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The Orc and the Nymph

by Purrversion©

Amira follows Remedy with yet another amused smirk. So the girl wanted to take the lead, eh. No, Amira definitely isn't that easy to turn around. While she doesn't put her hand back, she -does- take the lead again, quickly and she -does- intend to "steer" Remedy It's just her nature, the reason she has come to be a leader and officer, too after all, not to mention that she -is- quite direct and aggressive as a half-orc to begin with. "A girl's night out, huh. Sort of, I guess." she smirks again, peering at the hand of the half-nymph. "I do not consider you an enemy. I merely wonder what you are actually doing at the farm. From what i can gather, you are either close to, or have already fucked my father....and I am not sure I like that idea to be quite honest." There, it was a stab in half-dark, really, but what with the change of pace, she was not going to stop being blunt and direct now.

Remedy comes to a stop rather quickly. ...Amira is a natural leader, yes, but this was Remedy's plan from the start, and Amira was tagging along. She didn't intend to be led to the district, and it seems the girl does have a 'little' bit of spunk in her. Which the origins of might become rather clear shortly. Coming to a stop on the path, Remedy peers at Amira. "...I am a half nymph. You do realize this yes? I talk to the plants directly to ward off the curse of the Nachtwald around us, and to urge them to grow faster, riper, and juicier than any normal farm's fruits have any reason to be. You see, it's not just about what you feed them... and even more than the care you give them. They need 'reason' to want to be more." Remedy turns away for a moment, to peer off towards the district, before she turns back to Amira, and one hand rests on her own breasts now, as she nods slightly. "...Plants can be a lot like people, if you know how to read them. Why should they try to bear and give the healthiest, 'sexiest' fruits they can manage, to people who'll take them away and never give those plants any kind of feedback? Some realize they are loved... take the peaches, for instance. They love Grummush. But many of the other plants were confused and lost, and the lull of the forest around us has the power to turn plants normally hale and healthy flat out poisonous, or even causes them to grow thorns and become malicious." Remedy nods, gesturing back in the general direction of the farm. "...So I am the ward against that." ...She notably does not respond to the question about fucking Grummush yet.

So, that was the way it would be played? Amira smirks faintly, but she, in turn, does not stop. Oh, she pauses briefly, as Remedy explains, noting the curious lack of answer to her question, not even a comment on it, which is a sort of answer to Amira anyway. Still, the soldier-girl walks on. If Remedy wanted to come, she would, if not, well, Amira was not going to be led around. That was not her way, not what she had in her blood and being in any sort of way. "I see. It is healthy for the farm to have you then." she says, looking over her shoulder for a moment, then back to the town and their destination. "It is good to know the place is in such good hands."

Remedy doesn't move. Amira's hand slips out of Remedy's, the warm contact broken, and Remedy let's both hands rest on her hips as her head tilts. She watches Amira move away a few paces. The girl was still somewhat of a threat to Remedy's 'grove,' and she didn't want Ms. Williams to be an enemy, but... with her statement about Remedy and Grummush not being to her liking, well, she'd painted a bit of a hostile line already, hadn't she? Remedy's arms are crossed anew now, and it might become a little clear to Amira that Remedy doesn't 'entirely' have a reason to fear her as things currently stand. The irony on the Williams' farm is that Amira is still somewhat more of an outsider than even Remedy, and Remedy, in turn, had fairly decent reason to stand her ground. A glance back would reveal a frown that signals that Remedy does not 'want' to be hostile, but if she has to, the blue nymph might actually become a bit of a problem if not handled a little carefully.

Subtlety is not one of Amira's strong suits. Not when she's not trying to be in any case, and right now, she isn't. Still, the half-orc stops and turns halfway around, gazing at Remedy with a raised brow and a smirk. Remedy was giving quite a few things away. It was now more or less confirmed, in Amira's mind anyway, that she had slept with her father. So, she was more or less getting into the family business. That by itself didn't really matter to Amira. She was a traveler and she wouldn't be here too often to begin with, never mind that there were still unresolved issues with her father. No, that wasn't really something she cared so much about, the reason she didn't like it, was because it did confirm that her "father" was not really on the loyal side, and that sort of reflected back on the whole deal of leaving her mother by herself. As stated, unresolved issues. They hadn't talked yet, hadn't had the chance. In any case, the half-orc waits a moment, seeing Remedy not moving. This had nothing to do with the standing on the Williams' farm really. Not the whole 'leading' thing anyway. That was just Amira being Amira.

Remedy might or might not know that, but regardless... "...Look Amira. I know where you come from you lead the charge. ...But this is my show tonight. No offense, but I don't need to be 'led' to the Red Lantern District to get fucked. Unless you planned to pick and choose my choices for me? I don't think I know you well enough to think you know my tastes 'that' well yet, though." Remedy gestures to the path. "We can walk side by side if that makes you feel better, but you're not going to lead me to 'my' entertainment, unless you're the one who's set it up." Remedy actually sounds really firm in this decision... and her stance is much stronger than when Amira first met her. Of course, then, it had been worry for Grummush that had inspired Remedy's fear of Amira. Now, Remedy didn't really 'have' a reason to fear Amira, and Remedy wasn't a little girl, nor one of Amira's soldiers. Remedy was willing to meet her in the middle, but... "And yes, I've been with your father. He hasn't gotten me pregnant, though." Remedy says somewhat bluntly. Pale blue features more used to smiles and being very emotional, are slowly icing over, and it doesn't seem she's too happy with how this idea is turning out so far.

Amira tilts her head a little more. So this was it then, hmm? Little girl had too much spunk in her to accept a lead. It was curious how that turned out. There is no -leading to entertainment- nor any picking of things involved. It is merely a matter of who and what Amira is. If Remedy can't deal with that, things wouldn't go anywhere. "So you do not like being "led" as it were, along the street. Not -to- any place or -to- any entertainment of my choosing, but simply along the way, as any decent officer would do, not to mention as I am simply used to?" she smirks, again, turning fully and letting one hand rest on her hip as well now, the other holding the huge sword still. "I do not care for who you lie with, frankly, not concerning you, I do care about the way that makes my father seem to me. It's not the best light it is casting on him, not in my eyes for certain." She narrows her eyes a tad bit, then shrugs. "You can walk where you want, I will not touch or -lead- you anywhere." she finally says and turns around again, taking one step, though waiting to see if the girl would follow or stay. Her voice, jovial just a few moments ago was now just flat.

Remedy peers at Amira's back a long moment, before she replies. "...If I hadn't had plans to do this before tripping over you, then no, I wouldn't mind being 'led' to the entertainment of the evening, but I am looking for 'my' entertainment. It's not really for you to choose." Remedy's eyebrows furrow faintly. "You agreed to treat me, but this was my intention regardless. I can go back to the farm and get my own coin if need be." Remedy glances past Amira a moment, before her gaze shifts back. "What you're 'used' to, isn't here, Amira." She says simply, in a quiet voice. ...And that was true. This was a different kind of place and a different kind of situation. "...I can try to make you more comfortable, but I'm not going to be badgered into doing everything your way as long as we're together." Remedy says nothing about the situation with Amira and her father... how Amira perceived Grummush wasn't 'really' Remedy's worry anymore. Grummush was Grummush, and Remedy isn't entirely sure what exactly Amira truly expected. "Are you 'accompanying' me to the Red Lantern District tonight? You can lead if you want to be my escort, but I'm still doing the picking." Remedy might not mind the idea of being pimped out, but 'not' on the first date.

Amira stops and throws her arms up in frustration. "For fucks sake girl." she turns and stares at her. "I am not choosing your entertainment. I am not deciding on who should fuck you or not. Hell, I hadn't even planned on fucking you myself. If you need to get stuffed that's your business. I -lead- as you seem to have a problem with, because that's what i do. It has nothing to do with your choices, with your intentions, or with your desire to be used by some strangers." Amira was rapidly losing her hard-worked on patience. She was a half-orc, keep that in mind. A normal one would have exploded far earlier! "Do you need to make a point here? Are you marking your territory? No one's asking you to do -anything- my way. I certainly didn't hear myself telling you who to screw tonight. Or even -where- to go. We're going to the Red Lantern District, yes? So that's where I was -leading- you as it were." About her father... that was none of Remedy's business, not after this. Certainly, relationships were running rather cold right now.

Remedy suddenly is staring at Amira with her head tilted, one hand settling lightly on her chin as she peers at Amira. She doesn't seem offended by Amira's outburst, but it seems to intrigue her for a moment as she studies the other woman. ...Then, a faint smirk comes across the half-nymph's lips, and tambourines rattle as weaving hips abruptly carry her past Amira. "I'll see you later, Ms. Williams. You lead. I am free." The half-blood speaks over her shoulder as she wanders off towards the Red Lantern District. It was, curiously, a little nice to get under Amira's skin and drag some emotion out of her that involved something other than Grummush. It gave a little insight into her character. But if they wanted to be friends, well, Amira was going to have to understand that as a half nymph, Remedy didn't just 'follow.' She was a free spirit, and unchained, she did indeed have a problem with being led about. At sword point, that might have been a different story (oh, definitely) but that was also an entirely different sort of relationship. She calls over her shoulder, though... "You can walk with me, or... well, do 'your' thing, I suppose." A casual wave over her shoulder as she goes.

Amira watches after Remedy and then shakes her head. She walks, yes, but she doesn't follow after Remedy. After awhile, she takes a separate street, and should Remedy indeed look back again, she would find the half-orc lass gone. A free spirit Remedy might be. Amira certainly didn't mind that, but she also didn't dance to any spirits tune and let herself be ruffled in all the wrong ways. No, she had come out here to have fun and that's what she would do, not follow some prissy little half-nymph around to watch her get screwed, as enticing as the scene might be.

Remedy of course, didn't actually go to the Red Lantern District. When she realized she had been successful in shaking off Amira, she instead doubled back, and headed back to the farm. Money. She could probably shake her ass and just get someone to pay 'her' to get herself fucked, but she'd rather be able to pick and choose as she pleased... and if you didn't figure it out yet, for such a 'loose' gal... and it was very hard to call her that since, as a half-nymph, she'd really been holding out for weeks save for a little play with Grummush... Remedy was VERY picky about who she played with and how things were handled, as long as the power was in her hands. Slipping back onto the farm and into the house, she slips into her room to pluck some of her coin from beneath her mattress, and then, it's back down the road, heading for the Red Lantern District after all. No, nothing was deterring her from this plan, and in the long run... well, she'd successfully evaded a situation she had known was going to wind up awkward one way or another, hadn't she? Remedy didn't mind if Amira thought her a prissy little tart... better than a tart with no spine or taste at all, and it would 'probably' mean Amira wouldn't be trying to get her to dance to some tune.

- - - - -

Amira eventually returned from the Red Lantern district, or nearby anyway. Her walk was slightly curvy now, no longer nearly as quick or purposeful. Not when she was loaded with drink. She waved over her shoulder at some fellows she had met during the night. No one to lay with, but people to have fun drinking with in any case. "Yeah... yer ugly as crap, too lad!" she shouted and laughed, receiving a similar reply, laughing again and continuing on her way. She began to sing a soldiers song, to herself, albeit not quiet really, though no longer at the top of her voice. Her sword was still firmly grasped in one hand though, even in her drunken state. That was something she never forgot, even like this. Hah! She did mourn the fact that there was no one here to have a good, decent screwing with though. Which, of course, was a bit complicated for her.

Remedy took a bit of time to double back to the farm, and then turn around and head back to the Red Lantern District, so it shouldn't be entirely a surprise to find the pale blue lass, surprisingly unmolested so far, wandering down the path in Amira's direction. ...She stares down the path at the approaching Amira, a small bag of some of her coin clutched against her breasts as she watches the other lass, then looks past her towards the Red Lantern District. ...The callous, uncaring thing to do would be to simply continue on. But Remedy comes to a slow stop a few paces away, the bag clutched against her chest as she looks Amira up and down, then glances to the blade in her hand. The half-nymph bites her lower lip lightly, then glances back towards the Red Lantern District, before sighing softly and turning to peer at Amira. If she went on like a bitch and didn't say anything at all, it would bother her for some time to come, and while Remedy wasn't entirely comfortable with the strong half-orc lass, she saw a storm brewing and she didn't much care for it. She doesn't speak up, though, unless Amira likewise stops in the path.

Amira certainly notices Remedy, albeit a bit late. Yes, she is rather drunk, which is obvious in her walk and her slurring. A slight cackle as she recognizes the half-nymph. "Well well, if it ishn't lil missh disshappeah!" she tilts her head and halts, a couple of steps away, swaying on the spot a little, then laughing briefly. "On yer way in? Das weird...thought ya went ahead...ya went ahead...ohhhh, ya went" she blinks and then nods. "Ahhh, forgot, my bad...shaid I'd treat ya, din' I?" The half-orc nods sagely and then points a finger in Remedy's direction. "Shoo are one fine piece a lady... but by tha beashts an all thash holy... or not... ya certainly know how ta irritate a gal, what with yer inshitha... ins... inshistance... on stuff I dun even remember now. Still think ya could nae handle meh! Hah!"

Remedy smiles faintly. She's a little crazy drunk, but... certainly easier to warm up to than the serious front she'd faced earlier. "...I'm sorry for that, Miss Amira. I tend to clash with many women by nature. Really, though, I was just trying to point out I'm not comfortable being led. I don't need or want that. I wanted to go into the District with you as friends, but it felt more restrictive that way. Sorry, it's a sensitive thing for me." The pale blue woman stares at Amira, then glances over her shoulder, blushing faintly, before looking back to Amira. "...Are you heading back to the farm?" She sniffs, before continuing... "I don't think I can handle most ladies at all, honestly. I'm more into men, though I do find other ladies pretty. It's not the same though. I blame the blood." Remedy nods slightly. "The whole fertility drive and what not." Remedy licks her lips lightly at the mere thought of her womb being warmed, a faint blush staying on her cheeks as she takes a deep breath, and closes her eyes.

Amira bursts out laughing. "Ahhh, no no no...I'm not like other women lass." she smirks and shuffles a bit closer, though still swaying on the spot then and tilts her head. "An sides...ah said I'd take ya whatever way ya wanted...ya jus' dinae believe me or sum thing cuz I was mad at my dad and you seem ta want ta protect him or somethin..." she pokes her free hand forward, right between Remedy's breasts. "Course, that might hafta do with you two gettin' it on, but think that's different weirdly enough... never mind though." The soldier-gal scritches the back of her head for a moment, then peers around. "I was on mah way somewhere..prolly back, ya. Had good times, even though no pretty gals or guys ta enjoy... well not thoroughly anyway."

Remedy doesn't back away when Amira's hand slips up between her breasts, the simple dark blue strip of cloth there strained, just a bit, as Remedy's coin bag is held against her belly and she tilts her head, peering at Amira. "I wasn't really sure what you meant with that. I thought you were frustrated with me already. I apologize." Remedy stares down at the ground a long moment. She'd decided to try to enjoy this night with Amira when they'd bumped into one another on the porch, to patch things over, but it seemed both of them had botched it. Remedy decided it was her fault, though. Really, was the path to the Red Lantern District the place to really get bent about her sense of freedom? ...Well, maybe, but not when she wanted to fix things up. "...Not like other women? ...Well, I guess I'm not exactly, either..." Remedy muses, breathing slowly, breasts rising and falling around Amira's hand as Remedy peers down at it. "...Forgive me. I was feeling defensive." Abruptly, Remedy drops into a bit of a bow, blushing furiously. "...When we met I thought you wanted to hurt Grummush. Tonight I kept thinking of you as a soldier and a leader, and it makes me feel threatened, but you didn't mean to come off that way at all. I'm sorry, but someone like me has to be careful to avoid subtle 'abuse,' you know?" Remedy slowly stands upright once more, and curiously, a tear slowly runs down her cheek as she blinks rapidly. "I can be pretty stupid sometimes."

Amira tilts her head and watches the half-nymph apologize and then start to cry of all things. Ahhh, sheesh, no no, that won't do at all! "Shush...shush shtop that!" she mumbles and shakes her head quickly. "Yer right, aren't ya? I'm a soldier and an officer, too. I had ta fight mah way through every encounter an show all the time ah am da top dog around...or dey would nah listen ta me... tis hard ta switch off, though mostly I try ta be gallant wif it when I mean ta be friendly. Ya know...da whole gentleman... thing..." she blinks again and sighs. "Ya need na apologize Mish Remedy. Come come... no cryin' now..." she abruptly pulls Remedy into a tight hug. Tight, but by no means hurtful. Even when drunk, the half-orc knew how to measure her strength. As it were, what with Amira being quite a bit taller than Remedy, Remedy is practically pulled into Amira's cleavage. "No cryin'..."

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