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The Woman Rancher

by gspanker051©

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He had seen the rancher Sheila next door to him she had pointed breasts and a heart shaped ass. Sheila was haughty and did not seem to like him

One day Sheila came to his door she told him, " Your cattle damaged some of my crops.'

Robert told, " I am sorry and will pay for the damage."

Sheila told him, "You will pay dearly or I will take you to court!"

Robert asked," What are your terms?"

Sheila replied, " You will bring 200,000 in an envelope and come to my shed. You will remove all your clothes and lie in the nude on the table.

Sheila also stated, " I want water rights to the V in between our ranches ", there was a large water reservoir there. "Also I want grazing rights on the north of your ranch and I want to run both ranches and get 60 % of the profit."

Robert was becoming excited he told her, "It sounds interesting but I will give you 53 %."

Sheila told him, "I said 60 percent and I will have you on display naked at the Cattlewomen's club plus you will do chores for me naked on your hands and knees."

Robert told her," Draw up the papers and I will sign."

Sheila told him," I will be in touch and I want two 5000 dollar CD's."

Sheila told him," You need to round up your cattle and repair your fence as I am holding them" and then she slapped him on the bottom and told him, "Get moving now!"

Robert went to get this cattle and with his crew got them back home and got his crew to repair the fence."

Sheila later came back, " I got papers for you to sign and you owe me for the storage costs which are 18,000."

Robert tried to argue with her," I am willing to pay the storage costs though not 18,000 and I have questions about you having so munch of the ranch and so munch of a percent."

Sheila yelled at him, ""Unzip your pants1"

Robert unzipped his pants.

Sheila told him," Take it out."

Robert took his penis out and Sheila took a picture of his penis.

Sheila told him," Your bad boy exposing your self."

Sheila pressured him, "Sign the papers or I will turn you in plus take you to court."

Robert signed the papers plus made a check out for the storage of his cattle.

Robert went to put his prick away but Sheila stopped him," I did not tell you to do that. Hand me the papers and the check."

Robert went over feeling embarrassed being exposed and gave Sheila the papers and the check.

Sheila was wearing cowboy boots and he could see her green eyes as she was thinking she liked seeing him under her thumb.

Sheila told him, "Be over at the shed at two today I look forward to spanking you and running the ranches. I like being able to dominate you and you should put your penis back in your pants."

Later in the day around two o'clock Robert drove over and parked by Sheila's house and walked over to the shed. He went into the shed.

He walked over to the table and saw instructions. He removed all his clothes taking off his shirt and pants. Robert folded everything and put them on the side table. Robert had just his briefs on and then removed them feeling very exposed.

He folded them up and put them on the side table. He got upon the table on his stomach and it was raised in the middle pushing his bottom up in the air. Robert was lying with his legs spread. Robert was feeling nervous and excited as he waited for Sheila.

Then Sheila came in Robert felt her eyes on his nude body.

Sheila said, "Robert I have you at my mercy look forward to dominating you.

Sheila was playing with his penis and running her fingers over his balls

You will get the spanking of your life."

Suddenly Sheila started spanking him on his bare bottom telling him, Robert you are a bad boy. You need this spanking."

Sheila kept spanking telling him, "Your bottom is turning red. You like this?'

Robert said, "I Like being spanked and dominated."

Sheila said, " Robert are you a bad boy?"

Robert answered, "Yes I am a bad boy."

Sheila started spanking, causing Robert to move around, "Robert you need to hold still or I will add more: I know it hurts."

Sheila stopped and looked at Robert's bottom it was nice and red."

Sheila noticed that Robert's prick had grown very hard, "You must like being spanked as your penis is very hard." Sheila then took a picture of his bottom and his manhood.

Sheila then picked up a paddle with holes in it; Robert this really going to hurt as this paddle will cause blisters on your bare bottom. "

Robert knew better then to beg her not to spank him anymore, as his bottom was very red.

Sheila must to have read his mind, "Robert there is no use of begging me not to spank you this for your own good."

Sheila started spanking his bare bottom with the paddle

Robert winced as the first one landed on his bare bottom it really hurt

Sheila was raining down blows with the paddle causing his bottom to get redder

Robert felt blisters forming on his bare bottom.

Sheila stopped spanking him.

Sheila taunted him, " I like seeing you nude and spanking you."

Sheila took a picture of his nude body.

Sheila then picked up a strap, "Robert I am going use on you, "You will learn who is boss.

Sheila started strapping him hitting one as cheek the another.

Robert winced as the first one landed then another on his bare bottom it really hurt.

Sheila was strapping him hard casing marks on his bottom.

Robert started crying.

Sheila said, "I know it hurts I will be done soon."'

Sheila kept spanking him soon his bare bottom was covered with marks.

Sheila then rubbed some lotion on his bottom and then started rubbing his nut sack. She then pushed her moist finger into his anus and started moving it back and forth and soon Robert's penis very hard.

Sheila then took her finger out then told Him, "Follow me into the house."

Robert followed her into the house completely naked as Sheila had all his clothes. Sheila then took him into the house down to her office

She then had him to talk to his bank. Robert called his bank, He told Alice he was naked and had been spanked and wanted to add Sheila to all his accounts."

Sheila told him, "Turn around and show Alice you spanked bottom."

Alice could see him naked on the web came and she laughed," You are naked and I like seeing your spanked bottom! The other women can see your bottom as well."

Robert felt embarrassed being nude.

Sheila told him, " I like having you on display naked and plan to dominate you more as I have your money."

To be continued...

Written by: gspanker051

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