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Indian Yoni Puja with Mother Ch. 07

by funkyjunkymunkey©

I nudged up close to her, taking my cock in my hand, inching towards her twat. She mewed expectantly as I pressed my massive cock head at her cunt, massaging it up and down, smearing it with her copious cunt slime.

She cooed and moaned, her body writhing as it trembled in anticipation. My fat cock, pressing menacingly against her vulva, threatening to force it open and plough into her soft maternal pouch once again.

I looked down and watched the delicious sight of my purple bell disappear and be consumed by her fleshy labia as they parted and kissed my head. I noticed again her pretty little brown eye, staring back at me innocently and a naughty thought crossed my mind. I grinned devilishly to myself.

I pulled away from her slick sex and aligned myself with that dirty place. She let at a gasp and shivered as she felt my presence there, hot and needy. I ran my hand up and down her back, stroking her as if to console her and sooth her trembling fearful body.

I took hold of her hips and pressed forward gently, watching my fat cock head press into her sphincter. I felt her body tense, unable to fight the physical urge to repel this challenge I placed at her rear exit.

I pushed forward again, pressing harder into her, her loosened anal sphincter still refusing to yield to my enormous angry cock.

She was panting now, her pretty face a tortured grimace as she struggled to accommodate me. I leaned forward and took an ample amount of hair in my hand, pulling her head back.

"Khol dey maa... Open up..." I growled huskily into her ear as I pressed forward again. "Undar aana hain mujhe. Dookhney deyde ma. I want to come inside. Let me in."

AAAHHHNNHH she yelped as she felt the pressure mount at her asshole. I leaned back again and spread her ass cheeks to find that my cockhead was now lodged into her ass.

She let out a long sigh as I eased out of her again. I placed my cock head back at her cunt, coating it again with her slippery juices.

Placing my cock back at her asshole, this time I slipped in much easier. I stayed like that for a while, my bulbous head buried in her rectum as I ran my hands up and down her back, soothing and calming her. She was panting and groaning as her body struggled to take me inside her ass, her mind screaming at the alien object wrenching open her sphincter.

Gradually I eased further and further into her. Pumping gently when I sensed she could tolerate it, holding back when she tensed and growled. Slowly I could begin to fuck her incredibly tight asshole.

Initially it was slow strokes of the first few inches of my cock, pushing in and pulling out in a gentle rhythm. As her breathing eased I began feeding her more and more of my cock, listening to the delightful guttural grunts as the occasional forceful thrust pushed a little too far into her.

Slowly I began to fuck her and soon I could really begin to enjoy are magnificently tight anal canal. I held her wide motherly hips as I began pumping into her ass, hearing her make deliciously animal grunting noises.

As I plugged away at her weakened sphincter, the corridor echoed with the sound of nasty clapping noises as her ample buttocks slapped against my thighs.

It felt surreal. I was actually fucking my mother up the ass! We were both grunting like animals as we rutted right there in the corridor.

I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back again. Her wide open mouth gasped as I ploughed her rectum with increasingly powerful thrusts. Her eyelids fluttered, her consciousness long ago drifting into carnal delirium as her body succumbed to this intense fucking.

"Mazaa aata hai na, ma? Acha lagta hai? Acha lagta hai jaysey mein tera gaand marta houn? You like it? You like the way I'm fucking your ass?" I growled into her ear.

My words seemed to bring her to her senses as her eyelids flew open and she stared back at me. Her face was covered in sweat and her eyes were wide with intensity.

I gave her one powerful thrust, delivering the full length of my cock into her tortured rear. I wrapped my arms around her and ground my body against hers, gyrating to let her feel the full length and girth in her bowels.

She pushed back against me, groaning as she felt my cock dominate her insides. We stayed like that for a bit, just enjoying the intense feeling of being connected in such a nasty way.

"Lagta hain tum gaand sey lehney ka bohot psand hai. It seems you like taking it in your ass very much" I grinned into her ear.

"Itni baari jaise linga jo dhook di meri undar, kaysey me na pasand karoun? With such a heavy cock you're fucking me with, how can I not enjoy it?" She panted as she reached back and ran her fingers through my hair, grinding her ass into my cock sensually.

Every time she opened her mouth she seemed to blow my mind with how nasty and sexy she could be.

"Aur tum? And you?" She purred as a smile spread across her flushed glistening face. She continued to gyrate against me, grinding my thick cock into her, feeling the intense pressure of it's presence in her bowels.

"Acha lagtaa hain tumko? Zyaada tight tho nahin houn mein? Do you like it inside me? I'm not too tight am I" She winked and then broke into a delightful girlish chuckle.

I couldn't help but smile. I was so in love with this glorious woman I couldn't help but feel nervous at just how perfectly matched she was for me.

I eased back from her withdrawing almost all the way out before thrusting deeply into her guts. She grunted loudly as a grimace spoiled her pretty flushed face, hissing at the rough way I ploughed her rectum.

"Ab mazaak band. No more playing" I sneered at her, playfully.

"Thum abi tak khel rahi hai kya? You were playing all this time" She whined at me, her brow furrowed at the insinuation of more anal fucking.

"Ab serious houn. Ab mera kaam karney ka time hai. Jo shuru karliya, ussey khatam karna hongey. It's serious now. It's time for me to finish what I started" I grunted as I began humping away again.

She reached out to place both palms against the wall to hold herself steady, panting and grunting as I started plugging away at her asshole again. I fucked her easily now. Despite the continuing tightness of her sphincter, she accepted me easily inside her shithole.

"HMMMNNN Deyde, betah. Zor sey. Give it to me. Give it to me hard." She panted, thrusting back to me almost as hard as I ploughed into her. "Maar ussey. Zor sey maar. Hit it. Hard."

I held her by her narrow waist and began rutting away at her abused asshole, my thighs slapping against her buttocks causing her flesh to jiggle comically.

"Aur zor sey,.. aur... Aur.... Maar ussey. Maar zor sey. Harder... More... More... hit it.... hit it harder..." She began chanting deliriously in between grunts and groans as my fat cock ravished her rectum. Deep down in her belly she could feel the beginnings of what she new would be another mind shattering orgasm.

I fucked her hard now, growling as I plugged my fat cock, streaked in yellow stains, into her ruined sphincter.

"Maar... maar... maar ussey... meri gaand marna hai to maar lo ussey... maar lo zor sey. Hit it... hit it... hit it... you want to fuck my ass so fuck it. Fuck it good and hard!" She growled through gritted teeth as she thrust her ass back onto my cock.

I could feel I wasn't going to last much longer. I began thrusting into her with animalistic anger, growling as I rutted my poor mother's asshole relentlessly.

"Haan... haan... eyseh, betah... maar tera maa ka gaand. .. todh dey ussey... todh kar pekhlo uss gandha gaand ko... banaa lo tera... banaa lo tera yeh gaand.... Maar uss gaaand ko aur banaaley mujhe tera randi... maar... maar iss randi ko... maar is gandhi randi ko... maar is kutti ko... tod dey iss kutti ka gaand... kuttey ka aulad, maar iss gandhi kutti randi ko... haramzaadey agar tu lundh gaand se nikaala to....maar maar maar maar maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!! Yes... yes... like that.... hit you mother's ass like that..... tear it up.... Destroy that ass... make it yours.... Conquer it and make it yours..... hit that ass and make me your whore... hit it... fuck your whore.....fuck your dirty whore... fuck this dirty bitch... tear up this bitch's asshole... son of a bitch, fuck this dirty bitch-whore... don't you dare take your cock out of my ass you bastard... fuck me... fuck... fuck... fuck... Fuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk!!!!!!"

She screamed as her sphincter clamped tight around the base of my cock just as I gave her my final thrust. My balls tightened and my vision temporarily blacked out as I gushed my seed into her ruined rectum. I could barely make out her waling as she too climaxed around my cock, her entire body writhing as she squealed and growled like an animal. I began plugging away again as powerful surges pumped through my body and I continued emptying my balls into her dirty ass, filling her rectum with gallons of spunk.

She tried desperately to escape my continued assault but I help her forcefully, keeping her where I needed her till I was finished. She wretched and scratched and squealed as her climax sent her flailing but I just kept plugging away at her now ruined asshole.

The air filled with disgusting slurping noises as I ploughed her cum-filled rectum, each time pulling out completely then shoving the whole of my cock into her sloppy shitter.

Finally I pulled away and she crumpled onto the floor, twitched and spasming as she groaned and moaned her way through the last surges of her powerful climax.

With just enough sanity left, I felt the need to exert my final humiliation on this beautiful woman. I scurried over to her and kneeled by her head. Roughly I grabbed her by her hair and lifted her to my twitching cock.

She turned her face away in disgust, still reeling from her orgasm, just wanting to be left alone to recover and recuperate from the assault on her senses. I was persistent, pulling her roughly and forcing my disgusting cock into her mouth.

She wretched at the smell and taste of her ass, gagging and choking as I pulled her onto my cock.

"Saaf kar ussey. Kutti, saaf kar teri betah ka lundh!" I growled menacingly. I can't explain where this urge to dominate her came from but it felt good. Very good!

Obediently, she began sucking. Tentatively and reluctantly at first but as her climax waned she gradually grew more and more enthusiastic. She cleaned me off thoroughly, licking away the dirty yellow streaks along the shaft as well as the disgusting sticky globules that had formed at the base of my deflating cock. Even as she continued wretching she diligently attended to my cock, kissing and licking and pleasuring me till the end.

I stroked her face, flushed and glistening with sweat. Finally, when my cock had become too sensitive I pulled out from her, surprised to hear a dejected purr leave her lips as if I'd taken away her favourite toy. I leaned in and kissed her, delicately at first then slowly pushing our tongues into each others mouths and tasting a long passionate kiss.

As I pulled away she curled into a ball, resting her head on the palm of her hand as she closed her eyes. I shuffled to curl up behind her, spooning my imposing body against her delicate maternal figure, reaching round to hold her in a protective embrace despite being the one to have savaged her.

Neither of us spoke as we drifted off to sleep to the sound of each others gentle breathing, in each other arms.

Written by: funkyjunkymunkey

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