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My Evil Stepsister

by Web_Spinner©

"So mom, how has it really been since I left?" I said knowing she would understand I was referring to Liz.

"Jeff, I would never have believed it was possible for one person to change so much. Liz has turned into one of the sweetest girls I've ever met. I think the problem had been that she didn't have a caring mother in her life. As much as Don did for her, she still needed her mother. But from what I have learned from Don her mother is a cold hearted bitch who left her and Don. She's never even contacted Liz. We have become very close and she calls me mom now," my mother said.

"I'm really glad to hear that. I was hoping she wasn't fooling me and it was all an act," I said.

"I just thank God for having you, Jeff. If you hadn't been the one to step in the way you did I don't know what would have happened between Don and I. I'm afraid that it would have forced us apart."

I was happy for everyone. Don had his daughter back and mom had a daughter she had never had. We talked more. I told mom some things about Jenny and I. How we had grown so close and how much I loved her. I didn't mention anything about our sleeping together but I knew that both our mothers were aware of the fact. I suspected that Malcolm knew it too but tried to believe his little girl slept in her own room. The truth of the situation came out a couple days later. Jenny and her parents came over to have dinner with us and the subject of Liz going to college came up. Liz had proven she was a changed person and Don was going to pay for her education.

"I don't know if you have thought about it," Jenny began. "But, if Liz wanted to go to the same school as Jeff and me, she could stay with us. We do have a spare bedroom."

Malcolm's head snapped up and he stared open mouth at his daughter. Jenny realized what she had said. It was all out in the open now. Jenny walked to her father and sat in his lap putting her arms around his neck.

"Daddy, I will always be your little girl but I've grown up too. I'm a woman now. And that man sitting over there looking as shocked as you may not know it but he is going to be the father of your grandchildren. I know how much you like to act like a tough guy but I can tell you really like Jeff. Make me happy daddy and don't be mad."

Malcolm had never been able to deny his daughter anything. She had him wrapped around her little finger from the day she was born.

"Just don't make me a grandfather anytime too soon," he grumbled. Jenny giggled and squeezed his neck hard.

I was ecstatic when Jenny told Malcolm I was going to be the father of her children. We hadn't really talked about our future but I knew now that whatever it was to be, we wanted it to be with us together. Despite Jenny's offer, Liz wasn't going to stay with us, at least not now. It was too late for her to register for the next semester and she was already enrolled in the local college.

Jenny and I spent time every day together. It was tough going to sleep at night without her. She did spend a couple nights with me. Even her dad didn't grumble too much about it. Wasn't much point considering we shared a bedroom at school. We spent half of Christmas day with each others parents. For New Years we gathered at the McDonalds and celebrated together. Two days later Jenny and I returned to our apartment.

"I love my parents to death but I'll be glad to get home," Jenny said as we drove.

"Me too, baby, me too," I replied.

Liz never did come to stay with us. She got her degree while living at home. Jenny and I graduated at the same time. She had a business degree and mine was in engineering. Malcolm was pleased that I had chosen that field as the company he owned was and engineering firm. He gave both Jenny and I jobs when we were out of school. We got married just a few months after graduation. A year later, Jenny gave birth to our son. We named him Malcolm Donald Bradley in honor of Jenny's dad and my stepfather. A couple weeks after our son was born Malcolm called me into his office for a private closed door meeting.

"Jeff, the day you married my daughter you became my son. I am grooming you to take over my position. I built this company and have always wanted to keep it in the family. When the time comes you and Jenny will become the owners of my company but you are the one with the engineering degree and will be the one to make final decisions. Now that you have given me a grandson, I can only hope he will follow in your footsteps and take over from you someday."

I thanked him and told him I was honored. We shook hands and I turned to leave. Just as I reached for the door knob he spoke again.

"One thing son. Don't get any ideas about kicking the old man out too soon. I'm not ready to be put to pasture yet."

"Yes sir, dad," I chuckled.

Two years after our son was born Jenny gave birth to our daughter. We named her Sarah Susan Bradley to honor both her grandmothers. The moment I laid eyes on her I knew I was going to be in trouble. I understood now what Malcolm had felt the first time he had held Jenny in his arms.

The company continued to grow. We had a solid reputation as one of the best engineering firms in the country. The time came when Malcolm did decide to retire. Jenny and I took over the company. She ran the accounting and personel departments while I ran the engineering end. We made a good team. Our son has entered college now. And yes, he is studying engineering which has made his grandfather extremely pleased and proud.

Don had retired now too. Both sets of our folks were enjoying the fruits of their labor. They spent a lot of time with each other and often took trips and cruises together. Jenny and I had bought a home almost half way between our parents houses. That way they both had plenty of time to dote on their grandchildren.

There has never been a woman born who could take me away from my sweet wife. And I make sure my kids know how much I love them every chance I get. I am nothing like my real father.

And my evil step sister Liz. She is as sweet as sugar. She married one of the engineers who work for our company and has three children. She's a great mom. I'm sure during the years she lived at home while going to college that my mom with her kind and loving ways became the role model for Liz. Unlike her birth mother, Liz would fight to the death before she would give up one of her kids.

Sometimes at night I hold my beautiful loving wife in my arms and thank God for how our lives have turned out.

Written by: Web_Spinner

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