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My Sister's Horny College Roommate

by BatsandGlamour©

I was just a year younger than my sister was when she went off to college, she was 19 and I was 18, a senior in high school. After all the years of sibling fighting and scraping, we began to get along pretty well by that time. Though I always thought I'd be thrilled when she left, the truth was I missed her. It was still nice having another kid at home, so my parents didn't laser beam in on me.

When she would come home on vacation we'd hang together, but I had my friends and social life and she had hers. Then I met her roommate, Diadra, DD for short.

DD lived in Clifton, only about a half-hour from our home in South Orange. So when my sister would come home on vacation, DD would always be over the house. If you've ever been to college you know that roommates can get very tight, very fast. And you also know that the difference in college and high school is, in a word – sex.

I can not honestly answer about my sister, but I knew that DD loved sex. The way she talked, laughed, the way she swung her hair and lived to party– she was sex. And unlike my sister, she talked about her love of it freely. DD adored cock. Adored sucking it, adored having it inside her.

And she was hot, too. Not a thin girl, but truly voluptuous. DD had dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She always seemed tan, which made them stand out even more. She was about 5 foot 7, with big, beautiful tits. They didn't nickname her DD for nothing.

After meeting her just a few times, I knew that DD would do just about anything sexually, and with nearly any boy. Why not me? Hell, I was horny as hell and well hung for a young man, too. And I thought she was gorgeous, I would have done anything to sleep with her. But, to her, I was just her roommate's kid brother. Bummer.

As I said, DD was a frequent visitor to our home. When my parents went on vacation one week during the spring break, DD stayed over the whole week, and her and my sister saw their friends and partied harder nearly every night. College girls, you know. DD loved her vodka tonics, and would continue to pound them down well after she was high.

On this particular Friday night, I was going to sleep over my friend Jimmy's house on the next block. Jimmy and I had been friends since elementary school and played football together. Big guy, at least 6 foot 4 and 225 pounds. I myself was a receiver, 6 feet tall and 180 pounds.

My sister and DD had party plans at 40-love, a popular bar in West Orange, where they would meet college friends and get loaded. My sister had her boyfriend over, and DD, I guess, was hoping to bring someone back to the house and fuck their brains out. She'd done it before.

Unfortunately for her, there were no eligible studs that night, and the three of them came home alone. Sis headed off for her room to nail her boyfriend, DD lie frustrated, horny and drunk in my bed, since I wasn't home. Hearing the sounds of fucking and sucking down the hall didn't help much, and she softly rubbed her clit and squeezed her nipples, until she heard the sound of someone come in the house.

Jimmy wasn't feeling well that night, as it turns out, and at about 2:00am was in the bathroom. I decided it wasn't the best night for a sleep over and walked home, which took just a few minutes.

Entering my room, I didn't see DD in my bed, didn't look. She had only been there about 10 minutes and was impossibly horny. Sticking her head over the covers, she saw that it was just me and felt relieved. She kept looking, though. What she saw drove her to the brink.

I took off my shoes and socks, then peeled my shirt over my muscular stomach and shoulders. I removed my jeans and underwear, revealing my large cock, which hung down proudly. Walking past the bed to the bathroom, I still didn't notice the drunken, highly aroused prize within it. Had I only known.

I often think back on what happened next. It's how I remember every detail.

Getting into my bed, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I realized DD was there – naked.

"What the?" I stammered. "DD, I didn't know you were over, I'm so . . ."

It was then that I noticed she was naked. Her body was everything I could have imagined. Her stomach was flatter then I would have thought, and her tits were huge, capped by half-dollar size light brown nipples, which happened to be fully erect. Looking further down, she had a furry brown patch of blondish hair between her legs. Her thighs were quite nice, and her calves were large and shapely. She ever had red polish on her toenails.

"I'm so embarrassed," I continued. But I didn't move a muscle, though my cock moved plenty – out.

"Doug," DD said, slurring her words slightly. "Can you keep a secret. Really keep it?"

"Sure, " I said confidently. I'd done it before.

"Then listen baby," she continued. "I know you're my friend's younger brother. I know the difference between right and wrong. But you're a hunk, too, if you want to know the truth."

I blushed. Was this really happening?

"And right now," she whispered, "I am so fucking horny that I don't care who you are. If you can just promise to keep your mouth shut, I'm about to fuck you like you've never been fucked by any of these high school girls. I'm going to suck your cock. I'm gonna let you lick my clit and suck my tits. You can even fuck me in the ass if you want. I'm gonna beg you to fuck me in the ass. So can you do it? Can you keep a secret?"

"DD," I said solemnly, my cock reaching nearly its full 8 inches just from her talk, "I will take it with me to the grave."

"Thank God," she said, throwing her head back and pulling the blankets over. "Now get over here."

You don't have to tell me twice when dinner's ready. I climbed on top of DD, holding myself up in a half push-up position, the defined muscles in my arms flexing. She kissed me hard, enveloping my tongue in her mouth. Her smoky, perfumed scent and the taste of alcohol on her tongue were intoxicating. I knew her, and that she was telling the truth. She needed to get fucked badly.

My cock was at full attention, and rubbing her stomach even though I was suspended above her. I kissed my way down her body. But I just had to stop at those tits. I dismounted her and she leaned up on her elbows. Her breasts hung there, so incredibly large and firm. She smiled, knowing what a turn on they are. "Go on," she said, "enjoy them."

I took one huge breast in both hands and licked all around the aureole. Then I sucked on her stiff nipple until it stuck out over a half inch. I repeated this procedure on the other breast, taking the turgid nipple between my fingers and squeezing it. DD was going nuts, furiously rubbing her pussy lips.

"I can't take any more, Doug," she said in a husky voice. I'm going to cum already – don't stop!"

I grabbed both tits forcefully, squeezing her nipples hard. This turned her on even more and she began to buck her hips as she came, sputtering.

"Ohhhh baby," she exhaled. "I'm cumming now, Doug . . . cum . . . cum. . . ."

It was so incredibly sexy, I was holding onto her tits and she didn't even close her eyes as she came. She just kept looking at me, her eyes getting narrow just at the moment of impact.

"Uh, Uh," she moaned in my face. "I'm gonna . . . I'm gonna . . . . fuck you so . . . hard."

When she stopped climaxing, DD reached down and took a hold of my cock, marveling at its size and thickness. "You're going to be very popular in college with this thing, Doug," she joked.

DD took the head of my cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, creating unbelievable sensations throughout my body. First she sucked on just the head, using one hand to stroke my shaft while the other caressed my balls.

Licking her way down my pole, she took first one, then the other of my balls in her mouth where she sucked them lovingly. Then, incredibly, she took the entire length of my cock down her throat until her nose touched my pubic hairs. My cock was literally hitting the back of her throat – unbelievable!

As arousing as it was, I was still dying to get a taste of her pussy. So I pulled my swollen cock out of her mouth and pulled her on top of me in a 69 position.

There I was, staring into heaven. Her pussy hair was pretty thick, but she obviously shaved the area right around her pussy lips, because it had only a light coating of fur.

I began by licking up and down the length of DD's slit, eliciting a loud sigh from her. Using my thumbs, I opened her big pussy wide and used my stiffened tongue like a battering ram, in and out hard.

By now, DD had once again taken my cock in her mouth and was slowly licking around it like an ice cream cone. She started at the top, then once again deep throated me, her tongue pausing to lick my balls.

She was slobbering all over my shaft, getting it soaking wet. DD was really getting into her work, moaning, "mm – mm – mm," as she sucked my dick with aplomb. I'm sure it was also the result of my pussy eating expertise.

As I got closer to exploding, I wanted to make sure she hit the jackpot, too. So I made my way to her nerve center – the asshole.

Now, I know that the pussy gets all the good press, and rightly so. But when you play the asshole just right, in conjunction with the pussy, it can hit a girl's pleasure center like a neutron bomb, sending spikes of ecstasy that nearly overwhelm her system. Read on and learn.

Keeping my thumbs massaging her pussy and clit, I lightly licked around DD's asshole, eliciting purring sounds of contentment from her. After a short time, I planted my tongue on it, literally sucking her asshole. After it was nicely lubricated this way, I placed my tongue back on her clit and sucked it hard.

Going in the kill, I stuck my index finger up her ass about a half-inch at a time until it was nearly all in. DD's pussy began to drip, and I mean DRIP.

DD lost control as her body started to feel the orgasm rip through her. Judging her breathing and quaking, I moved my finger in and out of her asshole very fast, while sucking and biting her clit.

"Here it . . . . woah boy . . . here it . . . I'm cumming . . . grrrr" she wailed. Her body stiffened and then shivered like she just came in from the arctic cold. She didn't stop stroking my cock though, and just as she climaxed, I did too, my cum hit her face, neck and chin like a water jet, covering her with white cream.

We sat in the bed talking for a few minutes, recovering and rejuvenating.

"DD," I confided in her, "being with you is a dream come true for me. You're so sexy and funny. Man, if your were my girlfriend, how great that would be. I . . . I guess you're just with me now because you've been drinking and needed a toy, but I'm not complaining."

"Oh, Doug," she replied, "you're wrong. First of all, you're a great looking guy, very handsome and personable. If I had met you in high school I would have been wild about you, even though you're a jock." she smiled. "We're only 13 months apart in age. But I'm in college in Boston and you're here, plus you're my best friend's younger brother."

A look of sadness must have covered my face.

"Let's just enjoy tonight," she finished. "I'd be willing to bet there will be many more opportunities for us in the future. In the meantime, I made you a promise."

"A promise?"

"Please, I'm begging you Doug, fuck me in the ass. Just fuck me ass raw."

Oh yeah, that promise.

Just to get my cock hard, I pulled DD's huge tits together and stuck my growing cock between them. In and out I stroked, with DD licking the top whenever she could reach. In no time, I had cold blue steel again. I rolled DD over.

With DD lying on her stomach, I spread her ass cheeks wide apart. Then I squeezed, kissed and licked that magnificent ass up and down the crack, my fingers playing with her asshole.

"That's . . . that's it," she encouraged, her juices beginning to flow freely again. "Play with my asshole baby, get it good and ready for your hard cock." After a few more minutes, DD admitted the obvious. "I'm ready for you now, Doug."

Pulling a couple of pillows off the top of the bed, I placed them under DD's lower stomach, propping her ass high in the air. I then took as much of her pussy juice as I could and slathered it along my cock. Though her asshole was ready, it was not stretched yet, so I had to go slow.

I stuck just my cock's swelled head into the ring of her asshole. She exhaled deeply as I stuffed it all in. I let it sit there for a moment, stretching her in preparation for my anal onslaught. Then I pulled it out and did the same thing again, this time just a little further in. I performed this task a few more times. Each time when I pulled out, her asshole stayed open a little longer and a little more. Finally, I could see that it had expanded enough to accommodate me. So on my next thrust, I went in all the way.

"Oh . . . my . . . God!" DD exclaimed in excitement and lust. "That feels so . . . intense. Keep going, fuck my ass faster.

My cock felt like it was surrounded by the softest, tightest flesh pillow – so slick and smooth. I slowly drove my cock in and out of her ass. Wanting to get in deeper, I pulled DD up until she was on all fours. In this position, I squatted over her, my legs bent at a 90 degree angle like a Summo wrestler preparing to spar. My cock slid in all the way to my balls. Holding DD's incredible ass, I pounded her hard and fast.

"Yeah . . . yeah, that's it," she roared, her voice shaking and cracking from the vibration of her body being hurled into the bed with vigorous force. "You're really . . . fucking my ass now. Smack me."

"What?" I stammered. Smack . . ."

"Yes," she blurted out. "Smack my ass, like this." DD took her own hand and gave a smart 'thwak' to her ass, followed by another. "I want you to smack my ass, Doug. There can be a lot of pleasure in pain."


I smacked her ass, tentatively at first.

"Harder," she commanded. "Don't hold back."

I gave her three sharp cracks in a row, bringing a bright red color to her right ass cheek.

"Yes, baby, that's it. Ohh, that felt so good."

I gave a repeat performance to the other cheek. Back and forth I went, until both cheeks were bright red and must have stung like hell. After each whack, DD let out a little whoop of pain, or was it plesaure?

Although I was in great shape, my legs got tired after a few minutes squatting over her and slamming my cock into her ass. I got off and pulled DD up. She wondered what I was doing at first, but followed my lead. I sat at the edge of the bed as she got up and walked around me. Then, with her back facing me, she simply sat down on my cock, where it slid easily into her fully extended sphincter like it belonged there.

I reached around her and cupped her magnificent breasts to keep them from flopping around as she bobbed up and down on my meat. I noticed a small rose tattoo on her left shoulder. I always found a small tattoo to be a little slutty without going overboard, and it turned me on even more.

Since I had cum not long before, I showed no signs of slowing down and DD was getting a little winded.

So, sliding up on the bed, I pulled her up, so that her ass was pretty much resting on my lower stomach as I continued to slide in and out of her ass without any difficulty. I was holding on to DD's big tits, while she vigorously rubbed her wet slit. Her body glistened with a fine sheen of sweat from her exertion. Finally I could take no more, and neither could she.

"Oh, DD, I'm gonna cum now . . . I'm gonna fill your ass with cum."

"Give it to me," she gasped, her own orgasm beginning to boil over. "Fill my ass up until there's nothing left."

The sperm train came roaring into the station. I felt it shoot up my shaft like a missile leaving the silo. I was pounding her ass like a piece of raw meat.

When I pulled out, DD did something no high school girl would ever even think of doing. She took my cock in her mouth and cleaned off all the cum that was left, while looking into my eyes and smiling. How dirty is that?

I don't want to belabor the point, but DD and fucked twice more that night. Once in her pussy, and a repeat performance in her ass. This time with her knees on the floor as she leaned over the bed, and me riding her like a bull in heat. Pretty wild stuff.

How did the story end? Well, in the morning, we both acted like nothing had happened for the benefit of my sister. But every time she slept over that summer, I made it a point to be around and stay up late for incredible sex.

DD, if you're out there, I'm married with two kids, but I'd love another chance to make you cry and cum.

Written by: BatsandGlamour

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