was very wet. He hadn't exaggerated about the size of his cock, and the picture he sent us didn't do it justice. Tony had a thick eight inch black cock between his legs. There was my wife, naked before this black man except for her tiny thong, nylons and heels, caressing his cock with her hand while he fucked her with his fingers. I was sure that Paula had become oblivious to the fact that I was in the room. I had taken my clothes off and was stroking my own very hard cock watching this incredible sight in front of me.

Tony took Paula's hand and led her to the edge of the bed. He stood in front of her with his black cock just inches from her mouth. "Suck it baby, I'm gonna make you mine." She looked over at me and smiled before she put it in her mouth. She sucked it a bit then took it out and licked it up and down, cupping his balls in her hand. Tony held her head and she started sucking him again. I could tell she was trying to get him down her throat, but she told him he was too thick and hard to swallow. She took as much as she could and alternated between sucking and licking. "That's it baby; get this black man hard for your married white pussy." Paula was worshipping his cock and I had never seen her so turned on.

After about five minutes, Tony pushed her back onto the bed and removed her thong. He spread her legs and started licking her beautiful shaved slit. He licked up and down, then licked her clit and sucked it. Paula was in ecstasy. I could see her pussy juice all over his face, and watched Tony's hard cock sway between his legs as he ate her. Paula's face tensed and she bit her lip and I knew she was having her first orgasm.

Tony told her to scoot up further on the bed and she did, keeping her legs spread. He climbed between them and positioned his cock at her pussy lips. He rubbed it up and down her slit, teasing her, and then rubbed it over her clit. Paula was moaning loudly and I knew she wanted him inside her. He leaned over her and in one motion, he penetrated her pussy. Paula was soaked and he easily slid all the way in one stroke. The scene was surreal to me, but there it beautiful wife of nine years with a big black cock buried deep in her pussy.

Tony started his thrusts and Paula wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a deep tongue kiss.

"Fuck me baby, give me that black cock."

Her stocking legs wrapped around his waist and she met each of his thrusts with her own, pulling him in deeper. I watched in awe as he fucked her, his black cock sliding almost all the way out then sliding all the way back in again. She enjoyed every second of the fucking he was giving her and every inch of his ebony cock. They fucked each other with a passion and Paula looked like she was completely lost in the moment. She moaned and I loved how her arms encircled his neck and how her pale skin and red nails contrasted with his black skin.

Tony continued loving my wife's pussy with his cock. I could tell from her moans that she was again close to orgasm. I could also tell that Tony was probably not far behind her. She closed her eyes and shrieked while she enjoyed her second orgasm of the night. Tony was fucking her harder and faster now, and before long I watched him tense. He came, filling my wife's pussy with his black seed.

I came when I saw Tony cum in her.

He collapsed on top of her but managed to stay on his elbows. Good thing. He probably would have crushed her. His cock shriveled and fell out of her, and a small flow of his cum leaked from her pussy. What an incredibly erotic sight.

He rolled off her and they lay next to each other, running their hands over each others' bodies. I fixed us all a drink and we just sat there, savoring an incredible experience. I looked at my watch and it was after 11:00 and we had to get home to relieve the sitter. Paula gave Tony a last deep kiss and told him she wanted to see him the next time he was in town. We got dressed and headed for the elevator. She never looked sexier than she did at that moment. I kissed her and told her how much I loved her.

We got home and fucked until morning, taking just enough time to get Katie off to school. This was just our beginning. Paula saw Tony one more time, and then we lost touch with him. We met three more guys through ads and even did a couple bar pick-ups.

Last year, Paula took her first steady boyfriend and had him for ten months before he moved. We found we prefer a steady relationship over one night stands. Steadies are more intimate and Paula feels more comfortable with a steady guy. And then there are all those diseases associated with strangers. We've been tested since and so far we've been lucky, but we know it was just luck.

We'll be writing more as the feeling moves us. All I can say is this is the most erotic lifestyle that a couple with a loving relationship can experience.

Larry and Paula

Written by: LarryandPaula

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