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Spank & Cum

by Dostover©

Michael and I are in to some kinky shit. My name is Tammy and I have long red hair and nice tits with cute little nips, but my best feature is my round, tight ass. I love being spanked, I love to feel the initial sting and then the slight jiggle of my cute little butt all the way up my spine. It's like a good hard spanking connects all my sexual points, my nipples get hard like little pencil erasers, my pussy juice starts dripping down my inner thighs, and my cute little asshole quivers.

Spankings and pink ass cheeks along with a big cock used to get me off, but we wanted to try something a little different. I told Michael to think of something clever, and surprise me.

The next night Michael told me not say anything, just to listen and do what he said. I was totally in the dark and I was getting aroused just thinking about what might be in store for me. My lips got all warm and flush.

"Listen Tammy, this might seem strange at first, but just try it, I think you'll like it. If you don't like it we'll never do it again."

"What exactly did you have plann..."

"I told you not to talk Tammy, now take off your blouse and that sexy little skirt and bend over the bed."

I did as I was told, I was really curious now, and my heart was beating faster partly out of nervousness and partly out of lust.

In this position, almost fully exposed to him, I began to take off my yellow see through panties.

"Did I tell you to do that?" he stopped me. I knew not to talk, this was a fun little game. He removed a blindfold from his pocket and put it on me.

"Spread your legs as wide as you can."

I did as I was told and immediately felt a piece of string or something around my right ankle. And then my left ankle. He was tying me to the bed! And it was a queen bed, so the posts were quite far apart, making me spread my legs so wide that I could feel my inner thighs being stretched hard. My pussy was swollen and wide open, totally exposed. I could feel the cool air from the AC vent on my hot pussy and asshole. One drop of juice fell from my pussy onto the floor. What I didn't know was that he had placed a cup right under my pussy to catch all the pussy cum. He tied my arms to the front bed posts, so I was bent all the way over, my tits and face pushed into the mattress. I could have cum right then from being this exposed and not being able to do anything about it even if I wanted to.

"I'm sitting in a chair right behind you. Your pussy lips are quite red and swollen and you're dripping. Are you coming already? I'm going to spank you now, but you may not cum no matter how much you want to, or you will have to do something very naughty."

I heard the chair slide backwards and he got up.

Smack! He used his entire hand on my ass cheek right on the fleshiest part...smack! I was in a blissful state of ecstasy after about 10 hard slaps. He would pull my ass apart and slide his finger past my pussy just to tease me. I needed to fucking cum, I wanted to squirt all over the floor right then and relieve this tension in my aching pussy. But I was not allowed.

Suddenly the door opened with a creak.

"Who's there?" I said...

"Don't talk! I already told you not to..."

"You don't know us, we know Michael from the office and he said we should stop by...and you are every bit as hot as he said you are. Our names are Lindsay and Meagan."

My heart stopped. And then pounded harder. What the fuck? He brought in two girls while my ass was up in the air all pink and my pussy was dripping all over the floor?

"Let me out of these restraints." I said very nervously.

Michael took off my blindfold.

"That's all you get though, the strings will stay on for now. And if you talk again there will be consequences. I don't believe you've been properly introduced to Lindsay and Meagan. Look behind you."

There were two incredibly hot girls with giant tits and candy glossed lips, completely naked, rubbing each other. I had no idea who these people were. But I did not dare talk again, he would do something for sure this time if I did.

Lindsay sat on the bed and spread her legs in front of me, revealing a glistening, beautiful pussy. I had tasted pussy before in college, but only once. I wasn't too sure about all this, but I didn't really have a choice.

"Lick it...go on...give it a lick. You'll like it."

I became very flush and embarrassed about seeing her like this. Cautiously I stuck out my tongue and placed it on her pussy. Just as I was about to lick upwards, I felt something warm on my asshole. Meagan was licking my back door! She playfully bit my ass and giggled and continued stimulating me anally. It was weird, but I was so hot I just wanted to cum. I couldn't care right now. I dove into Lindsay's slippery pussy with my tongue. I could feel the warm, almost salty pussy lips on both sides of my tongue as I stuck my tongue in half way, then all the way inside her.

"UNNNnnnh..." she moaned as I wiggled it around slowly inside her little cunt. If I couldn't cum I wasn't going to let her either. I licked slowly but surely, little circles around her clit. My asshole was quivering and my pussy felt like it was going to spray sticky, hot cum all over her face. If she would have licked my pussy just once...I couldn't handle her going at my ass like that, spreading my cheeks with her hands, her tongue fully extended flickin up and down my hole. I plunged my tongue into Lindsay's pussy with full force. Her pussy lips were wrapped around my tongue and my lips were sucking them into my mouth. I sucked and licked her until I thought she was going to cum in my mouth, then slowed down until she couldn't stand it anymore and would beg for me to make her cum.

“I think she needs an ass fucking!” giggled Lindsay.

I felt the prodding on my asshole stop, only to feel Michaels cock pressing into my little ass opening. Oh shit, this was going to hurt a little. I love to be fucked in the ass but it hurts at first. He slowly stuck it in, pressing past my sphincter all the way inside. My asshole stretched to accommodate his thick cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmph!" I let out a moan as he pressed into me. I was about to cum. I just wanted him to touch my pussy, even just rub it with his leg, and I would have exploded. On the first thrust of his dick inside my butt, Meagan vigorously pressed her tongue and lips into my pussy.

"You are not allowed to cum yet," Michael said. But it was too late. I couldn't take her tongue in my slit, and I began to buck back and forth moaning loudly, not caring anymore about the stupid consequences. I began to cum inside of her mouth, and suddenly she stopped slurping and used three fingers, rubbing hard and fast, to stimulate me. I was still cumming and began to squirt hard...thick, creamy pussy cum..."uunnh uumph! ummmph!" I felt her press something hard against both sides of my pussy, wait a minute, it was a glass! I couldn't stop cumming...bucking my hips back and forth on her fingers. Michael was thrusting in my butt harder than he ever had before, aroused and about to explode inside me. My ass was sore and stretched, but it felt spectacular. I was still cumming so hard…”OOOHHhhhhhh!” “UUUuuhhhh!” I came and came until all my juice had flowed out of my cunt, my tension being relieved. Michael felt me cumming and exploded inside my ass on the first spurt. The second spurt, however, he made to the already half full glass. His sticky white goo floated on top of my cum in this clear glass. How disgusting!

I knew what was next...that bastard. When I refused to drink it he stuck his dick back in my sore ass and said if I didn't he would fuck my ass until he came again, which wouldn't be for a while. It hurt so badly...I had no choice.

I looked at it, smelled it, raised it to my lips...the thought of drinking my own cum and his cum combined disgusted me...and there was so much of it! I thought I was going to gag. I tipped my head back and got the first bit in my mouth...Michael rubbed my pussy softly. It was not that bad, tasted like pussy. I felt it slide down my throat, all warm and sticky. Michael's finger in pussy made it easier to drink, if you're hot and stimulated pussy juice tastes great. Still I couldn't believe I was drinking this. Meagan took the glass from my hand and told Lindsay to lie down on the bed. She took a sip, twirled her hair playfully, smiling, and spit it into Lindsay's mouth. Lindsay swallowed, and told Meagan it was her turn now. She told Meagan to bend over. Lindsay grabbed to little funnels and hoses, and stuck one in Meagan’s ass, and one in Meagan’s pussy. Meagan looked and Lindsay and said “oh you dirty girl!!!” They smiled at each other as Meagan played with her nipples. Lindsay poured the remainder of the cum filled glass, about a quarter of a cup, into each of the funnels, slowly, while massaging Meagan’s pussy.

"It feels disgusting inside me, it got cold. It’s cold inside my ass and cunt…"

"Don't worry, I'll help you get it out."

She slurped on her pussy until the cum came out into her mouth. Meagan’s pussy contracted and she came, gushing her own cum into Lindsay’s mouth. Lindsay looked very satisfied at having sucked the cum out of her pussy.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" asked Meagan.

"Fuck you I'm not doing that."

"Aww c'mon sweetie..." Meagan rubbed Lindsay's pussy and nips.

Reluctantly, with Meagan spread eagle and standing up, Lindsay spread Meagan's ass wide open and stuck her tongue in her butt. She sucked, I could hear the slurping sound. I saw the cum dribble out of her ass into Lindsay's mouth. She swallowed disgusted, but turned on.

Michael was still rubbing my pussy and watching those two drink cum from pussy, ass, and cock, turned me on. I had another little orgasm, I didn't explode this time, but I gently pumped a steady stream of cum into Michael's eager mouth. He swallowed it happily.

We had all drank cum, and it had been a disgusting cum filled night. I have never done that again...I just like to be spanked. But it was fun once.

Written by: Dostover

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