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Arab Femdom

by Samuelx©

I think all human beings are bad news. Doesn't matter what their race or gender is. Even people who have been mistreated throughout history turn around and do the same exact thing to innocent others. It never ceases to amaze me. The bigotry some minorities can have for other minorities. Take my submissive Ahmed Aimren for example. He's a Middle-Eastern guy living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. And he hates Black folks with a passion. Yet he doesn't seem to realize that almost everyone in the Western World thinks of all Middle-Eastern folks as nothing more than potential terrorists. Rather than join forces with Asians, Hispanics, Africans and Aboriginals, the minority groups which are suffering in Canada, he sides with the White folks even though most of them don't think much of him either.

The funny thing is that the people that are called minorities in White-dominated areas like America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are really not minorities. Not if you look at it from a global perspective rather than a local one. What do I mean? Please read on. There are one billion people in the Republic of China. Another billion folks in the Republic of India. Nearly one billion people in Africa. More than a quarter of a billion people in the Middle East. Close to one hundred million people in the Caribbean. Half a billion people in Latin America, most of whom are a mixture of European, Native American and African. They're all people of color in Latin America. And there are a little over six hundred million people of Caucasian descent spread over Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. If all of these so-called minorities united instead of fighting among themselves, planet Earth would look very different. I'm just saying.

My name is Nadira Isa Mohammed. A six-foot-tall, pleasantly plump, black-haired and brown-eyed, dark bronze-skinned Saudi Arabic woman living in the City of Ottawa. By day, I am a patrol officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. At night, I am a whip-smart Dominatrix. The only Arabian Dominatrix in this part of Ontario. I specialize in the intense eroticism of race play. Most of my clients are men and sometimes women from minority as well as European backgrounds who want to experience the pleasures and torments of race play. Well, I'm more than okay with that. I'm getting paid to whoop some ass. Who wouldn't want that? I'm having so much fun these days, I must really check myself.

Why does Ahmed Aimren come to me? To be completely dominated. He's got black hair, dark bronze skin and beady little dark eyes. He looks very much like a Middle-Eastern guy. And like a lot of minority guys, he's got a thing for dominant Arabic women like myself. I am not surprised. White women are considered the western world's standards of beauty. Even though there are far more beautiful women in the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America than in Europe or North America. Women of all colors are beautiful. I know this. And I acknowledge it. However, if my purebred Arabic good looks are what attracts guys like Aimren, that's more than okay by me. I have to make my money somehow, you know?

Presently, Ahmed Aimren is kneeling before me just like a good Middle-Eastern bozo should kneel before his Dominant Arabic Goddess. Ahmed Aimren sucks my pearly bronze toes and I crack my whip. I whip him on his back because he's not sucking my toes right. That's what he gets for being a dirty Arab motherfucker. Amazingly, he obeys me. A lot of these so-called macho Arab guys are actually really submissive behind closed doors. Arab women know this explicitly but this would absolutely shock the men and women of Europe and North America. They think all Arab women are submissive weaklings. What a load of crock! Mess with a Western woman and you'll get a word of rebuke, or a call to the police. Mess with an Arab woman and you're dead, no matter who you are. See the difference?

I am having quite a lot of fun dominating the hell out of Ahmed Aimren. After making him suck my toes, I made him kneel before me. I spread my creamy bronze thighs, exposing my hairy bush. I let him get a good look at it and forbade him from touching it. Ahmed Aimren looked at me with a pitiful look in his dark eyes. I see hunger in those eyes. Good. That's why I tease and deny him. He wants some of my sweet pussy. My sweet Arabian pussy. I've had so many men and women come to me, begging for a taste. I almost always deny them. The better to ensnare and subjugate them. And it always works. Like a charm, really.

I tell Ahmed Aimren that he wants to get a taste of my pussy, he must do something for me. The pitiful fool agrees to it before even hearing what I want from him. I order him to get on all fours and spread his ass cheeks wide open. I donned my strap-on dildo and smeared lubricant all over it. Then I began fucking Ahmed Aimren in the ass. That's right. A tall and bossy Arab woman is fucking some limp-dick Arab motherfucker up his ass with a strap-on dildo. Now you've seen everything. I gripped Ahmed Aimren's hips tightly and thrust my dildo into his ass. I think if more Arab men got fucked in the ass by Arab women, the world would be a better place. There would be fewer wars. With those thoughts in mind, I happily thrust my plastic cock into the forbidden ( but in need of exploration) depths of Ahmed Aimren's asshole. He screamed like a madman. How I loved that sound.

I spanked Ahmed Aimren's ass while slamming my dildo up his butt hole. This drove him nuts. I berated him while ramming my dildo up his ass. I called him a dirt bag, a loser and a punk. I told him he was a sissy and a loser. He took it without reply. He was too busy howling as my strap-on dildo basically stretched his asshole from a tight orifice to a wide receiver. After fucking Ahmed Aimren's ass for a while, I pulled my dildo out of him. I looked into his now gaping asshole. Not a pretty sight. I spit in his asshole. Then I made Ahmed Aimren clean my strap-on dildo with his tongue. That's what he gets for being such a good little submissive.

Afterwards, I told Ahmed Aimren to get the hell out of my property. And he left like the bitch he is. I am so happy to be the only Arabic Dominatrix in the City of Ottawa. I've got a lot of women and men ( of all races) all anxious to kneel before me. The idea of a sexually adventurous and dominant Arabic woman intrigues many denizens of the Western World. And I use that to my advantage. I guess it's mainly because Westerners forget that behind the veil, Arabic women are women. Just like all other women. We've got sexual and emotional needs. We're individuals with individual tastes and interests. There's more to us than what you see.

Written by: Samuelx

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Category: BDSM Stories