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Flirting With Trouble

by Jake Marlow©

"I don't know. Who's going to watch the kids?" Kaitlyn asked.

"My parents will be more than happy to take the kids for the night. You're not breast feeding anymore, so that's not an excuse. You know we need to get out and have fun like we used to," Hank replied.

"I know, and a date night sounds like fun, but we could just go and grab dinner and come home. Then your parents wouldn't have to keep the kids all night. We could be home by nine at the latest."

"Being home by nine is not a date night. We've done little else but focus on being parents for over a year now." He crossed the kitchen and put his arms around her. "I want to go out and show off my sexy wife. I want to prove to you that you've still got it."

"That's sweet, and I know I do, I think, but it's been so long. I think I'm too rusty." She melted into his arms and pecked him on the lips.

"I am sure it'll all come rushing back to you. Some things you're just naturally good at."

Hank gave her a real kiss and she closed her eyes and opened her mouth with a sigh. She did know he was correct, it wasn't just lip service. It had been too long since they connected as a couple and not just as the parents of three small children. Kaitlyn didn't feel their marriage was suffering and their sex life was still great when they had time for it, but she knew if they didn't pay more attention to their relationship, things could always go that way. Their neighborhood was littered with unhappy marriages, almost all turned unhappy by inattention. At least she and Hank had always been open with each other and made the effort to keep things fresh, which gave them a leg up on a lot of other people. The hot kiss and Hank's body pressed against hers reminded her that it had been over a week since they'd made love and she couldn't resist him.

"Okay, we'll go out Saturday night if your parents will babysit. Just don't get too jealous when I end up with more numbers than you again."

"Maybe my game's improved."

"But I have a couple things going for me that I didn't have before."

"You have a point. Hmm, actually it feels like two," he said, cupping her breasts and thumbing her nipples to hardened excitement through her t-shirt. She'd gone up a full cup size since her last pregnancy and they had not gone back down like they did after the first two kids. Her butt had filled out more too and Hank never missed the chance to let her know how much he liked her new curves.

Just as Hank slipped his hand under her t-shirt they were interrupted by a five-year-old persistently demanding his favorite Curious George DVD and Hank was forced to retreat to the living room to find it while Kaitlyn got on with the business of making dinner. For the moment, the discussion of their date night was abandoned, but only temporarily.

Kaitlyn knew Hank was excited to go out and play again because he insisted that she go out and buy a new dress for the occasion. She tried telling him she had several perfectly good dresses hanging in the closet, but he said he wanted to see something new. So with the baby in tow, she headed off to the mall later in the week. It felt weird to be looking for a flirty dress while pushing a stroller and she called her best friend for moral support.

"I think you should surprise him," Gretchen said.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean get some little, drop-dead, sexy minidress. You deserve it."

"I don't know. That's just not me."

"He'll like it, trust me. You'll turn some heads and he'll like that even more, whether he admits it or not."

"Oh, I know Hank would like it, that's not the point. You know I don't like being the center of attention. It's not my style."

"That's the point. Do something different. Branch out. I know the girl-next-door thing works for you, but you need to let the sexy off the leash every once in a while. If I had your figure I'd get the sexiest little number I could find."

"Thanks, but I'm not you. Shouldn't I wear something I'm comfortable in?"

"Sometimes being sexy means being a little uncomfortable. Come on, Hank wants this to be a special night, so go for it," Gretchen chided. Kaitlyn had told her how Hank pursued their date night, just leaving out a couple details.

"You're right. I'll look around, I promise."

"I want more than that. Promise you will buy something unlike anything else you have."

Kaitlyn was examining a little black dress just as her friend said that. The dress was short, but didn't show off too much and she would probably pair it with black tights. Is she reading my mind, she wondered. It would be a little sexy, but more cute, which was her signature look. She was always the fun girl, the one who was everyone's pal. One of her male friends told her long ago that yes, she was everyone's pal, but that all the guys wanted to screw her too, precisely because she was so cute and her open personality made her seem so attainable. She'd turned pretty red at the time.

Gretchen was relentless and by the time she hung up, Kaitlyn had promised she would buy a sexy minidress, not just something cute. She regretted it the second she said it, but she would keep her word. Gretchen signed off saying, "I promise, you'll thank me. And Hank had better too!"

Moving to the cocktail dress section of the store, Kaitlyn couldn't believe the dresses she was considering. As she held up one of them, she thought, Should I be pushing my baby daughter while considering a dress that barely covers my ass? It seemed surreal. She put that one back on the rack, but ended up taking several back to the changing room. The baby got cranky in the changing room and Kaitlyn ended up giving her a bottle while wearing a too-tight, one-shouldered little turquoise dress. She was very careful not to dribble anything onto the skimpy dress because she did not want to buy it. After trying out two of the dresses twice, both black, she finally settled on one. She wasn't sure how she felt about it, but it was just what Gretchen was talking about and she knew Hank would love it.

Kaitlyn refused to let Hank see her dress, only telling him they should go somewhere fancier than usual. He suggested they try the hot new club downtown. She went so far as to send him out to drop the kids off at his parents without her. She would meet him at the club.

Once he was gone, she had a glass of wine and took her time getting ready. She kept her light brown hair short because she felt she could never do anything with it and tried several things before finally deciding to wear it up. She also put on a little make-up, something else she rarely did. For the first time in a long time, she was feeling like a woman and not just a mom. Finally, she slipped into the dress and a pair of three-inch heels and posed in front of the mirror. She'd fought the urge to wear tights or pantyhose because they were wouldn't have worked with the dress. The heels pushed her to five-foot-nine and really worked for her long legs. This just might work, she thought, smoothing the tight dress over her slender body. It hugged her new curves, but showed off how genetically blessed she was. Even a month after giving birth she'd shown no signs of having been pregnant. Only she saw her flaws, which was why she ran five miles every day. She cupped her breasts and lifted them. Although she was bigger up top now, she was still glad she'd gone with a push-up bra to fill out the low-cut neckline. But on the way out the door, still feeling self-conscious, she couldn't resist grabbing a sweater and throwing it in the car.

All the effort paid off as soon as she handed off her coat to the coat-check girl and walked into the club. At first she was uncomfortable with the way guys were checking her out as she walked toward the bar, but her stride grew confident by the time she reached Hank, who sat sipping a martini. She tapped his shoulder and when he turned, his jaw dropped. Kaitlyn glowed as his eyes trailed up from her legs, following the long line of the zipper that ran up the front to her cleavage before finally meeting her pale eyes. He was definitely not looking at her like the mother of his kids. It had been a while since she'd seen that. Noting he was not wearing his wedding ring, she decided to play fair and slipped off hers, and put it in her clutch. While a wedding ring could be a detriment for a guy, she knew from past experience it could be an asset for a woman looking to be picked up.

"You look incredible," Hank said, momentarily forgetting his role.

"Is this seat taken? Kaitlyn asked with her best smoky, sexy voice.

"No, let me buy you a drink. I'm Hank."

"I'm Kate." She shook his hand and swept onto the barstool next to him, finding it harder to sit in the little dress than she'd anticipated. She pulled on it, but it still hardly covered her lap.

Once again she wondered if the dress was too much. It was a little black number that barely hit mid-thigh and hugged her body. The neckline was low, showing off cleavage she'd never felt she had, and the back was even lower, making it hard to find a strapless bra that didn't show. It was supported by two slender, gold chains. The only thing that made her feel better was that a lot of the women around her were dressed similarly to her.

"What are you doing here tonight?" he asked after ordering her drink from the sexy blonde bartender.

"I have a blind date," she replied. "If he shows."

"I can't imagine anyone standing you up."

"But he hasn't seen me yet. Are you meeting someone here?"

"Just hooking up with friends."

"Do you boys come here to pick up women?"

"Only if we're lucky."

"Here's to you getting lucky tonight." They toasted.

"So what does a sexy woman like you need a blind date for?"

Kaitlyn laughed. "I hope that's not your best line or maybe you won't be getting lucky tonight."

"I don't know. I like my chances." Hank scoped out her legs again.

"Good luck with that." She looked around, like she was scanning the bar for someone, a signal he wasn't picking her up tonight.

"Well, good luck with your date," he said, leaving a tip on the bar and standing.

"Thanks. Maybe I'll get lucky too. Thank you for the drink." She smiled warmly.

"Nah, the guy will be the lucky one."

Hank moved on and so started their little game. It had been so long that she felt butterflies as she sat there alone. The game was simple. Whoever collected the most phone numbers by the end of the evening won. The only rules were that neither of them could ask for a number. Hank always told her beautiful women had an unfair advantage in these situations, but she just laughed since she had a hard time seeing herself like that. She did, however, usually win. There were no stakes, it was all for the thrill of it. It was fun to get out and flirt and since they both trusted each other there was no danger. It wasn't like they were actually trying to take anyone home, although he told Kaitlyn if a woman ever hit on her she could feel free to do it.

The bar in the middle of the club was huge, all smoked glass and chrome and subdued lighting. The bar top changed glowing colors on a continual basis, going from cerulean to pale rose to seafoam green to violet. She could see Hank far away on the other side of the bar and he was already talking to a petite redhead with a toothy smile. Her husband never had any trouble meeting women. He was only about average height, but he was a handsome, confident guy with thick, black hair, usually kept short, and a solid build. His easy smile and rugged good looks made flirting easy. Until she really got to know him, Kaitlyn did not take him seriously when they first met. He was a fun boy to fool around with, but not husband material. It was only when she saw his heart and what a strong, good man he was that she knew he was the one. But just because she was deeply in love with her husband didn't mean she couldn't have fun flirting with other guys. They always had their best sex when they got home from playing their game.

Over the next hour or so the club started to fill with people, and it got harder to see Hank across the bar. Kaitlyn started thinking the dress might not be working for her because no one had approached her yet. Her husband talked to three women in that time and she was pretty sure the younger blonde he currently chatted up had already given him her number. She thought she saw Hank hand his cell phone over to the girl. Kaitlyn turned on the stool so she faced out toward the dance floor and the seating areas, hoping she'd be more noticeable, even though it meant she no longer had the bar for cover. Now she had to be extra careful with her short dress. It worked like a charm. Several of the men who passed her, even the ones with dates, looked her way as they passed and then one of them stopped.

"You can't tell me someone stood you up," he said, standing beside her and leaning in so she could hear. The club had become quite loud, with thumping music and the hum of dozens of voices, making conversation difficult.

"Excuse me," Kaitlyn said, looking up at a tall, handsome man several years her senior. Most of the crowd seemed to be in their twenties into their early thirties, she was thirty-two, but this man was a couple years older than Kaitlyn. He wore an expensive, dark suit with a matching dark shirt and no tie.

"I said I can't believe some guy stood you up tonight. I've noticed you sitting here for a while, looking around. I'm Brett."

Kaitlyn offered her slender hand. "Maybe you should have come over sooner. I'm Kate."

He seemed to notice her lack of a wedding ring. He wasn't wearing one either, but she thought she saw a tan line from one. "I didn't want to get hit by a jealous boyfriend, although it may have been worth it."

"No jealous boyfriend that I can see," she said, looking around. "And you never know if you don't try." She waited for him to look up from her legs before continuing. "I was supposed to meet someone, but he seems to be late."

"Then it will be my pleasure to step in and buy you a drink. I'll keep you company until he arrives."

"If you insist."

Kaitlyn drained the remainder of her current drink and waited while Brett flagged down the bartender. He wasn't a bad looking guy, but not quite her type. Still, she wanted to take a few minutes to see where things might go with this guy. But if he was married, she wasn't sure she'd be able to get a phone number. He handed her a fresh drink and they got into more small talk. Brett said he'd been out with clients and was just trying to unwind before heading home. He was cagey when she asked if he was single, which only reinforced her impression that he was married. When she was sure she was not going to get his number, she feigned receiving a text message.

"Looks like he's coming after all," she said.

"That's too bad. I was really having a good time."

"Me too."

Kaitlyn thanked him again for the drink and when he left, she started looking for her next mark. When she glanced across the bar, she saw Hank was still talking to the same woman, which bought her time. Now that the club was really hopping she didn't have to wait long before she was approached again.

Paul may have lacked finesse, but he more than made up for it with charm and confidence. His brown, curly hair was past his collar and unruly in a totally planned way. He was also very direct, telling her right off the bat how hot she was. He wasn't creepy about it, staring at her chest the entire time, but his eyes did keep flicking back down. Flirting with Paul was much more fun and she lost track of time. He wanted her to come back over and hang out with his friends, but she said she was waiting for someone. He asked for her phone and when she took it out she quickly went into the address book so he wouldn't see the picture of the kids that served as her wallpaper.

"Come over after your friend gets here if you want. Just text me," he said, entering himself into her phone.

"Thanks. Maybe I will." And I would too, if I wasn't married she thought. Paul was just her kind of guy and it made her feel good to know she could still get the attention of a guy in his early twenties.

It went a lot like that for the next couple hours. Kaitlyn had no shortage of guys coming over and trying to pick her up. A couple weren't bad looking, but most were not her type. Club guys just were not her type. Still, she had a great time flirting with the mostly younger guys and it kept building her confidence higher and higher. She decided that wearing the dress was a great idea and actually found she liked the way the guys were looking at her body in it. Leaning forward to give a view down her dress always drew the eyes and, while she made sure she wasn't flashing anyone, she wasn't as concerned about how little the dress covered. But she was still self-conscious about dancing in the little dress. The best part was that she was racking up the phone numbers. She was sure she was on her way to an easy victory again.

Her phone flashed and it was a text from Hank, asking to meet by the bathrooms. She knew he wanted to check and see how she was doing. When she hopped off the barstool she realized the alcohol was hitting her harder than usual, but then it had been a long time since she'd done any serious drinking. As she squeezed through the crowd there was the usual 'accidental' groping, but it seemed to be more aggressive in the dress, like guys took it as an invitation to press their luck. It was wholly inappropriate and a little exciting.

Hank waited for her at the end of the hallway, past the bathrooms. To his right was a door marked "No Admittance." She put a wiggle into her walk and he smiled in appreciation.

"I don't think I stand a chance tonight. Damn, you look hot."

"You're not trying to make excuses for losing, are you?"

"Oh no. You've got it going on. I just can't compete. Maybe we should get out of here now."

When he kissed her, Kaitlyn realized that all the flirting and attention was having more of an effect on her than she thought. As her tongue battled his, she shimmied against him and he kneaded her little ass. She felt a familiar bulge and pressed into it while stroking his hair. For a hot minute she forgot they were in a crowded club.

"Maybe we should get out of here now. I concede," Hank said breathlessly.

Kaitlyn checked his watch. It was half past eleven. "I don't know. If we go home now, is it too early to count as date night?" she teased.

"The date's not going to end when we get home." He inched her skirt up to the curve of her butt and she actually hesitated before stopping him from going higher.

"I'm not ready to go home yet. I'm having fun."

"I'm having fun watching too. I thought you considering giving the guy with the long hair a shot."

"He was pretty hot. Can I have him if you get your little blonde friend?"

"Nah, but there is this girl with dark hair I had my eye on."

"Really? I'll have to check her out."

"Okay, one more hour and then we're done."

He pulled her into another hot kiss, this time sliding his hands up to the sides of her breasts and she let him get away with it because it felt very good. She only pulled back when he started fiddling with the zipper nestled between her breasts.

"I'm not ready to flash the whole club," she warned and pushed his hand away. "And besides, we can't get too carried away or you'll blow my cover that I'm here to meet guys."

"Then get to it." When she turned to go, he smacked her on the ass and she turned and stuck her tongue out at him.

Kaitlyn's seat at the bar was gone, so after ordering another drink she stood away from it by a pillar, where she had a good view of the dance floor and Hank, who made a beeline for the woman he'd been talking about, although calling her a woman was a stretch. She couldn't have been more than twenty-two or twenty-three. Her hair was jet black and it fell to the middle of her back and from the dark features of her pretty face, Kaitlyn guessed she was probably Hispanic. She wore a gray, sequined tank dress was even shorter than Kaitlyn's dress and looked like it was painted on her petite body. She was the polar opposite of Kaitlyn, but she could see why her husband was attracted to her. The girl just oozed sex appeal. It was sexy that Hank had the confidence to approach a girl like that. Kaitlyn was attracted to her too, and thought if she was ever going to fulfill Hank's fantasy, this girl would be a good candidate. It's been too long since I kissed a girl, she thought with a smile.

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