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The Slut Procedure Ch. 01

by DeeperDown©

Thank you for rating my stories and providing feedback. I appreciate the messages and comments. This story is part one, of a two part series. Compared to my other stories the pace is faster and there is less character development.


The blonde took the helping hand of the security officer and stepped out of the limo. Laura looked absolutely stunning in a pair of tight jeans, made specifically for her well maintained body. They sat low on her hips, ensuring that any man who stopped to admire her ass would be treated to the occasional glimpse of her tiny pink thong.

She was twenty-one years old and looked like an almost identical copy of her trophy-wife mother, except for her slightly smaller chest. Laura's C cup breasts, though smaller than her mother's, were presented wonderfully by a lacy white push up bra under a well fitted white blouse that accentuated her cleavage.

Had her mother not chosen to have breast enlargement surgery years ago they might have been confused for sisters.

Laura gave her bodyguard a smile and then turned to enter the very busy mall.

Today she was planning to do some damage. She had just gotten into a fight with her father over a party she wanted to have on his private yacht. He had the audacity to refuse her request and a loud argument had ensued.

Finally he had grown tired and dismissed her with a wave of his hand. She knew at this point there was nothing she could do to change his mind. Furious she stormed out of his office. It was at this point that one of her father's golden retrievers had the unfortunate luck to have been sleeping in the hall.

Enraged Laura gave it a swift kick, causing the animal to yelp and then whine as it struggled to get away as fast as it could. Her father heard the commotion and quickly realized what she'd done.

"That's it! You ungrateful bitch. I'm taking away your convertible!"

Laura stormed out of the house and called for one of her father's cars to take her to the mall.

She was determined to make sure his credit card statement communicated her displeasure. She stopped in one store after another. Her father's security team followed behind at a respectable distance.

She had already managed to accumulate over $7,000 in purchases in just under an hour when she came across her favourite lingerie store. Her attention was immediately captured by a silk night gown. She found her size and made her way to the back of the store to try it on.

Laura admired herself in the mirror; it was a perfect fit and playfully accentuated her tight ass and firm chest. She took it off hesitantly; the silk had felt fantastic on her naked nipples. She redressed and checked her outfit in the mirror before opening the door.

The dressing room area seemed oddly empty. There were no sales associates folding clothes or standing by to assist her. In fact the small hallway was empty except for a man in his early twenties sitting on a bench flipping through a copy of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Laura gathered the night gown under her arm and headed for the front of the store. Her path took her past the man sitting on the bench. He stood and smiled at her as she approached. She thought nothing of it until he reached out to block her way.

She stopped in her tracks and raised her eyes to meet his. He was now staring at her coldly.

"Trust me, this isn't a very smart move." She snapped at him. She tilted her head to the side and placed a hand on her hip.

He slowly pulled a gun from the waistband of his pants and gestured towards the emergency exit.

"We'll see about that."

Laura's eyes searched desperately for her security team as he roughly led her toward the exit. She was sure that they'd be all over him once the door alarm sounded.

Her hopes crashed when she noticed that the emergency door had been propped open already and the alarm disabled. He pushed her through the door into a loading dock. She gasped as she noticed the motionless uniformed body of one of her father's guards on the floor.

She didn't have much time to look as the man hustled her to the loading gate. She decided that it would be a good time to negotiate with her captor. Her father was a wealthy man, she was sure they could work something out. She was about to turn to speak to the man when she felt a sharp pain at the back of her head -- then, her world went black.


Laura was roughly lifted out of the van by a pair of strong hands. She tried to scream but her cries were muffled by the gag firmly attached between her lips. Her small body was thrown easily over the shoulder of her captor, the sudden contact between her ribs and his broad shoulders knocked the wind from her lungs and she gasped desperately for air.

The hood made it impossible to tell what time of day it was but Laura guessed that it was quite early in the morning as the air was cool and damp. She shivered, her long smooth legs were covered in goose bumps and her nipples responded by becoming hard.

Adrenalin coursed through her arteries providing some relief from the throbbing pain spreading through her chest.

Her captor carried her down a staircase into a warmer room before unceremoniously dumping her on the ground. She struggled hopelessly and painfully against the bonds as her captor's steps retreated from the room and he closed the noisy metal door behind him.

Laura struggled for half an hour after he left, desperately hoping to loosen one of her restraints. Exhausted, and wrapped in darkness by the heavy hood, she eventually fell into a light sleep.


The door's noisy hinges woke Laura. She had no idea how long she had been asleep; her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps entering the room. She lay silently, shuddering in fear as the steps approached her prone body and stopped. Laura held her breath.

She could hear the fabric of his pants creasing as he crouched down in front of her. Slowly he untied the rope and removed the hood covering her head.

Laura's eyes blinked rapidly as she struggled to adjust to the bright fluorescent lights in the room. A few inches away crouched a man in his early thirties, not the same man from the store. His hair was kept in a military cut giving him a menacing appearance. Under normal circumstances Laura might have found his deep green eyes and firm jaw handsome. He evaluated her with an almost clinical stare before allowing his eyes to meet her own.

"I'm going to remove the gag now." He spoke very slowly and calmly. "If you start screaming, I'll knock you out. Do you understand?"

Laura believed he would hurt her. She nodded her head in understanding.

He reached behind her and loosened the gag until she could push it out of her mouth with her tongue. Then he used his strong arms to lift her upper body and prop it against the wall, so that she was sitting facing him.

Wordlessly he then stood up and left the room. He didn't close the door behind him and Laura briefly considered her options for escape. Her wrists and ankles were still bound tightly. She could scream, but she still believed that if she made a noise the man would return and make good on his threat.

He entered the room again a few moments later carrying a small tray; he set it down on the floor beside her. Laura glanced over and couldn't help becoming excited at the sight of the food, just a few pieces of fruit, an energy drink and what looked like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She had no idea how long she had slept but she was starving.

He drew a knife from his belt and readjusted himself so that he could access her arms. He jammed the cold steel blade against her wrists and quickly sawed through the cable tie.

"Eat your food and don't do anything stupid."

Laura nodded and rubbed her sore wrists. He left the room again and Laura took the opportunity to quickly eat the food. It wasn't the gourmet fare she was accustomed to, but it hit the spot. Once the tray was empty except for the well picked pit of an apple, Laura's thoughts returned again to escape.

She used her freed hands to examine her ankles. The cable tie was so tight that it was digging into her skin and reducing her circulation. The man had not left any cutlery with her meal so she had no way of cutting the tie, and it would be impossible to slide the cable over her feet - it was too tight.

The man re-entered the room, Laura withdrew her hands from her ankles as if they'd been burnt. If he had noticed, he didn't give her any indication. He walked toward her and she noticed he had brought a digital camera with him.

Saying nothing, he stopped a few feet away from her and began to take pictures. First of her body propped against the wall, and later zooming in on her face. Confused Laura sat silently, staring back at the camera with a stricken look.

Finally he stopped and reviewed the pictures he'd taken on the camera's small screen. Apparently satisfied he turned off the camera and left the room. He re-entered the room only a moment later and walked quickly towards her. Laura raised her hands to cover her face, fearing he was about to strike her, she felt a sharp sting in her bicep.

Panicked she quickly shifted her attention to her arm, which to her horror had been stuck with a large needle. He very quickly pushed the plunger releasing a bluish liquid from the syringe into her bloodstream.

Laura's face turned to his eyes, pleading for information. He said nothing and expertly pulled the needle from her arm.

Laura covered the wound with her hand, her brain flooded her body with adrenalin, blood pounded in her ears. She felt herself growing dizzy, her breathing harder to control, then darkness. Her eyes slowly closed and her body slumped limply against the wall.

The man disposed of the empty needle in a bin outside the door then returned to check on the girl. Her breathing had slowed but her pulse felt strong. She was unconscious, the drug having taken affect quickly.

He roughly removed the sandals from her feet and then set to work cutting the cable tie from her ankles, the restraint left a bruise that would fade in time. Next he cut the fitted white blouse, wasting no time on the buttons. It took several cuts but he managed to remove it without cutting her skin.

Then he turned his attention to her jeans. He first unbuttoned the crotch to allow for more space to insert his knife between her smooth skin and the denim. In a few quick motions he split one of the legs allowing him to easily pull her leg out. It didn't take long to similarly slice the other side.

Laura sat unconscious now before him in only her lacy push up bra and a small pink thong that covered only the bottom half of her landing strip. He pulled the thong's elastic waist band roughly towards him before severing it with the sharp blade.

He was more careful with the bra but in a few moments it joined the rest of her destroyed clothing on the floor.

He stood to admire his work. She was definitely a hot piece of ass, he very briefly considered using her body quickly for his own release, but then he remembered what happened to the last guy who had spoiled the boss' merchandise. He gently picked up the naked young woman and carried her out of the room and down the hall.


"They stormed the warehouse. Adams and Michaels are dead. McIntyre took the jeep and broke through the perimeter but we haven't heard from him yet. S.W.A.T. is still crawling all over the place."

"Thank for the update... Give me a call if you hear from McIntyre, or if there are any other developments." Edward hung up the phone. He was surprised by the old man's stupidity. Of course he wouldn't have had his hostage at the drop off point. And no intelligent criminal would ever send men to pick up the cash who knew the real whereabouts of the hostage.

It was very stupid and it would cost the young woman her life. Well at least the life that she recognized.

Picking up the phone Edward dialled the number for the safe house.


"Hello Frank." Edward spoke calmly.

"Yes sir?"

"The police were all over the drop. Take the girl to the lab and leave her there."

"Yes sir."


Robert woke from his nap to the sound of the buzzer ringing. He sat up abruptly in his seat and swivelled to face the security monitors on his desk. Edward had called and told him to expect a delivery. The truck at the front gate looked like Frank's truck.

He used a joystick device to zoom and focus the night vision camera until he could confirm that Frank was driving, and that he was alone in the front of the truck. Robert reached for the switch that would open the exterior gate to the compound.

The truck idled while Frank waited for the gates to open completely before driving inside. The gates began to close behind him as soon as he drove past.

The truck pulled into a large garage before coming to a stop. Frank stepped out of the vehicle and waited patiently until Robert appeared at a door nearby.

"Got a present for me do you?" Robert strode towards the man, grinning from ear to ear.

"She belongs to Edward until you deposit the payment." He responded stoically.

"Yes, yes I know. You knew what I meant." Robert's face fell into a scowl.

Both men turned and walked to the back of the truck. Frank pulled a key from his jacket and unlocked the compartment, pushing the sliding door up to reveal Laura's barely conscious form.

She was naked but wrapped in a warm blanket and lay on the floor of the truck. Her movements were slow and suppressed by the effects of the drug.

"You fetch her and I'll grab a chair." Robert turned to collect a wheelchair from a corner of the garage. Frank climbed into the container and gathered the small woman in his arms before jumping from the truck.

Robert manoeuvred the chair while Frank carefully placed her inside.

Satisfied that the drugged woman was secure in the seat, Frank turned to Robert.

"Think you can handle it from here?"

"How much does she weigh?" Robert asked.

"Not much, maybe 115lbs?"

"No worries, I can handle that."

Frank nodded his head and climbed back into the truck. The engine sputtered to life and he backed it out of the garage and back into the dark night.

Robert watched the truck disappear down the driveway and pressed a button to open the gate for him. He pressed the button again to close it once Frank and his truck had safely disappeared.

He turned to Laura lying motionless in the wheelchair.

"Well then, let's get started with you then shall we?"

Laura's body was incapable of responding. Robert swung around behind her and pushed the wheelchair deeper into the building.

It took several minutes to navigate the various hallways of the facility before they arrived in a large room filled with equipment. At the centre of the room was a large contoured medical table surrounded by mechanical machines and computers.

With a little bit of struggling Robert managed to pick up Laura's limp body and place it atop the table. He pulled the blanket from her frame and threw it over the wheelchair.

A quick jab with a syringe and she was again knocked completely unconscious.

Laura now lay naked on top of the table. Robert was busy moving around her body attaching various cuffs and wires. After several minutes she was completely restrained by her wrists ankles, hips and forehead. Monitoring sensors had been affixed to her chest and above her heart.

Robert took a step back to admire his latest acquisition. She was quite beautiful and in fantastic shape.

Robert began to very thoroughly measure the prone body on the table; carefully writing down each measurement on his notepad until he was satisfied he had all of the metrics he would need.

Robert traded the notepad for a piece of equipment on a nearby desk, it resembled a large syringe but instead of a repository for administering a fluid the hammer was actually a mass off complicated electrical equipment. The plunger was itself a USB port.

Robert spent several moments sterilizing the needle with an anti-septic solution before approaching Laura from behind.

This was the hard part. Robert had gotten better with each attempt, but even after years of practice, seven out of every ten subjects didn't survive. He took a deep breath and then slowly inserted the needle in the soft area where the spinal column meets the skull. The needle penetrated her cerebellum.

It was at this point that he had to be careful not to insert the needle too deeply. Robert stopped and held his breath. Her heart monitor was elevated and her breathing had increased, but so far the connection seemed like a success. She was still alive. He breathed a sigh of relief. Robert hated getting rid of bodies.

He placed the needle into a mount that would ensure that it did not move and cause any damage. Then carefully he attached a cord to the USB connection on the end of the device.

Satisfied that the connection was secure he moved to the computer equipment in the corner of the lab. Robert took a seat in front of the monitor and quickly typed in his access codes.

The monitors came to life and illuminated his face with a soft glow. Robert glanced again at her vital sign monitors while he waited for his custom built application to load. Her body's stress levels seemed elevated but well within the limits he'd established for success in the past.

The program now fully loaded, Robert painstakingly reviewed the settings. He grinned to himself as he entered her measurements from the notepad and adjusted the program values until he was finally satisfied with the results. Robert paused to take a deep breath and then dramatically pressed the button to launch the program.

The equipment in the lab hummed to life. Energy pulsed through the components as the system began to calibrate and interpret the commands from the software program. The first of many electric pulses shot through the connection between the computer's bio-interfacing system and the needle in Laura's brain, eliminating or over-writing twenty-one years of experiences and memories.

Everything that was Laura, with the exception of her physical shell, was being systematically modified based on the parameters Robert had decided upon in his program.

She wasn't the first by far. Robert had improved the procedure over dozens of attempts. Some of which had been fantastic successes. There was still much he didn't understand but by now most of the major problems had been worked out.

Satisfied that the first part of the procedure was well underway, Robert pressed a few keys to authorize the next step. She was an absolutely gorgeous woman, but for this experiment he was looking for growth.

Another piece of equipment in the ceiling flickered to life. Slowly two mechanical arms descended to the table stopping just two inches from her chest. The machinery spent several moments calibrating, then two needles slowly emerged from the mechanical arms, each hovering over a breast.

Slowly the machine descended, the needles slipped gently through the flesh of the unconscious woman. The machine stopped for several minutes before coming back to life and beginning to pump a yellowish substance into each breast.

Its job complete, the machinery retreated from the table, the needles slipped from the unconscious woman's breasts. As they slipped out small drops of the fluid leaked from the holes in her chest.

Robert walked over and carefully wiped the fluid from her breasts and dabbed the needle holes with an anti-septic cloth before returning to the program monitor. He yawned and glanced at the ETA clock. It read four hours and forty eight minutes left in the cycle.

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