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Nestic Farm

by Biskit©

"NESTIC Farm," Jack laughed. "I actually was pretty good at anagrams and thought it was cool that you could spell insect out of NESTIC but it took me years to figure out that NESTIC really meant INCEST, as in a place where brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters and sons and mothers came to fuck and live as man and wife and commit incest every day."

"We all thought it was pretty clever," his mother said shrugging. She didn't seem to understand why he was so upset. "Better than growing up on the Insect farm as some suggested."

Jack couldn't help but laugh. "Okay, you got me there mom." Looking at his father he asked, "So what is it you want of me dad? What is it you want from Abby and me?"

"Now that's the boy I raised," his dad said laughing. "Get right to the point." He gave his wife a look and then said, "Well, I guess what your mother and I really want to know is if you're having sex with our granddaughter yet because if you are, we want you both to move here permanently so you can be with people that are like you and understand and appreciate what the two of you are doing."

Jack laughed. "You say yet as if it's predetermined, in my blood, that it's happening or going to happen." He gave him a defiant look that he really didn't mean and said, "Well it's not happening dad and it never will happen. I'm not having sex with my daughter nor have I ever considered it and I'm sure the idea has never crossed Abby's mind either." He glanced at his mother and said, "The second part is easier because I do love you both and I want to move back and be near you. I've missed both of you but I'm not sure I could expose Abby to this. She's all I have and I don't want her to end up hating me once she learns the truth."

His mother stepped in now. "Jack, I wish your answers were different because your father and I believe that incest is the most exciting and beautiful form of love two people could ever share and knowing you and Abby will miss out on that breaks my heart. Your father and I have never regretted, not for one day or one minute, our decision to become lovers and I'm sure you and Abby wouldn't either if you just gave it a chance." She looked at her son and tried to reason with him. "You grew up with incest all around you Jack. You know how beautiful it is and I can't believe that you've never had a sexual thought about me, especially after that day." She held up her hand to stop him before he could protest and said, "Now as for my granddaughter never having thoughts about incest and you, well I think you'd be surprised at her answer if you'd just ask her Jack. All daughters have those thoughts and I bet Abby has had more than her share about you. I dare you to ask her for yourself."

He wasn't ready to take that dare. "I'm not as sure as you are mom," he said without much conviction. He wanted to believe her and in his heart he knew she might be right. He'd seen the changes in his daughter's behavior towards him, changes that put this whole conversation in a different light. And if he looked hard in the mirror, he'd have to admit that he'd been thinking things about her that he knew a good father shouldn't. He just wasn't ready to admit that yet.

"You'd love it here and you know it Jack. You know everyone," his mother said trying again to convince him to permanently move back with them. "This is the perfect place to live for all of us. The Swenson's are here and the Ruth's of course. Young Roger and his mother Ann are still farming; the Prices are the only ones to leave. Of course Mary and Roger are still here. You remember Mary don't you Jack; you use to have such a crush on her," his mother teased.

Jack couldn't help smiling when she mentioned Mary, his first love. Just hearing her name again made his cock stir and he almost forgot himself and touched it. "Yes mother, of course I remember Mary. How could I ever forget my first love or that she was the first woman I got to watch..." He was about to say get fucked but his father coughed and interrupted him.

"Yes, yes," Will Stone said smiling. "I think we all remember that day and how special it was, don't we son." From the look on his face Jack could tell he really did think it a special day. "The four of us still get together you know and we still talk about that day and how exciting it was for all of us. Mary's said more than once that other than the day she married her father, it was the most exciting day of her life." Will Stone looked at his wife and smiled and said, "Your mother and I feel the same way."

"It was pretty exciting wasn't it," Jack hesitantly agreed. "Very exciting," he shyly admitted. He felt his cock stiffen and resisted the urge to reach down and hold it.

Will Stone could see his son's resolve weakening. "Mary and your mother could teach Abby so much about incest and what it's like to love someone as special as her father." He laughed and said, "It would be just one big happy family with the two of you here." He knew he didn't have to explain further.

Jack had to consciously will his cock not to get any harder. He wanted to tell them how he really did believe incest was wonderful and exciting. He'd never imagined something so forbidden as fucking his daughter could now sound so beautiful and normal. "I think about that day often."

"I'm sure you do Jack," his mother said as she stepped close to him. She held his hands in hers and then kissed his cheek and whispered, "Think how wonderful it would be if you and Abby lived here Jack. We could repeat that day anytime you wanted. I'm sure Abby would enjoy it as much as you did."

He wanted to believe her but he still wasn't convinced. "I'm not so sure mom. I mean she's my daughter and what if you're wrong? What if she doesn't want anything to do with incest or me? I'd lose her for sure."

"But what if she did Jack? What if she really does want to have sex with you and be your lover, maybe even become your wife like Mary is to Roger? Wouldn't that be wonderful?" She stepped close to him and pressed her warm firm breasts against his arm and said, "Think how exciting it would be to make love to her in front of your father and me." She looked down at the front of his pants and laughed and nudged him. "I knew I was right. You never were very good at hiding how excited you were."

Jack blushed. "You gave me plenty of reasons to be excited mom." He looked down at her breasts and remembered how fantastic they had felt when he'd held them. He knew he wanted to repeat that day, but this time with his parents watching him fuck his daughter. He wished he had the courage tell his mother how many times he'd jacked off thinking about her. "I'll have to think about it mom, okay?" He wanted to believe it was possible and that his parents were right but he didn't want to lose his daughter if they were wrong. "This isn't as easy as you make it sound mom. She is my daughter after all."

"We know she's your daughter Jack, and she's our granddaughter," his father said with just a trace of excitement in his voice. "That's the whole point son isn't it son? It's family, its incest and that's what makes it so damn exciting and worth taking the gamble." He looked at his wife and smiled. "You have no idea how exciting sex can be when it's so forbidden." When his father kissed his mother, the look of love in their eyes warmed his heart and stiffened his cock a little more.

"And it's not like everyone gets an invitation Jack," his mother said.

Jack laughed. "Mom, it was hardly an invitation. If I remember correctly, I sort of accidentally stumbled into your little den of inequity. And as I recalled, I'd asked permission to watch Mary and Roger several times but you and dad always said no."

"Well that was then and this is now and you can call it what you may and remember it the way you want to," she laughed lightly. "The point is you and Abby would be welcome here." She knew that the seed she'd planted was already sprouting. "You owe it to yourself to ask her Jack. You have to ask her and let the poor girl decide for herself if she wants to become your lover. At least give her the opportunity to make up her own mind."

"I don't know mom." His cock was moving again and the last thing he wanted right now was to have a raging boner in front of his mother. "Don't get your hopes up." At that moment, he could think of no circumstances under which could ever see himself bringing this up to his daughter. None at all!

"This might help convince you son," his father said handing him a large color photo. It was of the two of them plus Mary and her husband/father. All four were naked and both men had impressive boners which the women were happily holding. The four of them were all smiling and laughing. He could tell the picture was recent; his mother's hair was the same color and style as in the photo. His cock throbbed and forgetting himself, he reached down and held it.

"That picture has the same affect on me son," his father chuckled and nodded towards the front of his pants and then pointed at his own obvious hard-on. "I get hard like that every time I see my sister naked." He laughed and then added, "Especially when she's holding my cock."

"Will, you're terrible," his mother chuckled. She kissed his cheek and laughed playfully and said, "But I do so love my big brother's cock."

Hearing his mother talk so dirty made his cock ache. "You're still so beautiful mom," he said looking hard at the picture and then at her. Not caring anymore, he began rubbing his cock in front of her, just like he'd done that day. From the smile on her face and the twinkle in her eyes, he could see that she approved. He managed a sly grin and said, "Sorry, can't help myself, you're just as beautiful as I remember." He wished he had super powers so he could see through her sweater. He wanted to see if her nipples were as hard as he remembered.

"Damn right she is son and I bet if you asked her real nice, you could talk her into posing like that for you right now." His father grinned and said, "Your mother kind of has a thing for incest and specifically for you, son."

"Just ask honey," his mother said. "I've waited so long to share this life with you."

Jack knew he wanted the same thing she did and after starting and stopping, he hesitantly said, "Would you really mom?" He couldn't help blushing. "I want to find out what you and dad have." It was something he'd never thought he would be saying.

His mother laughed and hugged him. "I was hoping you would son there are a couple of rules that we always abide by, rules that you'll have to follow too if want to know more about incest."

"Rules? What do you mean mom?"

"Rule number one when it comes to incest is; you can't make the other person guess what you want, you have to tell them exactly what you want. You have no idea how exciting it is for me to hear my brother say something like, 'Little sister, would you suck me off, or Renee, would you sit on my face so I can lick your pussy.' I just get so turned on hearing him talk dirty like that and I can't wait to take my brother's cock into my mouth or sit on his face and feel his tongue inside of me."

Jack gulped and managed a weak smile. "And rule number two?"

She laughed and poked him and said, "There really aren't anymore rules. The first one is enough." She thought she was being very funny. "You just have to ask son; it's what makes incest so exciting for all of us." She looked at him and waited.

"Okay, then." He laughed nervously and asked, "Mom, can I see you naked again?"

His mother actually blushed. "Of course you can son. I was hoping you'd ask." She took her time undressing, first taking her shoes off and then lowering her slacks. She was wearing floral print silk panties. They were a bikini cut and barely covered her pussy. A few stray tufts of black pubic hair poked out around the edges. She left them on and pulled her sweater over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra and once it was off, she stood majestically in front of him. Her arms were at her sides, her eyes on his and she let him admire her body again. "Is this what you remember Jack?"

He nodded. "You're still just as hot...beautiful as I remember mom." He was amazed that her tits were still so firm and full. There was a little more pink in her areolas but her nipples looked just as full and hard as the last time he'd seen them. He wanted to tell her how many times he'd jacked off thinking about her. Nodding at her breasts, he confessed, "I've thought about them a lot over the years."

"I'm glad you have Jack." She lifted one and thumbed her nipple until it looked it was going to burst. "I've thought about you too, a lot," she said smiling peacefully at him. She met his eyes and with a mirthful lilt in her voice told him, "I've masturbated so many times thinking about that day and about doing this in front of you." She pulled her breast to her mouth and licked her nipple. "I do this when I'm thinking about fucking you Jack." She moved so close to him that her breasts pressed up against his chest. "I want to have sex with you Jack. I've always wanted to commit incest with my son. I've wanted to fuck my love child for the longest time." She leaned in and brushed his lips with hers and smiled serenely and said, "I've waited so long to show you how beautiful incest can be between mother and son. Will you Jack? Will you fuck me? Will you fuck your mother?"

"Oh my god yes mom! I want you so much too," he excitedly told her. "It's all I've thought about for years and do you know what? I've never felt guilty for one of those incestuous thoughts. Not once, never," he laughed. "It always felt right to think them about you mom."

"We've wasted so much time Jack," she said as she brought his hands to her breasts and let him hold them. "But we can start making up for it now."

"I want that mom, more than anything in the world." He caressed her breasts and said, "I want you to teach me about incest mom."

"You could start by taking my panties off for me."

He laughed and asked his father, "Does that qualify as complying to rule number one dad?"

His father chuckled. "Sounded very legitimate to me son. Very hot too. And from the look of that wet spot on your mother's panties, I'd say she's already pretty turned on so you better not keep her waiting much longer."

"Yes sir," Jack said and comically saluted him. "Panties coming off, yes sir!" He could smell her raw sex when he knelt in front of her. It was overpowering and filled his nose and sent shock waves to his cock. It was all he could do not to bury his face between her legs and lick her cunt through her panties. "Fantastic mom." His hands trembled as he reached for the elastic waistband. He'd only just started rolling them down when his father stopped him.

"Wait son," he said. "Let me get my camera. We need pictures to record your first time with your mother." He practically ran into the other room to get his camera.

"Okay you two give me some action, put your hearts into it." As if that wasn't going to happen.

"Hush Will, you're running the mood," Renee Stone scolded her husband. She ran her hand through his hair and said, "Ignore your father Jack; he thinks he's being funny." She was just teasing of course. She wanted pictures of this moment as much as he did. "You may continue where you left off honey but hurry, your mother is already very turned on."

"So am I mom," he said as he slowly pulled her panties down over her hips. The last time he'd seen her pussy was when his father had been fingering her. He took his time now and admired her well trimmed bush and swollen cunt lips. Her mound looked fuller and softer than he remembered and she'd trimmed it to highlight the area right above her clit. That's where his eyes were glued too.

"Smile son," his father said as she snapped dozens of pictures.

"How's this dad?" Jack said as he hammed it up and pretended to be licking his mother's cunt.

"Hey young man, you're mothers waiting," his mother teased. "Let's get back to business before all these pictures give you a big head."

"Oh I've already got a big head mom," Jack laughed.

"That makes two of us son," his father said holding out his cock.

"Dirty boys," she chuckled. "Now hurry dear, take your mother's panties off. I'm very horny for you."

"Of course, mother." Jack suddenly felt like he was eighteen again instead of forty as he obediently peeled them down her legs and off her feet. He sat back on his heels and gazed at his mother's cunt. "You're just as beautiful down here as I remember."

"When you were jacking off no doubt?" his father playfully teased.

Jack laughed and happily admitted that he had. "Yep, you got that right dad. I've jacked off hundreds of times thinking about mom's pussy."

"Good for you son." He gave his sister a pleased look and said, "He gets that from my side of the family." That got them all laughing.

"So Jack, you dirty boy," his mother said, hands on hips, legs slightly parted and her eyes on his. "Now that you've talked your mother out of her clothes, what are your intentions, young man?" Her eyes were playful and challenging.

"I, ah. I,...ah. don't..." He didn't know what he should do next.

"Yes?" his mother playfully said as she pulled him to his feet. She thrilled when she reached for his cock and held him through his pants. "Just as hard as I remember it," she said as she moved her hand up and down his cock. "This tells me you know what you want."

"Now's the time son. It won't get any better than this," his father said.

Remembering rule number one, he blurted out, "I want you to give me a blowjob mom." There, he'd finally dared say what he'd been thinking.

"Say it again Jack," his mother said as she sank to her knees in front of him.

"I want you to suck me off mom. I want you to take my cock in your mouth and suck me off and let me cum." He thrust his cock back at her hand and said, "I want to commit incest with you mom, and I want to do it with dad watching." He said it all in one breath and almost felt winded.

His mother laughed. "You say the sweetest things honey." His zipper came down quickly and she reached inside his pants and held him. "You're just as big as I remember Jack."

"He gets that from my side of the family too," his father said laughing again.

"Let your mother see what she's been dreaming about all these years," she said as she pulled his hard-on out of his pants. "Oh my yes," she said all smiles as she held his seven inches of hard cock in her hand. She held him up as far as she could and began by licking his perineum, that special area between his cock and ass, and then worked her tongue up the underside of his shimmering shaft. "I'm going to enjoy getting to know my son's cock." She held him between her lips and tortured him by flicking her tongue over the head and then down the sides and then back up to the tip again. She swiped her tongue across his slit and tasted his precum. "And you taste so good honey." She smacked her lips and smiled. "Just like my brother."

"You're going to find that your mother loves the taste of cum son," his father chuckled.

"Oh fuck mom. That feels so good," Jack said as he slowly fed her his cock. He wanted to get naked with her and began unbuttoning his shirt but his mother stopped him.

"No, I want you dressed honey. It's a fantasy of mine to suck you off when you're fully clothed." She gave him a playful smile and said, "I have this fantasy of coming to where you work because I'm so horny for you. When I see you in the hallway, I pull you into a closet. I tell you how horny mommy is for you and how I need your cock. We only have a few minutes and I pull your cock out like I'm doing now and suck you off. You cum in mommy's mouth and then I send you back to work. Doing it with your clothes on makes it so naughty for me," she said as she flicked her tongue across the head of his cock.

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