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Sorority Pt. 02

by toocold©

Warning: this story is a fantasy and details sexual behaviour that is, at best ill-advised. But it is pretend, so so long as you aren't a doofus, you should be ok. All sex-acts described are within ages of consent in the country it's written in (England, for the record).

I'll try to keep the parts and the action coming!


"I'm going out -- try not to behave like a toddler whilst I'm gone!" Penny winced at Hannah's sarcasm, but she could understand her older sister's mocking -- no 23-year old should be wetting the bed. Of course, what Hannah, 25, did not know, was that Penny hadn't wet the bed -- it had been Natalie, their 19-year old step-sister. But Penny couldn't tell or Natalie would reveal that Penny had groped her boobs whilst masturbating during the night. Of course, Penny could then reveal that Natalie had since licked her pussy whilst fingering her arsehole, but she hardly wanted to discuss that with her older sister!

Penny was still just wearing her robe, her sleek, dark hair tied loosely back. She walked through to the kitchen where Nat was making a coffee. She smiled as Penny walked in. "Hey, you want a drink?" she asked. Penny shook her head.

"Look, Natalie, what happened upstairs..." Penny's words were silenced by the soft lips of her younger sister as she embraced her, kissing her full on the mouth whilst slipping her hands down her back to cup her bottom. Penny knew she should pull away but her body again betrayed her, and she pressed against Natalie, returning her kiss with a passion. The dark-haired girl gasped as Natalie broke the kiss, only to start to kiss her way down Penny's slender neck, pulling her robe open to expose her pert, C-cup boobs. As Natalie's lips and tongue trailed across Penny's nipples, the older girl suddenly seemed to realise that they were standing in the middle of the kitchen.

Taking a quick step back, she clutched her robe closed. "No, Nat, this is wrong! This is bad!" she said, urgently.

"Bad?" Natalie pouted. "Felt good to me." She stepped forward, intending to renew the embrace, but Penny pushed her away.

"No! For fuck's sake, you're my sister -- we can't do this."

"Why not? You liked it -- I know you did, or you'd have told Hannah that it was me that wet the bed. You liked being bad with me." Natalie's expression was salacious, and Penny could feel a totally undeniable heat between her legs.

"No, Nat, no." This time there was a lot less conviction in Penny's voice.

"Well, if we were bad, then it was mostly me," stated Natalie with a smirk. "Sure, you started it, but I wet the bed and then made you take the blame, plus I licked your pussy. So it is me that's been bad. Maybe...maybe you should punish me?"

"Pun...what? Nat, what're you on about?"

"Come on, Penny -- you said we were bad, but I was the really naughty one. All you did was touch your sister's boobs, but I was much worse. So punish me."

"But...I...I mean, how? What are you talking about?"

Natalie grinned. "You know -- don't you think I should be spanked?"

"Spanked?! No! Where do you get that from -- we were never spanked, Natalie!"

Natalie gave her older sister an arch look. "Well, you can hardly stop my allowance or ground me. And if you send me to the naughty step I'll wet myself!" Penny gasped. Seizing the moment, Natalie took Penny's hand and pulled her through to the lounge. The front window looked out on a private garden so, unlike the kitchen, they were not overlooked. Natalie guided Penny to a stunned sitting position on the edge of the couch, then turned her back on her. Slowly, the voluptuous teenager raised her short skirt to present her step-sister with a view of her peachy bottom and her stretched, pink gingham cotton briefs. "There, now, don't you want to spank it?"

Penny wanted to say no, but was overwhelmed by her sexual desire for her sister and was swept up by the younger girl's seemingly very kinky side. " you want me to?" she stammered. Natalie took this as a sign of progress and, before Penny could react, lay across her sister's lap, presenting her round bottom cheeks to her.

"Do it, Pen, spank me!"

"I've never...I just...Nat, this is too weird!"

"Come on, I deserve it! Do it!" The result of Natalie's urging was a light slap, barely more than a pat. "Not like that -- hard!" Biting her lower lip, Penny tried again, and delivered a spank that wobbled Natalie's fleshy cheeks. Nat smiled, but Penny couldn't see that. "That's it, sis, but harder. You're punishing me, remember?"

"I don't want to hurt you, Nat" said Penny, gently.

"You should do -- you're punishing me, punishing my bottom. I want it to hurt. I want you to make me cry."

Penny gathered her resolve, drew back her arm and delivered a hard smack to Natalie's bottom, briefly leaving a faint handprint on the fat cheek. "That's it, like that but harder" whispered Nat. Penny did, bringing her palm down sharply three times , alternating so that both her sister's creamy, white bottom cheeks now had a pink blush blooming on them. "Yes", Natalie gasped, "punish me."

Penny felt like she was in a trance, felt like she was watching herself on TV. She saw her arm repeatedly rise and fall, saw her hand spank hard across her sister's bottom, vaguely felt the sting in her own palm as she beat a steady rhythm on Natalie's posterior: Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!

For her part, Natalie was thrilled. She'd been wanting a good hiding for a while, and Penny was making a pretty good job of making her bottom sting. Every slap sent a thrill to her cunt and the nipples of her pillowy, F-cup boobs were painfully hard.

The spanking continued, with Penny mesmerised by the reddening, bouncing bottom across her lap. Her hand was really starting to feel sore, though not nearly as sore as the hot bottom over her lap. She'd never been spanked, never given a spanking, but she knew what it involved, and had seen enough 'novelty' sex shop items to have an idea that would stop her hand hurting. She paused, grabbed Natalie's calf and lifted her leg to pull off the slip-on pump she was wearing. Natalie was delighted at this initiative, but said nothing, just wriggled impatiently and raised her bottom, offering it up in a brazen way for more punishment. Penny looked at the shoe's sole -- hard rubber, before gripping it and bringing it down hard on Natalie's cheeks. The impact was considerable, and hot pain spread across the ginger girl's buttocks. This was far harder than the hand spanking. This was exactly what she wanted.

Seeing Natalie's reaction, Penny continued to lay into her sister's bottom with the pump, the flat, dull spanking sound filling the room as she smacked and smacked the wobbling, rosy bottom. Presently, she heard what she'd been waiting for, as Natalie gave a broken sob and started to cry, the burning, fat ball that was her bottom finally reducing her to tears. Undeterred, Penny actually redoubled her efforts, alternating with three hard spanks to each cheek, from the very top that was covered by Natalie's gingham panties, working all around the hot, round buttocks, and administering hard spanks to the top of her thighs.

"Wanted a spanking, did you?" Penny suddenly asked, getting into dominant character and deciding to scold her younger step-sister as she spanked her bottom for her."Thought it was ok to wet the bed?"





"To Wet the bed and blame me?"





"And then kiss me, and...and lick me?"





"And then ask to be punished?"





Natalie was now crying fully, squealing at the hardest smacks of the shoe on her tender bottom and wriggling and kicking her legs weakly, but she made no attempt to escape the punishment that rained down on her buttocks. It was Penny who stopped, realising that she was panting and her arm was tired, and seeming to notice for the first time the angry, burning red that she had turned her sister's bottom. Dropping the shoe, she bent forward and pressed her lips against Nat's bottom, amazed at how hot the cheeks felt -- she could feel their heat an inch from the surface. Natalie was still sobbing, but shifted her body so that Penny could more easily kiss and lick at her swollen bottom. Penny touched the gusset of Natalie's gingham knickers and found it to be soaking -- there was no denying how turned on Natalie was by the spanking. But Penny could feel her own heat, and knew she felt the same.

Pulling the crying girl to her feet, Penny also stood and grabbed her, grinding her body against her, kissing the tears from her face, one hand gripping and stroking Natalie's massive boobs, the other, gently squeezing her hot, well-punished bottom. Natalie returned the kisses, more turned on than she'd ever been in her sordid sexual life -- she'd done way kinkier things than kiss a girl and get a spanking, but not with a member of her family.

"Let's go back to bed," Natalie suggested breathlessly. The two girls hurried upstairs and, moments later, fell back onto the mattress. Hannah had stripped and washed the pissy sheets but had no idea what to do with the mattress which was still damp and smelled of Natalie's pee. Penny had dropped her robe, and Nat had quickly stripped all her clothes except her knickers. Penny lay back, feeling but not caring that she was laying where Natalie had pissed, and for the second time today she felt her step-sister's tongue at her pussy. This time Natalie quickly pushed three fingers of her right hand inside Penny's already sopping cunt, working them in and out whilst her tongue pressed and flicked over her dark-haired sister's clit. Remembering what had triggered the 23-year old's orgasm that morning, Natalie used her left hand to finger Penny's cunt, moving her right, fingers coated with pussy juice, to Penny's arsehole. Gently, she pressed two fingers to Penny's rosebud, which opened to allow the intrusion. The sensation of Natalie tonguing her clit whilst also sliding fingers in and out of her pussy and bottom was more than Penny could take, and her muscles locked rigid as she had the most powerful orgasm of her life, moaning aloud as tears of pure pleasure rolled down her cheeks.

Natalie kept the licking and fingering going until Penny's orgasm had subsided, then moved up the bed to lay alongside her sister, kissing her lips so that Penny could taste her own cunt, and placing penny's hands onto her bottom, still hot from the hard spanking she'd asked for. Penny instinctively cupped Nat's cheeks, thrilling to the soft, hot weight of her sister's bum. As they lay in each other's arms, Natalie murmured a partial confession. She told Penny about some of the boys and some of the girls that she'd slept with, told her about how much she enjoyed being spanked and humiliated, told her about some of the gang bangs. She left out the fact that she'd worked as an escort, and left out...something she planned o show her.

Penny was shocked and thrilled. She was stunned at what a slut her younger sister turned out to be, but could not deny that she was turned on by her liberated view of sex. And, besides, Penny had to remember that she'd started this -- she'd made the first move on her step-sister, at a time when she thought the 19-year old was a cheerful naïf.

"There's other stuff, too," Natalie began, looking into Penny's eyes.

Both girls were so engrossed in each other, that they didn't know they were observed. Hannah had returned home and was now staring, baffled, at the scene in front of her -- her sisters, one nude, one just in panties, laying, cuddling, kissing, on a piss-damp mattress, and Penny was stroking and fondling what looked to Hannah like a well-spanked bottom. At 25, with raven hair and D-cup breasts, Hannah was no stranger to sex but she could hardly comprehend that her sisters were having some sort of incestuous, lesbian sex. However, she did not reveal herself, standing silently and watching them through the crack in the door. She heard Natalie's confession, and waited to see what came next.

To be continued...

Written by: toocold

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