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The Fucking of My Mother

by dors74©

Jake was eighteen years old and horny. Horny for a woman he had desired for so long that he had to admit to himself that it was an itch that had to be scratched or it would drive him crazy. The acceptance of this desire had taken three long hard years of soul searching to arrive at. After all he couldn't tell anyone about this, not ever. He knew the consequences would be so severe if he was ever caught and that he would be an outcast from everyone that ever loved him. You see what Jake wanted so badly and was to have his mother suck him off then have her turn over and take his cock in both her pussy and then for her to take it up her bum hole. Incest is what it's called and Jake wanted it, he wanted it so badly that he felt his life could not be complete without this experience.

Now clearly this is not the type of thing his mother was going to go for. He was equally confident that his father would probably frown on it too and that his brother and sister would be mortified also. However Jake had made his mind up and weighed up the consequences and had formulated a plan.

At this point we should probably get a picture of what Jakes mother looks like and what she does. Madeline is her name and she is a lovely cheerful lady who has been nothing but a loving mother to Jake and his two siblings. She is currently 44 and works part time as a teacher at the local primary school where she also volunteers at the school canteen. She is happily married to Jakes father Brian and they have recently celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary together. She is 5ft 6 inches tall and is just a normal looking woman who is in reasonably good shape not unlike many other mothers in the world.

That is what is so appealing for Jake. The prospect of this married faithful housewife/mother taking her son to bed. A woman that no one in their right mind would suspect capable of committing an adulterous act let alone an act of incest. Yet here it was, a plan so cunning and devious that had taken Jake years to plan and here he was about to bring it from the fantasy world to the world of reality.

In Madeline's defence this was a plan that she knew nothing of and like all mothers around the world she would be disgusted and devastated if she had known exactly what it was that her son had in store for her. The event was planned for Saturday afternoon. Brian would be out golfing and Jakes brother and sister were staying at grandmas house for the weekend so that Madeline and Brian could have a night to themselves. Jake was supposed to be going out to a party with some friends like many eighteen year old boys do on a Saturday.

Saturday morning arrived and Jake woke up knowing that today was the day that he would have a piece of his mothers pussy and he woke up feeling turned on and ready to get on with it. There is something that happens in a person's mind when he accepts what his fate is going to be. Jake got up and his mother and father were in the kitchen finishing a coffee having just kissed goodbye to their two other children as Brian's mother had just picked them up. Jake said Good morning to them both and let his hand brush over his mother's back at he went by her to put the kettle on. That was his first touch for the day, he was the only one who knew there would be many more.

About ten minutes later Brian was away golfing and it was just Jake and his mother in the house. Madeline excused herself and said she was away for a shower, This was the moment then. For as long as he could remember he had wanted to take his mother to bed, now everything was set for his plan to take place.

With the water running in his mothers bathroom Jake ventured to her bedroom doorway. The master bedroom had its own shower and ensuite and the door to the bedroom couldn't be heard opening as Jake pushed at it. With a quiet determination he allowed himself to enter the bedroom and closed the door behind him. He waited to hear if his mom had heard the noise. Twenty seconds went by and he knew he was safe. Jake inched towards the corner of the bathroom door and he could see the reflection of his mother in the shower as she was shampooing her hair. At this stage Jake felt his cock harden as he stroked it through his jeans as he watched the beautiful sight in front of him. The lovely white breasts that had given him milk as a child and which he would suck on again in another few minutes.

Jake stripped of all his clothes and made himself erect. He stood there powerfully built having worked out hard over the previous three months and wearing loose clothing in that time so no one would notice his new body shape. Then there was the new tattoo that he had of an eagle looked great on his torso. Of course he had never shown anyone this and had gotten it down a month earlier on his 18th birthday especially for today. Jake went over to the bedroom window and opened it and then made sure that the curtains covered it. Jake sat down on the bed and from his jeans pulled out the balaclava for his face. Then he waited for the water to turn off. It did a few minutes later and the Madeline grabbed a towel and started drying herself off. The balaclava went on and in went Jake.

Madeline was shocked and her mouth dropped as she took in the site in front of her. Jake had his hand over her mouth in seconds and dragged her out of the bathroom and on to the bed. Madeline was twisting and wriggling and couldn't shout out as Jake held his hand tight over her mouth. He grabbed a pillow and forced his mothers face into it. All that could be heard was subdued muttering as his mother gasped for her breath. Jake was applying a pressure hold to her now and Madeline blacked out. That was that. Reaching under his parents bed Jake pulled out a small bag of items which were his Dad's. In it was some handcuffs which he applied to his mothers wrists locking them behind her back.

With Madeline now lying still and face down ,Jake was now secure in the knowledge that even if his mother did wake up she wouldn't recognise him because of the balaclava. With the tattoo being visible also he felt confident he wouldn't get caught so he decided it was time to get started.

He began with sitting on his mothers buttocks and running his hard cock up and down the crack of her bum. He had never felt anything so electric in his life. He spread her cheeks open so he could see her bum hole. That was the one he wanted the most even more so than her pussy. Probably because it was so naughty. He licked his finger and inserted into his mothers anus and finger fucked her there as the pre cum oozed out of the head of his cock. After a couple of minutes he had his fingers in the pussy that had given him life. Four fingers in all up his mothers cunt hole and he felt her insides like he would never have another chance in his life. Jake's heart was pumping so hard now and still there was no movement from his mother.

However enough was enough now. Turning Madeline over it was now time to fuck her. That was until he got a look at her tits. Beautiful big nipples stood at attention and before a second more had passed Jake has his lips wrapped around them and was sucking for milk. What a beautiful pair they were Jake thought to himself as he sucked on his mothers breasts.

Three minutes had passed and Jake's mothers pussy still hadn't been fucked. The tits were more of a distraction than Jake had thought they would be. Not a moment more to waste. Jake lined up his mothers pussy lips and guided himself into her. What a moment. Jake was up his Mom and she felt terrific. She was wet and tight and with some master cockmanship Jake worked himself into a frenzy stopping just at the point of no return. After all since Jake had gone this far a bit of anal sex was a must.

So that is what happened Madeline's arse was opened up and Jake drove his cock up his mother bum hole. He didn't even lubricate it. Just gave it to her as she lay there and thought to himself what a terrific fuck she was and what a pity it was that he couldn't have this type of action on a daily basis.

The question now was what to do with the cum. Jake selected his mothers mouth as the place to receive it . Opening his mothers mouth proved no problem and he face fucked his mother until he shot a load of man juice down her throat. That's pretty much how it ended. At this point Jake new the cumshot should have been contained in a condom but it wasn't. It wouldn't take long for a doctor to work out who that the person that attacked Madeline was a family member.

Jake undone the handcuffs and headed for the window that he had opened. His plan was to leave that way to cover his tracks and then go to the garage and start cleaning his car until he heard his mothers screams. However it seemed a little pointless now as Madeline's mouth was full of cum. How can that be hidden. Then it happened.

The most amazing couple of sentences ever spoken. "Not bad at all Jake. You are your fathers son that's for sure." Madeline winked at him as then swallowed her sons sperm. "I will be expecting a wonderful mothers day present this year, oh and by the way your aunt Sandra is coming to stay with us for her holidays next week."

Written by: dors74

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