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Scat Schoolgirl

by Zolrender©

Paul Delahay was knackered. He sat on the toilet at adjoined his bed room and relaxed in the feeling of taking a long slow shit. He knew he could take as long as he wanted as this was the second toilet in the house and his young daughter had free rein of the other one.

After sitting there for about 15 min, he was suddenly jolted out of his daydream by the toilet door opening. There in the door way stood his 18 year old daughter still dressed in her school uniform.

Suddenly conscious that he was naked he covered his dick and looked at her in shock.

"Kym! What are you doing bursting into my toilet? I'm trying to go"

"I have to talk to you daddy"

"Ill come out in a minute. Just run along now" he added feeling more and more embarrassed and shocked she saw him like this.

"But daddy.....Its very important"

"I don't care how important it is young lady, Ill be out in a minute"

Then Kym did something that totally shocked him. She walked forward to him and knelt down right in from of him. His covered cock would have only been 6 inchs from her face.

Paul was have a hard time concealing his manhood now, as the sight of his young daughter in school uniform kneeling in front of him while he sat naked on the loo was making him very hard.

Kym looked at her father in the eyes and then looked down to his cock.

"I have a surprise for you daddy, and im sure that you are going to like it"

With that she leaned right into him and brushing away her fathers hands so wrapped hers around his fully erect 9inch pole.

Paul was stunned. He knew he should stop this now, but his brain had just frozen. Then in slow motion his little girl leaned in all the way and slide his cock into her mouth and down her throat. All in one motion. There she held him and licked his balls. Paul was in heaven.

Slowly drawing up his cock, sucking hard all the time on it, she reached his bell end and then started rapidly bobbing up and down on her father sucking as hard as she could.

It was all Paul to take and he let fire without warning into his young daughters expert mouth. The first few spurts hit Kym on the back of the throat and she coughed a bit, till she pulled back to the tip and drank steadily from her fathers cock.

When he had finished she pulled off him and opened her mouth showing her dad the mouthful of come that she hadn't yet swallowed.

"Oh baby" Paul groaned, "swallow it all pumpkin." and with that she did, gulping hard as she swallowed.

"Did you like your blow-job daddy?"

"Oh baby, it was fantastic, but we cannot do this its wrong"

"But I still have something else to show you daddy, turn around"

Kym grabbed her father by the hand and pulled him up from the loo. Still too shocked at what was happening to put up any resistance she spun her father around and told him to put his hands on the wall and spread his legs apart.

Turned on beyond belief and confused Paul just did as his sexy daughter asked. Her hear her kneel behind him then felt his ass cheeks being pulled apart.

"oh no" he thought im totally dirty there. Kym must have read his mind, because as he thought this she added;

"Such a bad daddy, your soooo dirty and filthy down here"

"I've just been to the loo baby, lets stop this and ill clean up."

"no daddy that's my job today. You just stay still ok?"

Paul had now decided that this was all too sexy and hot to stop so he just followed his baby's commands and stood leaning face first into the wall with his butt pushed out and his legs wide apart. He could only guess how open and exposed his shit covered ass was to his daughters gaze. The fact too that he'd just finished a long shit blew his mind as he knew he was filthy dirty.

When Kym had said that she was going to clean him Paul expected that she was going to use paper on him. But Kym had other ideas.

Leaning in again Paul suddenly felt his little girls breath on his ass and then a second later he felt her run the flat of her tongue from the bottom of his balls straight up his ass crack over his anus up to the top of his ass. Paul went into shock. His schoolgirl daughter had just licked his shit covered ass.

"Your shit tastes fantastic daddy. Just stay still while I fully clean up" and with that Kym went back to avidly licking her fathers dirty shit covered anus.

After about 5 min of hard licking, she lent back on her heals and observed her handy work.

"Beautiful daddy, you are sooo clean now. Isn't that better than toilet paper?"

"Oh pumpkin. I cannot believe you just licked my ass clean"

"well I have one more surprise for you daddy. There's one more place that's still dirty."

Paul didn't know what she meant till suddenly again her tongue was on his ass, but this time, his little girl stiffened her tongue and slid it up inside her fathers shithole. There Kym started to move it around, trying to clean as much of his shit out of her fathers ass as she could. As she did this her father relaxed his ass muscles and one more small nugget of poo popped out, straight into his daughters probing mouth. Kym held it in there and standing up moved to be next to her fathers face. She opened her mouth and showed him the nugget in there.

Paul gasped as she then closed her mouth and chewed, finally swallowing the remains.

Paul then turned around and sat back down on the toilet.

"now pumpkin what brought that on?"

Kym knelt at his feet again and took his cock back into her hand. Slowly stroking it she replied;

"Do you know Mr Cunningham, my English teacher?" Paul thought back to the last time he met his daughters teachers, and rememberedd the grey haired old man that taught herEnglish..

"Well for the past few months he has been "tutoring " me each day after school. Except, instead of learning English I have been learning how to be very very dirty and kinky."

"But hes got to be over 50 at least" he dad replied.

"61 to be exact. He waits in his office for me each day. When I arrive he will already have his pants off and be sitting feet up on the desk in his big backed chair. His ass will be over the edge of the seat and more often than not, he while already have some shit caked around his ass. Ill just walk straight in and go up and knee in front of him, part his ass cheeks and lick his old shitty ass clean."

"Oh my god" Paul exclaimed picturing the sight of his uniformed little girl licking her elderly teachers ass.

"Then when Im done, hell hand me a plate he keeps in his draw. I hold this under his ass and hell do a poo right onto the plate inchs from my face. Once his done, I have to take his poo in my hands and smother his cock in it. Hes always very hard at this point. Then with his cock absolutely covered in his shit, Ill take it into my mouth and lick him clean, all the while looking up at him."

'Oh baby that's so filthy"

"I know daddy, but there's more. Once I have cleaned him i have to repeat the procedure till all his shits gone. By this time hell come in my mouth and I swallow a mixture of his come and shit. Then hell pull me up onto the desk. He makes me squat on the edge facing away from him and hell lift up my school skirt. I am never wearing panties. Then its his turn to lick my ass, and he always sticks his tongue right up me as far as it can go. When hes finished he waits until I have to go and I shit right in front of his face as he sits at his desk, letting it fall onto the plate. Once im done he makes me get down and sit on my dirty ass at my desk. Hell put the plate of my own poo in front of me, and watch as I eat it without using my hands. Oh yes daddy your little girls a shit eating whore for her English teacher."

"well if that's the case little one, you are now my new toilet. Im not using the proper one again"

"I hoped you would say that daddy. Plus the main reason I seduced you today is I was told to by Mr Cunningham, and to prove I had done it, he asked that you write a note to him telling him everything that I did"

Written by: Zolrender

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