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Cassie Gets Arrested

by SexyChele©

Cassie slid her feet back, bending at the hips, knowing that as she did so, her pussy lips were open to his view. Her arms still secured above her head, she hung her head in shame. She heard the Trooper rummage through the desk once more and then return. He walked into the cell and stood before her.

"Look up, slut. Look at me!"

Cassie looked up at the Trooper, her eyes filled with tears. He was holding a chain in his hands, with a strange looking device on either end. Before Cassie knew what was happening, the Trooper attached one of the clamps to her right nipple. The pain shot through her body and Cassie cried out at the feel of it. After the initial shock of pain subsided slightly, Cassie was surprised to discover that an odd feeling of pleasure was blending in.

Suddenly, the Trooper clamped her other nipple, and the pain once again coursed through her body. Cassie screamed again at the assault on her tender flesh and pulled against the restraints on her wrists. Yet, though her nipples felt like they were on fire, a pleasant sensation filled her. She looked down at her breasts, the nipples red where the clamps held them prisoner. She noticed that the Trooper had kept the chain connecting the clamps on his side of the cell, so if Cassie tried to pull away, the chain would pull against the clamps on her breasts. As if to confirm this, the Trooper pulled on the chain, giving it a quick jerk. Pain immediately filled Cassie's brain and she cried out in agony. Yet, she was surprised at how quickly this pain turned to pleasure.

She breathed deep, her head lowered and eyes closed. Her nipples burned as her breasts felt swollen, and her concentration only seemed to intensify the pleasure she was feeling. Suddenly she felt the Trooper's hand on her back, and Cassie shivered as she felt his hand glide over her skin. Cassie moaned under his touch even as her mind was repulsed the thought of him touching her.

"Yes, that's it. Now you look like you might be in a position to pay for your crime."

Cassie opened her lips to beg for her release, but she knew it would do no good. Her mind raced, but she could see no way out of her predicament. Her tears spilled down her cheeks as she realized her fate was to be used by this man.


Cassie jerked as she felt his hand strike her ass hard. At first she felt the sharp sting, but then gave way to a slow burning sensation in her left buttock. She cried out through her tears, and pulled away from him. She felt his fingers tangle in her hair, and suddenly he jerked her head up and felt her scalp tingle.

"You like that, bitch, don't you?" He sneered into her face.

"No, oh please, officer. Please, don't hit me again!"


Once more his hand came down hard on her ass, once more the burning sting enveloped her being. She cried out through her tears, her eyes looking up at him and his leering face. Again and again she felt his hand come down hard on her ass, until she felt the skin warm and she knew her ass must be bright pink. However, a strange sensation took hold of her. The more the Trooper slapped her sore backside, the less painful it became. It was as though a pleasant tingling ensued each time his hand smacked her skin, and her cries soon turned to moans.

"Yes, that's more like it, slut. You are almost to the point of having your fine paid in full."

Cassie barely heard his words. The clamps on her nipples began biting into her flesh and her ass was hot and stung. Her arms ached from being held over her head. Her body felt as though every nerve was alive and responding to what was happening to her. Again, she felt the Trooper's hand run along her back, his other hand still tangled in her hair. Her body shivered involuntarily at his touch, and she heard him laugh at her response to him. Cassie felt his hand leave her body, and she wondered what he was going to do next.

Cassie didn't have long to wait as she felt the cold, hard metal of the Trooper's nightstick move along her ass. She inhaled sharply, afraid of what the Trooper might do to her next.

"Please. I know you want to fuck me, so fuck me and get it over with. But, please, don't use that – that – stick on me!"

She heard him chuckle as he brought the nightstick between the lips of her pussy, running it back and forth against her slit. As she realized how wet she was, Cassie felt her cheeks flame and would have hung her head had the Trooper not still held her by her hair.

"Now, now. Will you look at this?" The Trooper said to no one in particular. "Here you've been letting on that you don't care for my method of having you pay your fine, yet your cunt is soaking wet. See?"

Cassie suddenly saw the nightstick in front of her, the scent of her pussy filling her senses. Indeed she could see her juices glistening on the tip of the Trooper's weapon, and it filled her with shame.

"Suck it. Yes, suck and taste yourself. I know that's what you want to do."

Cassie allowed her eyes to meet the Troopers, and tried to plead with him through their blue depths. Yet, before she could say anything, she felt the stick being pressed to her mouth. She opened her lips and accepted the nightstick. She felt the cold metal push past her lips, the taste of her juices on her tongue. The Trooper pushed and pulled the nightstick in and out of her mouth, and Cassie knew his eyes were fixed on the nightstick sliding between her lips.

Pulling the stick from her mouth, Cassie gasped as she felt the cold metal once more rub against her slit. She started to pull away from cold metal, but the Trooper began to rub her clit, and the feeling of the cold metal on her hot clit made Cassie moan in pleasure. As he worked his way back up, Cassie felt the nightstick at the entrance to her sex and she began to babble in her pleas for him to stop and let her go. Slowly, the Trooper pushed the tip of the stick into her pussy, and Cassie cried out at the intrusion. She felt the Trooper grab her hair tightly as he bent her head backwards, and then she felt him ram the nightstick deep into her cunt. Cassie screamed at the invasion and tried to move away from it, but the Trooper held her fast by her hair.

As the Trooper pumped her pussy with the nightstick, Cassie moaned and begged and babbled. At first her pleas were for him to stop, yet as the stick filled and stretched her pussy, her begging gradually turned to pleas of pleasure. Cassie began to move in rhythm with the Trooper's movements. However, each time she moved back to receive the stick, the chain attached to the clamps that held her nipples prisoner would pull, sending delightful shots of pleasurable pain coursing through her body. The Trooper increased his movements, as he fucked her pussy faster and harder, her body attempted to keep up. Her mind could think of nothing but what the officer was doing to her. Her moans were filled with pleasure.

And then, the nightstick was pulled from her body. Cassie felt the sudden emptiness and groaned her discontent. She heard the Trooper throw the nightstick aside – the sound of metal on the wooden desk. He released her hair, and she heard him undo his belt and then the familiar sound of a zipper undone. She wanted to look at him, but dared not. She hung her head in her own humiliation. She knew she should feel shame for enjoying what the Trooper was doing, yet she could not deny the feelings of her body.

Cassie took a sharp intake of breath as she felt the Trooper smooth his hand over her tight, round ass. She still felt some pain from being slapped earlier and each time his hand passed over her, the burning sensation came alive once more. She felt his hands on the cheeks of her ass, felt as he pulled them apart and his finger probing her. A moan escaped her lips and she moved against him, even as she pulled against the chain that caused such delicious pain in her nipples.

"Say it, bitch. Say how much you want me to fuck you. I know you want it, now tell me!"

"Oh, yes, officer, I want to feel your cock fucking me. Yes, hard, fast, deep. Just fuck me!"

"That's the good slut that I know you are."

And with one fluid motion the Trooper had buried his cock deep inside of Cassie. She cried out at he filled her. She had not seen his cock, but she could feel that it was bigger than any she had had before. She cried out as she pulled against the restraints that held her. At first she tried to get away from him, and then she began to seek him. Once more she felt her head pulled back as his fingers tangled in her hair. He pulled her head back so far that she was looking up at him, could not escape his leering countenance, nor could she hide the desire on her own face. His other hand grabbed her hip, as he gave himself leverage to drive his cock into her. Cassie felt his skin slap her ass as he fucked her, felt his balls striking her clit.

She felt his hand move from her hip down to her clit. He began to rub the swollen nub, pinching it between his fingers, teasing her. Cassie found herself riding his fingers, seeking satisfaction and release. She knew he could take this away from her whenever he wanted, yet she let her body go.

"Yes, slut, I want you to cum for me. Cum for me and let me know how much you like to be fucked."

Deep inside Cassie felt her humiliation was complete, yet she could not deny her body's desires. She wanted to cum, needed the release. She pulled against the cuffs above her as she ground her clit into his hand. His voice taunted and teased her, his fingers driving her over the edge. Suddenly her body stiffened and she began to shake. As she cried out to the ceiling above, she felt her body jerk and spasm, and vaguely felt the cuffs biting into her wrists from the pressure exerted on them. She felt her pussy contract around the cock buried deep inside of her, and she pushed back against it. She felt her orgasm subside, her body grow limp as she hung her head and let the cuffs take hold of her wrists.

Yet, the Trooper continued to pound her tender flesh. He laughed out loud, the sound echoing in Cassie's head. He slapped her ass sharply, eliciting a small cry from her lips.

"Yes, I knew you were a slut from the time I saw you on the road. You like this don't you, slut? You like being a man's whore, yes?"

He slapped her ass again, and Cassie raised her head and tried to speak but nothing came out. She tried to close her mind to what had just happened, her complete and utter humiliation before this man. She closed her eyes as tears began to stream down, wishing it would be over soon. And then, she felt his cock leave her pussy.

"I know what you want, whore. I'll bet you like it up the ass, don't you?"

Fear struck Cassie's heart when she heard his words.

"NO! Oh, please, don't! Please, please – fuck my pussy. Not my ass, please! Please no!"

The Trooper rubbed his cock along her slit, and Cassie could not deny how wet she was. His cock was slippery against her swollen pussy, and the feel of it caused her to gasp. Slowly he dragged it up higher, until his cock pushed against her tender, tight opening. He grabbed her hips and began to push in, slowly. Cassie tried to pull away, tried to escape this latest onslaught. She pulled against the cuffs and tried to move her hips, but he held her firm. She felt the head of his cock pop through the tight ring of muscles of her ass, and Cassie screamed. She felt his fingers dig even deeper into her hips, and she started to beg again for him to stop. Slowly, she felt herself stretched, the muscles screaming their pain, her body wanting to reject this intruder. She could feel him slide into her ass an inch at a time, and then he stopped.

She waited, hoping he would pull out of her, hoping her ordeal would be over. But suddenly he rammed his cock all the way into her ass as she clung to the bars in front of her and screamed her protest. The pain was intense and she wasn't sure if she could take it. He began to move in and out of her ass, slowly at first, then building speed. He no longer spoke, yet she could hear his grunts and they disgusted her. He was building into a rhythm, and moving in and out of her at a regular pace. Just when she least expected it, she felt his fingers on her clit once more, rubbing, pinching, pulling. Cassie gasped, and immediately her attention was drawn to the pleasure his fingers were bringing about in her. She began to move against them, her ass wiggling before him. He toyed with her clit, applying first firm pressure and then soft, but never equal parts of either.

And then he stopped. His fingers withdrew, his cock was motionless in her ass. Cassie held her breath, hoping it was over. She felt him moving behind her, stretching possibly, and she wondered what he was doing.

"Now, here is something a little whore like you might like. Yes, this might be just the very thing!"

She felt the coolness of metal against her clit, and suddenly she knew. The nightstick! He began to move slowly in her ass, but now he had the dreaded stick at the entrance to her pussy. Cassie clung desperately to the bars in front of her.

"No, not that! Please! I'll do anything, just not that!"

"Oh, but you will, you little asswhore. You most certainly will!"

Before Cassie could react, the Trooper shoved the nightstick deep into her pussy in one movement as he drove his cock even deeper. Once more Cassie screamed, her body tensing from the feeling of being intruded. The Trooper began to move the nightstick back and forth, stroking her pussy walls hard as the tip banged against her cervix. His cock was flying in and out of her ass, and Cassie whimpered. And then she felt the fingers on her clit once more. Teasing and pinching, and her mind was now centered on those fingers caressing the nub of pleasure between her thighs. She began to move against those fingers, enjoying their touch. At the same time, as she relaxed, she felt herself filled, and it was incredible. She moved against the fingers, hoping this time he would not take them away.

He did not disappoint. He rammed her pussy and her ass hard, but kept his fingers on her clit. He rubbed and pinched and twisted and felt the woman beneath him writhe with pleasure. Cassie was rocking back and forth along his fingers and was barely aware of the assault on her pussy and ass. As his fingers continued to bring her closer to ecstasy, she found she began to enjoy the pounding she was receiving and began to move with him. She was being fucked like a whore, and she loved it.

She once against felt her body tense up slightly, and then his fingers pushed her over the edge and into the abyss of pleasure. She was writhing and trembling, jerking and shaking at his touch, rubbing herself against his fingers frantically. Suddenly she heard his grunts become louder, and she felt him shove even more deeply into her ass. However, in the throes of her orgasm, she didn't care how deeply he rammed his cock into her ass. The Trooper exploded in Cassie's ass and then pulled out quickly, letting hot spurts of sticky white cum splatter her ass. He continued to fuck her pussy with his nightstick, but not nearly as quickly as before.

As the last of his jism dripped from his cock, he squeezed it to the tip, watching it form. Moving around in front of Cassie, the Trooper undid the cuffs from the bars above her head. Reaching down, he quickly undid the clamps holding her nipples prisoner. Cassie had felt there was no greater pain that having those clamps attached to her nipples, but now she found out she was wrong. When the Trooper removed those clamps, quickly and efficiently, fhe blood rushed back into the swollen peaks, causing a mix of pleasure and pain, that was more intense than Cassie could have ever imagined.

Pushing her onto the floor, kneeling, her cuffed hands in front of her, Cassie felt the Trooper's hand on the back of her head, pulling her toward him.

"And now, you will clean me up, slut! Lick me clean!"

Cassie struggled slightly with him, not wanting to put his cock into her mouth. The hand was insistent, and she finally wrapped her lips around his cock and began to lick and suck even though she could feel it was going soft. Still, she continued to lick, cleaning him with her lips and tongue until she felt him pull her away from him. She watched as he stuffed his cock back into his trousers. Then her eyes followed him as he moved about the room, setting things to rights. Finally he came to her and undid the cuffs.

"Now, just a warning for you. I've decided to set you free – I think you've paid your fine in full. But if you're thinking of trying to report this, remember. It's my word against yours, and, quite frankly, who's going to believe a whore like you? Besides, I do believe you enjoyed our little encounter, didn't you?"

Cassie didn't answer him as she felt her cheeks go scarlet. The Trooper laughed and stroked her cheek.

"Yes, I thought as much! Now. Hurry up and get dressed!"

Cassie fumbled for her bag and quickly pulled out a pair of tight denim shorts that were so short they barely covered her ass. She topped this off with a halter-top that succeeded nicely in pushing her breasts together to form a delicious sight. She slipped her sandals back on and ran her fingers through her hair. She wished she could say something, let the Trooper know – what? What did she want him to know? That she wanted him to fuck her again? She lowered her eyes and flushed. She felt his fingers underneath her chin, and she looked up into his startling blue eyes.

"No, slut. I've already enjoyed you. That's all I wanted, understand?"

Cassie nodded her head, as she adjusted her bag over her shoulder. He did not speak to her, but rather grabbed her arm and led her back to the patrol car. He placed her into the back seat, and for a moment she worried he would actually take her to the real police station. She watched as he locked up the building and walked back to the car. Settling himself into the driver's seat, he fired up the engine and headed out of the parking lot, back onto the road.

Cassie could see the sky start to lighten in the eastern sky. She was startled. She hadn't realized it was already morning. The Trooper drove her just past the city limits of Snyder, on the main highway and pulled off to the side. He looked around, but there was no traffic. Quickly he got out of the car and opened the back door. Cassie scrambled from the reeking backseat and into the fresh air. The Trooper slammed the door shut and turned to look at her. Strange how she first noticed now that his eyes were a startling blue.

"Look, the first ride that comes along, you take it, understand? I'm going to be cruising by in a half-hour and if you are still here, I'm gonna have to take you in. Remember. First ride you're offered!"

Cassie noticed a slight tenderness in the way he held her arm, yet his voice still held a commanding tone. Before Cassie could indicate that she agreed, the Trooper was in his car. He shifted into gear, and sped away, leaving her in a cloud of dust. She brushed the dust away from her face and found herself on the highway, alone. A half-hour. Just one half-hour. Would he really return? And would he really arrest her? Cassie decided she had no desire to find out. She set her bag along the road and waited, hoping some one would show up soon. Suddenly, in the distance, she saw something. She stood up and tried to strike a pose that would stop traffic. As the huge pick-up came into view, Cassie held her breath. As the huge, black behemoth slowed, she silently prayed that she wouldn't come to the same fate she had here in Synder.

Think positive, Cassie thought to herself. Not all people are bad, right?

Written by: SexyChele

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