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My See-Thru Shorts

by LeggoMyEars©

I've always been sort of jealous because women can show off so easily and it's acceptable but guys can't lest we look like perverts or gay!

One day I was in a sports shop and saw a really sexy pair of running shorts made of a sheer nylon material with a lining to keep them "decent". I have to admit that I got a little hard feeling them and dreaming of wearing them. It shocked me to have this reaction so of course, I bought them. That afternoon I went for a bike ride wearing them and yes, they were sexy and yes they excited me to wear them.

I caught several women and even a few men looking at me. They were still not really as see through as I wanted them but the outline and bulge of my very large cock was clearly visible. I had found a fetish that I loved! Wow, I thought as I caught the occasional stare. This was the most incredible feeling!

I went home and thought about that afternoon. "if the shorts were just a little more transparent it would really be great", I thought. So I decided I was ready for the next step. I gently cut the lining out of the shorts leaving only the outer shell which was very sheer. I then tried the shorts on and modeled them for myself in a full length mirror. I was afraid they were just too sheer but it was still very exciting!

The next day I went to the beach wearing the shorts under another pair of gym shorts. I decided that I'd try sunbathing in them on a towel on the beach which was very busy with foot traffic this time of year. Once I got to the beach and settled into my usual spot laying on a large beach towel, I removed the gym shorts and laid back to enjoy the feeling of the sun and my near naked exposure to others. Of course my dick was extending down my leg a little and the shorts were barely long enough to hide the head from peeking out.

Soon a couple walked closely by me and looked my way. I was barely cracking my eyes behind my shades and could see them looking at me. The guy elbowed his girl in the ribs when he spotted me like he was trying to get her to look. She did and a big smile came across her face. They both kept walking but I had gotten my first real exhibitionist's experience! This really excited me!

Soon I was walking down the beach in those shorts in front of ton's of people! I rode my bicycle like that as well. I soon learned to really enjoy the people who didn't even make eye contact because they were too busy looking at my crotch. This game became my only pastime because I enjoyed it so much. I bought many pairs of those shorts in different colors and modified them all to my liking.

I had become very comfortable with my body and exposing it to strangers. There was a lake near my home that was secluded. On weekends the 4X4 crowd would descend on the lake to drink, swim and frolic and have great fun. I owned a 4X4 Jeep also. On a sunny Saturday morning, dressed in my shorts, I took the top and the removable doors off the Jeep and went to the lake.

As luck would have it, it was very crowded that morning with mostly young people having a good time. There was an overlook cliff I parked on and just sat and watched all the bikinis and a few topless girls who were brave enough to be that way. I grabbed a wine cooler out of the cooler and sat back to enjoy the scenery.

I was just starting to drift off to a nap in the sun sitting in the Jeep when I heard voices to my left. There was a good looking couple walking up the trail next to me. When they approached the Jeep they stopped and said "Hi". We small talked about the lake and all the topless babes etc. for a few minutes. I kept catching them looking down at my crotch and it was very exciting to say the least!

I glanced down and noticed that the head of my cock was sticking out of my shorts leg about an inch or so. Not being able to adjust it without notice, I just decided to enjoy it. What was strange was that they BOTH were looking at me like that. I ignored the stares and we continued to small talk. As we talked, the girl kept edging closer to me and soon she just reached over and touched my cock! I wasn't fully hard but after she touched me, still talking all the time, I was at full boner city! He boyfriend just smiled and continued the talk while watching what was going on. As the girl stroked me I started leaking quite a bit of precum on her hand and on my leg.

She lifted her hand to my lips and offered some precum to me which I sucked off her fingers. I love my precum! She then resumed stroking me. I asked them if they wanted to go for a ride and the guy said, "No, this was already the perfect spot!". I remember thinking, "For What? Is this going to get even more fun?" So I agreed and simply watched as the girlfriend squeezed a big dollop of precum out and onto her finger. I thought she was either going to taste it or put it to my lips again but to my surprise, she stuck her finger in her boyfriend's mouth! He sucked the slippery precum off her finger and smiled at me again.

As I enjoyed the manipulation of my cock, the boyfriend reached over and untied the girl's string bikini top and threw it at me. I caught it and placed it on the side of the Jeep. The girl then lowered her face to my crotch and swallowed me whole! I had never had deep throat before this and before long I was ready to cum. I told her I was about to cum and she just moaned and kept sucking me. She used shallow strokes so all my cum would be in her mouth rather than down her throat.

And then it happened! I came like a fire hose right in her mouth! She didn't spill a drop and caught it all in her mouth. It was one of the best blow-jobs I have ever had! The girl then leaned over and kissed her boyfriend and shared my cum with him. I had never seen this before but I was strangely turned on by it. She then kissed me and I could taste my cum still in her mouth. We had shared a cum shot three ways!

This introduced me to snowballing which soon became my favorite fantasy. To this day, if I cum in a woman's mouth, on her body, or inside her, I still clean up my own mess. And all this, thanks to my see through shorts!

More stories to come!

Written by: LeggoMyEars

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