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Mom's Tits, Summer Camp, and Me

by Nightwaves©

"Oh, YES, my love," mom cried out. "My baby's coming for me!" Joyfully, she bucked against me as I came, making my orgasm all the more intense. "Come for mommy," she urged in a voice only a loving, caring mother could use, "come hard inside mommy."

As I came, I discovered I couldn't slam into my mother's body hard enough. My animal instinct had erased any boundary between mother and son. My body took over in it's need to reproduce, to plant it's seed. Mom's tits jiggled with each collision of our bodies as I raped my mother. Surprised, she clung eagerly to her crazed son, encouraging him on.

"Oh, my love," she almost wept, astonished at the raging lion between her legs, "give it to me hard! Harder!"

I almost wept with pleasure and release, a tear running down my cheek. "Ohhh...OHHH," I cried in sublime agony, evacuating the contents of my swollen cock deep into my mother's sweet womb, "ohhh mama, ohhh mama."

Watching her son coming so violently, mom couldn't help but be seized by another, stronger orgasm. She let out a throaty groan, shaking violently as her head thrashed from side to side.

"Aaagh," Mom's orgasm shook her like a rag doll. I spent and spent, emptying my scrotum into her beautiful body. The orgasm persisted, shaking me to my core. I arched my back so sharply that I strained a tendon in my leg. The pain was exquisite.

Soon, the spasms in my body subsided. The contracting of mom's sweet pussy squeezed the last of the come from my stinging cock.

Having expended such violent, pent-up lust, we both began to sweat profusely. Droplets of salty sweat collected on my face and neck, eventually falling onto mom's sweaty breasts.

Resting against my mother's glistening body, I remained inside her pussy. My young cock had found a welcoming new home, and it was ecstatically content to stay. My face nestled against her damp neck. Her sweat mingled with mine, coating my lips. Lazily, I licked the salty mixture, tasting a bitter hint of mom's old-fashioned perfume.

Our bodies, fused together by perspiration and sex, slowly dried in the cool morning air. I held my mother tightly, snuggling against her warm, nude body as if I were an infant. Mom's hands slowly stroked my back, caressing my damp skin with her gentle fingers.

We existed, there, that morning, for each other. Both of us had satiated, for the moment, our mutual lust. Now the wave had passed, and we both found ourselves in the new, frightening, exiting world of incest. In the many days ahead, there would be no more longings, and no more unfulfilled needs. Mom and I now held each other as lovers. No apprehension remained after our soul-baring exchange.

Mom and I would make love several more times that day, until we both staggered, drained, into the shower to wash away the thick residue of sex from our glowing bodies. The cool, soothing spray of water from the chrome shower head caressed our bodies. Heaving a weighted breath of relief and exhaustion, I closed my eyes, leaning against the white linoleum tiles as mom's gentle hands washed my body. The enclosure of the shower stall echoed my small, plaintive voice.

"I love you."

Mom smiled, briefly, with that wide, expressive mouth of hers.

"I love you, too, baby," she cooed.

Sitting on the lid of the toilet, I watched sleepily as mom's naked body stretched for the high, top shelf of the linen closet. The smooth inside of her ample thigh glistened with wetness from the shower. Mom's breasts hung lazily in space, swaying slightly with her movements, the red tips hardened in the cool air.

If I could have frozen her, for only a moment, I would have a perfect statue, a perfect representation of a maternal lover. Then the moment passed as she retrieved a large beach towel.

As our bodies pressed together, mom wrapped the towel around our damp bodies. Again feeling the magnificent warmth of her body, I turned my face up to meet hers. We kissed. She smiled, a woman in love, then we kissed again, and again, gentle playful pecks of affection before another sweet, snug embrace.


The afternoon sun of that first, sweet day filled the master bedroom with an etherial glow. Silently, mom and I removed the stained linens from the bed. Mom's head was slightly bowed, and the calm benevolence in her eyes as she spread the fresh sheets on the bed gave the ritual an almost spiritual aire.

In the kitchen, I leaned back in a plastic dinette chair, rubbing the strained tendon in my leg, watching mom's bare feet move over the yellow-and-white asbestos tiles. For the first time in my life, and certainly not the last, I witnessed a young, nubile newlywed, fresh from the athletics of new passion. Mom's body radiated heat, and I could almost make out the shimmering aura surrounding her flushed skin.

The glow of new love?

Perhaps. Dad was never a slouch in bed, and their marriage was a rock that remained stable for years, but still, mom had a new demeanor after that day that intensified every time we had sex, and that would be often.

As I pondered, mom set about the task of preparing the family dinner. Dad would be home shortly, and he was always tired and hungry. His hard work and love was what provided us with a decent life.

From the beginning, I knew there were no secrets from dad. That sly dog. He never said a word, even when it was obvious what his wife and son had been doing.

I sat upright, startled, as dad came home unexpectedly early one afternoon. Mom and I had been riding each other the entire day. The room reeked of sweaty sex and, while mom washed my many deposits out of her pussy, I lazed, naked and exhausted, under the wrinkled sheets.

"Hey, son," dad greeted. In a second, he had crossed the room and entered the bathroom. The moment he disappeared, I slid out of bed and vanished to my bedroom to get dressed. That's how it went, until I graduated college. It was an unspoken joke between dad and me. At times, he would give me this smirk, as if he were asking, "So, how was mom today?"

In later years, my life took me far away, but never too far to visit my folks often. Dad, well into his sixties, is just beginning to speak of retirement. When he leaves for work, mom and I relive our torrid days of incest. Her body has aged, to be certain, but I still can't get enough of her sweet, incestuous love, and I'm sure our bodies will be moving together, through the years, fading into the twilight.

Written by: Nightwaves

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