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Lara and the Headmaster

by 0131aj©

She had every reason to be afraid as the old man stood over her then lowered himself on to her chest, his slowly growing cock landing in the valley between her generous tits. Taking each of her breasts in his hands, he forced his cock back and forward between them, making his dick grow harder with each thrust. As it did, his face became as red as Lara's and his breathing more and more laboured. Just as Lara began to feel sorry for him and afraid he might suffer a stroke from the exertion, he moaned deeply.

"Oh, God. It's been so long. I'm cumming, Lara. I'm cumming!"

And he did. It had obviously been a very, very long time since he had cum with a young girl. Lara felt his first spurt hit her forehead then, unable to tear her eyes from his horrible cock, watched as he hit her nose, her mouth and finally her breasts. He seemed to be covering her face in his cum and it mixed with the tears running down. She knew her body was responding to this humiliating treatment once again and she prayed that this shame wouldn't be enough to make her cum again but she could feel the warning signs between her legs and longed for the old man to get off her.

As the old man slowly recovered, he wiped his shrinking cock on Lara's face and got up onto trembling legs. The young girl didn't know how much more of this she could take and simply lay there crying, even though her Headmaster and Miss Jones were no longer holding her down, but he warned her not to wipe Mr Harris' cum from her face as it was "fitting for a slut like you."

As the secretary opened the door for Mr Harris, another teacher was already waiting to come in. Miss Andrews, the Home Economics teacher came in, carrying a basket over her arm. She shut the door behind her and stood looking down at the practically naked girl lying on the floor of the Headmaster's office. For some reason it seemed important to Lara that she still had on her socks and shoes but no-one else seemed to care.

"Miss Andrews, this girl is being punished for behaving like a slut but I believe you have some more information for me."

"Yes, Headmaster," said the matronly woman. Lara had always believed her to be kindly but she didn't think she was going to be kind this afternoon. "She told me she wanted to use the vegetables from my cooking class to fuck me."

This was too much for Lara. She just lay there in floods of tears not believing that anyone could do what she had just been accused of. Taking her silence, once again, as confirmation, the Headmaster glared down at her.

"Get on your feet, girl. Is this true? Do you want to fuck Miss Andrews with her vegetables? Do you like other women fucking you with them? Do you fuck yourself with them? On second thoughts, I think you should kneel down for this part of your punishment."

Lara did as she was commanded and got on to her hands and knees, grateful for the fact that no-one could now see her face or her tears. That was the only thing she had to be grateful for, however, as Miss Andrews knelt down behind her, spread her bottom cheeks apart and proceeded to lick her, just as Miss Black had licked her pussy. The poor girl was so ashamed; not only could everyone see her dirtiest hole but Miss Andrews was licking it and rubbing her pussy as well.

For a moment the older woman stopped and Lara heard her rustle for something in her basket. Daring to steal a look, the young girl peeked round to see Miss Andrews holding a long, green cucumber in her hand. With a nod from the headmaster, the teacher pressed the vegetable against Lara's tight hole and tried to force it in. Lara screamed as she felt the pressure on her bottom but, with Miss Andrews behind her and the Headmaster and his secretary on either side, there was nowhere for her to go.

"I don't think it's going to go in," said the teacher, reluctantly.

"Have you brought anything smaller, Miss Andrews?" asked the Headmaster.

The teacher went back to her basket and this time Lara didn't even try to look. Whatever the older woman found, these evil people were going to stick it up Lara's bum and the very though disgusted her. At the same time, she knew her pussy had never been so wet and she cursed her body for betraying her once again.

Taking out her large, prize-winning carrot, Miss Andrews returned to the poor girl's upturned arse and started again. Lara screamed once more, even more painfully, as the vegetable found its way into her arse and was forced deep into her bowels. As the three adults held her in place, Miss Andrews fucked the young girl up the arse mercilessly with her carrot. Lara's arsehole was burning but so was her face from the shame over what was happening to her. When Miss Jones reached below the pupil's body, between her legs, and started to stroke her dripping cunt, Lara knew she was lost. She felt her body respond to the women's actions, no matter how much she hated it. Faster and faster went the carrot in her arse. Faster and faster went Miss Jones' hand on her pussy and poor Lara had no control over what happened next.

"NO!" She cried. "No, oh please, no! Not again!"

But all the school staff could see the schoolgirl cumming and knew that they were right about how much of a slut she was.

Chapter 3

When Lara felt the vegetable being roughly pulled from her arse and opened her eyes to see that Miss Jones and the Headmaster had stepped back from her, she dared to think that her ordeal might be over. She rolled over so that she was sitting on the floor of the Headmaster's office, her arse burning and her face burning, but worst of all, her nakedness still there for all to see.

When Miss Andrews went to open the office door, Lara presumed she too was leaving. However, the Home Economics teacher simply stood back and Lara watched in horror as the whole teaching staff, men and women marched into the room, surrounding her. As they all looked down at her, the schoolgirl tried to hide her body but it was impossible. A gap appeared in the circle of teachers and Lara looked up to see the Headmaster once more standing before her.

"Lara, you were asked to come to this office today to answer allegations of being acting like a slut. Your performance so far as shown that you are indeed the worst kind of pupil, willing to do anything to gratify your body. Now I understand that you claim to still be a virgin; is that true?"

Lara tried to avoid the leering looks of all the teachers, frightened by the bulges she saw in many of the men's trousers, and concentrated on the Headmaster's words.

"Yes, sir. I am a virgin. I am a good girl. I have done nothing wrong. This is all a big mistake," she tried to insist.

"Is it a mistake that some of these teachers saw your knickers last week?"

"No, sir, but it was just a gust of wind that blew my skirt up."

"And how was the wind able to do that? Was your skirt the regulation length?"

"No, sir."

"Were your knickers the regulation big, navy ones designed to protect out schoolgirls' modesty?"

"No, sir."

At that, Miss Jones produced the ruined thong that the Headmaster had torn from the poor girl earlier and handed it to him. He held it aloft in triumph and there was a murmur around the circle of teachers. Lara heard mutters of disgust but she was sure she also heard rude comments from some of the men.

"No indeed. And am I wrong in telling your teachers gathered here around you that only a few minutes ago you had an orgasm with a carrot stuck up your arse?"

Lara could not possibly answer this last question, she was so ashamed. She dropped her head and tried to pretend she was anywhere but in this room.

"I will take that as your answer, especially since Miss Andrews and Miss Jones watched you do just that and we can all see the pussy juices that are still on your legs. Well now it is time to be punished for lying about being a virgin. Gentlemen, if you could help me, please?"

Lara felt herself being lifted, her arms and legs grabbed by various members of the staff. She saw a couple of the female teachers clearing the Headmaster's desk and she was lay down upon it, on her back, her tits and pussy there for all to see. As her arms and legs were stretched out and held by the men, the women played with her tits, groping them, jealous of their size and perkiness. As they watched Lara struggle against her constraints and against the unwanted pleasure from having her breasts fondled in this way, someone took her right nipple and began to squeeze it. Seeing her gasp, another teacher took her left one and pinched it equally as roughly. Lara begged to be released but then she felt the very thing she had been dreading. Looking down she saw Miss Jones between her legs, stroking her pussy. Lara cried out once more in humiliation as all her teachers watched the school secretary bring the young girl to the brink once more. As the men continued to hold her, the female teachers lined up between her legs and started to lick her sopping pussy. Each one only licked her once or twice, just to get a taste of the young girl, before they were replaced by another teacher, young and old. As Lara's body started to tremble once more, she bit her lip to stop herself crying out and to save herself from the embarrassment of the whole staff hearing her cum. She may have been able to stop her cries but when her hips started to rise off the table and push her cunt towards the tongues lapping at her, all the teachers could see that she was indeed a slut, just as the Headmaster had said.

Somewhere in her head, Lara was wondering where the Headmaster was during this latest orgasm but as she recovered from it and opened her eyes, her question was answered. Looking down her ravaged body, she nearly jumped off the desk, despite the men holding her down. Between her outstretched legs, replacing the female teachers, stood the Headmaster, only now he was naked and holding his large, throbbing cock in his hand.

"This is your last chance, Lara," he said as he advanced and rubbed the slippery head of his cock up and down the young girl's sensitive lips. "Are you a virgin or not?"

"Please, sir, please don't do this."

"Are you really trying to tell me you have never allowed any of those pimply boys in your class to put their tiny cock inside you?"

"No, sir! I would never let them do that."

"And your uncle? Has he never crept to your room late at night and fucked you?"

"My uncle? No, sir! Definitely not!"

"So who fucks you, Lara? I do not believe for one minute that you are a virgin and I am about to prove it. Last chance."

"No, sir! Please."

With her last words he plunged into her reluctant cunt but very quickly came up against the barrier that he had reused to believe was still there. He turned to Miss Jones.

"It looks like she was telling the truth after all, Miss Jones. She is still a virgin."

"Well, she is still a slut, sir. Look at the way she has behaved in your office this afternoon. She doesn't deserve to still be a virgin. I suggest you still fuck her."

There was a murmur of consent around the group of teachers while the young girl tried to struggle free once more. Her struggling stopped dramatically, however, when the Headmaster plunged into her, ripping through her, and buried the first cock she had ever had deep within her cunt. Lara screamed with the pain and the shame that she would not be a virgin on her wedding night, that she would not be able to give her virginity to a man she loved in a beautiful, gentle night of love. Instead she was being raped on her Headmaster's desk, his powerful body lying on top of her as his hard prick thrust in and out of her ravaged pussy. Surrounded by the whole teaching staff, she wept in pain and humiliation because she could feel those sensations deep within her pussy again and she knew what was going to happen next.

As he moved in and out of her, her Headmaster straightened up to allow him access to her clit. Watching his cock slide in and out of the previously virginal pussy was such a turn on for him and the tightness of her cunt walls gripping his cock meant that he wasn't going to last long. He started to flick her clit with his thumb, watching it grow and throb just as his cock was doing.

Lara realised there was nothing she could do. There was nothing she could do to escape. There was nothing she could do to stop her Headmaster's thick cock sliding in and out of her sore pussy. There was nothing she could do to stop herself from cumming as he fucked her and fucked her and fucked her.

"Here it comes, Lara. Here comes the first load of cum to fill your cunt."

She screamed as she felt his cock swell even more and start to shoot his spunk deep into her womb. She screamed at being so powerless and she screamed at cumming on a man's cock for the first time ever. Her hips thrust up to meet him and she knew that she couldn't stop herself no matter how hard she tried.

When they both slowed down and he pulled his softening cock from her ruined pussy, he turned to Miss Jones who dropped to her knees and cleaned his stained prick of Lara's blood and cum. When she had cleaned him up he started to get dressed while his secretary shuffled over on her knees to where Lara lay exhausted. She no longer had the strength to fight against her captors as Miss Jones began to clean the schoolgirl too. She licked up and down the poor girl's sensitive pussy and sucked the Headmaster's cum out of her.

Lara at last felt her torture had come to an end but when four of the younger female teachers took over from the men holding her arms and legs, them men dropped their trousers and moved between her legs. One by one they fucked her and filled her with their cum, as Miss Jones cleaned her up after each one.

By the time they had all fucked her at least once, Lara lay like a floppy rag doll on top of the Headmaster's desk while the teachers all left the room, full of disgust at how much of a slut the young girl had proved to be. Lara was barely aware of what was happening as Miss Jones helped her to dress in her blouse which Miss Andrews had repaired while enjoying the show of Lara being ravaged. Her skirt was still in one piece but her thong had been destroyed and there was no way she could wear it again.

Miss Jones sat the poor girl down on a soft chair in front of the desk and Lara noticed finally that the Headmaster was also sitting there, writing a letter.

"Lara, I am thinking of expelling you from this school. We do not want tramps like you infecting the other good girls here but I will give you one last chance. Take this letter home to your uncle this weekend. It explains what you did last week and has asked him to punish you as he sees fit. If you do that and return here next Monday morning with evidence of your punishment then I will reconsider. You may go."

Written by: 0131aj

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