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A Good Morning

by Eric3890©

Lying on the couch at my friend Justin's house I wake up to the sight of his girlfriend Lana asleep on the other couch. She may be my best friend's girl but she is a very beautiful girl. She has red hair, glasses, and a great ass. She wakes up with me staring at her.

"Good morning" I said.

"Hi" she replies.

Then Justin's sister Bonnie walks in and says "Got to go to work." And darts out the door. Justin got to bed two hours ago so we knew he would sleep for a long time. His parents weren't home either as soon as Bonnie walks out the door Lana says "When she leaves come kiss me." My head almost exploded and my dick got rock hard.

Bonnie pulled away and I walk to Lana and say "Are you sure?"

She said nothing so I leaned in and I kiss her full on the lips. We stopped and looked at each other for a second then attacked each other. She sat up and I sat on the couch still making out. Lana crawls onto me and we begin dry humping.

We stopped and she laid me down and said "You're going to hate me." And I said "why?" She pulled my shorts down and begins to give me a blowjob. About 30 seconds later she stops and runs to the other couch. Then it became clear why I would hate her. Looking at her laughing I follow her after I slide my shirt, shorts, and boxers off. She has on a thin shirt and high shorts. I got to her and pulled her legs apart and press my member against her she moans and kisses me. I pull her shorts down slightly and move my hand to the center of her waist. Her stomach was trembling at my touch then I move my hand down to her slit when she grabs my hand and says no. I move away still holding her shorts so they would slide off before she could get a grip on them. She gasps and closes her legs saying "I don't want sex." I reply "Ok I am not going to force you to do anything."

I sat on the other couch and just stared at her with my clothes still off. She huffs and takes her shirt off before walking over to me. She asks me "Do you want to have sex?" looking down at my rock hard boner she says "never mind."

Lana laid on the couch long ways from me and said "I get the bottom." And without hesitation I climb on her kissing her body all the way up her. My dick rested on her slit and I began to hump her. Hearing her moan made me harder it almost hurt. She grabbed my head with both hands and stared into my eyes. With my free hand I grab my cock and insert it watching her eyes close and grip get tighter I know it felt good. I slowly enter her and when I was all the way in I started thrusting harder and faster making her moan so loud I thought she would wake Justin up. Looking down at her I see her boobs bouncing as I pound her and her face reacting to every thrust. I stop and sit back on the other couch. And you would think I committed a crime she freaks out saying "why the hell did you stop." And I asked "why did you stop the blowjob?" After a sec she walks to me and mounts me impaling her with my rod up and down she went faster and faster.

We heard a rumble from the bedroom and froze. Justin walked out of the room and went to the bathroom. We began to fuck faster to try and finish I felt my balls tighten and ropes of hot cum came shooting out deep in her and I could feel her juices all over my dick. Then we hugged close and Justin came out and said morning we could tell he was still half asleep or maybe ¾ asleep he walked to us gave her a kiss on the forehead and went back to his room. Her face got pale and she looked at me with my dick still hard and inside her we shuffled back and forth stirring our juices together.

Reality snapped back and we dismounted and got dressed. A few minute later Justin came running out of his room and said "What the FU..." He saw us sitting on opposite sides of the room watching TV. I said "Morning Sunshine." He had a confused look on his face and went back to his room. Lana got up five minutes later and walked to his room and he was out cold snoring very loudly. She came back to me and said "I better not get pregnant." I didn't say anything just grabbed her waist and pulled her down to me. We lie on the couch holding each other and fell asleep.

We woke up to Bonnie standing over us and she said "Better not let brother catch you doing this."

I said "I was cold and she was too we didn't do anything."

"Then why Lana's panties covered in cum and her leg is too."

"O ok we won't get caught." Lana said.

Bonnie walked away and I followed to talk to her. We walked in her room and I shut the door. Bonnie said "What are you doing I need to change clothes." I said "Go ahead."

"You think I won't with you in here."

"If you want to change I'm not going to stop you."

She grabbed her clothes and headed for the door but I stepped in her way. She just looked at me and tried to playfully hit my stomach. I caught her hand and we started to wrestle a bit. She got her leg behind mine and tipped me on the bed and having the monster grip I do, I brought her down with me and she landed on top of me with her boobs resting on my face she got up and said "I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry?"

"I just caught you with Lana and I somehow want to mount you."

"Well you just did."

We both laughed and she walked toward the door and I again got in her way. She huffed and said "I want to change please." And again I said "go ahead." Then she took her shirt off right in front of me exposing her red tiger bra it was amazing. I said nothing as she unbuttoned her jeans too, she had on matching panties. I got hard again and with my shorts she could tell. She laughed and said "You like?" I couldn't say anything but I could move and put one hand on her waist. Her eyes got wide and backed away till she bumped her bed that's when I made a major choice and pushed her onto the bed and starting at her knees put a kiss every inch or so. She stayed still probably unable to say yes or no so she just took it. I kept going up her body stopping at her waist kissing a few times lower and lower till she finally moved her hand to my head and pushed it down and spreading her legs. I moved her panties to one side after a few more kisses to her inner thighs. One gentle kiss gave me the opening I wanted and I started licking her sweet cunt going round her clit and then darting my tongue in and out. She was moving her waist round and round with my tongue and breathing heavily. I stopped and started moving up her again first to her stomach then to her bra slipping each nipple out and sucking on them. Finally I got to her neck kissing her lower jaw and the sides of her neck. Stopping and moving above her face looking deep in her eyes I kiss her on the lips. It was gentle and rough at the same time. I slid my shorts down enough my dick was out and inserted it in her pussy very slowly centimeter by centimeter after a few minutes of just being inside her I would pull out and push it back in very slowly making this last as long as possible. She was already close to orgasm before I was in her. I felt her pussy muscles twitch and she began to moan then I felt her juices start flowing on my dick. I started going faster when she came and she was caught off guard and started screaming so loud Justin came running in and was stunned at what he saw. His sister and I having sex was too much for him to handle. He shut the door and we heard him walk away.

I asked her if she wanted to finish and she put her legs around me and just looked at me. I began thrusting again she got louder and louder. I was at the peek of my orgasm then I started to pull out when she told me to cum inside her so I jammed my cock as far in her as it would go then released everything I had deep in her womb. We got up and I asked "what if u get..." she cut me off and said "I want to be."

We got out to the living room to see Justin in the recliner looking kind of mad. I said the dumbest question "You okay dude?"

"What do you think? I just caught you fucking my sister how should I react?"

"Sorry but I really like her?" Lana looked at me with that comment.

Lana said "They do make a good couple." I smiled at her and she smiled back.

A few weeks later I got to Justin's house and sat down by my two girls Bonnie and Lana on the couch. Justin's mom looked at me and said "Bonnie has some news."

Bonnie looked at me and said "I'm pregnant and it's yours." Lana chimed in and said "Guess what I am too."

To be continued.

Written by: Eric3890

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