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A Horny Mother

by Axteuffel©

Rachel's day wasn't the best she had in the last few days. She was lucky to escape unharmed from an accident in which her car was badly damaged by an old woman who fell asleep at the wheel. The doctor said she can go home, so she took her day off and called a cab. The house was empty: Dorian, her son, was at work, at his summer job and his father had gone many years ago to buy a pack of cigarettes and never came back. Even their cat died last year of old age. And in September, when Dorian will start college, she'll be even more alone.

"It's not fair!" she said in a low voice as she was going up, to her bedroom. Rachel sighed deeply looking at her huge bed and started undressing. And while thinking about her loneliness and sorrows, the pretty 40ish year old redhead lie down only in her panties and fell asleep. For a moment she took into consideration putting on a night dress, but there were still over 5 hours until Dorian will come home, that is if he will not go out with his pals.

When she slowly opened her eyes, the sun was still up but the light in the house was dim since they had shades at all the windows. Rachel tried to get out of bed, but it felt like her body was filled with lead and her head was dizzy after the long afternoon sleep. She could hear laughs coming from her son's room and sounds like someone was driving a racing car.

"He must have come home earlier with a friend and now they're playing some video games. Maybe I should get some more sleep." But, just as her head lay down on the pillow, the car noises stopped. She could hear the boys speaking, but she couldn't distinguish the words since her door was closed.

"It's even better this was, silence..." Rachel was slowly floating towards the dream world as she heard the boys descending on the wooden stairs. It seemed they were chasing each other or god knows what, since they were making a lot of noise.

"I should go and tell them to keep it down," she thought, but just then there was silence again. And when she closed her eyes, moans started to come from downstairs. But... these were female moans. Now Rachel was fully awakened. She had to go there and see what's going on. She put a robe on her shoulders and exited the room quietly, determined to catch the boys with their female guest and what the hell they were up to. As the slender mature women slowly approached the stairs, the moans and other sexual sounds became louder.

"What the fuck? Are they having an orgy here, at my house?" she asked herself. She knew that if she sat on the first step of the stair, she could have a good view over the living room. Rachel's bare feet silently stepped down the stairs and she lowered her head to see what was going on. It was worse than an orgy! There wasn't even a girl there! The boys were stark naked and were sitting on the couch watching a porn movie on the big 46" LCD TV screen while the surround sound system was doing its job of spreading the noises all over the house. It was obvious that the boys believed they were alone, since they hadn't seen a car outside and there were still a couple of hours until she normally finished her working hours.

Rachel wanted to say something, to admonish the boys, to punish them, but she remained on the top of the stairs as paralyzed. A small tremble ran through her body seeing the boys caressing their cocks while watching a couple fucking on screen. She could now recognize Steve, Dorian's best friend since kindergarten, as the owner of the other penis in her living room. Both boys were tall and athletic, but of a different kind. While Steve was muscular and well built, Dorian was slender, his muscles could only be guessed and his appearance inspired more... delicacy, while Steve looked like he had worked out every day.

Now, both cocks were erect and the boys were stroking with an equal pace. It looked like they were doing it after a long rehearsal and it was clear to Rachel that this wasn't the first time they were masturbating together. On the screen there was a threesome, two guys and a girl. She was spit-roasted, as one guy was fucking her doggie style from behind, while she blowed the other one. Rachel, whose sex life wasn't very busy (in fact she had trouble remembering when she last fucked a man), had a strong experience in internet porn in the last years. This was also Dorian's fault, indirectly, when some years ago she discovered by mistake his secret folder with porn clips and pictures. It seemed that he was interested in every kind of sex and perversion, but she didn't say a word to him, in order not to diminish his self confidence and respect as a teenager. But she bought herself a laptop with a 21" screen and started herself to surf the internet for porn, in the intimacy of her own bedroom. Regularly she was checking up Dorian's computer to see what new and delicious sites and movies he was watching. Thus, there was no sexual activity unknown to Rachel: straight, group sex, anal, facials, even incest and mature sex!

There was a change on the screen, as one guy laid down on his back and the girl got on top of him, impaling herself in his pole. The other man, who until now had his cock sucked, positioned himself behind the couple and started slowly inserting his dick in her ass. But... wait a minute! There was a change also on the living room couch! The boys were no longer sitting facing the TV, but had turned facing each other, with their legs crossed under them. This was quite a surprise.

So that's why Dorian had only one girlfriend in all these years, Monica. It wasn't that he was faithful, but he was... uninterested in women. Rachel couldn't even think the word.

"Gay." It sounded horrible. Not that Rachel was homophobic, but this was her one and only son. Tears of rage and terrible sadness started to appear in her eyes. But she didn't move from her observation point. She had to witness everything, she had to convince herself.

Both boys were moaning as their hands stroked their cocks. They were looking at each other and were whispering. But those whispers were so low, Rachel couldn't distinguish any words. Dorian stopped abruptly from what he was doing. Slowly, without taking his eyes from Steve's, he moved closer and closer, until his right hand was on his best friend thigh. From there, his hand crept slowly, like a snake, towards Steve's shaft and when it took a hold on it a deep moan escaped from both boys.

Rachel could feel now the heat rising inside her body, starting from between her legs. Her robe was already hanging open and she put a hand on her crotch. It was soaking wet.

"It's not normal to get horny when seeing your own son making love to another man!" she thought, but this didn't diminish her arousal. Instead, her fingers found their way under her panties and started to slowly caress the hot folds of her pussy.

Steve didn't remained passive for a long time and reciprocated, starting to stroke Dorian's cock and fondling his balls. Both were moaning and whispering to each other, clearly some dirty words about what they were doing. And another change in position happened on the TV screen. Both men extracted themselves from the young girl's holes and now the one who ass fucked her, laid underneath her in a 69.

"Wow... she is going to eat her out after just being fucked by another man." Rachel became even hornier, looking in turns at the TV and at the couch. Both scenes were hot, but somehow, her boy was hotter. His young and virile dick was standing straight and proud while being caressed by another hand. It didn't matter now that it was his best friend's hand! Rachel was lost in Dorian's beauty and she almost couldn't take her eyes off his cock. And just then, on the screen, the third person reappeared. This time, he inserted his penis in the girl's ass, just inches above the other guy's moth. Rachel was baffled. What happened next was inevitable! The dick escaped from his tight confinement and dove right into the other guy's mouth. And he didn't protest!

In the room, next to Rachel, the boys seemed inspired by the action on screen. Slowly, Dorian slipped under Steve and the boys started a classical 69. You could hear them slurping while sucking each other cocks and licking the balls. Their hairless crotches were slippery with saliva and precum. So was Rachel's pussy. The panties were pulled on the side long time ago and two of her fingers were fucking her pussy in a rapid pace. Her breathing became heavier, but she remained very silent in her spying position.

The boys were now literally fucking each other's mouth and muffled screams emphasized their orgasms. They continued to suck like there was no tomorrow, gulping everything down. Strong trembles hit Rachel's body too, as she approached her own orgasm. It was a long forgotten sensation and she almost fell from the stairs top, barely holding on to the adjacent walls.

As the boys lay down, in each other's arms, Rachel slowly returned to her room. Here she fell on her bed and immediately asleep.

When Rachel got up, it was dark outside. She was like on another planet and remembered vaguely the sex scene from before. It was like she dreamed it or something.

"It can not be true," she whispered to herself. But then she saw her own panties looking soiled, from all the juices that dried onto them during her sleep. It was all coming back to her like a hurricane. Immediately she rushed out of the room, eager to confront her son, but the house was silent and dark. "He must have gone to bed. The little slut..." And Rachel couldn't help herself from feeling sorry for her little boy, who was now clearly exhausted.

Dorian's door was slightly ajar and standing in front of it she could hear his breathing. She pushed it slowly, careful not to make any noise. The light from her bedroom's open door was advancing in her son's room as she entered. There he was, her little boy, her treasure, the man she loved the most in the whole world. His naked body was stretched on top of the sheets, his hair covering his face and his... penis resting semi flaccid between his thighs. All sort of thoughts were running through her head as she was getting drunk with the view of her beautiful son.

"He's just a boy, my boy. But that sweet mouth oh his, which kisses my cheek every morning and evening, telling me he loves me, just sucked another man's cock! And that itsy-bitsy shaft, which I used to wash and fondle when he was a baby, is now a grown man's dick and gives blowjobs and spits semen." Just having these thoughts, Rachel's mouth was filling with saliva. Unconsciously, she was approaching the bed. Once there, all the voices in her head that were yelling at her to stop had silenced.

Rachel was now a woman on a mission. She was a mother who had to save her son from homosexuality, she was a caring woman who had to show this young man the pleasures of the female body and she was a bitch in heat that had to taste and fuck that cock. She let her robe fall to her legs and slowly lay down on the bed, next to her son. Her hand started to gently caress his dick and his sack. It was a matter of moments until the penis became erect and stood in a straight angle above Dorian's abs. Feeling that firm piece of meat in her palm, Rachel lost all remnants of inhibition. If incest was never an option for her, now the word was erased from her vocabulary.

Rachel's head was coming closer and closer to the young dick. When her hot breath touched his sensitive gland, it even twitched. And when her full lips kissed gently the tip, Dorian's eyes opened. Now he knew it wasn't a wet dream but still couldn't understand what was happening. Somebody is sucking him and his crotch was covered with this person's long, red hair.

"Fuck! It's mom!" And simultaneously with this thought, his body jumped a little. Rachel turned her head and their eyes met. She was holding his pole firmly now and without taking her greedy eyes from his, put it in her mouth. Dorian gasped as the sensitive gland entered the hot as lava mouth. It was an entirely new sensation. Monica and Steve sucked his dick many times before, and one time he was even at a glory hole, where he both sucked and was sucked, but this was different. Not that she was his mother. Not only this. This was definitely the best blow job he ever got!

"Mom... yes... please suck it..." he whispered in a low voice. Hearing Dorian, the mature women grasped the dick firmly and started to blow him like her life depended on it. They were both moaning. His hands were caressing her, playing with her hair.

And then she got an idea which made her smile. Her right hand released the pole and started to gently play and fondle Dorian's heavy balls. From there, her fingers caressed his crotch, which was entirely covered in saliva form the sloppy blowjob she was giving, and started massaging his ass. As her son's moans became louder and her tongue started to swirl on the hard dick, her finger insinuated inside his anus. She wasn't surprised when he didn't protest.

"So, you like being your mother's bitch, don't you" she said to her son with an excited voice.

"Oh, God, mother, yes! I am your bitch! Just don't stop!"

Rachel resumed her oral activity, but this time the sucking motion was accompanied by a finger moving in and out his ass. She was a women possessed. Nothing could have stopped her now. She was doing it only for her lust, there were no doubt, no excuses.

"You like being finger fucked? You little gay bitch! You like sucking cocks? Or you like it better when I suck yours?"

"I love everything you do mom!" And he was sincere about it. His breathing became more erratic, his body began trembling. "I... I... will... cum..."

Hearing this, Rachel milked him even with more dedication and without missing a beat in his ass, where a second finger joined the first one. In that same moment Dorian's body became stiff and his penis started to erupt semen in Rachel's mouth, filling her until she felt it will explode on her nostrils. With a large gulp she swallowed the most of it and continued to suck her son's cock out of every drop of cum. And when his cock started to become soft in her mouth, she moved until they were face to face and their mouths met in a kiss. It was a full on the mouth kiss, not a mother and son kiss! And to Dorian's delight, while tonguing him, she started to let go in his mouth what ever semen remained unswallowed.

After a long kiss, they parted breathing heavily. Both their faces were now wet from saliva and semen. Rachel became the loving mother again, taking Dorian into her arms.

"My sweet, little boy! My sexy man! You are my dream come true!" And she meant it. Both mother and son fell asleep in each others arms, exhausted but terribly happy.

Written by: Axteuffel

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