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The Bench on the Dune

by fraser9©

A story inspired by and dedicated to a beautiful "Literotican" who post on the Amateur pic pages - yes she is naughty!

You arrived at the beach and it seemed deserted. It was great to get away midweek away from everyday life and to relax. The sun was shining, it was hot and you were excited about your first photo shoot away from home. Somehow the idea of being naked among the elements was even more exciting than offering yourself to your fans via the computer at home. Your husband seemed delighted to have found a new location too as he unloaded the picnic and cameras while you were lost in thought.

Something that he had said on the drive was stuck in your mind and wouldn't let go. He had talked about the story that the English guy had written and you had discussed. flirtatiously, what he and you would have done in his situation. The thought of being watched excited you both but in reality what would you have done in those circumstances? You had not reached a conclusion but with your husband encouraging a more open and erotic lifestyle and finding that you really enjoyed it, you were not saying never to anything.

You climbed the dune and found the spot. There was a wooden bench from which you could see the curves of the other dunes and the sea breaking on the beach. Just the two of you in sight you both stripped off and opened the wine, still chilled from your freezer box. You had been able to sunbathe nude on your balcony so your body was well tanned and ready to be captured by your husband with his new digital camera.

The wine was both refreshing and stimulating and after half an hour your husband cleared everything off the bench and asked if you were ready to start. You felt very sensitive as the light breeze hardened your nipples and seemed to caress your body as the wine worked it's magic. You were ready.

The first shots were sensual and showed the form of your body perfectly, standing on the bench looking out to sea. Then you lay down on the bench, first on your front giving that sideways coquettish look that you do so well. Sitting up between shots and feeling very sensual you noticed two things. Your husband was beginning to get an erection and you thought you saw a slight movement in the wispy tall grass on one side of the dune.

You said nothing, unsure why, and carried on. This time on your back with your husband giving you your poses that spread you open in the sun. He told you to caress yourself which you did with pleasure and without question until your head was hanging over one end of the bench and your legs spread either side of it with one hand opening up your pussy as if in sacrifice to the sun. You were soaking wet with the perspiration giving your body a sheen and your cunt wet and open was feverishly caressed by your fingers, faster and faster, until your orgasm arched your back with it's force and a guttural cry came from your throat as your husband caught your moments of ecstasy on film. He was not the only one to see this and as your mind cleared you realised that the thought of someone watching you had made your climax even stronger which made you pull your husband towards you, firstly for reassurance and then as you felt his hard cock against you, for more satisfaction.

It was quick, hard and passionate as he thrust into you inflamed by desire having watched you orgasm in front of him. As his seed rushed into you, you cried out again and then held him close.

Sated, you sat down again and had a snack with more wine and looked at the shots on the camera. They looked so good that they started to make you feel sensual again and lost in each other you did not see the stranger arrive.

He apologised for disturbing you and as you focused on him you were taken aback. He was at least 6 feet tall and naked. Brown allover from the sun with a lean rangy look and finely muscled body his long brown hair slightly streaked from days in the sun. You both looked at his penis at the same time noting that it was long also brown and very thick with veins that stood out, gleaming in the sun. You glanced at each other and smiled.

It seemed that his cigarette lighter had got wet and he was looking for a light. You offered him a light and your husband asked him if he would like to join you for a drink. You looked at him with a quizzical look but your husband just smiled back at you. You chatted and you wondered if he had seen your session earlier, looking directly into his clear blue eyes for some clue. You felt wet again at the thought and you felt a sexual tension in the air as your husband finished the wine.

"I'll get some more from the car" he said, "I'll be back in ten minutes"

The stranger complimented you on your colour, deepened further by the hot sun, but said that you needed protection and took out his lotion. "It's ok" you said, "We have some" but he insisted that his was excellent and you should try it. You felt an element of submission as you agreed and he started to oil your back. The lotion was like a balm on your skin and his strong yet gentle hands were sending a message to your pussy that you were not totally comfortable with. Perhaps the absence of your husband was the reason. Anyway, he would be back soon. Go with the flow was your decision, after all this was delicious, a handsome stranger stroking your back.

As he finished, you were shocked to hear yourself say that he hadn't finished all your body and you laid out on the bench while he oiled your legs. This was divine as he massaged your toes and you knew that he would see your wet pussy as he moved up your legs. You were trembling slightly as your husband reappeared and slightly taken aback as he indicated you should continue. As he took out his camera you realised why.

He asked the strangers permission, who agreed, and he took some shots of you on your front with the stranger astride the bench massaging your back and then, to your amazement, told you to turn over. The stranger stood to one side and as you turned onto your back you could see the monster between his legs begin to harden. He stood astride you again and massaged your shoulders then your breasts and a mixture of shame and pleasure washed over you as your nipples puckered to his touch. You looked at your husband who was taking shots with a semi-hard cock between his legs and thought that if he was happy then you trusted him and he would stop it if things went further than he wanted. So you lay back and submitted to the massage, your stomach quivering as he opened your legs to oil your thighs. Your pussy now open to his gaze.

Your husband suddenly asked for another pose. He wanted the stranger astride the bench and you astride him. The stranger agreed and before you knew it you were sitting astride his muscular thighs, his fast growing cock standing up between you. Your husband turned round to adjust his camera and the stranger picked you up by the buttocks and gently but firmly placed you onto his rigid shaft. You let out a gasp as he filled you and wide eyed looked at your husband as he turned round. "you look more comfortable now" he said and carried on shooting.

You couldn't believe it. Did he know that this man was already inside you? "I want you to kiss" he said. Another taboo broken, you thought until the stranger kissed you softly then more firmly and as his tongue found yours the pure pleasure contracted your pussy around his shaft. Breathless you broke apart and as the stranger began slowly but surely to lift you up and down almost imperceptibly at first you looked at your husband who was wide eyed with lust at the images in front of him.

The pace quickened and now it was obvious as you couldn't hold back as his tool impaled you time and time again. Your head fell back , lost in a world of pleasure you suddenly felt your husband behind you and as if in a haze you felt him enter your ass and the two tools working in unison lifted you off the bench with each thrust as they slid against each other with only a thin wall of flesh between them. The explosion was incredible, two jets of hot sperm shooting into your body as you fell back on your husbands chest your body writhing on their shafts still spurting inside you. You screamed and your body shook uncontrollably , one hand clutching the hair of the stranger the other behind you holding onto your husband as if on a bizarre fairground ride until all the waves of pleasure became more manageable and the three of you became one in a soaking, heaving silent hug.

The beach would never be the same again.


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Written by: fraser9

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