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Dreaming Ch. 02

by Pandasaurus©

It began to rain around three o clock. Mark Curtain liked the rain, especially when it was loud. He found the sound of the water pelting against his roof to be soothing and he needed to relax. He put up an advertisement in the local newspaper for a position available in his restaurant. His business was the trendiest place to get your lunch and as a result, he enjoyed the prosperity that came with it.

Mark was a large white man with a greying hair. He wore a suit which was from the latest Armani collection. He was 5'9 and he had a 45" waist. He had green eyes and white teeth. His face was home to a bushy moustache. He was a little handsome, in a non conventional sort of way. He was 43 and he had a nasally voice.

He sat in an office looking at the C.V. of Aaron Hilton. His C.V. got Aaron through to the interview stage; if what Aaron was saying was true, then he was a strong candidate for almost any job he wanted. Not because he was qualified in any particular field, but it showed him to have a strong character which would have a positive impact on any team in general.

The office was grey and it had few personal effects. It was a large room which when one entered it, they faced a big mahogony desk. On the desk were papers in neat bundles. Also there was a photo of Mark Curtain's family. He had a wife and two kids, both girls. The eldest girl seemed to be Aaron's age, 17. The youngest was only 10. The photo was taken on a beach and it was obvious that they all loved each other and were happy together.

At 3:15, I entered the restaurant about to be interviewed. I was dressed in black pants with a white shirt. The simple yet classic outfit was finished with a silver and black tie. The tie was the most expensive part of the look costing €20. It wasn't even mine; I borrowed it from my best friend's Dad. The pants and shirt were apart of my school uniform and so were the pair of black leather shoes I wore. I wanted to look respectable but I didn't have much money to buy anything new.

I was dreadfully nervous. Even though I didn't really want to work in a food or catering business when I left school or college, I really needed the money. I wanted to move away from home and go to Dublin to study social work in Ireland's most prestigious university, Trinity. But to do that, he needed funds.

I told a waitress that I was there to speak to Mr. Curtain about a job interview when I arrived. The interview wasn't until 3:30, but I wanted to arrive early and let Mr. Curtain know I was punctual.

When the time came, I entered Mr. Curtain's office.

"Hello there, Aaron, welcome. My name is Mark Curtain." He spoke with perfect enunciation and clarity. He was confident yet, he had no reason to be nervous. Mark shook my hand and showed me to a black leather seat in front of the desk. When he returned to behind the desk, he continued. "You have quite the C.V. It doesn't show much in terms of culinary experience, but of course that doesn't matter for you applied of the waiter position."

I didn't say much; what was there to say?

"So, let's go through your C.V. You sat your Junior Certificate in June 2008 and you got all As in all 10 of your subjects which were studied at higher level. Do you find academics easy?" Mark could clearly see I was nervous so he decided to begin with an easy, straightforward question.

"Well, I find school to be OK. I listen in class and do my homework. I don't mean to make it sound like I am a genius or anything. I do work hard in the school year. School is OK when you work at it I guess." I replied modestly. The truth was that I was a genius. I read Shakespeare for fun. I always understood the maths problems we dealt with. I am practically fluent in French.

Mark made some notes that I couldn't see. He had only come to Ireland from America a year and a half ago, so he didn't understand the Irish education system well. He figured that he could open me up more by asking him about it. I was still obviously nervous. When I spoke it was barely audible.

"As you can tell by my accent, Aaron, I am American. Can you explain the Irish education system? I mean, what is a Junior Certificate? It sounds rather childish." Mark asked. He didn't really care about it, but he wanted me to be comfortable. Once I was, then the real questions could begin.

"Well, when you enter 7th grade or as it is known here, 1st year, you begin the junior cycle of secondary education. You study roughly 10 subjects for 3 years and then in 3rd year or 10th grade you do an exam in them. The Junior Certificate shows you how well you performed over the 3 years. It shows how committed and hardworking a student is at a young age." I spoke more strongly now. I guess I was relaxing a little, these questions weren't so bad.

"After 3rd year, the student progresses into 4th year or Transition Year. In some schools it is optional, which allows students to skip it and continue to 5th year. 4th year is not compulsory as it is a year which focuses on personal development rather than academics. As a result, many students find it hard to study after it and find school work difficult in 5th year."

"In 5th year, a student studies typically 7 subjects. They are studied until the end of 6th year when they must sit their Leaving Certificate. This exam decides the rest of your life to a point as it is how you represent yourself to the University's you applied to attend to. It is the equivalent of the UK's A Levels or the US's SATs."

I was now in the zone. I knew Mr. Curtain was only trying to get me started and I was grateful that this was would be so kind.

"Oh, I see. Thank you, Aaron. My daughter is your age; she will sit the Leaving Certificate next June. But she is always out; I never have time to talk to her." Mr. Curtain confided.

"So, I see, you have never worked in a restaurant or café before. You did two weeks in a primary school March of last year and a week in a preschool for children with special needs. Tell me about that? Do you think your experience could be related to working in this sector?" Mark asked me inquisitively. He felt that I was comfortable enough to truly begin.

"Well, Mr. Curtain, while I haven't placed it in my résumé, I have worked for a day in the school shop which carters for one thousand students. I never applied for the duty, but that day the shop was understaffed and I was drafted in. The reason I was chosen was because I am seen to be trustworthy and honest among the other people in the school, student's and staff alike. Regarding my work experience in the schools, I had to work with many children and I feel that should someone bring an unruly child into the business I would be able to keep him or her occupied until they left and as a result, the ambiance in the restaurant wouldn't be compromised." I spoke well, but in the middle of my answer my voice wavered from nerves.

Mark decided to ignore the voice break; he didn't have the time to keep warming up the kid.

"Ah, interesting. Nice answer." More notes were made on Mark's notepad about what I had just said.

"It says here that you practise martial arts? What can you tell me about that?" Mark asked.

"Well, umm... I do Karate and I am a black belt. I also teach it to the junior members..." My mind went blank. I tried desperately to think of something to say. I was annoyed; I just answered two questions well, now when I am asked an open question I could take anywhere I wind up empty. Mark could see me squirm and he smiled. He found how this kid seemed to be constantly nervous a little cute. While he wasn't gay, he would never say no to a mouth that was willing.

When he began to think about how nervous the kid was, his cock rang. His smile deepened when he felt his cock engorge. He didn't cum in three days, which was too long. He decided he would use this kid to get off. He just had to do a little manoeuvring, which was no problem for a man like him whose silver tongue got him out of more than his share of jams.

I was looked at sceptically. Something in Mark's eyes said: "I'm wasting my time here". Mark took a deep breath, pausing for time. The look on Mark's face was pessimistic yet inside, he was dancing. "I'm going to get my cock in this little slut's mouth; he can earn the job this way! Ha!" He thought mischievously. He put his hand up to his mouth to hide his evil grin; he loved being the villain, the corruptor.

While I was muttering quietly about how Karate has made me more polite to other people, senior citizens in particular, I was interrupted.

"What do you want to do in college?" the boss asked shortly. It was clear he wasn't interested in the conversation taking place which made me both embarrassed and annoyed.

"I would like to go to Trinity to study social work. I care a lot about people and I would like to help them." The reply was simple and clear. It was spoke at a sensible volume and it seemed that I was getting comfortable again. In my mind, I knew I had to impress this man to get the job I needed. Clearly, I haven't made any impression whatsoever yet.

"Social work is a very noble career path to follow; however, it isn't related to anything in this line of work. Why are you here?" Mark spoke angrily. In realty, he wasn't angered, he was excited! The hunt was one of nature's most exhilarating highs in Mark's opinion.

"Well, as I said, I wanted to go to Trinity. Dublin life is really expensive and I don't have a lot of money, you see. I would be living off of grants but I want to be able to have my own money too because the grants won't allow me to live well enough. Outside of rent, I would be left with €2000 roughly to feed and cloth me for 9 months. Also, that 2 grand has to pay for school books, etc. So I don't really have a choice. I have to get a job."

"Well, how badly do you want to go to the capital? The university here will give you the same qualification, right?"

"At the moment, and for a long time previous to today, going to live in Dublin has been my dream." I spoke honestly. Dublin had a great gay nightlife. And it would be away from home. No one would know me. I could be whoever I wanted away from my life in Cork.

"Well, how far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams?" The smile on Mark's face was evident. It told me that the job was mine, if I wanted it. But I would have to do something first...

"I guess it would depend on the price... Sir..." my answer was quiet. I put my hands in my pocket and looked down. Shyness had won over again. Fire burned in Mark's eye when I called him sir. I said it so softly. So submissively.

Mark stood up and walked in front of the desk. There was a small bulge in his pants. "Aaron, the job is yours. Depending on what you do in the next few moments. Right now, I have a throbbing boner. I haven't come in ages. I want you to suck that sweet cum out of my dick and I want you to swallow it. I want to watch as you let that sticky, white ooze slither down your slender, boyish neck. I don't know if you are gay, I don't care. I'm not. Usually that piece of information makes the guys I put in this situation more comfortable if they're straight and it turns on the gay ones. I don't care which state you are in now. I just want you sweet lips on my head. If you want to get to live you dream, then be my slut, just for the next few moments. The likelihood of you getting another job is pretty slim, look at the economy. If you turn me down, no business in this town will hire you. I'll slander your name and make you a fucking clown. Besides, they probably are not hiring. I got 50 C.V.s for this job alone. Now, pull down my fucking fly."

"Holy shit!" I thought. I looked wide eyed at the man before me. The truth was that I became totally hard when I saw the bulge in his pants. I put my hand up to my mouth which was dry. I always thought that if I was in this situation, I would gladly suck the cock of any man. I would be a pro at blowing off guys. But all I could think was "Oh shit! Oh shit!"

"Well, what the fuck are you waiting for? Are you a fucking moron? Pull out my dick! I know you are going to suck me off. If you were going to leave, you would be gone by now. Besides, I see a fucking boner bulge in your pants, princess. Take out my FUCKING COCK!" Mark roared the end of his sentence.

Frightened, I reached forward with my right hand. It was shaking uncontrollably. I touched the bulge and it electrocuted my fingertips. Mark grunted when contact was made. "Yes! He thought! This little piggy is mine!"

I took a deep breath and took the zip in my thumb and index. I was so nervous, I was going nuts. But I knew I had to do it. Mark waited expectantly for the right moment. What happened next happened in a flash.

When the zipper was down 3cm, Mark using his left hand roughly pushed my hand away. Immediately, I looked up at his face questioningly. Using his right hand, Mark slapped my face. "Get my zipper down, with your teeth!" Mark snarled viciously.

My face stung harshly. I felt like crying. Mark was being really nice at the start of the interview, now he was being a prick. Slowly, I inched my face forward. Hesitantly, I opened my mouth. When I got close enough, I couldn't control my mouth. It kept shaking. I wasn't able to get the zipper open because my mouth wouldn't let me put it in. Mark growled and trusted his groin into my terrified face forcefully. This knocked me back and when I went back far enough, I got another slap in the face. The slap wasn't as strong as the first one. Maybe that was because I was so shocked at the groin lunging. "You are taking forever, you fucking FAGGOT! Hurry the FUCK up! I am a busy man and I have shit to do!" Mark was furious.

I took another deep breath. My eyes did water this time and they released two tears. I blinked the rest back, but it was too late. Mark, the evil bastard, saw them. "Oh, for fucks sake. The fairy is crying. Man up, for Christ's sake!" He laughed venomously as he said his mocking words.

This angered my. I would show this prick who was in charge. I would make him beg for release, I will cum torture him. Bring him to the edge and not throw him off. I lunged forward and carefully bit the pant's zipper. It was down in seconds. I ripped the belt off swiftly. I seemed confident and in control. Mark knew I was the kind of guy who would be in his element with a cock in my mouth or ass, but he didn't want his fucks to be too strong.

Angrily, I shoved the pants along with the underwear down to the man's ankles. His legs were so hairy. Even the thighs. I looked in amazement at the man's body. He was strong, dominant and in charge. His cock, throbbing was 6". It was extremely hairy and pointed straight up.

"Oh, yeah, you're getting the hang of it now, boy. You're a good fucking boy! Now put it in your mouth for me, baby." Oddly, Mark was being pretty sweet. I didn't get all As in my Junior Certificate for being averagely smart. I WAS a genius. I knew Mark was trying to build me up to only smack me down again.

The cock was grabbed in a tight grip in my right hand. The bare feel of skin to skin cock contact excited me. I was enjoying holding a cock in my hand, but I couldn't move. Not an inch. I was frozen. My boner went away. I just stared at the cock open mouthed. My grip on my potential boss's dick was loosened.

Mark knew he was losing me. He had to get me out of this shocked state. He slapped me as hard as he could across the face and screamed "OPEN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH, YOU DIRTY CUNT!" The walls were sound proofed years ago, before Mark came here. This was something he was glad of as it allowed him to be as rude and as loud as he wanted.

But I didn't move. Not for 12 seconds. Then I ran. I ran right out of the door and I didn't even pick up my bag. As soon as I ran out of the door, I froze again. I could hear Mark yelling for me to get back but I ignored him. I was frozen because I found him. HIM! I found the 6 foot 5 man I had dreamt of while jacking off in the shower. He looked at me in my eyes and I melted!

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Written by: Pandasaurus

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