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Kidnapped and Ponygirl Trained

by Sarahcheer©

Knock Knock Knock.

Sarah squirmed as she heard the knocking on her apartment door. She had assumed that the man she had been talking to for over 3 years on the net was just joking about being around the corner, but now she wasn't so sure. She scampered to slip on her bikini, and then she cracked open the door.

"Hello Sarah. Are you ready for your inspection?"

Sarah blushed as she let the man into her apartment. She closed and locked the door, already fidgeting with the nervous excitement in her body, as she realized she was about to begin a new life. She knew she had a look of controlled fear in her eyes, as she turned to the man, and watched him sit down in her comfy chair. She moved slowly, cautiously, as she kneeled down before him, not daring to risk making a wrong impression so soon after his arrival.

"I know you want to be my ponygirl, Pet. So why are you still dressed?"

Sarah squirmed and blushed, as she slowly stood up, and pulled the ties on her bikini, allowing it to fall away from her body. She was glad she had shaved that morning, her pussy swollen and smooth as she thought about what was happening to her. She kneeled back down, and gathered the top and bottom of her bikini up, and folded them neatly into a pile, before setting it aside.

"Ok pet, up on the chair here, and let me get a good look at you."

Sarah was forced to kneel on her chair, on her hands and knees resting on the arm rests. She felt her pussy moisten as she felt his fingers examining every inch of her body. She felt him checking her feet, her shins, her knees, her thighs. As his hands moved closer to her cunt, she squirmed slightly, as she shivered in anticipation. Sure enough, his fingers slipped into her pussy, fingering her walls as he examined her moisture. She moaned softly as he continued his inspection of her body. Her butt, belly, breasts, shoulders, upper and lower arms, fingers, and finally her head were all checked. He even opened her mouth, and checked her teeth.

Sarah remained kneeling there, unsure what was going to happen next for a time, as she heard the man rummaging in a bag he had brought with him. Suddenly, he was back at her head, with a ball gag in his hand. She opened her mouth, and felt him slide the ball into her mouth, behind her teeth, before buckling it tightly. He lifted her up, only to pull her across his thigh, pinning her legs with his other leg, and grabbing her wrists in his hand. She squirmed in her vulnerable position, but she was helpless to stop his hand from beginning to spank her upturned ass.

Sarah squirmed and squealed behind the gag as he spanked her mercilessly. Her ass felt like it was on fire, but beyond the pain, her mind was in another place. She could only imagine she was his naughty little girl, having her bottom spanked, and the thought sent her over the edge in her first orgasm. Still her bottom was spanked, and still she squirmed, completely at his mercy.

She felt him release her, unsure of how long she had been over his lap. He sent her scurrying into the corner of her living room, and had her put her hands up behind her head, interlocking her fingers. She wanted to squirm, to rub her sore ass, but when she fidgeted, she got a swat with her hairbrush. She stood there, staring at the corner, for what seemed like hours to her, but were in fact only 30 minutes. She heard her tormentor rummaging thru her closets and drawers, till he returned with a dildo and her pony tail plug.

Sarah was forced out of the corner, and onto her knees, her head on the cheerleading practice mat she had setup in her apartment. She felt the tail plug slip into her pussy, and her cunt juiced it up. She then felt it at her rear entrance, and she moaned as it was slid home, seating itself on her anal ring. Then she felt her dildo being shoved into her cunt, and turned on. Sarah quivered and bucked as she was worked over, forced to cum again and again for her tormentor.

She felt him asking her all sorts of questions. She only could nod or shake her head. Every response seemed to bring pain or pleasure to her, and Sarah didn't really remember what was asked. All she knew was her pleasure was more than her pain. She had wanted to fake an orgasm, but she was worked over till her body gave out whole spasms, her moans loud and animalistic, and her pussy creamed itself with her excitement.

As she came down from the orgasmic high, she found her owner sitting in her chair, watching her. He asked her some more questions, and she knew he was gauging her desire still. He had thrown it on hot and heavy, intentionally making her know what her place would be if he took her as she had asked. She continued to have the desire in her eyes, and the passion in her cunt that he had desired.

Sarah was again forced to kneel on the arms of the chair, and remained like that for a while. She was told simply to remain in place. Not how long, or what would happen if she moved. So she knelt there, the stress in her muscles begging her to move, to stretch, but she held her pose. After she could no longer hold herself up, she felt a dildo enter her cunt, and she was worked over into another blinding orgasm.

"You have done well, pet. But if I take you now, you're going to loose all contact with your family, friends, and society. You're going to be kept in a barn, exposed to the elements, kept naked, and forced to serve anyone who pays me to use you. This isn't going to be a pleasure trip for you. You are going to work for your food, and for your stable. I am staying in the Holiday Inn by the highway, room 211. I will leave it to you, what you do from here."

Sarah heard the man leave her apartment, and thought for an hour. Then she packed a small bag, wrote a note and put it in an envelope, and closed her apartment door. She had put on her bikini, and drove to the hotel. She quivered as she thought of what was going to happen next, but she smiled, and got out of her car. She went up to the room, and knocked on the door.

She smiled as the man let her in, and as soon as the door was closed, she dropped to her knees, removed her bikini, and waited for orders. She heard her bag being emptied, and knew he was looking at the tack she had bought with her. She had seen the truck with the horse trailer out back, and she knew there was no going back after this. She felt the man behind her, and opened her mouth, accepting her bit and bridle without fuss. She felt him drape her harness over her body, lifting her breasts into the harness cups, and tightening the straps around her. She felt him bend her over, and moaned as her dildo and tail plugs were inserted, and the waist and crotch belts were tightened. She felt her feet lifted and slipped into the hoof boots, and then felt them being laced tightly. Her hands were then pulled behind her back, and held there.

"This is your last chance, pet. Nod your head if you accept me as your owner, and your life as Sarah ends, and your life as a pony begins. Shake your head, and we consider this done."

Sarah only paused a moment, before nodding her head. She felt the arm sleeve secured around her wrists, pinning her arms to the small of her back. This was it. She was at his mercy now, and her pussy quivered as she realized this. The last thing she saw was a blindfold being pulled over her head, and then her world was darkness.

She heard the door open, and voices filled the room. It sounded like 3 men. Someone fumbled with her bit, and pulled it out, only to replace it with a cock. Sarah's head began bobbing on the cock in her mouth, licking and sucking on it, as the others began feeling her breasts, and pinching her nipples. Sarah felt the cock in her mouth swell, and then she was swallowing down the first load of cum for the night. The cocks changed, and Sarah continued her duties, sucking on the cocks as they were presented to her mouth for the rest of the night. She had serviced each one at least 2x, before the last one finished, and her bit was replaced.

Sarah was still blindfolded as she was led down to the trailer, and felt her harness connected to 2 support straps. She was unable to lie down or sit, so she stood there, in her tack, as she listened to the gate being closed, and her things being tossed into the side compartment. She heard the rear ramp slam closed, and her body quivered in a full orgasm. She had managed to make her dream come true. She was on her way to her new life as a ponygirl.

The following week, Police were called to Sarah's apartment, after a note was found, explaining she was running away. Investigations were started, but the computers were gone, and DNA evidence was not to be found. Hotel records failed to show her arriving or departing, and city surveillance couldn't track her down. The police informed her parents of the futility of the search, and asked if they heard something, to call them.

Sarah meanwhile was secured in a barn in another city, well actually in the country, as she thought of the day's training. She had spent 8 hours on the walking machine, her ass being whipped if she failed to prance properly. Tonight, her mouth was going to be fucked by at least 2 cocks and a pussy, and the following day, the Lady was going to take her out for a cart ride, on the farm's trails. Sarah squirmed as she came again, thinking to herself how good it was to be a full time ponygirl.

Written by: Sarahcheer

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