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My Evil Stepsister

by Web_Spinner©

I was fifteen when my dad walked out on my mother and me. It was the typical story of a man leaving his wife and family for a younger woman. In this case it was for his secretary who was ten years younger than mom. At first, mom was pretty devastated. I just pretty much took it in stride. He had never been much of a father, always seeming to be too wrapped up in his work or hobbies to spend any time with me. I figured he hadn't really wanted kids and I was just a mistake as far as he was concerned.

I'm Jeff, by the way. Jeff Bradley and my mom's name is Sarah.

I became the man of the house for the next year and a half. Doing all the tasks and chores my father had done or hired someone to do. Dad was paying child support to mom as ordered by the court but nothing more. Mom had a job working at a real estate agency and between what she made and the child support we got by. There wasn't much left at the end of the month but we didn't go without the basic needs.

As I said earlier, dad's leaving was a pretty big blow to mom. When she was at home, she would sit around the house depressed. She still went to work and cooked my meals and made sure I had clean clothes to wear but little else. Since I would get home from school before she came in I would spend an hour or two cleaning the house and wait until after dinner to hit the books and finish my homework. I wanted mom to know I was there for her and would give her hugs and kiss her cheek and tell her I loved her. Don't get the wrong idea. I wasn't coming on to my mother. I was trying to console her.

It was eight months before my mother seemed to return to normal. As she did she realized all the things I had been taking care of and told me how proud she was of me and she would do the cleaning again and I needed to get out more and spend time with my friends. I did go out once in a while but I rarely stayed gone too long. I wanted to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't slip back into her depression.

About a year after my dad had left Don Wilson and his daughter moved to our town. He was a rather successful lawyer and had taken a job with a large firm here in Dallas. We lived in one of the suburbs of Dallas. Anyway, Don had used the agency where my mom worked to find a new home for him and his daughter. He had noticed mom and asked her out. She turned him down the first three times but he was persistent. Mom finally relented and agreed to go to dinner with him. She still had a big issue with trust. Don was a total gentleman during their first date. He never pressured mom or even made any unwanted overtures to her great relief, and she agreed to another date. This led to a third, fourth and so on.

I began to see a real change in mom, she was happy again. I would even catch her humming to herself. I had met Don when he would come to pick mom up so they could go out. I liked him from the start. There wasn't anything phony about him. He was friendly and had a good sense of humor. We often talked if mom was running a little late.

It was three months before my eighteenth birthday when mom said she was making dinner for Don on Saturday. He was bringing his daughter with him and begged me to please eat with them. I told her I would be there even though It meant I had to cancel the hottest date I had ever had. Mom could tell I was joking about the date part and kissed my cheek. I did date occasionally but it was never anything serious. I rarely went out with the same girl more than twice. Don't get me wrong, I didn't just use them then dump them. It's just that I never seemed to really clicked with them.

Saturday evening came and I was in the living room watching sports on the tube when the doorbell rang. Mom was in the kitchen, so I went to answer it. When I opened the door I saw Don standing behind a very pretty brunette. This must be Don's daughter. When my eyes met her's she just rolled her eyes and gave me a disgusted look. Standing behind her Don missed this.

I had never met Don's daughter before, even though we went to the same school. But, I knew who she was. She was a member of the rich bitch clique who only dated jocks or guys from wealthy families who had the cash to spend on them. They looked down on anyone not in their group. Mom and I weren't rich and I wasn't a jock so I didn't interact with them. I hung out with a small group of average guys. We had similar interests and none of them were trouble makers.

I chose to ignore the look and invited them in. Don came in and introduced his daughter to me. Her name was Liz, short for Elizabeth. I held my hand out to shake her's but quickly dropped it when she looked at it as if I had leprosy. I told Don that mom was in the kitchen and he headed that way. Liz turned and looked around the house shaking her head. I was getting royally pissed now. Mom and I lived in a middle class home and it was nicely decorated as mom has good taste. Granted it wasn't a palace but I was proud to live here and didn't appreciate this stuck up cunt coming in to my home and putting it down.

For mom's sake I clamped down on my emotions and asked Liz if she would like something to drink. Without even looking at me she just said "No" and walked over to the couch and sat down. I had to get out of the room and calm down. I said nothing, just turned and went to my bedroom. By the time I heard mom come out and ask Liz where I was, I had control of myself.

Mom came to my door and stared at me curiously and said dinner was ready. I didn't say anything, just nodded and followed her to the dining room. Our dining table sat six. Don was seated at the head of the table and Liz was sitting to his left. Mom took her chair on the right hand side of Don. The only empty place setting was in front of the chair next to Liz. I walked to the end of the table opposite Don and pulled out the chair. Mom had put each setting on a fancy placemat and I reached over and pulled mine in front of me and took a seat.

Don looked at me with a curious expression but didn't say anything. The look I got from mom let me know that she didn't appreciate my actions. I simply smiled and told her everything smelled wonderful. Don agreed and began to pass the platter around. I was hungry and dug in. One of the few times I glanced up I could tell that Liz was barely picking around at the food on her plate. The conversation was mostly between my mother and Don. I finished eating and was excusing myself, when Don spoke up.

"Jeff, please stay. Your mother and I have an announcement and we wanted you and Liz here with us at the same time. Jeff, I have asked your mother to marry me and she has said yes."

The consequences of this statement didn't even enter my mind. I was happy for my mother. I was pretty sure that Don would be good for her. I stood and walked behind my mother and held my hand out to Don.

"Congratulations Don," I said sincerely, shaking his hand. "I know you have made my mother happy and will take good care of her."

Don gave my a broad smile. "Thank you, Jeff. Your approval means a lot to me and your mother."

I kissed mom on the cheek and congratulated her too.

Don looked over at his daughter. "Liz."

"Oh yeah, congratulations or what ever. Anyway, the girls are waiting for me so I need to run." she said coldly. She stood up and walked out the front door.

Don glared at his daughter's back as she walked out but he refused to let her ruin his good mood. Don told me he was taking mom dancing. I told them to go ahead and I would clear the table and clean the kitchen. I walked them to the door. Mom hugged me and kissed my cheek.

"I love you, Jeff. You are the best son a mother could ever wish for."

"Ah geez, mom. Don't get all mushy on me," I said with a grin. "Go enjoy yourself."

Don held out his hand to me and gave me a firm handshake. "You're a fine young man, Jeff. Thanks again for your blessings."

"Crimeny, both you love birds are getting mushy. Go on, have fun. I've got a kitchen to clean," I said laughing. Mom and Don were both laughing as they walked to his car.

They had set a wedding day for three months from now, about three weeks after my eighteenth birthday. It wasn't until the acutal day of my birthday that the reality of the consequences of mom's marriage set in. Mom had made my favorite meal and of course Don came to celebrate my official arrival into adulthood. I was relieved to see Don was alone when he arrived and his daughter was no where in sight. When Don went into the kitchen I overheard mom ask if Liz had come. Don did his best to make up some lame excuse about Liz having something or other she had to do. I knew the real reason she wasn't there and it suited me just fine. Her presence would just put a damper on my big day.

Mom put the meal on the table and we sat to eat. A few bites in Don asked mom, "Well, darling have you started packing yet? I can't wait until you move in."

Mom laughed, "Actually I was going to start this week. I've listed the house with my agency."

Don looked at me. "I think you will like your new room, Jeff."

"New room?" I said questioningly.

"Yes, Jeff. Your new room. You and your mother will be moving in with us as soon as we're married." Don said.

"Uh, yeah sure." I said none to articulately.

I knew that once they were married they would live together. Of course they would. But, up to now I hadn't thought what that meant for me. Maybe it was a subconscious attempt to block out the fact that I would be living in the same house as Liz. Fuck. Well that went a long way at throwing cold water on my good mood. I had to get out and think. Mom knew I planned to meet up with some friends who had a small party planned for me. I quickly finished eating and told mom and Don that I was going to meet my buddies. Mom looked at me with concern but only asked me to be careful and not party too much. I assured her I would be careful and headed out.

The prospect of being in the same house as Liz on a daily basis did kill some of my party mood. I know my friends could tell but they were cool enough not to pry. I spent much of the night trying to think of a solution to my problem, finally resigning myself to the inevitable. The next day mom asked me if something was wrong and I did my best to reassure her that everything was fine. I didn't want her to worry with her wedding coming up.

The day before the wedding I had moved the last of my stuff into my new room. It really was a nice room. I even had my own private bathroom and it had a high speed internet connection. That was nice because I sometimes liked to play games with my buddies online. Yeah, yeah, and check out the free porn sites, too. Give me a break I was eighteen with the normal hormone level of any eighteen year old male. I spent the night before the wedding in my new room. Mom, in the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride the day before the wedding, stayed at a girlfriends house.

The wedding was on Saturday, so Friday after school I would be going to my new house to spend my first night there. I knew Liz and her little clique usually headed for the mall after school so I stopped at the drive in on my way to Don's house and got a burger, fries and a shake. I went to my room and closed the door planning not to leave my room until it was time to leave for the wedding the next day. Don got home shortly after I did and came to my room to see if I was hungry. I held up the last of my burger I was finishing and told him I was fine and that I had a major paper I had to work on and wouldn't have much time, what with the wedding and all. He seemed to buy my story and left.

I was online playing a game when I heard Liz going into her room. Her door was right across the hall from mine. I just turned up my head phones louder to help block out any noise that reminded of the fact she was that close. I slept fitfully that night.

The next morning I got up early, dressed and grabbed the suit I was going to wear and headed out. Don was already up and in the kitchen and I told him I was going to make sure mom didn't need anything at the last minute. Don asked if I wanted breakfast and I told him I would grab something on my way. What I really wanted was to get out of there before Liz got up.

I was to ride in the limo with mom to the church and I would be walking her down the aisle. My grandfather, mom's dad, had passed on a few years ago, so I got to do the honors. The wedding went great. Mom looked beautiful. It really was so good to see her this happy. Liz and I just ignored each other at the church and did the same at the reception.

Don had booked a suite for him and mom in the hotel for the night. The next day they were flying out for a two week honeymoon. The reception was nice. Friends of both my mother and Don were there to help celebrate their wedding. Mom danced with her new husband several times. Anyone could see they were in love by how they looked in each others eyes as they danced. Don announced that he was taking his bride to their room and the bar would be open for another hour for those who chose to stay. I went and shook Don's hand and kissed my mother's cheek and wished them luck.

I had seen Liz with a couple girls from her clique that she had invited to the reception. I looked around and spotted them still sitting at a table. I knew if I left now I could avoid her. I hurried out to my car and sped home and locked myself in my bedroom. I put my headphones on and listened to music until I fell asleep. I didn't hear if Liz had come home.

I woke up Sunday morning and headed down to the kitchen to see if I could rustle up some breakfast. Just as I got to the bottom of the stairs a somewhat worse for wear Liz came strolling in. It was obvious she was just now getting home. She looked up to see me coming down the stairs.

"What are you looking at, loser," she spat at me.

I glared at her. "I am looking at a nothing. An absolute nothing." I spun around and stomped back up the stairs leaving her standing with her mouth open. She couldn't believe that a lowlife nobody like me would dare to speak to her that way.

I locked my bedroom door behind me and pulled out my cell phone and called my buddy Jake. He had graduated last year and had a job working for his fathers construction company and his own apartment. I talked him into letting me crash there for the next two weeks. I wasn't going to put up with that cunt's bullshit while mom and Don weren't here. I grabbed a duffel bag and stuffed what I needed into it and headed out. As I was packing I had heard Liz's bedroom door slam and I felt lucky that I didn't have to see her on my way out.

Jake was a responsible guy. He didn't have wild parties. So the next two weeks weren't filled with two guys living it up. He had to work and I had school and my homework to do. All in all, we made good roommates. It sure was a hell of a lot better than putting up with Liz's shit.

Mom called my cell phone a week into her honeymoon. She and Don were having a great time. She said she had called the house but no one answered. I told her I was at a friends house studying for a history test we both had the next day. Then she asked how I was getting along with Liz. I told her there were no problems. It was like she wasn't even there. I wasn't lying.

A week later mom called my cell to let me know that they had arrived at the airport and would be on their way home shortly. I grabbed up my duffel bag which I had already packed and thanked Jake for his hospitality and headed back to my new home. I wasn't surprised to see Liz's car gone. In fact I wondered if she had even been home at all during the last two weeks, not that I gave a shit.

I was in my room when mom and Don got home and went down to greet them and help Don with the luggage. My mother was excited to see me and gave me a smothering hug. We got everything into their bedroom and we sat in the living room where they told me all about their honeymoon. I heard Liz's car pull into the drive way as mom was concluding the details of their trip. I excused myself telling them I had homework due tomorrow that I needed to finish and would see them at dinner. Liz came in and we passed each other as I headed for the stairs. I chuckled to myself at the glare she gave me.

Liz did eat at the table with us that night. We didn't speak to each other. Hell, I never even looked at her. Mom, and I'm sure Don too, noticed. Mom came to talk to me later.

"Jeff, what's up between you and Liz? I haven't ever seen either of you speak to each other and you didn't even look at her tonight."

"Mom, it's nothing to worry about. We just run in different circles and don't have anything in common so there's not much for us to talk about," I told her. That much was true, so again I wasn't lying. I just left out the part of Liz's hatred and contempt for me.

"Jeff, I wish you try to at least talk to her, okay, honey?" she asked of me.

"Mom, I'm sure everything will be fine. It's just all so new, what with us living under the same roof," I answered, avoiding making any promises.

The next week was pretty much a repeat. If we saw each other she would glare at me and I would smirk at her. That was our only form of communication. She ate dinner with us some nights, but was out with her friends on the others. It was a Monday evening, a week after mom's honeymoon, when I volunteered to do the dishes. Mom thanked me and she and Don went to the den. I hadn't really paid any attention to the fact that Liz was still at the table as her habit was to hastily eat then take off. I was putting the last of the dishes in the dishwasher, except for her's, and while bent over I felt an entire glass of ice cold water poured over my back.

I stood up and yanked my shirt over my head. Until now Liz had never seen me in anything but baggy tee shirts. When she looked at me, bare from the waist up, she gasped. I had started taking karate classes when I was thirteen so had always been in good shape. Then I began to work out with weights two years ago. I never pushed to be an over muscled body builder but I did have highly defined abs and pecs. I was fairly slender at the hips and my muscles flared out as the met my shoulders.

"What the fuck are you doing," I yelled as loud as I could. My wrath temporarily startled her and she took two steps back. I saw her face cloud over and she was just about to tell me off when Don came running in.

"What's going on here?" he demanded to know.

"Your daughter" I spat out emphasizing the word daughter, as I glared back at her. "Just poured a glass of ice water down my back."

I turned and brushed past Don and headed for my room. Behind me I could hear Liz begin to whine, "It was an accident Daddy. I was trying to help and my glass slipped."

I didn't hear anymore as I ascended the stairs. Mom came to my room about an hour later to check on me. She said that Liz had said she was sorry and it was an accident. I just looked at my mother and told her that hell would freeze over before I believed she was sorry for anything she had ever done. Mom could see I was boiling mad and didn't push me anymore.

The next week when I came home I would lock myself in my bedroom and only come out at dinner time. I would eat with Mom and Don if Liz wasn't home. If she was I would take my plate to my room and eat alone. Mom and Don both came up to my room three days after the incident to try to talk to me but I told them there was nothing to discuss. I refused to speak and they left my room

I knew I was upsetting my mother but I had reached a point that I was afraid of what I might do. Even though I was avoiding the real issues, I felt that staying as far possible from Liz was the best course of action.

The next attack came the following Saturday. Don had taken my mom to the mall. I had been playing a little basketball with my buddies and had just got home and went to shower. I hadn't seen Liz's car when I got home so I thought I was alone. I forgot to lock my bedroom door, just stripped and jumped into the shower. I was thinking about this cute gal from my class who was hanging around the courts earlier that day and the crop top shirt showing her bare midriff and her daisy duke shorts and her nice long legs. My cock was becoming quite stiff so I soaped it up and was gently stroking myself. Suddenly a wave of ice cold water come over the top of the shower curtain. I screamed and ripped the curtain back to see Liz standing there with a bucket in her hand. I don't know what she expected but now she was staring at me totally naked. Her eyes went to my cock. I had shrunk a couple inches from the shock of the ice water but I still hung down a respectable seven inches and fairly thick. She didn't get to stare long.

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