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Taeris' Downfall

by Onoz©


This is a story about a High Elf priestess and the Chaos God Slaanesh. The setting and world are inspired by the Warhammer: Fantasy game. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. If you loved it, liked it, hated it, or want to see something else written about it please feel free to let me know.


High priestess Taeris blasted another daemon with a gout of crackling blue flame: the essence of Asuryan. Her sea grey eyes cast about the battlefield around her. Chaos spawn ran rampant through the ranks, daemons cackled gleefully as they tore into the ranks of High Elf spearmen, shrugging off attacks that would have slain mortals with ease. Not for the first time that day despair welled up inside of her. The battle had been raging for hours now with no sign of slowing down. The forces of Chaos had swept down on the High Elves like a plague, razing caravans and supply lines without mercy as the High Elf army was en route to the coast. The priestess knew that unless she did something soon, the army would be crushed and all hope of relief for the Empire would be swept away like so much driftwood in a flood.

She whirled her ivory staff in a dazzling blur, splitting a daemonette of Slaanesh nearly in half with its arcane force. Breathing a little heavier, she finally caught sight of the Greater Daemon directing the mad ranks of Chaos. She muttered a spell and, in a coruscating blink of light and blue flame, appeared in front of the towering behemoth. Her robe was torn in several places, revealing the tantalizing alabaster skin beneath it. Her skin was unmarred despite the gashes in her robe and a light sheen of sweat coated her body. What was left of the regal robe hung in strips of cloth that left nothing to the imagination: her perfectly rounded breasts, just enough to spill over a handful, her flat stomach, the gentle sway from her waist to her hips and a breathtakingly beautiful ass. As though a miracle sent from Asuryan himself though, none of her most private places were exposed to the hungry gaze of the daemonic army around her.

Slightly disoriented, she leaned on her staff for a brief moment while she gained her senses. In front of her the Greater Daemon of Slaanesh loomed. Viscous saliva dripped from its slender, tubular mouth and a tongue the size of a grown elf's arm flicked out to taste the air. Baleful green eyes burned with a malevolent light as it took in the beauty before it. One taloned hand clenched in anticipation, the other firmly clasped around its sword, the runes and the very metal beneath twisting in a mind-reeling orgy of death. Two more arms sprouting from its back ended in long, wickedly curved pincers capable of snapping a tree in half. More glistening and sickeningly thick fluid dripped from the claws leaving a cloying aroma lingering in the air. The flap of cloth dangling from a gold chain around its waist rose slightly as the the Prince of Chaos' general reveled in the thought of ravaging the centuries old elf in front of it. Its hoofed feet pawing the ground for a moment, it charged.

Taeris at last got her bearings in time to dive under a sweep of the daemon's clawed arms, the tip of which finally pierced the enchantments around her and broke the skin. A bright red line appeared on her right arm, coated in the liquid that had been oozing from the massive pincers. A wave of heat washed over the High Priestess, flushing her skin a rosy pink. The Prince of Chaos was known for indulging in lewd activities on the battlefield and afterwards. The cut on her arm was a sharp reminder of that.

She rose to her feet and with a word of resonating power, a torrent of white hot flame burst from her hand, engulfing the Greater Daemon in the flame of Asuryan. A wild shriek pierced the air and the maddened daemon lunged forward again. Taeris was ready for it this time and met its runeblade with her ivory staff, the feedback was immense as the magics within the two weapons crackled and pulsed, each trying to outdo the other. With a mighty roar and a surge of dark energy the Keeper gave a final push and the ivory staff cracked, then split in two. The stunned priestess gaped for a moment at her ruined weapon before casting it aside and drawing her own runeblade. It was slender and dainty in comparison to the mighty sword the daemon wielded and she prayed to Asuryan for strength.

The battlefield around the two generals had fallen into a lull, the awe-inspiring clash in the midst of the battle drawing daemon and elf alike. For a brief moment the area around the two combatants was dead silent, then the Greater Daemon flicked its tongue out again and raised its taloned hand in a peculiar gesture. Shadowy tendrils ripped out of the ground around the priestess and enveloped her lithe body, with a shout of surprise she dropped her sword and the tendrils instantly flicked it away, quivering as they touched the magical weapon. Cursing her stupidity Taeris closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She threw her head back, let out a scream of rage then opened her eyes again. When she opened them, a brilliant and blinding blue light seared out from her, vaporizing the shadows and forcing the Keeper to stagger backwards. While it floundered in the blinding light, she dove for her sword, felt her fingers wrap around the hilt and brought it sweeping around in a dazzling arc, shearing off one of the demon's clawed arms.

The Keeper of Secrets shrieked in pain, it had not felt pain like this in millennia. Filled with a primal rage it whirled upon its attacker, raining down a flurry of impossibly fast blows. The priestess fell back under the onslaught, panic filling her mind for a brief moment before she once again felt a gash open up her skin and she looked down to her thigh where its remaining claw had sliced another brilliant red line. This one was longer and slightly deeper than the first and where one had given her only a slight rush, the heady feelings of lust that swept through her left her wobbling on weak knees. Her hazy sea-grey eyes tried to focus on the daemon but could find no purchase. She stumbled to her knees, leaning heavily on the magical sword miraculously still in her grasp. She panted heavily, half from the exertion and half from the arousal running rampant through her perfect body. A massive shadow blotted out the sun and she managed to crane her neck up to look. The Keeper of Secrets towered over her and with another gesture of its taloned hand the last remnants of her arcane robes blew apart in shreds. Pleasure wracked her body and she swam in the tides of it, swamping her thoughts into oblivion.

The spell on the surrounding hosts broke at last and the remaining High Elves tried to flee, their general defeated. The men were cut down swiftly and mercilessly, the women... the women were pounced upon by daemons of all shapes and sizes, their armor and clothes ripped apart and thrown to the wind. Thousands of small cuts appeared across the hauntingly beautiful bodies of the elves as they lay in the dust, viscous fluid dripping from slavering jaws and wickedly sharp talons into the wounds, inciting a maddening lust that soon filled the field with moans and cries of pleasure. As the last remnants of sanity fled the warriors on the field and an orgy of epic proportions unravelled around her, Taeris mustered the strength to return to her exhausted body and face the Greater Daemon once more.

As she dragged herself to her feet however, she noticed a change in the mighty daemon. The claws were gone, replaced with two perfectly sculpted arms, brazen and beautiful. The sword also was gone and in its place was a writhing whip of abyssal energy, crackling even as she watched it. The face had remained the same, the impossible long tongue flickering out now and again to delight in the scents and aromas filling the air from the rampant sex now taking place between elves and daemons. The most noticeable change however was the distinctly missing flap of cloth in front of the daemon's waist. Where it had hung was now the naked member of the daemon. Massive and slowly rising in arousal it was already 10 inches long and at least 3 inches around–it wasn't even fully erect. She gasped and another wave of lust washed through her, spurred on in part by the orgy around her, in part by the thick venom that was still working its way through her veins and in part by the sight of the massive cock hanging in front of her. The bastion of resolve that had once been so steadfast in her mind was slowly crumbling at the edges, the proud pennants now hanging limp and the ramparts deserted. She tried to lift her sword, but her protesting limbs wouldn't obey her anymore.

The Keeper of Secrets had never before understood what it was to serve its lord, the Prince of Chaos, until now. The feeling of euphoria that swept rampant through its body as Slaanesh took its body as an avatar was almost unbearable.

High Priestess Taeris had never known defeat, but as her weak mind stumbled along in its thoughts like a babbling brook over too many stones she realized she would not make it through the day alive. An unsteady resolve overtook her and she looked up defiantly at the Greater Daemon's mesmerizing green eyes, not realizing that she was in the presence of the Prince of Chaos himself. As her weary, sea-grey eyes met his malicious lambent green eyes she froze. She noticed now the true change that had overcome the daemon and for the last time that day, despair welled in her stomach like a knot.

At last the prey recognizes the predator. A thought invaded her mind. She shook her head and her eyes widened in shock. Yes, I can speak to you here in your own head. Did you truly think your pitiful warding would hold me back? Did you truly think you could contend with a God?

Taeris fell back onto her ass and her hands scrabbled in the dirt, trying feebly to drag herself away from the visage before her.

Ah ah ah. Not so fast. The avatar of Slaanesh clicked its fingers and the beautiful priestess rose into the air suspended by nothing, arms and legs flailing wildly as a panicked strength took hold.

"No, no please..." she mumbled.

Please? Please what? You slaughtered countless numbers of my minions, the effort required to send them here is beyond your mortal imagination. The frustration you have caused me is unbelievable but you must realize that not even a masterful sorceress and military genius such as yourself can win every battle, every war?

"Forgive me, I beg of you..."

No. There is no forgiveness in Chaos. With that, a tear in the fabric of the world opened behind her and she was unceremoniously flung through. The avatar followed at its own pace, enjoying for a moment the screams of pleasure piercing the air as thousands of High Elves suddenly climaxed at once. The presence of a God on the battlefield could not go long unnoticed. He had already noticed the changes overcoming some of them: the fear in their eyes replaced with lust, and now with a crazed glint their sanity fled them in their most dire moments, all thought of hope disappearing under the unending haze of bliss. A murmur rippled through the air as the army gave into the Prince's will and the murmur grew, exploding at last into a single word: "Slaanesh!"

The avatar grinned and stepped through the portal to its prize.


Taeris cast about helplessly for a way out, there was nothing. No light, no sound, no hope. Gathering the last shreds of her dignity she stood up and lifted her chin haughtily at the approaching God. Despite having left the mortal plane it retained its massive, eerily beautiful body: four arms, a long slender mouth, a massive and very much erect cock and a twitching serpentine tail. Taeris' chin dropped a fraction of an inch as the sheer presence of the being before her nearly overwhelmed her again. She began to pray to Asuryan for deliverance.

Hah, you think your feeble God can save you here? From me? Even on your world Asuryan is at best a close second to my power, here in my domain he is nothing. My brothers would relish the thought of tasting your "God".

Taeris shivered at the thought and ceased her prayers.

"Do what you will to me, I will never succumb to your ways. My body is my temple, pure and strong."

So pure? So strong? The thick tail tilted her chin to meet his eyes and she was lost, swimming in its depths. Where once there had been an eerie green glow now there was a mystical and bottomless pit of the purest black. I am left doubting.

"Y-your kind has no place on my w-world," she managed to stutter.

My kind? My dear, I am no daemon. I am a GOD! The being roared in her mind, I go where I wish mortal. It spat the last word with disgust and its tail left her chin, apparently being the last thing supporting the battered elf. She fell to her hands and knees panting heavily, thankful that eye contact with the creature had at last been broken. The realization that she was still naked hit her, and despite her disgust she could muster no strength to cover herself.

Modesty, pathetic. Taeris grimaced at the God's words and clenched her hands into fists. Suddenly and without warning she flew upright, arms and legs spread-eagle around her. She gasped and more of the thick venom dripped from the avatar's arm-like tongue to land across her pert breasts, her soft nipples instantly hardening.

"Unggh..." she moaned. "P-please," she said again, her thoughts stumbling like a newborn calf.

Please? What is it you wish? The God grinned wickedly at her predicament. Taeris at last got a grip on her senses and her resolve strengthened.

"I will never beg you, filth." She spat as she said the words. The avatar's eyes narrowed and its tongue whipped out across her cheek, leaving a trail of yet more venom on her face. She shuddered at the direct contact and felt her slit growing wet despite her wishes. Horrified at the betrayal of her body, her temple, she opened her mouth in a scream that was instantly cut off as the God's tongue slipped inside. Her muffled cries of half-hearted protest thrummed against the avatar's tongue and it shivered in delight.

"Mmnfff..." she moaned, eyes half-lidded in unabated pleasure as she swallowed the viscous venom by the mouthful.

This can't be happening, she thought, I can't be enjoying this. But her body told her otherwise. What had at first been a slight wetting of her cunt was now a veritable flood of sweet, sticky fluid gushing down her thighs. The avatar's tongue writhed around inside her mouth, coating her throat with more lust-inducing ichor. Her thoughts of resistance began to melt away under the merciless assault. At last the tongue was pulled from her mouth and she sighed in relief. Her eyes were now closed, and thus she was unprepared for the sudden reappearance of the tongue, now on her breasts. Her nipples, already stiff from the venom, puckered slightly and extended even further.

"Oh goddddd." But the tongue continued downwards to her cunt, dripping its poison onto her swollen cilt. Her eyes shot open and starbursts flared in her mind, cracking more of her mental bastion in resounding crashes. Mortar dust drifted down from the walls. Her first orgasm crashed down around her, shattering the foundations of reality. "What do you waaaaaaaant," she wailed as the tongue slid into her depths, caressing the hot folds of her cunt.

I should have thought that would be obvious by now, I want you to submit. You WILL be mine by the end of this.

Taeris could barely find it in herself to deny the claims.

"No... no you are everything I – OH FUCK YES!" the priestess screamed as her once pure temple was violated. She panted wildly as she came again... and again... and again. Her body thrashed against the tongue writhing inside her, the arm-like appendage moving like a living thing inside of her, filling her to the brink and then some. She had never in her wildest dreams imagined that this was what she was giving up when she donned the robes of the order of Asuryan, devoting her body and soul to her God. She could barely think rational thoughts, let alone dream up any resistance to the Prince of Chaos' ministrations. "M-m-more... please..." her luscious lips finally spit out.

I see you are warming up to me. The God cackled in her mind, sending shivers of fear and pleasure down her spine.

"I... can't... stop... cumming... Aieeeee!" She screamed as another orgasm swept through her body.

You can have all this and more... much more... all you have to do is submit.

A distant part of her sex-crazed mind raged at the priestess. Something about the purity of her resolve. She ignored it.

"Submit? Submit hooooooow?" The last word turned into a howl of pleasure as the thick tongue plunged deeper inside of her, its entire length now ravaging the body of the High Priestess.

You will understand... soon.

Her mind raced in an effort to stop the unbearable torture of her body. The bastion of hope in her mind crumbled a little further, massive blocks of stone crashing down around her. Finally the once-haughty priestess could take no more.

"I submit! I submit! Please tell me what you need!"

The God's massive cock twitched in anticipation and it withdrew its tongue from her slippery cunt, her cum flooding out as it departed. Taeris' head lolled on her chest and she drew deep, ragged breaths.

"What do you want me to say?" She mumbled, a solitary tear trailing down her flushed cheek.

I think you know the answer to that question.

"No... no I can't... I can't do it." The god sneered and stepped forward, its cock twitched again and then pores all over it oozed more of the thick venom that had so devastated the priestess. Her eyes widened in horror as she watched, "Please no... don't put that in me. You'll tear me in two!"

As if I care.

Taeris gasped when she felt the tip of the giant cock press against her cunt, a mini orgasm pummeling her already battered body as the venom mixed with her juices. The last stones holding up her now decrepit mental bastion finally shattered.

"Fuck me..." she mumbled.

What was that?

"Fuck me!" she said, a little louder.

I can't hear you.

"PLEASE. FUCK. ME." She screamed in between deep breaths.

There, that wasn't so hard was it? The God grinned at its final victory. It plunged forward, thrusting nearly half of its now 15-inch cock into the slender frame of the High Priestess.

"OH MY FUCKING GODDDDD!" She shrieked, a mind-blowing orgasm wracking her body. The sensations of the impossibly huge cock sliding slowly in and out of her dripping cunt were melting her thoughts like butter. Whatever had been holding her up released its hold on her and she crashed onto the massive, daemonic cock. She screamed her lust as another orgasm overtook her before she had come down from the first. Slaanesh let her fall limply to the floor, sliding off his cock for a moment before his body shrank to a more human size. While his frame shrunk however, his cock remained the same staggering size. Taeris quickly flung herself onto her chest, her knees lifting her rounded ass high in the air.

"Fuck my ass, please please fuck it! I need to feel that massive cock inside me! PLEASE!" Slaanesh smiled, guiding the tip of his cock to her slightly puckered pink rosebud.

"Yesssssssss! Fuck me master! Fuck my tight ass, fill me with your daemonic seeeeeeed!" She could no longer contain herself and thrust back onto his cock, spearing herself on the tip of it. Her hands flashed back to her ass and she pulled hard on her two cheeks, spreading them for her God to admire. He thrust forward and his hips slammed into her ass causing it to jiggle slightly.

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