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Horny Older Landlady

by alanc©

I rented a couple of rooms in a big townhouse from a couple who lived in the two floors below. It had been a family house but their kids had left home now and they had a lot of spare room. So when I moved to the area with my new job it was ideal for my needs when I found it. Plus I didn't see them too often and could come and go as I pleased which suited me just fine.

So I was lying on my sofa one night a couple of months after moving in and the need to have a tommy tank took over as it often does with us blokes. So as I was laying there with my pants halfway down rubbing and pulling at my lodger whilst flicking through a porno mag there was a knock at my door, which I'd foolishly left unlocked, and Faith, the lady of the house, opened it and popped her head round. She began to ask if I would like a cup of cocoa but stopped mid sentence as I came into view. Frantically I tried to hide my embarrassment at being caught whilst stuffing my dick back in my pants but it was clear that Faith had seen exactly what I was up to.

"I'm so sorry" I said before she could say anything.

"No I'm sorry" I shouldn't have just barged in like that" she replied. Even so she still stepped into the room as I sat there blushing. "Please there's no need to get embarrassed." That was easier said than done.

"I'll tell you what" she continued, "Why don't we see if we can do something to get rid of your blushes... and that big stiffy that's still bulging in your pants."

I blushed even more but Faith just smiled and stepped towards me on the sofa. She knelt down beside me and began to run her hand up my leg, obviously turned on by the sight she had just seen.

I'd never even thought of Faith in a sexual way before but now as she knelt before me rubbing my erection through my trousers my perceptions began to change. Faith was in her early 50's, still quite attractive and with a full figure that you could really get to grips with.

"What about Trevor" her husband, I asked, my blushes beginning to recede.

"He's away on business tonight and I was a bit bored, that's why I called up to see if you'd like to join me."

She undid the zip on my pants again and pulled them down to where they had been when she caught me. My erection sprang up again and she took it in her hand and began to toss me off slowly. I lay back on the sofa and let her continue for a while until she then took me into her mouth. Her soft lips closed around my shaft and I groaned loudly as she began to bob up and down taking most of me inside her mouth. She continued with this exquisite display for a few minutes before stopping to help me out of my pants completely. I removed my shirt and lay back on the sofa as she stood up before and removed her blouse. Her full bosom came into view encased in a pink bra as she removed it, her breasts looked magnificent as they bulged out over the edges of the pink material. Putting her hands round her back she unzipped her mid length skirt and bent down to remove it, followed by her pink slip that she wore beneath it. She stood before me now resplendent in lacy pink bra, panties and suspenders to which were attached sheer tan stockings which ran down to a pair of strappy T-bar sandals on her feet.

She stepped up to the head of the settee and climbed on, straddling my head with her legs. She lowered herself down towards my face, pulling the pink panties to one side as she did so.

"Lick me out" she asked.

"Certainly madam" I replied before burying my tongue in her pussy. It quickly found its way between her damp lips and I began to lick at her groove. She sighed as I did this and then moaned out noticeably as I pushed my tongue right up her tube and drank down her musky juices. She kept her panties pulled to one side and began to rub at her clitoris with her other hand but I soon moved this out of the way and replaced it with my searching tongue. She groaned in delight as I began to encircle it and flick at it while pushing a couple of fingers in and out of her at the same time.

"My husband never does this" she commented, "In fact he doesn't even try to make love to me any more" she added.

"Well don't worry because I'm certainly going to tonight." I replied.

"God, I hope it won't just be tonight" she gasped as I continued to probe at her.

Her meaty thighs encased my head and her stockings made swishing noises against my ears as she ground down on my face until, shuddering violently, she came, covering me in her sticky juices. She dismounted my head when her climax had subsided and lay next to me on the sofa. She quickly brought my erection back to full strength again by rubbing at it once more and I climbed in between her legs.

"Yes put it in me" she said pulling her panties to one side once more as I took hold of my dick and placed it at her entrance. I lowered myself into her in one smooth motion and we both groaned as I did so. Slowly I began to work in and out of her as she draped one of her legs over the back of the sofa and hung the other over the edge onto the floor. I thrust into her in long slow movements at first, building up a rhythm and increased my speed gradually until I pounded into her furiously as she cried out beneath me with each inward thrust.

I stopped and sat up and moved her round so she straddled me where I sat in the middle of the settee. She lowered herself onto me as her face became a mask of pleasure and then proceeded to bounce up and down eagerly. She still wore her bra and I uncupped her big breasts as she rode me and licked at her stiff nipples. This made her hornier still and she bounced harder and harder onto my pulsing knob. We stopped again and she knelt before me on the sofa. I eased her panties down over her buttocks and removed them completely, tossing them aside over the back of the sofa. I entered her again from behind and rogered her vigorously, much to her continued enjoyment. Meanwhile I had unclasped her bra at the back and fondled her breasts underneath as I pumped into her.

Feeling my climax slowly build up inside me I turned her over onto her back for the last time and entered her again. She wrapped her stocking clad legs around my back and urged me into her faster by pulling at my shoulders at the same time. Both close to climaxing we bucked against each other frantically, both now crying out unashamedly. Finally as I felt my seed rush forth we both cried out "I'm coming" in unison and a seemingly endless sequence of spurts embedded itself deep within her.

That was just the beginning. We screw whenever we get the chance now. Usually when Faith's husband's away but we've risked it a few times when he was downstairs in the house which seemed to add to the eroticism of the situation. Faith is becoming more and more confident in bed and is showing me tricks I never even knew existed. She on the other hand has a muscular young stud at her disposal to screw whenever she likes and its a better way of paying the rent for me.

Written by: alanc

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