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Linda Ch. 02

by ableoneable©

Linda and I dated for about five years after that first time but it was always a little bit strange because it was on the down low. Linda did not want people at work knowing about us.

After that we had gone our separate ways.

I had moved to Phoenix and coincidentally so had Linda. We were both dating other people but we would still get together for the occasional booty call. Though she was sixteen years older than I, she was still the chick I could not get completely out of my system. Her body was great and she had a kinky streak that I was unable to resist.

Role-play was one of the things that Linda excelled at. While Linda looked hot she also looked her age. I on the other hand looked like I was a teenager well into my twenties. Because of this people sometimes assumed Linda was my mother and not my date. The first time this happened Linda had laughed it off and made a mischievous comment to me, saying; "well, incest is best."

At the time I did not think too much about it but the next time it happened Linda took another tack.

We were in a video store looking for something to watch. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a T shirt, which made me look like I belonged in high school. Linda was also dressed casually but her casual made her look every inch a thirty-six year old milf. This was partially because I had asked her to dress sexy whenever we were together and she had happily obliged. She even remarked that the station had run a story about older women dating younger men and that the women interviewed tended to dress more provocatively then those who were dating men their own age. In any case, this day Linda was wearing a pair of really tight jeans, a tailored shirt and a pair of five inch pumps. We had come in together but were walking around separately checking out the titles. I could see guys checking her out, which always gave me a charge. I found a movie I wanted to watch and dropped it by the counter. The guy at the counter was probably the owner, he was in his forties at least. When he saw the movie I was going to rent he said; "Your mom already picked that one." He then gestured at Linda, who was still looking at other titles but clearly had my movie in her hand. I just nodded and took the movie back. I went over to Linda and told her what had happened. She just smiled a wan smile and said. "Why don't you pick us up something 'interesting' from over there." 'Over there' was the adult section. She did not have to ask me twice so off I went. I should have known better.

The owner looked kind of shocked when I put the adult title down amongst that other movies we were renting. Linda made her move. "What the hell is going on in your mind Steven?" she said as she snapped up the adult movie and pushed it across the counter to the guy who thought she was my mother. "Your father and I have talked to you about this and you try to rent porn right in front of me! You are so grounded when we get home!" By this time we had paid for the movies and she added, "Let's go Steven."

As we walked out of the store I asked, "Okay Linda, what the fuck was that about?" She just smiled and continued to her car where she placed everything in the trunk. Her car was parked opposite the video store so we were about twenty feet away from the glassed in building and in full view of the owner and all who had heard our exchange. Linda just closed the trunk, put her sunglasses on and stepped up to me so that we were about an inch apart. With her heels we were pretty evenly matched.

Slowly she stepped into me gently forcing my legs apart. With her leg in between mine her thigh was pressing into my crotch and her hands moved up my back. When her lips were almost on mine she smiled an evil grin and whispered, "Kiss me. Kiss your slutty, horny mother right now." Our lips met, her mouth opened immediately and we kissed deeply our hands roaming each other's bodies. We were making out like our plane was going down. I know some jaws dropped in that video store. This little scene had really turned her on. "Come on let's get you home. Mommy needs to suck your big cock." This would not be the last time we played a version of this game. Both during the time we dated and later in Phoenix.

Linda dated very successful men who were generally quite a bit older than she was. She deliberately chose men who lived out of town. This both made it easier to break up when she was ready to move on and also allowed her to keep up her outside dalliances, which, thankfully, included me.

Linda's condo had a lot of framed pictures of the two of us. She routinely told people that these were pictures of her and her son or her nephew, depending on her level of depravity at the moment. One of Linda's favorite games was to include me in her own version of Kabuki theater. This was the show she put on when it was time for her to break up with her current meal ticket.

I was four months into a dry spell when Linda called me. "How does my 'son' feel about coming home from college to spend a weekend with 'mommy'"? She said with a peel of delighted laughter.

"Listen Lin, I enjoy your sick games as much as the next guy but the last time you had me play this game all you did was tease me into the worse case of blue balls I have had in a long, long time. I will play this anyway you want but I actually need to get laid this time or I am not interested." I replied. '"That will most certainly not be a problem. Dan is sweet, he is rich but he has no skills. Mommy needs to get fucked. Pack a bag for this weekend and I will pick you up from the 'airport' on Friday night." The "airport" meant my apartment. Linda always told her men that her son was enrolled in college on the east coast. Even though I was twenty-six I sill looked eighteen. Normally this was a liability with women, but not so with Linda. It just helped feed her fantasy.

Thursday night she called me and said there would have to be a slight change of plans. Dan had come into town early and was going to go with her to the "airport." She told me to take a cab to the airport and that they would pick me up there. I kind of groaned but she said that she would make it worth my while. I was not excited about this part of her game but two thoughts kept resurfacing; I had not gotten any in four months and the mental picture of Linda the last time we had fucked.

It was about nine months ago, at a black-tie, new-years-eve party downtown. I had not spoken to her for some time and my last girlfriend and I had just bumped into her and her date by sheer coincidence. Immediately Linda came over, hugged me and introduced me to her date as her nephew. I knew I had just gotten on the ride.

Linda started flirting with me almost immediately. Karl was fairly oblivious but Deb picked up on it right away. Linda and I danced a couple of times and she was pretty handsy. Close to midnight Deb and I were out on the dance floor. "What is with your aunt, she is damn near putting the moves on you?" We were pressed up against each other and Deb was incredulous but there was nary a trace of anger in her voice. "God, she's looking at you right now and not like an aunt should."

Deb was gripping me tightly and unless I was mistaken she was getting turned on. "Deb, are you actually getting off on this?"

She just looked into my eyes and bit her lip.

"Holy shit Deb. You are turned on. You're thinking about me fucking my aunt Linda, aren't you?" I said smiling at her embarrassment.

She blushed, "I am sorry, I know it probably grosses you out but being on the outside it just strikes me as hot." She paused and then added with a mirthful smile; "Or is it not that gross to you?"

"To tell you the truth Deb, when I was a teenager I used to jack off thinking about her. She has always been one of those forbidden fantasies." I replied.

"It's getting close to midnight. Do you think she would mack with you?" She asked slyly.

"Jesus Christ, you actually want me to try and score a midnight kiss?" I whispered in her ear as I squeezed her ass.

Deb leaned in and kissed me hard. She then licked her lips and looked over in Linda's direction. "I swear her she just shot me a look when we kissed. The alcohol is lowering her inhibitions and she wants you." Deb then looked back into my eyes. "Yes I want you to try and kiss her. " She paused and smiled before continuing; "Not only that, I want you to grope her - really sell it. We are definitely going to need to get you buzzed first though."

I laughed at her and replied, "You are so hot and twisted. I would love to do it on a couple of levels but what about Karl? If she were alone we might pull this off but...." I kind of let it trail off there. I was not sure how Deb really felt about this, and knowing I would eventually have Linda again anyway, I wasn't ready to screw things up with Deb just to play Linda's game.

"I have an idea. I think I get rid of him temporarily." She replied.

That was good enough for me. I figured it was worth a shot, the night might really pay off.

About ten to midnight Deb managed to spill her coffee right in Karl's crotch. He shot up instantly and Deb was all over him with apologies, insisting that she take him to the bathroom. By this time we were all standing up at the table.

"Linda, I am so sorry. I have ruined your midnight dance. Steve will dance with you while I take care of Karl, I owe you that much." she said before turning to me and adding with a wink that only I could see, "Do it Steve. Take your aunt out on the dance floor."

Linda's hips swayed provocatively as I followed her away from the table. Though she was now forty-one she still looked damn good. The gold lame dress that had been spray painted on was just a step away from fetish wear. Her back and shoulders were bare, spare for two thin straps over her shoulders. Her ass was tightly covered by the ankle length gown. A slit up the left side opened when she walked, revealing her nice legs and the pair of matching gold five inch pumps. When we reached the floor she smoothly turned and placed her left hand on my shoulder. She was wearing elbow length gloves though she still was wearing rings. The most amazing feature, however was the way the material showcased her tits. Her nipples were clearly visible through the shiny fabric. "They're D cups now sweetie. You like?" She asked with a grin.

"Deborah staged the whole coffee thing Linda. She thinks you are an incestuous slut. Further she is turned on by the whole thing and she wants me to french the shit out of my "aunt" while she watches. I am sure that she is somewhere nearby waiting for the big event."

By this time we were already dancing. "So you have a kinky one this time. Well I certainly don't want to disappoint her, though now I am sorry I did not introduce you as my son." She said as she extinguished the light between our bodies.

I felt all the old feelings as soon as her mound pressed against my dick. Instinctively my hands went to her hips and began sliding up her body while crushing her into me. "Open your mouth." I commanded as we started moving toward the kiss and she parted her lips slightly. "Wide, bitch" I said, not quite in a whisper, and she complied. Out tongues actually touched before our lips sealed into a very lusty, very long kiss.

Her whole body was undulating against me as we kissed. Linda's hands were in my hair and all over my back. I let my hands drift to her ass and I gripped both of her cheeks hard while I deepened the kiss even more. She responded by almost crawling up my body and mounting me.

About a half hour later I was back dancing with Deb. She grabbed my hand and pressed it against her wet crotch. "That - was like watching the hottest porn I have ever seen. Kiss me just like you did your aunt."

"I can't. You're wearing panties, she isn't." I replied cooly. "You want to be treated like a slut, act like a slut. Lose the panties, right here, right now."

We were off to the side of the dance floor near a wall. Not right in front of everybody but not alone by any means. Deb had on a white, one piece, long sleeved mini-dress that stopped just below her ass. Both because she was short and I liked her to wear them she had on a pair of white six inch platform stripper shoes.

The corners of her lips were curving upwards and she was fighting hard not to smile. She reached under her dress and pushed her panties down. She was beginning to crouch and push them all the way down but I grabbed her wrists and placed her hands on my shoulders. "You're going to have to work them the rest of the way down, slut." Her panties were now just below her ass, completely visible and in the open.

I placed my hands on her hips and she began writhing them, slowly driving the panties down her legs. When they got past her knees they fell to her ankles. Deb made a move to step out of them. "Don't move." I said firmly.

I pushed my left foot in-between her legs and slowly forced her feet far apart, stretching the panties between her ankles. Then I pulled her mini dress up and pushed her back against the wall. I started kissing her but then had another idea. There was a closed door about three feet to the left. I pulled her back toward myself and moved her over toward the door. "Steve what are you doing?" she asked.

"Shut up and spread your legs as far as you can stretch your panties."

"Okay but why are...." she was cut off when I pushed her back onto the door knob, impaling her pussy. "Oh God! Steve!" she said before I again kissed her deeply. As I kissed her I reached under her and started to turn the door knob back and forth. I could feel it as she started to come. Her body went rigid and her legs closed despite my instructions to the contrary.

"You - are - so - fucking - kinky." She whispered through a very wide smile. As I pulled her off of the door knob and she asked, "May I step out of the panties now?"

I looked her up and down, "Lift your left foot out."

She looked down, lifted her left foot and stepped out of them.

"That's good enough, they make a nice anklet. When we get back to the table make sure to cross your right leg over your left so that everyone can get a good view."

Deb walked back to the table with her head held high. We sat facing each other and she smiled as she crossed her legs. Her white panties were dangling from her ankle. It was now close to 2:00 a.m. and the party was thinning out. Karl had excused himself shortly after midnight but Linda had lingered.

"Why don't you two come upstairs for another drink. Karl and I have the penthouse and there is plenty of room for you to spend the night if you wish. It would....." I cut her off.

"We'll talk about it Linda. If we aren't going to show I will call you on your cell."

"Well I hope you come. If not, it was very nice meeting you Debbie."

"I enjoyed it as well." Deb replied with a knowing glance at me.

Linda then sauntered out of the room. I did not even pretend to not watch her ass.

"Deb, I am buzzed and horny. I need to get a piece of ass. We can either go home and fuck or we can go up to my aunt's penthouse. I love you and It's your call, but if we go up I am probably going to fuck Linda."

She stood up, moved over to me and sat in my lap, straddling me. "Sound pretty sure of ourselves, don't we stud. When I came earlier I was picturing you using her. I say let's go up. I think she was sobering up a little and I really don't think you have a shot but go for it Mr. Confident."

Karl had gone to bed and the three of us were out on the large balcony drinking. Deb and I had been sitting next to each other with Linda on a chair across from us. When Deb excused herself to go to the bathroom Linda immediately moved next to me. When Deb returned Linda made absolutely no move to leave my side so Deb just squeezed in on my left. While we talked Deb began to absently caress my legs and soon Linda was matching her move for move. We continued to talk but unsaid was a game where Deb was daring Linda to keep up. Deb was the first to break through the facade. "That was some kiss Linda. I might be jealous if I thought it would go further but the truth is Steve and I will be leaving soon and I will be riding him while you only fantasize about it."

"What, you think that's all I've got?" Linda replies mirthfully.

"I just don't see you kicking it up a notch Linda. I will admit I would not mind seeing you and Steve mack again but I think that's as far as you could take things."

Linda just raised an eyebrow and continued to look directly into Debbie's eyes. It was not until Deb felt my reaction that she looked down and realized that Linda had unzipped my fly and had slid her hand into my pants. She extracted my hardening cock and not breaking eye contact with Deb she slowly went down on me.

There had been a sharp intake of breath from Deb just as I felt Linda's mouth engulf my dick. Instinctively I placed my hand on her head and started pushing her deeper. Linda looked up at me, gently took my hand and placed it in the crack of her ass, all the while continuing to blow me. I started to force my fingers into her pussy through her tight fitting dress with my left hand while I placed my right hand on her head and again forced her deep.

Deb's eyes were wide and she was biting her lower lip. Her right hand had involuntarily gone to her crotch and she began to masturbate as my "aunt" sucked my cock.

Linda then stopped sucking me off, swung her leg over me straddling my lap and lowered herself onto my erection.

"I know you have wanted to fuck me since you were in high school." Linda said, playing the role well.

As she rode me I pulled her toward me and sucked her nipples through the skin tight dress.

As I thrusted into her Linda began to speak with each thrust. "Auntie - needs - it - from - behind. Fuck - me - from - behind." she rasped before getting up.

She stood and violently kicked the centerpiece from the coffee table that stood between the couches before putting her high heel in the center of the table and ripping the slit on her gown past her thigh.

"FUCK ME. DO IT HARD NOT LIKE GRANDPA IN THERE." She said with animal passion as she gestured with her head toward Karl's room.

I stood up behind her, guided my cock to her cunt with my right hand and then hesitated, looking at Deb. I raised my eyebrow and Deb, who had not stopped masturbating, said; "Do it! Fuck you aunt. God what a complete slut!"

I had my left hand on Linda's thigh and I slowly eased into her. As I did I let go of her hip and grabbed a handful of her blond tresses, making sure to get a good grip and I pulled hard as I slammed all the way into her. Linda had always really liked having her hair pulled and within moments she was bucking into an orgasm. By this time I was also pretty into it and I reached around with my right hand and grabbed the front of her dress right between her tits. I pulled as hard as I could and just ripped the shit out of her dress. As it tore she came violently and I picked up the pace as I felt the seed starting to rise up my shaft. I came with one hand still firmly gripping her hair and the other roughly holding her right tit. I held her still for a moment, looked at Deb and roughly pushed Linda onto the couch.

Written by: ableoneable

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