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My Student Ch. 02

by NightGirl359©

[Editor's note: Thanks for the great feedback, love to hear more! Also thank you to MasterofConrtol2003 for your help with editing yet again. Not much sex in this short chapter, building for the date Friday. I suggest you read the first hot chapter in this series before starting this, or it may not make much sense.]

I knew exactly what I wanted from him, my pussy boy, and could hardly wait for Friday to come around. I continued to play it cool, however, not wanting to give myself away. I met with Andy the next morning, went over my ground rules regarding his ongoing submission to me, but didn't have class with him that day and left quickly.

Chemistry class Wednesday morning was...well... interesting. Though it was early in the semester, I was already bored with the class, despite it being a requirement for my major. So, I wasn't paying that much attention; instead, I studied Andy.

He was not what I would call handsome, but fairly good looking. His big grin is what gives him away as not a man but just a big kid at heart. He had dark reddish-brown hair, average height, and a medium build with just a hint of muscles beneath his shirt.

I think what I enjoyed most about him was his passion, both for teaching and for science. He had a fire burning inside that would have been evident to anyone watching him ...on a typical day, anyway; today he was clearly distracted.

I had to work quite hard at not laughing out loud as I watched him fumble through class. As he was lecturing, he would use his hands to gesture or demonstrate. Then, he would suddenly realize what he was doing and quickly clasp them behind his back as I had ordered. Each time he did this he would look at me, causing him to lose his train of thought almost every time. Watching him was priceless; I imagined him breathing a sigh of relief once class was over.

Physics class was a different story. These students were already serious scientists so there was no way he could bluff though this one. Today the students were giving him grief over one particular theory, demanding every nuance of the logic behind its origins. The grilling he was taking would probably be enough to fluster any novice teacher, and I enjoyed watching him squirm.

By the look he gave me I knew he was lost again as he struggled to put a coherent sentence together. His pleading eyes were begging me for my assistance. I let him struggle for another moment before I spoke up, explaining the theory and its establishment as thoroughly as I could recall from my personal studies.

I did not wait for him after class but drove quickly instead to his home. I concentrated on my anger with his reliance on me to bail him out. I didn't want to calm down before I had a chance to express myself. Some anger with a new submissive is often helpful to cement their obedience. I parked a few houses down and watched as he pulled up and quickly went inside. I gave him a moment to prepare himself for me before getting out of my car and walking up to his door.

He left the door unlocked, as I had instructed. I entered the house and there he was: naked, kneeling, waiting for me. I closed the door and stepped around him, generally ignoring him. I quietly walked around, surveying the small, tidy house before returning to the entryway to address him.

"I'm certainly going to have to start doing my homework if you expect me to be teaching your class." I was pissed, and it came through in my voice.

He ducked his head before mumbling, "I'm sorry Mistress, I -"

I cut him off by slapping him across the face, knocking him hard enough that he had to put a hand out to steady himself. "Shut up!" I warned. Begging was one thing, but I couldn't tolerate sniveling. "You do not have permission to speak."

He wisely held his tongue. I stormed around for another moment, looking for a suitable punishment. Finding nothing readily available I snapped my fingers at him. In a tight voice, I said "Show me your bedroom, pussy boy."

He stood and scrambled ahead of me leading the way down a dark hallway and into the bedroom. I left him at the door and proceeded into the interior to explore. I wandered into the attached bathroom and found what must have been his wife's hairbrush. I returned to the bedroom and ordered him to lean over the bed, which he did.

"Just like a naughty student, I think you deserve a paddling for being unprepared for class. Do you dispute this corrective action?" I hissed into his ear.

"No Mistress," he replied meekly.

I smiled, and without further ado gave him several hard smacks with the small but hard make-shift paddle. He had not anticipated my blows and let out an audible cry at their onslaught. I struck him about a dozen times on his right ass cheek before pausing to stroke my hands over his warmed skin. He took several deep breaths but I was not finished.

I stepped back and to his other side, moving the brush to my other hand. I stretched back before striking again, raining down another dozen blows before pausing. His breathing was coming in more raggedly now but he was still too composed for my tastes. I switched sides again and struck once more with a dozen blows.

He was now moaning and groaning with each blow, quietly, trying to keep it to himself. I felt that I was finally getting through to him though I was not done yet. Switching sides one final time, I gave him another dozen blows with all of my strength. When I stopped I could hear him crying and I knew I had done my job well. He had taken nearly 50 blows, and I'm not sure I would have had the energy for more even if he had needed it.

I put the brush back in its place and returned to sit on the bed near his head. I let him cry for a minute, stroking his hair, until he was able to regain his composure. He looked up at me with big eyes, slightly embarrassed. I smiled down at him. I was much calmer myself now and that helped relax him.

"Don't worry," I consoled him. "It won't always be like this. In fact if you behave yourself and do your own job then it will be relatively rare."

"Yes Mistress," he mumbled.

I smiled even more and said softly, "Rare, but not gone completely. Sometimes the mood just takes me and I can't help myself. I need an outlet, and for the time being, that will be your role."

He seemed a little shaken by this but still managed a "Yes Mistress."

I reclined back on the bed while I mused about the situation. "On your knees, boy. Stroke yourself for me." His cock had gone completely soft with the paddling, but I was confident he would be able to recover. He began stroking immediately. I watched him for a moment before questioning him, "So aside from the obvious, how were your classes this week? Are you having difficulty with your 'assignments'?"

"Yes Mistress," he answered without hesitation. "I have been a wreck. Whenever I put my hands behind my back I am reminded of you. I think of how you had me kneeling between your legs licking your pussy while you held me captive. It's on my mind morning, noon and night, Mistress."

His open, honest admission made me smile. I glanced pointedly down at his hand stroking his now erect cock and ordered him to stop. "And Friday?"

He ducked his head before answering, "I told my wife I'm going fishing with my friend Matt."

Now that was an interesting development. "You mean OUR old friend Matt?" He nodded his head, blushing. I had been dating Matt the first time I met Andy, and still see him regularly. Very interesting indeed. "Does Matt know you're using him for an excuse?"

Andy answered quietly, not meeting my eyes. "No Mistress. I didn't know how to explain the situation to him."

I laughed out loud, causing him to look up at me. I reached down to stroke his cock now, slowly, teasingly. "I didn't know you two were still in contact." He nodded, mouth hanging open, but made no sound.

I could tell he was quite aroused as I stroked him. I reminded him, "I don't know what you're getting all worked up about, boy. You're still not allowed to come until at least Friday."

He raised his head to look at me now, pleading in his eyes. I laughed at my control of him, giving him a few more strokes before asking, "Where does your wife keep her toys, pussy boy?"

He seemed slightly taken aback by this question. "She doesn't have any, Mistress."

"No, huh?" I mumbled, turning to the nightstand and opening the drawer. Not finding what I was looking for I closed it and leaned over the side of the bed, feeling underneath. My hand encountered a hard object which I pulled up to my level. "Just what I thought," I smiled, opening the box to find some candles, a cheap bottle of lube, and a nice compact vibrator.

I laughed at the expression on Andy's face, mouth hanging open. "What do you think she does while you're jerking off in the shower, boy? A girl needs her release. Now, go get my purse from the hallway."

He quickly left to obey me while I replaced her box. I shed my jeans and sweater, laying back against the pillows in my matching pink lace bra and panties. When Andy came back in, his erection bobbing before him, he almost tripped over his own feet as he watched me. I smiled, taking the purse from him and instructing him to kneel on the bed between my feet.

I rummaged through my purse until I found the bag containing my vibrator. Andy swallowed hard, watching intently as I pulled it out of the bag. I held the vibe in one hand, using the other to rub my chest, teasing my nipples to a point through the lace of my bra. I looked at him in the eyes, "Stroke yourself again for me, pussy boy."

I watched as he spat onto his hand before wrapping it around his hard cock. I continued looking into his eyes while my hand came down to tease my pussy, brushing along my panties, molding the material to my inner folds. He moaned, sending shivers through my body. I turned the vibe on low and brought it to my pussy, still teasing myself through my panties. My other hand returned to my chest, squeezing and teasing my nipples. He moaned again and I joined him this time.

"Don't you come, boy," I warned him.

"Yes Mistress," he replied, slowing his stroking.

I slipped my hand into my panties, using the vibe on my clit. Watching him kneeling there beneath me had me feeling so hot. I watched him panting, focusing on the feeling in my clit as I turned the vibe speed up. I could feel my orgasm building. It was so close.

"Mistress," he moaned at me, and that did it, my whole body trembling with the shock waves of my orgasm. I bit my lip, trying to prolong and extend it. Eventually it came to a stop, and I opened my eyes.

"Stop," I ordered him, sensing his orgasm was close as well. I lay there for a moment, catching my breath, trying to regain my composure. Eventually I was able to sit up, handing him my vibe. "Wash this for me, boy."

He took the toy from me, turning it over in his hand. He got up and went to the bathroom. I dressed myself, letting my eyes wander around the room. He returned and I took the vibe back, placing it in my bag and taking him by the hand.

I led him to the front door where I stopped to give him an Earth-shaking kiss, keeping my body at a distance to avoid his hard cock. I walked out the door without a word or a backward glance. Friday couldn't come soon enough.

My Student Chap 2

Written by: NightGirl359

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