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A Bi-sexual Awakening at the Beach

by walterio©

"Tell me Lee what did Betsy tell you that we might do with our big hard cocks?" Palmer continued the game.

"He said that one of you may put one in my mouth and the other one may go in my bottom," Lee replied coyly.

"Would you like that Lee? Would you like to suck one cock while the other cock fucks your ass?" Palmer prodded.

"Yes," Lee said sexily.

"Well then I think it is about time we got started. Cliff let Lee suck your cock while I prepare his ass for a glorious butt fucking," Palmer said as he took some lubricant and applied it to Lee's asshole.

Cliff moved in front of Lee and Lee dropped to his knees in front of Cliff. Lee took Cliff's cock in his mouth and proceeded to give him a masterful blowjob. Palmer moved behind Lee and lifted his school uniform skirt up and draped it over his back. Palmer applied an ample amount of lubricant to Lee's asshole and fingered him deeply. He pushed one then two fingers in Lee's ass and moved them around in preparation for his cock. Palmer then applied lube and saliva to his own cock and guided it into Lee's ass. Lee gasped as he was penetrated and relished in the slow entry to his ass. Palmer eased his cock in one steady push all the way into Lee's ass and then eased it back out. He did this a few more times and then he picked up the pace.

The scene was quite erotic with the two naked men fucking the school uniform clad roommate. Lee was still dressed with his skirt thrown up on his back and his panties pushed down just below his buttocks. Cliff was close to cumming as he was really turned on by the whole scene.

"Do a good job of sucking Cliff's cock and swallowing all his cum. If you do I will let Cliff play with your hard clit," Palmer announced.

Lee groaned on Cliff's cock when he heard Palmer's offer. Cliff was close and he could feel his ejaculation building in his balls. Lee played with Cliff's balls and scraped his fingernails along his perineum sending Cliff over the edge. Cliff held to Lee's head and plunged his cock all the way in his mouth. Cliff fired streams of cum that hit the back of Lee's throat and filled his mouth. Lee swallowed all of it not missing a drop and kept sucking until Cliff was completely drained of all cum.

Palmer unzipped Lee's skirt and pulled it up over his body and shoulders. He threw it aside leaving Lee buttocks completely naked. Cliff took Lee's cock in one hand and played with his balls with the other hand. Lee was quite something to look at standing there in his saddle shoes, knee high socks, school blouse and with his panties stretched around his thighs as he was fucked from behind and jerked off in front. Lee felt Palmer's cock throb in his ass and he knew Palmer was on the verge of a big cum. Palmer held onto his shoulders and drilled Lee's ass with his pulsating cock. Then he stiffened and blasted a copious load of cum into the teenager's asshole. Lee felt the spunk fill his rectal passage and then he exploded as Cliff stroked his cock. Cliff felt Lee's cock throb so he pointed it away from his body and watched as Lee's cum flew passed him and onto the carpet. Lee continued the game as he gathered up his skirt and put it back on. Then he acted coy and went into his bedroom and shortly thereafter re-entered the living room. Cliff and Palmer were still hard as they waited for Lee.

"You boys shouldn't be in my house. You should put your clothes back on and leave before my sister comes home," Lee said.

"Why should we do that?" Cliff said playing along.

"Because the last time my sister caught me doing bad things with two other boys and I should not be doing bad things," Lee told them.

"And what bad things did you do? What did the boys do to you?" Cliff asked.

"Well the one boy held me by my head and put his thing in my mouth. The other boy pulled my panties down to my knees, flipped up my skirt and put his thing in my pussy," Lee told them and then said, "They kept their things in me until they shot their hot juice in my mouth and pussy."

Palmer and Cliff were rock hard again from playing this game with Lee. Lee spun around allowing the skirt to fly up exposing his thighs and panties and then flopped down on the sofa allowing the dress to rise up displaying the panty covered crotch.

"Oh look at your things they are so hard. You must have got hard when you saw my panties. That's what happened last time with the other boys," Lee giggled.

Cliff and Palmer went over to the sofa and had Lee kneel on all fours. Cliff grabbed Lee's head lightly and pulled Lee's head down to his cock. Lee sucked Cliff's cock right into his mouth. Palmer pulled Lee's panties down his thighs to his knees. Palmer then lined up his big cock with Lee's asshole and slowly eased it in. Lee's eyes got wide when he felt Palmer's cock inching its way into his ass again. Palmer applied his saliva which when mixed with the lube made the entry easier. Lee started fucking back at Palmer and his ass cheeks slapped against Palmer's thighs.

Cliff unloaded in Lee's mouth and Lee greedily swallowed every drop of Cliff's seed. Lee was working his anal muscles around Palmer's big dick. Palmer could feel his pending orgasm building in his balls. Palmer's body stiffened and he blasted another load into Lee's ass. Lee felt the hot sperm coat his rectal lining and he relished the warmth of the cum. Cliff and Palmer removed their soft cocks from Lee's holes and sat back on the sofa.

Lee stood up with the panties still around the knees and said, "I mustn't get my uniform soiled."

Lee then took off the uniform slowly. As each piece of clothing was removed in was folded neatly and placed in a pile. Lee took off everything except the knee high socks and stood in front of Cliff and Palmer. Lee actually was very shapely with his small firm tits, narrow waist, bubble butt ass and very nice legs. Lee looked like a shy school girl who just did the dirty deed.

Lee went over to Palmer and took his cock into his mouth. Lee massaged Palmer's big balls as he sucked on his cock. Lee could feel Palmer's cock hardening in his mouth once again. Cliff was getting hard watching the action and decided to fuck Lee in the ass. Cliff knelt behind Lee and slid his cock into Lee's ass. Cliff's cock went in easy as the hole had been stretched by Palmer and Palmer's cum was still present acting as lubricant.

As Lee sucked Palmer and Cliff fucked Lee's ass, Cliff reached around and found Lee's hard cock. Cliff jerked Lee off as he fucked him and Palmer played with Lee's tits as Lee sucked on Palmer's cock In a matter of minutes the three of them were cumming again, Palmer in Lee's mouth, Cliff in Lee's ass and Lee in Cliff's hand. Lee was rock hard and started to jerk off just when Betsy entered the apartment.

"Well it looks like you two enjoyed yourselves with my sister," Betsy said picking up on the game.

"Oh Betsy they put their big things in me and look at my clit. Look at how hard they made it," Lee said as he stroked his cock.

"Would you like to suck your clit for you?" Betsy asked.

"Oh yes that would be wonderful. You're such a good sister," Lee replied play acting.

Betsy dropped to her knees and took Lee's stiff cock in her mouth. Between his excitement and her oral skills she had him cumming within minutes. Lee shot a good load into Betsy's mouth and she gobbled it all down. Then Betsy stood up and stripped off her clothes and sat down between Cliff and Palmer on the sofa. Betsy then called Lee over to eat her pussy and he moved quickly between her legs. Cliff and Palmer played with Betsy's tits and she stroked their cocks as Lee ate her pussy.

As soon as Cliff was hard she mounted his rock and rode it until she came. Betsy was as insatiable as the rest of them and she took turns riding Cliff's cock and Palmer's cock until she climaxed several times. Then she sat back between the two studs and stroked their cocks while she sucked on Lee's cock. After Lee ejaculated in Betsy's mouth the four of them retired to the bedroom and continued to have sex until the were all drained and exhausted.

So it was their senior year of college. The four of them continued to have sex and play Betsy's and Lee's silly games. After they graduated, they all went their separate ways and began their careers. However every year for the first five years after graduation, the four of them got together for a week and renewed their special relationship. As they furthered their career and approached their 30th birthdays, one by one they got married and began a whole new chapter in their lives. To this day though, Cliff, Palmer and Lee would never forget the day on the beach that changed their lives.

Written by: walterio

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