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Mom's Tits, Summer Camp, and Me

by Nightwaves©

So why, that morning, when my mother knew that at exactly seven o'clock, I would push her bedroom door open, did she choose to be sprawled nude across the bed? Spotting her, I froze for a moment in the doorway, gaping in surprise. Was she asleep, I thought? I couldn't tear my eyes away from her beautiful, maternal body. If I didn't wake her, I wouldn't get breakfast, unless I wanted to scrounge it up myself.

Fuck that!

Pop Tarts and milk didn't appeal to me that early, so I gently crept toward the bed. The rising sun filtered through the thick, yellow fabric of the bedroom drapes, giving mom's bedroom an ethereal glow. My feet stepped slowly to the edge of the king-sized bed. Mom's body radiated an exceptionally strong warmth, as I could feel it affecting the air immediately surrounding her body. Her perfume from yesterday, slightly stale by now, drifted to my nostrils. Inhaling, I studied her nakedness, my eyes coming to rest on the full, plush pubis I had never seen so closely.

Before camp, an eternity ago, I had seen her naked, but never like this. Unwittingly, or not, mom was allowing me to map, in great detail, the magnificent terrain of her body. It occurred to me that mom wasn't snoring, as was her nature. Her torso slowly rose and fell with each breath, but she emitted no noise. Could she be awake, merely waiting for me to reach out and touch her body?

"Mom," I blurted out. Silence. I repeated myself. "Wake up, mom."

My mother made a poor attempt at feigning sleep. Opening her eyes, she looked at me, stretching her limbs like a housecat, making her nude body as open and visible to me as humanly possible. I waited for her to realize her exposed state and quickly cover herself with the blanket.

Mom always dragged herself remorsefully from sleep, taking an eternity to gain a train of coherent thought. Her eyes, glazed and puffy, would not focus until she was well into her second cup of coffee. Gazing at her, I witnessed none of that.

Looking directly into my eyes, she sat stiffly upright, throwing her ample, pointed breasts up and out. For a moment, I saw a pleading lust in her eyes, as if she were offering her body to me, then the look vanished.

"Oh," she remarked, in unconvincing surprise, I thought. Wrapping the blanket around her shoulders, she pretended to suddenly realize where she was. "I'm awake," she broke into a self conscious smile. "I'll be right down."

Crapping quietly in the silence of the white-tiled bathroom, I realized that mom had really turned me on. Wiping my ass, I stepped into the shower and, once the water had stabilized to a suitable temperature, jacked off. Eating breakfast silently, I repeatedly glanced to my mother, reading the newspaper and sipping her coffee. I could not help but imagine her beautiful body, concealed by only a bathrobe. I could still smell the perfume.

That day at school passed very quickly. My concentration, disabled by erotic thoughts of my mother, made me a mental cripple in class. After limping through an embarrassing day of wrong answers and teasing from my friends about the spaced out expression on my face ("What have you been smoking, and can I have some?" asked my best friend Mike), I made my way back home.

Walking through the back door and into the kitchen, I tossed my book satchel onto the counter. Usually, mom would be in the kitchen, scrounging something for dinner, but she was not there. I walked through the living room.

"Mom," I called out. Her car was in the drive, so she must have been home. I walked to the hallway, which led to the back of the house. From the bathroom, I could hear the shower. Slightly unusual, I thought, since mom usually showered in the morning after I left for school. Poking my head through the bathroom door, I called to her. "I'm home."

"Oh, hi, baby," she replied, sounding vaguely as if she had been waiting for me, "I'm glad you're home." My mother continued as I felt the steam condensing on my face. "Could you do me a favor?"

"Sure, Mom." Again, I became distracted by thoughts of her nude body, now wet, in the spray of the shower only a few feet away.

"Could you get me a new loofah out of the hall closet?" she pleaded.

Reaching to the back of the linen closet in the hallway, right outside the bathroom door, I thought to myself how easy it would have been for mom to get the loofah herself but, by then, I was eager to obey. Opening the bathroom door, I was met by a lovely vision.

My mother, my beautiful mother, had stepped out of the shower, one foot remaining in the tub, to take the loofah from me. Water dripped from her breasts and beaded on her skin as she smirked, looking into my eyes.

My first reaction was to avert my eyes from mom's nakedness and withdraw from the bathroom, but why? She was obviously making another bold move to expose herself to me, so the least I could do is be courteous and look, although I wanted to do much more.

With the hiss of the shower filling the bathroom, I slowly, thoroughly passed my eyes over mom's body, noticing again the details I discovered during her bedroom exhibition that morning: her full breasts, sagging a bit from size and age, but beautiful nonetheless, with large, red, puckered nipples, smooth, lightly-tanned skin, slightly lighter where skimpy sun-dresses usually concealed her flesh, a full, auburn pubis, trimmed conservatively to a lovely triangular bush, rounded hips and fleshy thighs, cutely dimpled at pivotal points, feminine, but sturdy, calves and ankles, and two dainty feet.

After a moment of obviously drinking in her body, my eyes returned to her gaze. If mom could be bold, then so could I.

"Is there anything else I could do for you?" I purred in the sexiest voice a young man could muster, and then I forced out the rest, "Anything at all?"

For a moment, she studied her son with a lusty gaze. "Maybe later," Mom sounded a bit nervous. I noticed the hand holding the loofah was shaking. "I'll let you know."

The moment I withdrew from the bathroom, I hurried to my bedroom. Slamming the door behind me, I threw myself on the bed, unzipping my jeans and pulling out my stiff cock. Sliding my other hand under my shirt, I gently tugged a nipple as my other hand stroked furiously.

The orgasm came immediately. Writhing on the bed as I came, I whimpered as a thick rope of come shot onto the carpet. My entire body went rigid, convulsing with the climax.

For a sweet moment, I wished that mom would walk in and witness the torture she had inflicted on her son. Mom would then kneel over her coming son and cover his breathless young body with loving, motherly kisses, kisses that would increase with passion until she devoured her son like a lover. Our two naked bodies would move together in a supreme, complete union between mother and son, our cries of passion lingering into the night.


After a restless, erection-plagued sleep, I awoke to the sun, wondering what new tease-games I and my mother would play. I stopped by the bathroom to pee, then sleepily walked through the hallway. As I approached mom and dad's bedroom door, I could hear the distinct sounds of sex. Obviously, my folks were getting a little action before dad left for the office.

I pressed my face near the partially-opened door. Strange, I thought, that they would have neglected to lock the door, as was their normal practice. I certainly had no objections.

Silently, I leaned against the door frame, closing my eyes, concentrating on the noises emanating from the bedroom. My mother moaned repeatedly over the steady thumping of the headboard. Occasionally, dad would grunt an encouragement.

"Oh yeah, baby," he rasped in a low, clear voice. "Give me that sweet pussy."

"Fuck me," mom responded simply. "Fuck me."

As I had done countless times before, I reached into my pajamas and wrapped my fingers around my stiff cock. As the music of my parents' colliding bodies filled my ears, I began working my way to another orgasm. Soon we all came together. I had stroked myself to the brink when mom and dad groaned in unison. Mom hissed as she came.

"Yes," she sobbed with pleasure. "Oh yes, honey. Ah, ah, AHHHGG!" Her body shuddered and she arched against dad's urgent thrusts.

Dad pounded out his orgasm, injecting his thick, hot seed deep into my mother's body, eventually falling around her waist in a spent heap. I let out an involuntary whimper, come filling my shorts.

Then silence.

Quietly, I withdrew my sticky hand from my shorts and retreated to the bathroom to clean up, then I went into the kitchen. Sipping a glass of orange juice, I studied the light patterns on the yellow, flowered wallpaper.

At that moment, I knew I would fuck my mother. No longer could I withhold against her relentless teasing, especially the added assaults of the past two days. Feeling my erection return, I downed the last of the orange juice and hopped to my feet.

Hesitantly, I walked to mom and dad's bedroom door. All was silent. Then I heard mom's hairbrush clunk down on her glass-topped vanity. Slowly, I pushed the door open. At the vanity sat mom in her bathrobe, her nakedness peeking out from underneath. Dad stood behind her, one of his hands cupping her left breast, squeezing it.

The moment they saw me, dad removed his hand from mom's breast, not quickly, as if he had been caught, but slowly. Mom's breast fell back into place, sporting a hard nipple from the handling. Dad gave me a smile, putting on his jacket and heading for the door.

"See you two tonight," he winked at us, then exited the room.

"What the fuck?" I thought to myself, hearing keys jingling in the hallway, then the front door shutting behind dad.

"Good morning," mom smiled, picking up her hairbrush again. I could smell the raunch of sex eminating from her body.

"Good morning," my voice quivered with surprise and lust. I stood only inches from her, savoring the heat of her body and the rank, carnal odor which filled my nostrils.

Mom brushed her hair a few strokes, smiling to herself, serene with afterglow, then her brushing paused. She spoke. "Honey, could you do me a favor? Could you check my breasts?"

I froze, not sure if I had heard her correctly, and not sure what to do next, although I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and do so very badly. She gazed into my eyes, and added, almost matter-of-factly, "I mean, just to be safe." Then my mother smiled, her lush, red lips glistening wetly. "Your Dad just examined them, but I need you to know how to do it, too." Mom clasped her hands on my shoulders. "If it won't traumatize you too much." Again, her lips glistened sexily. My cock strained against the elastic in my shorts.

Hesitating, I gawked, agape, staring at her lush, lovely mounds. The past twenty-four hours, no, the past year had been building up to this point. I knew there was no misunderstanding; my mother was asking me to touch and squeeze her breasts.

But what an absurd pretense! I almost felt pity for her, imagining my mother, lying awake the past night, wracking her brain for a coy way to get her son to fondle her tits. Then, as I pondered, the moment almost escaped. Sensing my hesitation, my mother's demeanor changed.

"Oh," she shrinked back, lowering her eyes, "it's not important." Mom withdrew, creating a noticeable distance between our bodies. "Never mind," she almost sobbed, "you don't want to touch your mother's baggy old tits anyway."

"No!" I blurted out, my own voice surprising me. "I want to touch them!"

Immediately, mom's face lit up. Our hands met as we both pulled open her loose, silken robe. Again, my eyes feasted on mom's beautiful, rose-tipped mounds. I realized my hands were shaking with exitement.

"What do I do?" I rasped, my voice hoarse with arousal.

Mom took my hand and gently placed it against her swollen tit. The feel of her hot, soft flesh, her nipple protruding against the palm of my hand, made me dizzy with exitement.

"Just squeeze it," she murmured. "Press your fingers into it, and feel it all over."

Her breast was too large for one of my boyish hands to cover, so I lifted the tit with one hand while my other hand began to probe into her flesh.

"Ahhh," she exhaled, pulling her shoulders back slightly, thrusting her chest out, and dropping her hands to her sides. Apparantly, I was doing it right.

Thoroughly, I explored each breast with careful fingers. Slowly, but surely, my dream was coming true. Mom smiled with contentment as her son carefully felt her up. Her (our) victory drew nearer. Glancing down, I noticed my mother's sweet, silky bush. My thobbing cock ached painfully, wanting to slip inside it. Moving closer to my mother, I straddled her bare knee, all the while massaging and probing her generous body.

Not knowing how to make my next move, I began to retrace my movements across my mother's breasts, trying to make the "examination" last as long as possible, but by the third pass, even I, in my erotic bliss, began to notice my mother's growing impatience. Without interrupting the movement of my hands, I looked at her.

"They feel fine to me," I croaked, sick with lust. God, I needed to fuck her! Through the haze of my arousal, I noticed the sparkling sheen of perspiration on mom's face and chest.

Before I knew it, my thumbs were slowly rubbing over mom's hard nipples, the two spots I had so carefully avoided until then. Immediately, she let out a gasp of pleasure. Her son had finally made the move to make love to his mother. The sound, a mixture of surprise and relief, pushed me into the abyss.

Boldly, my face lowered to her left nipple. Squeezing her breast with my hand, I slowly rubbed my moist lips against the warm, turgid tip, then kissed it. My brain buzzed with conflicting thoughts as I pressed into my mother's willing flesh. This wasn't a summer camp interlude with a young, semi-experienced girl, this was my mother, fer chrissake!

"Suck it, baby," she sighed, spurring me on, removing the last of my hesitation. My mouth drew in as much as it could possibly hold. Greedily, I began to nurse, mashing my face into her breast, nestling myself between her bare, open thighs.

"Ahhh," she exhaled loudly (I thought she was already coming, but no). "Oh yes, sweet baby, suck my tits. Suck them hard." Her thighs closed around me as I devoured her flesh. My cock oozed semen into my shorts, ready for action. Sucking noises, mixed with our lustful moans, filled the air as I savored the sweaty flesh of my own mother.

My head drew back for only a second before it speared mom's other nipple. Again, I pressed my busy mouth into a sweet pillow of flesh as mom hissed her approval. My dripping cock, barely concealed in the tent of my pajamas, now pressed at her fleshy gates.

Mom began to lean back, ever so slightly as not to lose her balance on the small, padded seat, so her son's weight could press against her yielding body. Feeling her son's hardness pressing against her wet box, mom interrupted her moans of lust to force out a string of breathless words.

"Does baby want to go lie on the bed?" her voice quivered with arousal, "I mean, we can do this easier on the bed, if you want to."

Poor mom, I love her so much, begging me to fuck, but at the same time not wanting to terrify me and warp me for life. She had to make absolutely sure the need was mutual.

"If you don't want to..."

As she spoke, mom began to realize how silly she sounded. Her horny, young son, sucking madly on her burning tits, had already begun a slow, steady rhythm against her silky bush. She looked down at me, sweating and crazed with passion, and changed the end of her sentence.

"Come on," mom whispered, wrapping her arms around me, lifting me off the ground as she stood. In three steps, we clumsily waltzed across the room and fell on the bed. Mom's dressing gown got lost somewhere along the way.

The moment she fell back on the soft bed, I slid on top of my mother's naked body, quickly nestling my hips between her open thighs. My hungry mouth covered her face, neck and breasts with wet, passionate kisses. Mom writhed exitedly, rubbing her hands up and down my young body.

"Ohhh, yesss," she murmured dreamily, her eyes closed. "Love me, baby. Love me." We necked like teenagers a minute, then my mother gazed down at me or, more accurately, my pajamas. "Take these off," she pouted, like a child, placing her hands around my waist and sliding my pajama bottoms and shorts down past my thighs. I paused a moment to kick them free, also removing my top. My cock bobbed at full attention, a detail that didn't escape my mother's lustful gaze. She opened her arms, inviting me back between her thighs. Our bodies, now both nude, fell snugly together.

The past year, especially summer camp and Susan, had educated me, thank God, as what to do next. With one effortless movement, I lifted my ass slightly, sliding my cock deep into my mother's sweet pussy. The moment I pressed my balls against her ass, penetrating her to the hilt, I thought she would come unglued.

"Ohhh, baby," she almost wailed. "My sweet boy, you know, you know what to do with your mother!"

As mom squeezed my tensing buttocks, I began thrusting eagerly against her body. Mom's knees drew up slightly, allowing me easier entry into the sweet womb I had lived in for nine months, so many years ago. I used her knees for anchorage, holding onto them tightly as our bodies slapped together harder and harder. With only a few words and movements, mom coached me on the technique she wanted from her son. It's the technique I still use today.

"That's it, sweetheart," she whispered. "Just like that, not too fast." Her eyes stared deeply into mine. "Okay, oooh," Mom's breath quivered with lust, "good baby." She had to concentrate to keep from coming too quickly. "Yeah, that's it, that's it," her hands covered mine, squeezing them. "Pull it out, then all the way back in," her hands pressed against my smooth, damp chest, brushing my nipples. The sensation in my nipples sparked all the way down my body and out through the tip of my throbbing cock. "All the way in, uh, uh, oooh." My erect, glistening shaft pushed all the way inside my mother, making her squirm and whimper. "A-a-all the way, ohhh, yes, yes," she panted against my neck, "good, goood!"

My mother's eyes closed, blissfully, as I pounded against her ripe body. I studied her delicate eyelids, accented with a dark blue shade of mascara, noticing how erotic they now seemed, so close to my face. As I gazed at her beautiful face, glazed with perspiration, mom began to gently chew on her lower lip. Soon, the movement of my body became stabilized and rhythmic, like the ticking of an impatient metronome. We fucked in perfect unison, mother and son, both of us satiating the lust that had been simmering between us for much too long. Now I had her, and I could hardly believe it, but there she was. My mother. My sexy lover.

Suddenly, mom let out a stifled squeal. She jerked and arched slightly as if an electrical shock had passed through her body. Curious, I slowed my thrusts, but mom insisted I continue.

"No, baby," she gasped. "Keep going, don't stop now."

Later, I realized she had had a quick, sharp orgasm. I had yet to see a woman come in that fashion.

With all the friction against my swollen cock, I couldn't hold back much longer. The sight of mom's lovely, lush body and tits, her smooth, silky legs and thighs rubbing against mine, and her wet, snug pussy caressing my cock quickly pushed me to the edge. Clenching my teeth, I growled like an animal as my cock burst.

"AAAGGGHHH!!!" The orgasm seized me violently. My body shuddered as I felt a healthy load of come erupt from deep within my body. Pulse after pulse of pleasure surged up the length of my throbbing shaft, sending thick jets of fresh come deep into mom's body. I was coming inside my mother at last!

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