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Pirate Girls

by onwardbob©

Once upon a time, an erotically adventurous lady friend of mine told me a story from her past. And back when, just for the pure Hell of it, I began writing erotic tales, I built this story around her intriguing adventure. After rediscovering it, you know what...I like it! So, I'll let Judi tell her story, and we'll see what you think!

Yup, for a girl barely out of high school, I guess I've had a lot of sex with a lot of different guys! And hey, I've even enjoyed some of it; usually though only because there was something weird or crazy involved. OK, just kidding, sex is definitely this girl's team sport of choice. Guys are great fun, but I'm curious about doing it with another chick. So far though, all I've done is kiss a few girls at parties. My best girlfriend Nikki claims to be a lesbian, but shit, she's been with even more guys then I have! Nikki's really hot, and I figure when I work up the nerve, she'll be the one I try it with.

So, it's a Saturday night, and we're at a party that's turned in to a huge bore. Nikki's copped a half full bottle of Jack; so, we're headed down to Newport Beach. I guess its after 1:00 in the morning, by the time we get there. Anyway the moon is nearly full, and its shining bright on a deserted beach. It's a warm summer night, we're walking along the water line, and I'm bitching about the lack of waves because of the dumb breakwater. We've been here before, and eventually we're sitting in warm sand in front of our favorite life guard tower.

Wow, and believe me, we made damn short work of that bottle of Jack, while we talked, laughed, and watched the lights out on the boats anchored just off shore. Nikki is flirting and hitting on me, but I'm, as usual, putting her off. Well sure, we're making out; gosh, I like the way Nikki kisses me. Gag me; I don't even let her get her hands under my blouse. Damn it though, part of me really wants to go for it.

So, anyway I'm sitting between her legs, and leaning back against her soft warm body. I'm holding her hands, because if I don't they'll be up under my blouse in a heart beat. We're laughing, and fantasizing about being out on one of the big cabin cruisers anchored just off shore. You know, its just silly stuff like the thing won't be locked and we'd raid the galley, and maybe find some more Jack, or even better some pot or coke. And I'm teasing Nikki pretty hard about us swimming out to one of the boats, but, so far, she isn't having any of it. I'm pointing, and telling her "Hey, check it out," because I'm watching a water taxi picking some dude up off his boat. With my new ammunition, I'm really leaning on her. "Come on Nikki, lets go for it! Shit, we know there's no one on that one, so come on, let's strip down and swim out to it!" She's ignoring me, so I go for "Hey, I dare you, show some balls girl!" Oh yes, that did it alright.

"Fuck you Judi," she tells me! "You've got a lot of nerve daring me! So girlfriend, how's this," she asks? I'm thinking, oh fuck, when she says "I'm up for it...but only if you'll do it with me out there on the damn boat! Now, let's see which one of us has big balls...what do you say, huh?"

Fuck me; Judi girl you've really stepped in it now. Yeah, I'm more of a sucker for a dare then even Nikki is. Stumbling to my feet and with Nikki's eyes on me, I strip down to bra and panties. Sure, and she gets just a flash of a grin and a teasing snicker too, before I spin away and head for the water. I don't think I'm bluffing, but I'll never know for sure; because, if it's a bluff she just called me on it. Right, she's caught up with me before I even make it to the water. Yeah, and she's stripped down to her bra and panties too. We slap a high five, whoop like a pair of pirates boarding a treasure ship, and charge in to cold water. Well, fucking burr, its cold enough to have my skin tingling, and my poor nipples hard as rock. I'm figuring, it's probably only a hundred yards out to that cabin cruiser; but hey, we're both athletic so it's no sweat. Fuck us, there isn't a ladder hanging over the side, conveniently waiting for a couple of pirate girls. We manage to pull ourselves up without to much trouble anyway.

Grinning like fools we're watching each other swipe the water off our bodies. Poor Nikki, I'm wearing a black bra and thong panties; but damn, her soaking wet bra and panties are white. Well, they would be if they weren't nearly transparent, because of being wet. We're wondering what the fuck to do next, because the cabin door is locked tight, and there isn't any chance we're going to actually break in. Yeah, yeah, I know, some pirate girls, right! I walk on around the entire cabin area, but the only other door is up behind the steering wheel, and it's locked too. I climb back down the ladder and head back to find Nikki. I find her alright, and pow, I'm frozen in place.

I think my heart just stopped, I sure as Hell have stopped breathing. Nikki stands there naked, moonlight shimmering and dancing off her wet skin. And, there isn't a tan line to be seen anywhere. And yeah, I'm looking, and looking hard too. There's nothing but smooth tan skin every where my gaping eyes linger. I'm stunned; Nikki's the most beautiful, and absolutely erotic thing this nineteen year olds ever seen. Her eyes are hidden in shadow, but not her wicked grin. I know that look, it's full of mischief; and right now it's aiming a challenge at me. Well fine, but right now it's her damn tits that have my attention.

Nikki's got awesome tits, their round and firm, and damn her, their bigger then mine. There awesome, and right now her areola are gleaming, dark, crinkly, and fuck, her nipples are hard and totally popped out. I look up, and she's standing there grinning at me with her hands on her hips. She bends a knee, cocking it out to the side, and my gaze slides to the shadow between her parted thighs. The bitch is daring me; I know it, and of course, for sure so does she! She's mine; well, if I have the balls to just go for it.

Oh my God, naked and bathed in moonlight she's incredibly beautiful, and too sexy for words. I can't take my eyes off her, and I don't want to either. Looking wild and haughty, my pirate girl silently watches, and waits.

I've made my decision! I'm going to do my first girl, and right here on this fucking boat too. Oh God, and I'm already so fucking turned on, that I could just scream from the anticipation alone. My bodies quivering, alive and positively tingling with and almost electrical charge. Hell, I'm all hot and fluttery inside, and practically breathless to boot. Unhooking my bra, I let it slide down my arms, and drop to the deck. Can you imagine me to excited to tease? Well, I am, so I just bend over and slide my thong off. Nikki's low wolf whistle holds me there, bent over and showing off my best asset. Hey, everyone says, I've got an absolutely world class ass, and who am I to argue. OK, and I just happen to think my perkily upturned size 34 C tits are pretty fine too. Still, honestly I think it's my smile that's my real game winning asset. And now, it's my move and I know it too. The problem is that Nikki knows it too.

I wouldn't say I have cold feet, not exactly; but then, I'm not exactly ready to just dive in either. So, here I stand, staring at Nikki, and licking my silly lips. Hell, tearing my eyes off her, I scan the deck, looking for something, anything; I just don't know what, OK? Hey now, is that an Ice chest I've spotted over behind a clutter of deck chairs? I head for it, calling back over my shoulder "Come on, let's check it out!"

Gosh, oops and isn't Nikki looking just a bit pissed-off? Yip, yip, yippee, the damn thing is full of ice and bottles of Corona; which by the way, just happens to be my current favorite beer. Nikki's not looking quite so pissed; maybe she's figuring I only need a little space. So, while I twist open a pair, she's moved two chairs out in to the middle of the deck and in to silvery moonlight. Interesting, Nikki's set them so we'll be facing each other, and with only about two feet between us too. Sure, and I'm thinking, watch out, because Nikki's got a plan running loose in her pretty head.

Curious, I watch her slide in to one of her so strategically placed chairs. With a grin, she waves me in to the other one. I hand her one of the beers, and we clink bottles with a chorused "Cheers". Sort of hoping I don't look as nervous as I'm feeling, I down at least half that beer in one long swallow. When I do get around to looking up, Nikki shoots me a truly devilish grin; and then calmly plants her feet up on the armrests of my chair. Damn girl, that's got you staring straight in to one damn fully exposed pussy; and hey, make that her absolutely bare, shaved bare pussy, wow.

"It's all your own fault you know," she's telling me! "If you weren't such a chicken shit I wouldn't have to do this!"

"And, just what's that," is as far as I get, before she lets the hand resting on one knee slide down her sleekly muscled thigh. That hand captures my eyes long before its fingers begin tracing sensual patterns on silky smooth inner thigh. Riveted, and maybe I really mean spellbound, I watch her tease those fingers over glistening wet pussy, before she finally pushes two stiff fingers in to her vagina. Heart hammering, I can't tear my eyes off those fingers, those glistening wet fingers that are delivering slow deep thrusts. And, when I do look up, she's staring straight in to my eyes. The second half of that Corona sure doesn't do any thing for my sudden attack of dry mouth either. Wow, I look back down, and she's got those fingers working in circles while using a thumb to pound out a ferocious beat on her clit.

My empty goes overboard, and while I'm fumbling for a fresh one Nikki starts laughing. "Come on Judi show me yours! Hey, if you're not going to play with mine, well then, I should at least be able to look!"

I meet her eyes, yeah and notice that Nikki's tits are heaving, and gosh, she's certainly sounding all breathy. OK, so I'm a notorious tease, yeah and a big showoff too. And of course I'm going to join in her interesting little game of, you show me yours and I'll show you mine. Or, is it, show and tell, we're playing? Nikki's empty joins mine in the bay while I'm positioning my feet on the edge of her chair, and right there under her sexy thighs. I scoot my ass forward, lean back, and slowly let my knees turn out. There now, that's left me even more wide open and deliciously exposed then Nikki is! I just fucking love it, sitting there naked, shamelessly flaunting my own utterly bare pussy!

Oops, not for long though; because now she's got both hands working to spread her pussy completely wide open. My eyes eat it up, but I'm betting it's not my eyes she wants eating her up, right? Anyway, it's all prettily pink, shiny with her juices, and oh my God, her clit is standing out like a tiny cock. "Do you like it," she wants to know? I only manage a nod, because, well, I'm just fucking mesmerized by the finger tip she's got tracing tight circles around that popped right out there clit. God, and that was even before she slid two fingers back in to her wide open vagina.

Ripping my eyes free, I look up and lock right on to her stare. And, while I hold her eyes, and we exchange grins, I'm busy getting a finger working away on my own sweet clit. When I draw her eyes down, it's so she sees me sliding two fingers in to my own surprisingly fiery hot and slippery wet vagina. Wow, and isn't her look of absolute lust yeah, and those sexy moans too, really stoking this pirate girl's fire! Just having her watching me fuck myself probably has me even hotter then my own silly fingers have me, yeah, and that's plenty hot believe me. Maybe, its time for a little tease; gosh, I wonder what she'll do if I lift my drenched and nearly dripping fingers and slowly push them in to my mouth? I raise an eyebrow at her sexy groans, and continue to sensuously lick my fingers clear of my pussy's tasty juices.

"That's nice Judi; now, watch this," she tells me! So, I look, and she's still only using that one finger, but now it's damn near a blur she's got it moving that fast. Wow, I think I'm about to see a girl blast herself in to an orgasm, and for sure, I've never done that before. Watching is sure fun alright, but its listening to her soft whimpers, and throaty moans that has me grinning, and reaching for my own loudly pleading clit. Because, as we all know, one is definitely not enough. So, while I gulp down my beer, I'm totally rapt. Nikki's got two fingers driving in and out of her vagina, in what sure looks like a sweet accompaniment to the finger she's got flicking over her clit. Ok, her first one was pretty quiet; this one might just be waking up the whole fucking bay. Her ass is bucking up in to her hard thrusting fingers, while she's shattering the night with her hot blooded cries. Seriously, she's screaming "Yes, yes, damn yes, fuck, fuck, I'm cuming...more, come on, yes fuck, that's it...fuck, oh fuck yes, yes, oh fuck, oh, oh, oh, yes!" Gosh, maybe I should get the bitch some ice or something. Ok, really, I'm definitely impressed.

I admit it, that's left me hot and horny; OK, make that about ready to melt. But now, it's my turn, and I'm feeling, well, challenged. And guess who just happens to still be holding an empty bottle? Well, this is certainly going to be a first; so, while I'm tapping out a back beat on my clit, I figure, let's just put that bottle to work. Yum, and doesn't the smooth cool glass of that long neck bottle feel just about delicious nestled there in my practically molten vagina. OK, really, I'm not taking all that much of it; I mean, a beer bottle gets pretty damn fat doesn't it? I like it though, like it a lot in fact; and between it and my trusty finger I'm going to definitely be rocketing off in to my own orgasmic orbit. Honestly, I'm expecting, yeah, yeah hoping, Nikki jumps in long before that lift off. Oh no, its too late now anyway; oh fuck me, this one's intense. Hot spasms rage through me, and I know I'm filling the quiet night with my fiery shrieks. "Oh God, oh God, I'm cuming...yes, yes, yes, oh fuck yes," hell yes, and I'm still cuming too! Seriously, if I fuck myself any harder with this damn bottle I'm going to end up melting it. Hey, orgasms are ever so much more thrillingly intense, and sure do seem to just keep going on, and on, and on; and gosh, all it requires is for me to have a live audience, who knew? OK, so maybe I've learned a little something about myself tonight.

Nikki's barked out "That's enough bitch," yanks me back to reality! Some reality, huh! She's pushing her chair back, and glaring at me, oh poor me. "OK, bitch," she says! I'm definitely believing her "If you aren't on your knees eating my pussy by the time I count to three, well then, I'm swimming back!" Some threat, right!, Well I've already made up my mind, now haven't I? So, my bottle gets flung overboard, and I slide on to my knees. Hey, and she hasn't even reached two yet. And, I'm tasting my first pussy, well one that isn't mine anyway, before she nearly strangles on her silly old three.

It's a case of love at first lick. Sure, a girl sort of knows what to expect, but you don't really even have a clue until your face is sliding over another girl's velvety, slippery wet, blazingly hot pussy. And, believe me her hot, slick wet juices are smeared all over my face by the time I dive tongue first in to her vagina. I love that too, and I'm tongue fucking her tight hole, and seriously wishing I had a cock sized tongue. Hell, I'd probably still be happily tongue diving in to Nikki's marvelous pussy if she hadn't just yanked my head up. "Jesus Judi, try some clit girl! Come on, do me, make me cum all over your face," she's demanding! Yeah, I sort of figured that's what she had in mind alright! Like maybe she doesn't trust me to find it on my own, because she's got both hands holding herself spread wide open, and practically pointing the way.

Gosh, I sure hope she isn't thinking in terms of a sweetly drawn out experience or anything even close to that. Because, I'm going straight for it, honest, I might just explode myself if I don't have her cuming, and pretty damn soon too. Wow, and doesn't the feel of her clit swelling under my dancing tongue nearly send me off again? Oh well, do you know what's even more fun then having your blazing tongue ripping loud pleas for more out of a girl? Well, its hearing her whimper and practically beg while you suck on her clit, now that's real fun! And, somewhere along the way she's let loose of her pussy in favor of my hair. Beats me why, I'm sure not going anywhere. Hell, I'm beginning to think my tongues glued to her clit. For sure she just keeps on screaming for more, and I just keep on giving it to her.

Gosh she might still be cuming, and cuming, and cuming; well maybe, if only we weren't so rudely interrupted. For sure, those fucking water taxi's aren't quiet; wow, but how did we ever let one sneak up on us? OK, so sure, maybe I do know how. Whatever, suddenly, like out of nowhere, there's this seriously loud male voice ; it's gruff, and it's hollering at us. Oh my god, abandon ship. Well sure, so without bothering to wait around to hear what about, Nikki and I are diving over the side. Hey, and guess which two bare naked pirate girls don't even notice the cold water either? Yeah, and it was a whole lot shorter swim, well quicker anyway, back to the beach, believe me. Honestly though, we were practically hysterical with laughter by the time we stumbled on to the beach. Wet and covered with sand, we scrambled in to our remaining clothes. I'm ready to run, and there's Nikki striding back to the water line. "Hey, thanks for the use of your boat," she bellows in to the night!

I add a "Pirate girls rule," and we're off, bound for trouble, and looking for adventure!

Written by: onwardbob

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