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My Erotic Friendship Continues


"Don't be. I'm not finished yet. I'm sure I can get you to cum again."

He sounded just as demanding as my Husband in that one moment. "Take off your clothes," I ordered him. He needed no other encouragement, my eyes following his every movement as he drew his pants down, his cock jutting out the front of his briefs, not boxers like My Husband. His cock bobbed free when he pulled his pants down, my mind mentally comparing it to my Husband's. It wasn't as thick but just as long. The head was glistening with cum, sure that he prematurely ejaculated once already, doing much better than me, cumming in two seconds. "Turn around," I suggested, not trying to sound too much like an order. He knelt up, his head between my legs, my legs bowing out until the flat plane of my sex was open for his oral assault. I gripped his cock, my hand sliding up and down as though I had been masturbating cocks for years, my fingers tightening as I ran over the head, knowing what pleased my Husband, hoping it would please Suresh also.

Even though I had just cum, it made little difference, my arousal peeked with the first swipe of his tongue. He lapped up my abundant juices as my hand stroked his cock. I felt him lowering his hips, his cock moving closer to my mouth. Suresh was getting more assertive, my mouth opening submissively as he pushed the head into my waiting mouth. I tasted the salty cum, my tongue lapping at it, washing over the head of his cock until it was slick with my spit. He was biting my pussy lips, not hard, more tugging on them with his teeth. I felt a finger between my legs, pressing hard against the opening, feeling the pressure as his finger pushed the hole open. It entered me suddenly, finding my pussy filled with a finger for the first time, "God ohhhh god ohhhhh yeh ohhhh uhhh OHHHHH yeh yeh YEHHHH uhhhh OHHh god yes!" gasping just as Suresh shoved his hips down, half of his cock shoved into my mouth, silencing my cry of surprise at being impaled for the first time. His tongue worked me over like someone experienced, lapping at my sensitive flesh, biting me just when I didn't expect it, nibbling at my clit as I screamed into my mouthful of cock. And his hips began to pump his cock into my mouth, fucking me like I wanted his cock to do to my pussy. I was torn, wanting him to take my pussy, but also wanting to taste him as he came in my mouth. I figured any boy that would eat my pussy like he did, deserved to have me. I knew my Husband would have never done such a thing. It would be too submissive for him to do it. Suresh only cared about my pleasure, my Husband only his.

I grunt. ahahah..sshshshshssha..ahahaha...Oh my God!! ...mmmmm....shshshsshs....ahahah......aaha.

It's building..

It was only a few more minutes, two fingers fucking my pussy, his mouth clamped over my clit, sucking the swollen organ so far into his mouth that I thought it would pull off. "God ohhhh god ohhhhh yeh ohhhh uhhh OHHHHH yeh yeh YEHHHH uhhhh OHHh god yes!" His tongue worked on the trapped organ until I came, just as Suresh did as though he was waiting for me. I wasn't sure how he could hold out so long, knowing my Husband would have cum in my mouth long ago. I felt the rush of cum jetting into my mouth, a different taste then my Husband's, though I couldn't describe the difference. I gulped repeatedly, trying hard not to choke as his thick crème dripped slowly into my stomach. Over and over he came in me, not sure where it all came from, hoping he saved some of it for my pussy. He didn't get off of me, his mouth still on my drenched pussy, his shrinking cock still in my mouth, our breathing ragged as we tried to recover from our first mutual orgasm. It came to me suddenly. My Husband had never made me cum. Only him, leaving me hanging to go home and masturbate.

Suresh started to get off of me, but I turned over onto my side, Suresh joining me on his side. I mumbled through the cock that was still in my mouth. "Don't move," as my mouth and tongue went to work on rousing him erect again, wanting to feel his cock in my pussy. I was determined to be fucked before he went home, hopefully a few times if he stayed long enough. I began to imagine both of us sleeping together, waking up to feel a hard cock pushing between my legs, suddenly entering me with the rigid member. It didn't take long for him to get hard, wondering what he was thinking about that got him roused again. I didn't care, only glad that his cock was hard again, proud that my mouth could do such a thing after making him cum only minutes ago.

He pulled away from me, but I wasn't disappointed, moving me onto my back, his hands spreading me open, sliding under my ass to cup my cheeks and pull me up toward him. I felt his cock jerking against my pussy, feeling him move closer, his hands drawing me onto his waiting cock. I felt him enter the tight muscle of my pussy, "God ohhhh god ohhhhh yeh ohhhh uhhh OHHHHH yeh yeh YEHHHH uhhhh OHHh god yes!" feeling my pussy hole spreading around his prick. He entered me slowly and gently, his hands guiding me from side to side as he drove his hips forward and back. I felt his cock crawling slowly inside me, reaching deeper as he filled me with his prick. I never felt such a thing before; his hot, pulsating prick jerking in pleasure inside me.

He began to make love to me, his cock sliding in and out gently, clamping my pussy muscles onto his prick, feeling the prick dance from my delightful clenching. I could almost feel every ridge and vein on his cock as they roused me. He was filling me up, his cock withdrawing, my hips moving up as though I was afraid he would take it out and never put it back in me. Then he would push into me, opening up my pussy as his cock buried into my passage, feeling my juices lubricating the tight passage. His fingers dug into my ass cheeks as he played me like a fine instrument. Our previous orgasm allowed us to make love for a long time, the room filled with the sound of our lovemaking, our flesh meshing together until we became one. The room smelled of sex, heavy sex. His kissed me as we made love, his fingers playing with my nipples, his cock never stopping to slow down.

I grunt. ahahah..sshshshshssha..ahahaha...Oh my God!! ...mmmmm....shshshsshs....ahahah......aaha.

Its building.

Then I felt him cum, shooting inside me, the sudden realization coming over me too late, Suresh was not wearing a condom. "Ohhhhhh, God, Ahhhhhhh! I'm cummmmminnnggg.... so good... so gooooooodddddd!" I came with him, his hot cum jetting into my pussy setting me off, the fear of his sperm filling my womb unable to stop the orgasm that swept over my body. I hugged him tight as we came, kissing him, his tongue so deep in my mouth as he pulled my pussy onto his cock, spurting his powerful sperm in my receptive womb. We lay like that for ten minutes, neither one of us moving, the cum dripping down between my legs. He finally pulled out of my pussy. I sat up. "Happy birthday," my head engulfing his cum drenched cock again, licking it like an obedient girlfriend until it was clean.

We lay in the bed for an hour, naked and content. We finally did get dressed, but it didn't last long. Before I knew it, Suresh had me naked, kneeling before him as he fed his cock into my mouth. Not to be outdone when we got back into the bed, I laid him down, then squatted over him, placing a knee on each side of his head. I grabbed his head, his tongue coming out of his mouth as I moved his head as his tongue expertly ate my pussy again. I didn't cum, making love with him again, this time putting a condom on him so delicately. We both came, but I liked it better when he shot his cum directly into me.

Written by: CHARLEY4U2

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