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Beauty and the Geek Ch. 08

by frozenhero1©

Miley nodded, relenting. "O-okay... okay."

"Let's split up and find him." Brian suggested to Stacy as Miley moved towards the stage.


"Millicent Andrews??" the principle called again, "Where is our queen...? There she is! Let's hear it for your king and queen!"

Charlie finally spotted Miley as she took the stage beside Adrian. Charlie was about to head that way when Stacy caught up to him.

"Charlie!" Stacy called, "Charlie what happened?"

"Stacy?" Charlie turned, "Stacy you've got to believe me! Darla trapped me, she threw herself at me, I didn't... I swear... Miley saw us and..."

Stacy nodded, "I know, don't worry, she'll realize the truth... I talked some sense into her."

"You did?" Charlie looked relieved. "Oh man, Stacy you're a life savor."

"Don't sweat it." Stacy said, rubbing a soothing hand on Charlie's arm. "Now we just have to figure out how to stop Miley from killing Darla..."

"GEEK LOVER." came a sudden call from the crowd as the principle was placing a crown on Miley's head.

Charlie recognized Brock's voice, and turned to see Brock's jock cronies all around him laughing.

"Oh my god, that jerk..." Stacy looked Brock's way.

Other catcalls followed, and Miley started looking upset as Brock and his friends continued to laugh at her and yell their taunts.

"Students, please..." the principle urged from stage.

"Charlie you have to do something." Stacy said.

"What can I do?" Charlie replied.

"I don't know!" Stacy exclaimed helplessly, "But Miley's upset enough already, and she looks like she's ready to start crying again..."

"Shit..." Charlie cursed, then hurried towards the stage.

"There's the geek now!" Brock called from the crowd as Charlie climbed up onto the stage, and several people laughed.

Adrian had his arm around Miley, trying to comfort her as she was visibly upset. They both saw Charlie get on stage and ask the principle for the microphone.

"Can I have that?" Charlie asked the hapless principle, reaching for the mic. "Thanks."

"Oh my god..." Stacy lifted a hand to her forehead, watching Charlie from the crowd. "What is he doing?"

Charlie lifted the microphone to his mouth and faced the crowd, "Uh, hi everybody... wow, a lot of people out there..."

Several people called out things like 'geek' and 'dork', most of the voices coming from nearby Brock.

"That's right." Charlie said to everyone nervously. "Um, that's me, the class geek. It used to bother me when people called me that, or 'nerd' or whatever, but that all changed a while back. Someone really special made me realize that it didn't matter what people called me."

The crowd of students fell mostly quiet as Charlie spoke.

"As long as one incredible girl like Miley believed in me and supported me, it made all the teasing and name-calling suddenly easy to swallow." Charlie gained confidence as he continued, turning to face Miley directly. "I never thought in a million years I'd ever get a girl like Miley to even notice me, much less be my girlfriend. But here I am, and I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world. She's the best thing that ever happened to me."

Stacy covered her mouth in amazement.

"She doesn't need that crown..." Charlie spoke directly to Miley, eyes locked on hers. "Because to me she'll always be a queen. Maybe she's a 'geek lover', but if she'll have me this is one geek that will always treat her like royalty."

"Oh my god... Charlie." Miley slipped from Adrian's comforting arm and rushed across the stage towards Charlie.

Every girl in the building fought back a tear as Miley ran into Charlie's arms.

"Miley, I swear I would never cheat..." Charlie started to say, passing the microphone back to the principle.

"Shut up and kiss me." Miley said, tears dripping out of her eyes again, but this time they were tears of happiness.

Nearly every student watching erupted into cheers and applause as Charlie and Miley embraced in front of their senior class and kissed...


Charlie held Miley close as they danced to some slow music. Her head was against his chest and she had her arms around him in a clinging embrace.

"You trust me, right?" Charlie asked.

"Yes." Miley smiled against him.

"And you realize that Darla is out to destroy us?" Charlie added.

Miley giggled, "Yes."

"And you know there's no other girl I could ever want besides you?"

Miley looked up at Charlie's eyes, "Yes, I'm sorry I got so mad at you. You know how I get when my temper gets the best of me, I should have known Darla would pull something like this."

"You do have a legendary temper." Charlie winked.

"I know baby. Can you ever forgive me?"

Charlie sighed heavily with a grin, "I suppose..."

Miley beamed, "That was so romantic, what you said on stage in front of the whole class..."

"I was really nervous, I thought I was going to pee my pants." Charlie admitted.

Miley giggled, then laid her crowned head back on Charlie's chest as they continued to dance. She saw Brian and Cassie dancing nearby, the two holding each other almost as closely as Charlie and Miley were. "Look at them, they look so cute together."

Charlie glanced aside, "Yeah, I think they really like each other." He smirked, "Think Brian will get lucky?"

Miley laughed quietly, "I'm not sure... but I know you will."


Stacy studied herself in the mirror closely, applying a fresh layer of lipstick. "You and Charlie looked great dancing together."

"He had a good teacher." Miley replied, doing the same thing one mirror over. Music leaked through the walls of the bathroom, but wasn't too loud. "How's it going with the prom king?"

Stacy smiled. "Just fine. He's been totally adorable all night."

"Adrian's a great guy." Miley said, digging in her purse for some more glitter. "You should totally sleep with him, fall in love, and have his babies."

Stacy burst out a laugh, "Whatever. As if."

"What? I'm going to have Charlie's babies..."

Stacy turned a look upon Miley, "Oh my god, please tell me you're not pregnant."

"Of course not." Miley replied. "I'm on the pill... I just mean, some day. You know?"

"You're serious." Stacy could tell.

Miley turned to face her friend, "Yeah. I love him, Stace. Somehow I just know that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him. Did you hear him on that stage? He's the sweetest guy I could ever even imagine..."

The bathroom door opened, and both girls turned to see Brian's date.

"Hey Cassie." Miley smiled.

"Hi... I'm not intruding am I?" Cassie wondered.

"Hell no." Stacy answered. "Pull up a mirror, Miley was just telling me about her plans to get pregnant."

Miley laughed. "Don't listen to her."

Cassie smiled and moved to the mirror next to Miley, "You're really lucky, Charlie seems like a great guy. I can't believe he got up on stage like that."

"I know, right? But what about you and Brian...?" Miley fished, "Seems like things are going well?"

Cassie looked at her freckled face in the mirror, and played with her curly red hair. "He's really nice."

"Nice?" Stacy asked, "He's awesome."

Cassie glanced aside, "You think so?"

"Of course." Stacy said, "Since Miley and Charlie have been dating we've gotten to know Brian pretty good. He's funny, and smart, and totally friendly."

Miley nodded in agreement, spritzing some hair spray over her wound-up tendrils. "Brian's a sweetie, I hang out with him a lot."

"You do?" Cassie wondered.

"Sure, him and Charlie are best friends." Miley replied.

"That's cool." Cassie said. "I just... I almost turned him down for prom. I wasn't sure about coming with him because he's kind of... you know..."

"A geek?" Stacy blurted.

"Yeah." Cassie frowned at herself in the mirror. "Am I a horrible person for thinking that?"

Miley grinned. "Not at all, I had the same thoughts right before Charlie and I hooked up."

"You did?" Cassie turned towards the other girls.

Miley zipped up her purse, then put a hand to Cassie's shoulder. "Trust me when I tell you to embrace the geek. It can only bring you happiness. Brian's a great guy, and he'll treat you like a goddess."

"And who knows." Stacy added. "Maybe all the geeks in our school are as hung as Charlie."

"Oh my god." Miley rolled her eyes, "I have to go find my boyfriend..."


"Dude, you've got to give me some pointers." Brian demanded as he scooped a ladle full of punch into his cup.

"I don't know what to tell you." Charlie replied honestly.

"Well, what did you say to get Miley in the sack for the first time?" Brian wondered.

"Nothing." Charlie answered. "She gave me a ride home from school one day, and the next thing I know she's got me in my room and pulling my pants off."

"You didn't say anything?"

Charlie shook his head. "Miley's always sort of been the aggressor in our relationship. At least when it comes to sex."

"You're worthless, you know that Charlie?" Brian sipped his punch. "I need a wingman. A Robin to my Batman, and you're totally letting me down here."

"Oh come on, Robin?" Charlie complained. "Why couldn't you use Nightwing? You know I hate Robin."

"Whatever dude. My point is I really want to score with Cassie and you're as useless as a foil-embossed holographic cover."

"You want my advice? Just be yourself and take it slow, if it's going to happen it'll happen."

Brian frowned, "Easy for you to say, not all of us have a nymphomaniac prom queen begging us for sex twenty-four hours a day. I need help, man! I've been a virgin for eighteen years and I'm sick of this shit."

Charlie laughed, "Um... all right. God, I can't believe I'm about to ask this..."

"What?" Brian demanded.

"Uh..." Charlie looked around to make sure no one could overhear. "How, um... how big is your dick?"

Brian didn't see that question coming, "What?!?"

"How big is your dick?" Charlie asked again, in a half-whisper.

"Dude, are you going homo on me?"

Charlie hissed, "Just answer me would you?"

"I don't know dude, I guess I've never measured." Brian considered.

"Guess." Charlie told him.

"Maybe eight inches?" Brian tried to fathom.

"Seriously?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah, why? Is that big?" Brian wondered.

"I think so." Charlie replied, "And from what I can tell girls like them big. Once Cassie gets a look at yours you should be in good shape."

"Really?" Brian sounded hopeful. "Well how big is yours?"

Charlie shrugged. "About the same." he lied. When Charlie saw Miley approaching, he patted Brian's shoulder and said "Good luck buddy, I'm gonna go dance with my gal some more."

PART 2 - The Final Frontier


"It's perfect!" Miley said as her and Charlie entered their room at the Four Seasons Hotel. The suite was actually two rooms. It entered into a sitting room with an L-shaped couch, television, and a short bar. A stubby hallway, which connected to the bathroom, led to the large bedroom that had another TV, a king-sized bed, and windows overlooking downtown Tallahassee.

"Wow, it's bigger than I thought it would be." Charlie looked around and set their overnight bags down.

"When do we have to check out?" Miley wondered, peeking into the bathroom and spotting a Jacuzzi-style tub.

"Not until noon Monday." Charlie replied, which meant they had two nights.

"We're totally skipping school on Monday..." Miley decided.

Charlie grinned, "I think a lot of seniors are."

Miley practically bounced into Charlie's arms, excited. "Two nights, all alone with my man..." She kissed him, lips full of passion, then grabbed Charlie by his jacket and tugged him towards the bedroom. "I had such a wonderful time tonight..."

"Even with the Darla fiasco?" Charlie asked, letting Miley help him out of his tuxedo coat.

"Mm-hm." Miley draped the jacket over the shoulders of a nearby chair. "And don't worry about her, I'll figure out a way to get even with that bitch."

"Just don't kill her or anything, okay?"

Miley let out a brief laugh, reaching to undo Charlie's bow tie. "We'll see." The cummerbund came off next.

"I wonder how Brian's doing?" Charlie mused.

"Did him and Cass get a hotel?" Miley asked.

"No, but I guess his parents are gone on vacation."

Miley started unbuttoning Charlie's crisp white shirt, "I bet he's getting lucky right now... you'll have to ask him if Cassie is a true redhead."

Charlie laughed, "I hope he cleaned his room."

Miley went for Charlie's pants after pulling his shirt off.

"Boy, you're not wasting any time..." Charlie commented.

Miley grinned at him, "I've wanted to get you naked all night, big guy. Haven't you wanted to do the same to me?"

Charlie slowly shook his head.

"No?" Miley asked, surprised.

"No." Charlie confirmed. "You look so gorgeous in that dress. I've never seen anything even half as beautiful as you are tonight."

"Charlie..." Miley bit her lower lip, then backed up and turned around in her dress. "You like it that much?"


Miley looked at herself in the dresser mirror, "I like it too, I love that you bought it for me."

Charlie stepped behind her, slipping his arms around Miley's waist and kissing her neck.

Miley tilted her head, giving Charlie better access. She lifted a hand to loosen her dark curly tendrils, letting them spill down. "Untie me?"

Charlie kept kissing her, working his lips down to her shoulder. His hand unworked the drawstring at the small of Miley's back, which allowed her to wriggle the dress to a silky puddle on the floor.

"Damn baby, I was wrong. /That's/ the sexiest thing I've ever seen." Charlie was looking at Miley's reflection in the mirror, over her shoulder. She wore a pair of lacy red panties, a matching garter strap around one thigh, and her high heels. The dress didn't allow for a bra, so her pink-nippled breasts were fully bared, along with the rest of her tan body.

Miley turned and started to help Charlie remove the rest of his clothing. She couldn't believe that he was already erect when she pulled his boxers off. "Charlie... you've already got a boner."

"Yeah" Charlie breathed out a laugh. "I can't help it, you look so sexy right now."

Miley beamed at him, "Want me to leave my heels and garter strap on while we fuck?" She bent and pushed her panties off.

"Yeah." Charlie nodded. "That's totally hot."

Miley giggled, looking at herself in the mirror. "I look like a stripper."

"You're way hotter than any stripper." Charlie commented, having a hard time keeping his eyes off Miley's heart-shaped backside.

"Flatterer." Miley teased. "Oh! Where'd you put my bag?"

"Uh, by the door..."

"You just sit down on the bed there baby..." Miley had to trot in her heels, moving for her bag. "I'll be right back."

Charlie sat on the edge of the bed. "What are you doing?" he called.

Miley reappeared moments later, a bottle of clear lube in her hand. "Look what I have..." She also grabbed a towel and laid it on the bed.

"You came prepared..."

Miley had a twinkle to her blue eyes as she knelt in front of Charlie and twisted the cap off her bottle. "There's no way I can get your monster in my back door unless we get him real slippery..."

"I can't believe we're going to do this." Charlie watched Miley squeeze some of the lube out into her palm. "I've never even thought about anal sex. I mean, I've thought about it, but I've never..."

"You still want to, right?" Miley started to grease Charlie's penis with her palm. "It's going to pain me terribly, but I want to know if I can take you back there."

"Are you sure, Miley? I don't want to hurt you..."

Miley started jacking Charlie off, twisting her grip and coating his shaft with the slippery lubrication. "I want to be yours, Charlie. I want to be your woman."

"You are my woman..."

Miley shook her head at him, "After tonight I will be. After you give me a good fucking in my ass. Then you'll have claimed me, and my body will be yours."

"God, that's so kinky." Charlie watched Miley coat his hard member thoroughly.

Miley grinned at him, then stood up in her heels. She handed the bottle of lube over, then wiped her hand off onto the hotel towel. "Make sure you lube up my anus real good, okay? You're so big you might tear me otherwise."

Charlie looked worried at that, but nodded as Miley crawled onto the bed.

Situating herself on her hands and knees, Miley presented her backside to Charlie. "Get me real slick, okay baby?" she said as Charlie started applying the lube to her anal entrance. "Mm, your finger feels nice. Kinda tickles."

"Are you ready?" Charlie said, wiping his hand and getting on his knees behind Miley.

Biting her lip as she looked over her shoulder, Miley nodded. "Go easy, okay? You're so big... go real slow."

Laying his hands on Miley's butt cheeks, Charlie spread them apart and maneuvered with his hips until the head of his cock was in position. "You're opening is so small..."

"It's okay." Miley assured him, "Just slowly push your head in, I'll stretch for you I promise."

Charlie nodded, "Okay." and started to push. Miley's anus was tight, and resisted the invasion, but Charlie took his shaft in hand and pressed harder. The crown of his penis started squeezing into the small passage.

"Oh fuck Charlie..." Miley groaned. "Oh fuck. Go slow... oh god."

Suddenly, the head of Charlie's penis popped past Miley's anal ring.

"OH FUCK!!!" Miley exclaimed.

"Are you okay?" Charlie froze.

Miley nodded, "You're so fucking big, oh my god... just hold on a sec. Let me stretch out for you okay baby?"

Charlie remained motionless, his hands on Miley's ass.

Miley took her torso weight off her arms, laying on the side of her face with her butt in the air, impaled on Charlie's erection. "Okay... okay go slow... go real slow..."

"It's so tight..." Charlie said, easing a bit more into Miley's ass.

"Does it feel good?" Miley asked.

"Yes... fuck yes." Charlie replied. The lube was doing its job, and before long Charlie had about three inches of his length into her. He'd pull back until he felt the head of his cock bump against Miley's entrance, then ease his way back in.

"Jesus Charlie... I feel so full. Your cock is filling my ass, stretching me..."

"It feels so fucking good." Charlie curled his hands around Miley's sides, caressing her tummy with his palms as he slowly humped more of his length into her.

"Oh my god!!!" Miley yelled when Charlie's cock hit a pleasurable spot, about six inches into her.

"Am I hurting you?" Charlie paused.

"No! No that's it, keep fucking me..." Miley urged.

Charlie resumed his slow humping motion.

Miley gasped every time Charlie pumped his cock inward and hit that sweet spot. "Deeper Charlie... fuck my ass deeper..."

With two handfuls of Miley's hips, Charlie worked his shaft even further into Miley's depths. "This feels so good Miley, you're so tight... so warm... I can feel your ass clenching on my cock. It feels so fucking good."

"Oh baby..." Miley whimpered, "Oh my fucking god... you're fucking my ass so good. Harder Charlie, fuck me harder? Fuck your big thing into my ass... fuck my ass and claim it as yours..."

Charlie increased the power of his motions, fucking himself into Miley. With each thrust he went a touch deeper, until at least seven inches of his length disappeared into her. But that's where he hit the wall.

Miley slipped a hand beneath her and started rubbing between her legs, "So fucking good... your cock is amazing. My body belongs to it Charlie. My body belongs to your cock now. I've become your fuck-thing..."

Charlie started grunting in arousal at Miley's dirty talk, his hips pumping swiftly.

"As soon as you shoot your load into my ass you'll consummate your ownership of me... I'll be your woman." Miley masturbated herself vigorously, the sensations of Charlie's cock driving her wild. "Tell me I'm your's Charlie... say it..."

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