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My Slutty Step-Sister Ch. 04

by Pip81©

"Don't stop Hannah!" she gasped, releasing my cock from her mouth. "Keeping sucking on my clit!"

Hannah apparently obeyed as Stephanie raised her hips high off the mattress and ground her pussy in Hannah's face. I bent down and began to suck on Stephanie's erect nipples. Her nipples were the kind that stuck out a full inch when fully erect.

"Fuck yes!" she screamed. "Suck my tits like a good little boy! Show your mommy how much you love her!"

Stephanie's remark caught me off guard. She obviously didn't know that Hannah and I had been having sex with our mother, so did she have similar fantasies and this was her role-playing with me as her son? The thought of having a mom away from home made my cock throb. While Stephanie was no match for my mother, she'd do as a surrogate.

"You love when your boy sucks your big tits, don't you mommy?" I asked. If Stephanie wanted to act out her incestuous fantasy, I wasn't going to turn her down. Besides, perhaps this would help Hannah and I later on.

"Mmmmmmm... yes hunny! Make your mommy cum like a good little boy!"

I sucked on Stephanie's tits harder, pulling on them with my teeth. Hannah had put two fingers into Stephanie's pussy and was rapidly finger fucking her while she continued to suck on her clit. Stephanie's cries of pleasure grew louder, and her body began to tense up. Sensing she was about to cum, Hannah and I increased out pace, desperately trying to get Stephanie off.

Her orgasm exploded through her. She arched her back off the bed and grasped my head, pulling it against her breasts. "FUCK YES!" she screamed as her body shook from the force of her orgasm. I kept sucking her tits, while Hannah gently licked her pussy. Stephanie shivered a few more times before she pushed both me and Hannah away. "Fuck that was incredible," she managed between gasps.

Hannah climbed onto the bed with us and we kissed deeply. I could taste Stephanie's juices in her mouth and began to lick them off her chin and neck. "Mmmmmm... mom's pussy tastes good," I moaned giving Hannah a wink.

"I know," she replied. "I love when mom cums on my face like that. It's so fuckin' hot!"

"Of course my pussy tastes good dear," said Stephanie. "Now come here and slide that thick cock of yours between your mommy's tits like a good boy."

Hannah suppressed a slight smile as I straddled Stephanie's chest and placed my cock between her breasts. I pressed them together as I began to slide my cock between Stephanie's breasts.

"How does that feel dear? Do mommy's tits make your cock feel good?" Stephanie asked.

"It feels great mommy. Your tits are so soft. They feel incredible pressed against my hard cock."

"Mmmmm... good," Stephanie giggled. She glanced over at Hannah, "Play with your pussy pet, but don't cum. If you do I'll be very angry with you."

"Yes Mistress," Hannah answered. "Thank you."

A silence fell over us as I slowly tit fucked Stephanie. Her breasts did feel amazing around my dick. Hannah was getting some relief as she was finally allowed to play with herself, but it was obvious that she was craving a good fuck.

"Have you ever imagined fucking your mother's tits Brent?" asked Stephanie.

The question caught me off guard, and I knew that Stephanie would know if I was lying so that left me with only one option. "Yes," I answered.

"Does she have big tits too?"

"She does."

"And does she know that you think about fucking her tits?"

"I don't know," I said. "I don't think so." I wasn't sure where she was going with this line of questioning. Was she trying to find out if I had fucked my mother? The thought made my heart beat faster. It's bad enough that Hannah and I were caught up in this; I didn't want to pull anyone else in.

"I bet she thinks about you fucking her tits," Stephanie continued. "All mothers imagine what it would be like to have their son sliding his hard cock between her tits... fucking them while she tries to drain the cum from his cock. Do you like the thought of that Brent?"

"I do," I said. "I used to suck the milk out of my mom's tits, and now she uses them to suck the milk out of my cock."

Hannah moaned loudly at my comment causing both Stephanie and myself to glance over at her.

"You like the sound of that, don't you pet?" Stephanie smiled.

Hannah nodded. "It sounds so fuckin' hot!"

"I know baby. Come over here and tell your brother how hot it is."

Hannah crawled over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling her face close to my ear and whispering, "The thought of mommy milking the cum out of your cock with her tits is so fuckin' sexy; especially since I used to suck the milk out of mommy's tits too. I want to suck on her tits and cover them in my spit so it feels even better when she milks your cock with them."

"Fuck Hannah," I moaned. I turned my head and kissed her hungrily while my hips continued to thrust my throbbing cock between Stephanie's tits. I could feel my precum leaking out between them and acting as a lubricant.

"I want to watch you fuck mommy's tits until you cum all over them so I can lick it off them. I want you to shoot your hot load on her nipples so I can taste your milk and mommy's milk at the same time," cooed Hannah.

Hannah's dirty talk was driving me crazy, and it seemed to have a similar effect on Stephanie. "Suck on my tits Hannah. Cover your mommy's tits with your spit for your brother. You too Brent. Come and suck on your mommy's tits. I want them dripping with your spit."

Hannah immediately started licking where my precum covered Stephanie's breasts. I began licking Stephanie's breasts from bottom to top, spitting on them and then spreading it around with my tongue. Stephanie was moaning slightly as she ran her hands through our hair. "That's it," she moaned. "Make your mommy's tits all wet and slippery for my boy's hard cock."

The two of us kept licking and spitting all over Stephanie's breasts, covering them with our saliva until it was dripping down her sides. I straddled Stephanie's chest again, and turned to Hannah.

"Suck my cock Hannah. Make it nice and wet for our mommy's tits," I said. Hannah did as I told her, deep throating my cock and coating it with her spit.

"Yeah, suck your brother's dick pet. Make it nice and wet for your mommy's big tits," Stephanie moaned.

Once Hannah had covered my cock with her saliva, I slid it between Stephanie's wet breasts. Stephanie pressed them together, enveloping my cock between them as I started to thrust.

"Fuck this feels good," I moaned. "Your tits are so fuckin' wet mommy. Milk the cum out of my cock."

"Mmmmmm... yeah, fuck my tits hunny. I want you to cover them with your hot cum," Stephanie said. She began to move her tits up and down, stroking my cock with them while I continued to fuck them. I could feel my balls tightening as the desire to cum approached. I picked up speed, fucking Stephanie's tits faster. "Yeah baby," she moaned. "I want you to cum all over me. Fuck your mommy's tits like a good boy!"

The sensation of Stephanie's wet breasts against my cock was too much. I slid my cock out from between them just as I began to cum. Even though I had already cum three times that night, I was still able to cover her tits with cum.

"Mmmmmm... that's a good boy baby," cooed Stephanie. "Get all the cum mommy milked out, all over her big fuckin' tits!"

I squeezed the last few drops out of my cock and climbed off Stephanie, sitting back as I tried to catch my breath. I watched as Hannah began to lick my cum off Stephanie's breasts, sucking it off her nipples and moaning with pleasure.

"Your tits taste so good covered in my brother's cum mommy," said Hannah.

"That's a good little girl," moaned Stephanie as she pressed her breasts up to Hannah's mouth. "Suck all of his cum off mommy's tits. Make them nice and clean, just like a good daughter. See, your brother makes a mess all over his mommy's tits, and you clean it up like a good girl."

"That's right mommy. I'm a good daughter. I love sucking Bro's cum off your tits. It makes my pussy so wet."

"It makes mine wet too hunny," said Stephanie. "I think your brother needs to come and lick it for me."

"I think so too mommy," replied Hannah. "Do you want to taste mommy's dripping wet cunt Brent? I cleaned all your cum from her tits so I think it's only fair that you clean her pussy with your tongue."

"In a minute," I said. "I need to catch my breath first."

Stephanie didn't seem willing to wait. She crawled over to me and pushed me down on my back while she got into a sixy-nine. Her pussy was directly over my mouth and I could see how wet she was. "No! You'll lick my cunt now," commanded Stephanie. "You don't get a chance to rest until I say so!"

The scent of her cunt was too much and I began licking it, pressing my tongue flat against her pussy while I licked. Stephanie moaned with pleasure and I felt her mouth wrap around my limp cock, sucking and urging it to get hard.

"Doesn't mommy's pussy taste good Bro?" asked Hannah as she ran her hands over Stephanie's back.

"It's delicious," I said. "It tastes so sweet."

Hannah giggled. "I know. It's as sweet as your cum."

Hannah began to finger Stephanie's pussy while I continued to lick it, teasing her clit with my tongue before shoving it deep inside her. Her moans and groans mirrored her frantic sucking on my cock. Her expert mouth slowly brought it back to life, making it rock hard again. I was somewhat surprised that I was able to get hard again, especially after the workout it had already received. I think the combination of Stephanie's mouth, plus the taste and smell of her sex were enough to get me hard.

I could feel Stephanie deep throating my cock as I continued to lick her pussy. Her juices covered my face and neck, the result of Hannah's fingers and my tongue.

"I want you to fuck me Brent," gasped Stephanie. "Fuck your mommy with that big hard dick of yours!"

"Ride him mommy," said Hannah. "Climb up on his cock and ride him hard!"

Stephanie sat up, her pussy still over my face as she pulled Hannah's face to hers. "Mmmmmm... I like the thought of that baby," she said as she kissed Hannah deeply. "If you're a good girl, I'll let you fuck him next until you cum. Would you like that?"

"Yes mommy," Hannah groaned. "I need to cum so bad! I'll be your good little girl!"

"I know you will," giggled Stephanie.

Stephanie crawled down my body, and positioned her pussy over my cock, slowly sliding down onto it in reverse cowgirl.

"Mmmmmmm... your cock feels so good in mommy's pussy hunny," moaned Stephanie. "Do you like how my pussy feels on your big cock?"

"Fuck yes," I groaned.

Stephanie leaned back and slowly started to ride my cock. My hands slid around her waist, guiding her as she worked the full length of my dick inside her.

"That looks so fuckin' hot," said Hannah. "I love watching mommy fuck you!"

"I love fucking her," I replied.

Hannah began to suck on Stephanie's tits and rub her clit, causing Stephanie to moan in pleasure. I thrust my hips up, driving my cock in and out of Stephanie's cunt, trying to match the rhythm of her own hips as she rode me. I could feel the wetness of her pussy dripping down my balls with each thrust.

"Oh my fuckin' god!" screamed Stephanie. "Don't stop!"

"Yeah, don't stop Brent," echoed Hannah. "Fuck mommy like the slut she is!"

"Yes! Treat your mommy like a fuckin' whore baby! Fuck my hot little hole like a good boy!" Stephanie's moans were becoming grunts as she desperately tried to get herself off on my cock. Hannah kept rubbing Stephanie's clit and pulling on her tits with her teeth. "Fuck yes! Pound my pussy with that hard fuckin' cock! Make me cum all over it baby! Make your mommy cum all over your fuckin' dick like a goddamn whore!!"

The dirty talk from Stephanie was driving me crazy. I never thought I'd see her like this. Her fantasy of being fucked by her son had shattered all her carefully constructed self-control. She had completely submitted to her incestuous desire, and now it was running wild within her. If this fantasy of hers could cause her to abandon her guarded façade, perhaps Hannah and I could use it to our advantage. Although we had started off as Stephanie's slaves, I had a feeling that we could eventually make her into our slave. I put the thought in the back of my mind and decided to discuss our options with Hannah later. For now, I decided that the best thing to do was make Stephanie's mother-son fantasy as sexually satisfying as possible. If I was going to turn the tables on her, I'd have to make sure that this fantasy proved to be an incredible experience for her; something she'd want to do again and again.

"You love it when your little boy fucks your cunt, don't you mommy?" I asked. "You love feeling like a whore for your son."

"I do baby," moaned Stephanie. "I love when my little boy makes me feel like a complete slut!"

"Then cum all over my cock mommy! I want to feel your juices spray all over my hard dick! Show your son what a fuckin' slut you are!"

That seemed to push Stephanie over the edge. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock tightly as a scream of pleasure erupted from her. I held her waist as her orgasm tore through her entire body, causing it to shake uncontrollably. Hannah didn't stop sucking her tits or rubbing her clit until Stephanie collapsed on top of me, sweat pouring off her body and mingling with my own.

"Oh my god!" gasped Stephanie. "That was incredible! I've never cum like that before!"

"That's because you showed your son what a hot little slut you are mommy," I whispered in her ear. "The best orgasms are always due to your little boy's stiff dick." My hands were sliding over Stephanie's tummy and squeezing her breasts. Hannah mirrored my efforts, exploring Stephanie's body with her hands.

"Mmmmmm... that's right hunny," cooed Stephanie. "I can't believe that my little boy can make me feel like such a dirty whore, but I love it."

"I know mommy," I whispered as I licked Stephanie's ear. "I'm all yours too. Any time you want to cum like a slut, my cock is yours. I'll fuck you any way you want because that's what I do for my mommy."

"You are such a good boy," smiled Stephanie. "I knew I raised you right." She rolled over so now we were face to face and she kissed me deeply. I kissed her back hard, and squeezed her ass, my rock hard cock pinned between our tummies. I began rocking my hips, rubbing my dick against Stephanie's stomach causing her to giggle. "Is my little boy still horny?" she asked.

"Yes mommy. You make me so fuckin' horny."

Stephanie giggled again. "Awww, aren't you sweet. I'd love to let you fuck me again, but I'm exhausted right now. Besides, I promised your sister that if you both did a good job fucking me, I'd let her fuck you until she came. Right Hannah?"

Hannah nodded. "That's right mommy. Did we do a good job?"

"It was amazing baby. Now come over here and fuck your brother like a good sister." Stephanie looked at me, "Fuck your sister like a good boy. Fuck her like she's me, okay?"

"Yes mommy," I said as I kissed her again.

Stephanie rolled off me and watched as Hannah climbed onto my cock, easily taking it deep in her pussy. Hannah's body shook as she came on my dick. "Oh fuck!" she cried as she collapsed on me.

"That was fast!" I chuckled. "I expected to have to do more work than that!"

"I was just so fuckin' horny," gasped Hannah. "Feeling your hard cock inside me was too much. I couldn't stop myself from cumming!"

Stephanie laughed beside us. "It's okay baby. Now you'll be able to fuck him longer and really get yourself off."

"That's right," I said. "And by that point, I should be close to cumming again."

"Good!" smiled Hannah as she began to kiss me.

I slowly began to thrust my cock in and out of Hannah's dripping pussy. I slid my hands over her back and squeezed her ass with each thrust in. Hannah laid on me, almost purring with satisfaction.

"How does that feel baby?" I asked.

"Mmmmm... great," said Hannah. "I love when you fuck me Brent."

"I love fucking you too Hannah."

Hannah began grinding her hips against me slowly, gently fucking my cock. I looked over at Stephanie. She was lying on her side watching us and rubbing her pussy, almost absentmindedly. "You two look so sexy," she said. "Your body is incredible Hannah."

"Mmmmmm... you think I'm sexy mommy?"

"Uh huh... very sexy. It's like you two are making love instead of fucking."

"That's because we are mommy. I love my brother and he loves me."

"Do you love me?" questioned Stephanie.

Hannah bit her bottom lip and nodded. "I do mommy."

"Good," smiled Stephanie. "Maybe next time you can make love to me too?"

"I'd like that mommy," replied Hannah, "but I want Brent to join us."

"Of course! I want you both to make love to me."

Hannah contentedly sighed. "Good... Is that okay with you Brent?"

"Of course. I'd love to make love to mommy," I said. I wasn't sure if this was the best path to take if we were going to escape from Stephanie's clutches, but there was no point in disagreeing since that would only make things more difficult.

Hannah placed her hands on my chest as she started riding me faster, rocking her hips as my cock slid in and out of her wet cunt. I ran my hands up her sides and squeezed her breasts, causing her to moan. "Mmmmmm... yeah... play with my tits Bro. I love how it feels..."

I kept squeezing Hannah's breasts and pinching her nipples as she rode me. Her breathing began to quicken as her hips increased their pace. I could tell she was getting close to cumming, so I increased the speed of my thrusts. I wanted to cum when she did.

Stephanie noticed that we were both getting close to cumming. "Cum in your sister's pussy Brent. Show her how much you love her."

"Yes!" moaned Hannah. "Cum inside me! I want to feel your sperm in my pussy Bro!"

I began fucking Hannah faster, her hips moving in perfect rhythm to my thrusts. I pinched her nipples, pulling them with my fingers. Hannah's moans of pleasure grew louder and I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock, begging for my hot cum. I increased the pace of my thrusts, feeling that familiar sensation in my balls that I was close to cumming.

"Don't stop!" moaned Hannah. "I'm gonna cum!"

"Me too," I gasped.

"Cum in your sister's cunt!" Stephanie moaned. "Fill her with your hot load!"

I felt Hannah's pussy spasm as she groaned with pleasure. Her body shook on top of me, as I thrust my cock deep inside her clenched cunt and came. Hannah collapsed on me, and I hugged her tightly as our orgasms wound down.

"Mmmmmm... that was good," Hannah cooed. "I love how it feels when you cum inside me."

"It was great," I agreed. "You are so incredibly hot."

"Yes she is," giggled Stephanie as she ran her hands over Hannah's back and ass. "You two looked so sexy! I can't believe that you just started fucking each other. You looked so comfortable it's like you've been doing it for a long time."

"I guess it's something that we've both wanted for a long time," I said quickly. I didn't want Stephanie to start asking the wrong question. She was too smart and I was worried this could lead her to a realization I didn't want her to make. "I guess we should thank you for bringing us together mommy."

"You're welcome baby. Just don't forget that you love your mommy too."

"Of course we won't!" Hannah piped in. "I just wish we had done this sooner!"

"Me too hunny," said Stephanie, leaning in and kissing Hannah on the lips. "I guess we'll just have to make up for it, won't we?" she asked as she kissed me.

"Definitely," I replied.

We spent a few minutes just kissing and petting each other. Stephanie and Hannah both seemed satisfied for now, and after cumming with Hannah, I didn't think I'd be able to fuck any more that night. Eventually Stephanie told us that we could go home. She'd let us stay, but if we did, she knew she wouldn't get any rest.

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