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Fucking Her Sister's Husband Ch. 02

by Katthrynn©

01: Build up

"There'll be a limo waiting." Randall whispered excitedly to Stephanie as they exited the plane in Minneapolis. "It will take us to the hotel where we can be alone for a couple of hours."

"I'm not sure I can wait for the hotel." Stephanie answered urgently. Stephanie and Randall had been teasing each other for the entire plane ride. The plane had been too crowded for anything overt, but there had been plenty of discrete brushings and squeezing; fondling and tweaking.

They grabbed their luggage and walked quickly to the pick up area. There was a driver holding a sign with Randall's name on it. Randall greeted him and they were shown to the car.

"How long is the drive to the hotel?" asked Stephanie.

"About forty-five minutes, Ma'am."

"Plenty of time." Stephanie murmured getting in.

Randall sat beside her and Stephanie flipped around to straddle him, her knees resting on the seat on either side of him. The driver closed the door and got in the driver's seat.

"Stephanie! The driver saw you!"

"Aw, who cares?" Stephanie replied as the car pulled away from the curb. "What's gonna happen? He gonna tell your wife? Besides, if I can't wait for your cock, it's your fault, teasing me the whole way here." She ground her pelvis against his cock.

"My fault?" Randall adjusted his painfully hard cock inside his pants. "I don't think my dick would be this hard if you weren't doing some teasing back."

Stephanie rolled her pelvis back and forth against him. "Is your dick hard? Is that what I'm feeling? You're rock hard dick? What does it want, do you think? My pussy? Does your rock hard dick want to be inside my pussy?"

She leaned forward and kissed him. He unfastened the buttons on her suit jacket revealing nothing underneath, but the black lace, demi-cup bra encasing her tits. He cupped her breasts letting his thumbs brush the nipples through the rough lace.

"You slutty little woman, you didn't wear a blouse. Do you even have underwear on? As you're rubbing against me like a cat in heat, do you even have panties covering that wet, hungry pussy?"

Stephanie nodded. "A thong." She arched her back and bent backward nearly touching the floor of the car. Randall had to grab her quickly to keep her from falling. She was driving him mad.

"A really small one." She said coming back up. Her hands started unbuttoning his pants. All thoughts of propriety melted out of Randall's head. He just wanted to free his cock and bury it in this woman's tight cunt. Stephanie got his pants open and his cock sprang free. He grabbed the bottom of her ass and lifted her slightly. She pushed aside the ridiculously small thong and he set her down on his cock. They moaned in unison.

"Oh God." Stephanie said trembling. "Oh God. I need this."

Randall, who needed it even more, didn't speak. He just thrust up into her. Stephanie grounded down to meet him. Up he thrust; down she pushed. Up down. Up down. Randall tilted his head up toward hers, she leaned down. They kissed hard. His soft lips pressing hers. His tongue invading her mouth; her tongue dancing against his. His arms wrapped around her waist clutching her ass. Her arms draped over his shoulders. Her body trembling faster and faster. His thrusts ever more violent; ever more desperate.

Stephanie broke the kiss shouting, "Yes, yes. I'm cumming. Jesus Fuck! Make me cum, you bastard! Make my pussy cum!"

Randall's moan became a cry of triumph as he swelled insider her and his cum exploded into her womb. One, two, three final thrusts and he was done. His body felt drained and euphoric. Empty and yet full of joy and satisfaction. He couldn't remember the last time he felt like that after sex with his wife. Usually he just felt empty and frustrated.

Breathing heavy, his racing heart slowly returning to normal, Randall came back to earth. Came back to reality. Came back to his body inside a company limo half-naked, his pants around his ankles with his dick in his sister in-law.

"Oh my God!" He said.

Stephanie laughed. "That was fun. Wasn't it?"

"I can't believe we did that. We just fucked in the back of a company limo. I could get so fucking busted."

"Yeah, but haven't you always wanted to?"

"Yeah, but."

Yeah, but nothing." Stephanie said squeezing his dick with her pussy muscles. "Give the driver a fifty and he won't tell a soul."

"A fifty?!"

"Life in the fast lane, brother in-law." She grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts.

"Stephanie, don't you think we should clean up now?"

She looked at her watch. "Why? We've still got more than 30 minutes before we reach the hotel."

"I don't think I can go again so fast. I'm not 18." He didn't take his hands off her breasts though.

"I think you're underestimating yourself." She leaned to the side and grabbed the remote for the TV behind her. "Find something inspiring to watch while I see if I can speed things up." She lifted herself off his semi-hard cock and slid to the floor. She leaned forward and swallowed his entire dick in one gulp. Randall gasped and gripped the remote. Blindly he pushed buttons until he heard some moaning that was not coming from them. He focused on the screen and saw two women by a pool on a hot day. At least he guessed it was a hot day. He couldn't think of any other reason why they would be fucking each other with a double-headed ice dildo. Stephanie heard the groaning and looked up. She grinned around his cock and shot him a look that said, "I told you so."

Randall gripped her hair and forced her further down on his dick; his eyes glued to the screen. The sporty-looking blond was sprawled on a deck chair while the lush brunette licked her clit and pistoned the rapidly melting ice dildo in and out of her twat. Stephanie's tongue was slithering up and down the underside of his cock like a snake. His dick was coming back to life faster than he could believe. His eyelids sank downward as he dropped into the sensation like he was falling down a well.

The moaning on screen had changed to a duet. His eyes snapped back open. The girls were now ass to ass on all fours the ice dildo stuffed up both their twats. The girls had a hell of a rhythm going. From the screaming they were both going to cum any second. He pulled Stephanie off his cock by the hair and pushed her on to the opposite seat. She scrambled into position. Face and arms resting on the seat, knees on the floor and spread, ass in the air. Randall knelt behind her and slammed his diamond hard dick up her dripping cunt. He fucked her fast and hard until she was thrashing through another orgasm. Then he pulled his dick out of her.

"What the hell?" She gasped. He ignored her and scooped some of his and her cum out with his fingers. She got the idea when he smeared it on her anus. "Wait, Randall... You can't."

"Too late. This was your idea. You know it's hard for me to cum quickly the second time unless I'm in your ass."

"I forgot." Stephanie was a little scared of anal sex. Once she got going she usually came like gang busters, but she was always a bit nervous at first. "It's going to hurt." She whispered.

"Yep." Randall said callously. Then he leaned over and bit her neck. "And you're going to love it."

"Oh my God." Stephanie whispered. Randall worked one finger into her ass, loosening her up, then another. Stephanie started to moan half with fear and half with excitement. Randall lined his cock up to her asshole and began to force it in. "Oh God." She gasped. "Oh God, Randall, oh God."

"Yes, I am your God. Call out to me." He pushed in harder and felt her ring of muscles fighting him. He leaned over her and bit her again while reaching around and stroking her clit. "Submit to me. Relax."

Stephanie felt her body relax and get excited at the same time. "Oh yes, my Lord. Fuck me. Fuck me in the ass."

With a growl of triumph Randall shoved his dick completely in. He felt his balls snug against her pussy.

"Oh my God!" Stephanie called out. Randall pulled his dick out of her and then forced it back in. "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" Stephanie chanted thrusting her ass back to meet him. Randall fucked her ass relentlessly, harder and harder. Her ass was so tight around his dick, warm and soft like butter. Harder and harder he fucked her. Her cries reduced to whimpers. He felt his cock grow and swell. His loud high cry echoed through the limo.

"Stephanie!" as his cock exploded and shot his semen into her bowels. "Oh God! Yes Randall! I'm fucking cumming." She echoed him as her body thrashed against the limo seats.

He fell across her back. They both lay there panting.

"Oh... my...God." She panted. "You ... are so... fucking amazing. I can't stop shaking."

His own hand shaking, Randall lifted her hand and looked at her watch. "You better. We're almost there."

"Oh shit." She laughed. They both scrambled to put themselves back together. The limo turned left then turned left again. Randall glanced out the window.

"Looks like the driver is giving us some extra time. I think he's circling the block."

"Thank God. He's earning his fifty."

"He sure is." Randall agreed fastening his pants. Stephanie took out a small mirror and checked her hair, a little rumpled but not too bad. They were seated demurely on the seats when the limo pulled into the drop off lane in front of the hotel. The doorman opened the door and offered a hand to Stephanie. She gracefully took it and walked placidly into the hotel. Randall followed slightly less composed after giving the driver his tip.

Written by: Katthrynn

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