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Aaah! I Am Nude In Public 7 & 8

by Hellen_S©

Hi again! This is the continuation of the story "Aaah! I am nude in public 5 & 6". If you haven't read this one perhaps you must start from "Aaah! I am nude in public 1 & 2", then "Aaah! I am nude in public 3 & 4" and then "Aaah! I am nude in public 5 & 6"! By the way... As I already said, some things in there are based on a few experiences I had and most are based on my fantasies! I surely hope you will love the story and vote for me! I love encouragement!


Session 7: The Strip Poker Game

The first one to lose an article of clothing was Erica (to her surprise). She smiled with confidence and said "beginner's luck" and removed her skirt. Her panties were very modest, so this didn't bother her. She also was certain that this wouldn't happen again.

Mike lost the next hand and had to remove his shoes and shocks and then Suzan lost too. Suzan removed her shoes. Then Eva lost too and had to remove her shoes and socks. Up to this time Mike and Julie were the winners. They both had many chips in front of them. Erica had only 2 chips and she could not understand how she could not win a single game. When she had a good hand of cards all 4 others didn't bet and when they did bet, one of them always had better cards than she had.

A very surprised Erica was the first to lose a second piece of clothing. She knew that either she must remove her panties or her T-shirt. If she removed her panties she still had panties on (the g-string) but this was very revealing and since she had to serve the guests everyone could be able to see her bare ass. On the other hand if she removed her T-shirt she would have to continue topless. Erica thought that her bad luck was about to end and decided to remove her panties. When she did, she noticed that all looked at her and smiled, so she realize that the hair of her pussy is too thick and almost hide the little triangle of her g-string.

"Mmmmm, honey you need a shave" Eva smiled at her.

Next Suzan lost a set of chips and had to remove her dress and stockings and then Eva lost too having to remove both her T-shirt and her jeans. Julie noticed that Eva was wearing modest panties now (and not a g-string as she did a few hours ago). Then it was Erica's turn to undress again. Now she had to remove her T-shirt and continue topless, wearing only a g-string. Erica couldn't believe her luck! She took the T-shirt off showing her voluptuous tits to all. Mike was really starting to stare at her.

M: Hmmm the game starts to be interesting. How about another beer Erica?

Ev: Well Erica, is this the good poker you said you played?

Er: I was unlucky. But this cannot continue. I will certainly win. Julie can you get the beer?

J: Sorry dear, I am still in this game, please go since you folded.

Erica stands up to get the beer. Her tits swing as she stands up. Mike stares at her. Since they are too close she couldn't notice that his pants are becoming bigger in front. This makes her little embarrassed since she knew that as she turns her back Mike will stare at her ass, but also makes her smile with lust. She likes the way Mike looks at her tits and her bare ass.

Now Julie is the only one fully clothed and Mike had only lost his shoes. Eva and Suzan are wearing only their undies and Erica is wearing only her g-string.

In the next game both Suzan and Erica lost a set of chips. Since they all had a few beers and they have been kind of dizzy they demand that both girls strip on the table. Suzan climbed the table and removed her bra. Her small and perky tits was are the full antithesis with Erica's round large tits. Then a totally embarrassed Erica climbed the table and removed her g-string. Erica was not feeling very confident at the moment. She was among friends but she was totally nude. Her hairy pussy was in view to all and even worse Mike was among the viewers and she was obviously enjoyed the spectacle.

Erica lost the next game. Since she was nude she had to buy some chips. Only two people had many chips to sell her (Mike and Julie). She decided not to ask Mike.

Er: Julie I need some chips. What will cost me?

J: Well ask Mike, he has more chips.

M: I will be glad to trade!

Er: Thanks, but I will prefer my roommate!

J: Ok, here is the dare: I will sell you 10 chips if you sit on the sofa and masturbate in front of us.

Ev: Wow. Yes!!!

Er: Are you nuts Julie? I cannot do that!

J: This is a fair dare.

S: Wow… I think this game is getting better and better!

Er: Please Julie, don't ask me that…

M: Perhaps my offer is better!

Er: What?

M: I will give you 10 chips for free. But if you lose these chips, then you will have to buy 10 chips from Julie (with her turns) and also to do my dare. This was you don't pay anything in advance.

Er: Seems fair. And what is your dare?

M: To let us all touch you while doing Julie's dare.

J: Either this or masturbation now! So what will be?

Erica couldn't believe this is happening to her. She was nude in front of her friends and she was about to play poker in order to avoid total humiliation. Having nothing else to do, she agreed and tried to play the best of her poker.

Eva lost her bra next. Julie smiles as she thinks that this is the second time today Eva is topless due to a poker game. Then Erica and she got in a game. Erica bet her last 2 chips and Julie bet 15 more. Erica agreed.

M: Erica, are you 100% certain? If you lost this means that you have to pay Julie's dare and pay off 15 chips more.

Ev: And you don't have 15 chips

J: So you will have to buy 15 chips.

S: And chips are not free!!!

Erica smiled with confidence. She had a perfect hand. What she didn't knew is that Julie knew what she had and also knew that she (Julie) will be the winner (since Suzan had seen Erica's hand).

Er: 15 chips? Hmmm! Let's make them 20.

J: Ok… what have you got?

Er: Full house!

J: Nice…

Er: Well I told you that a good player always wins at the end.

J: Not so fast! Look

(Julie shows her cards)

Ev: Wow

S: A Straight flush

Er: Damn.

M: You know what this means Erica?

Erica paled. She just had lost her right to privacy. She had to masturbate in public and even more they all have to touch her while doing it. But even worst she had to pay 20 chips more and she couldn't even think what they could ask her to do?

Er: Come on! I cannot do that!

M: A bet is a bet. You went for it, now you must pay.

S: You know I never had seen another woman masturbate, now it's time.

Er: Please let's play more.

Ev: No, you must pay.

J: Fair is fair.

M: I have another suggestion Erica.

Er: What?.

M: How about I loan you another 10 chips. But if you lost them too then you will have to do something very daring. Remember you own me 20 chips more.

Er: What you mean?

M: You will have to do what Julie asked you to do and then you will have to take the keys to my place and go there find something we will ask you and bring it back.

Er: That's easy.

M: Well ok, then… but you will have to do it as you are!

Er: You mean nude

M: Yes and to make it more difficult with your hands secured behind your back.

Er: Kidding me?

M: No!

Er: What are the alternatives?

J: Masturbate first and then we find something to do for the 20 chips you own me.

Erica was in panic now. She either had to risk everything and in case she lost to be totally humiliated, or to masturbate in front all and then to find a way to pay the 20 chips. She whispered Julie: "What you will ask me to do for 20 chips?". "I don't know, but definitely you will have to do something more difficult than what Mike ask you now!" Erica paled! She agreed to another game. She knew that this night was to be a real nightmare.

Erica played her best. She manage to hold for while. But in a dramatic game Julie played against Eva and Erica and she won. Eva had to be also totally nude, but Erica had lost again! Erica could enjoy Eve's strip if she wasn't so tensed. Eva removed her panties and allowed all to see her trimmed pussy. It was quite obvious she was very wet. She was enjoying this.

Then the nude Eva and the topless Suzan helped Mike tie Erica's hands to her back. This way anyone could see her bare ass. Her tits were free and swung as she moved and her bush did not hide her wide open pussy lips. Due to her white flesh and her dark pussy hair Erica could be spotted as nude from a mile away. Tied as she was she could be in trouble trying to get Mike's home.

Mike told her the rules. He placed his home keys on her mouth. She had to walk to his house, go to Eva's room and bring back one of Eva's bras. Failure to do this meant that she had to stay as she was until she succeeds. When she fulfilled her task she was to be untied and she had to masturbate in front all of them. Then Julie and Mike helped Erica down the stairs and pushed her out of the front door. It was about 11 o' clock, kind of cool for a summer night and many people are still out. Erica had to walk streets full of people. She wished to use dark streets, but tied as she was, she couldn't risk doing that.

Session 8: Erica's adventure

The plan Mike, Eva, Julie and Suzan had in mind was to send Erica out to the streets, let her walk a few minutes and then (when she starts to panic) take her back home. They had no intention to let her walk all this way with her hands tied behind her back.

On the other hand Erica didn't know that. She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She walked a few steps on the sidewalk but she realized she couldn't do it! Already some people had spotted her and with her hands tied she couldn't hide her privates. Even though her pussy was covered with a thick mat of dark hair, everyone could see her red pussy lips and erect clit. Erica was surprised to realized that she was very turned on (and frightened too) and her pussy was totally wet. She suddenly had an idea. She was about to cheat! She saw a taxi passing by and she called "Taxi, TAXI, TAXI".

The taxi driver stopped near her. He was a quite handsome boy near Erica's age. His eyes popped out when he saw a beautiful nude woman entering his taxi and sitting in the seat next to his!

Er: Hi, I am Erica and I am in trouble… please help me!

B: Hi, I am Bill, what happened to you?

Er: It's a long story… I lost a bet… please help me!

B: Want me to untie you?

Er: No! No! I have to stay tied. But can you take me to this address, help me enter an apartment and drive me back here?

Bill smiled and started to drive to the address given. He kept looking from time to time to Erica's tits.

Er: Thanks, you are so kind!

B: That's my job… to drive people the place they want. But do you have any money? What about my payment?

Er: I have no money! But I can send you the money tomorrow!

Bill, hit the breaks immediately. At this moment the taxi was near a square in one of the most crowded places of the city. People started to notice the nude Erica and point at her smiling.

Er: Please drive away from here!

B: I am afraid I cannot. This is not my taxi, I am just the driver and I have to get paid for the drive. If you cannot pay please step out!

Er: Please, no. I will do anything! Please no! I will pay you!

B: Well you may pay me another way.

Er: Anything you want, just take me the place I asked you.

B: And?

Er: And… anything… please…

B: Anything? How about a blowjob? To drive you there for free!

Er: Come one! Please… I meant I wolud pay you anything you want tomorrow. Any amount of money!

B: No deal… Please step out.

Er: Ok… ok… I will do it… Just take me there!

B: Ok, it's a deal? I take you there and you pay me with a blowjob? Is that what you mean?

Er: Yes! Yes please…. It's a deal… Just take me out of here!

Erica damned Julie… She had just agreed to give head to a stranger! But she didn't feel very bad about this. Humiliated yes, but so turned on and so wet! She looked outside the taxi's window. Some people seemed to notice her, and being tied she couldn't do anything to hide her tits. Suddenly she felt a pinch to her nipple. Bill smiled at her.

B: I though I would take a pre-payment!

Erica moaned with pleasure. Her nipples were so erect. She was humiliated but she found pleasure through her humiliation! Bill drove to Mike's place. He helped her exit the taxi, he even took the keys from her mouth, unlocked the door, help her enter, tuned the lights on, help her search for Eva's bra. He was very kind to her. When all the details of the bet took care, Bill asked for his payment. Erica kneeled in front Bill.

Bill took out his dick and Erica could kept herself for saying "Ohhhh" when she saw his erect and very large dick! His cock must have been 8 to 9 inches long and very thick too. The stem was red and big and precum was already apparent as a small drop on the tip. Since she was tied Bill pulled her toward his dick and she took it in her mouth. Since she was tied she failed to maintain her balance and felt forward…this way Bill's dick enter totally into her mouth. Bill pushed her back and she started to offer him one of her best blowjobs. She started to lick Bill's cock slowly in the beginning like teasing him and licking his balls too. She felt very humiliated knowing that this is something she had to do as a payment, but also very excited and "hungry" for his cock! A few guys she had given blowjob had told her that she is the best in giving head and it is a fact that she enjoyed being in such control. To have a man's cock in her mouth and to be able to determine when to get him more exited, when to slow him down, when to make him cum. She then started to suck faster and faster and to focus on the stem. Moments later Bill filled Erica's mouth with cum and Erica, since she couldn't pull out (tied as she was she had to lean on Bill's dick to maintain her balance), swallowed most of his cum. Although she loved sucking cock she usually didn't liked to swallow cum, so she tried to say something and to pull back, but her position didn't allow movement… She tried to talk, but the large cock in her mouth made that impossible! Only thing she managed to do is to swallow more cum. So she stayed there swallowing until Bill took his cock out of her mouth… Bill smiled to her and got dressed. Erica's mouth was still full of cum, her lips too and some drops had fallen into her body and her tits. Bill got his breath back and spoke:

B: Well that was perfect. Bye I had to go back to work!

Er: Hey! Wait… what about me? You must take me back and help me clean up too. I cannot walk out with cum all over me!

B: The deal was a blowjob to get you here. I drove you here, you pay me… If you want another drive you have to pay me more.

Er: What you want now?

B: I want everything.

Erica tried to argue, but she still was on her knees and when she tried to stand, she fell in front of him. Since her hand were tied at her back her head touched the floor and she found herself leaning on her knees and head. Her pussy was wide open as she tried to maintain balance by spreading her legs even more! Bill walked behind her and looked at her.

Erica made a few attempts to stand but soon quit trying. She realized that there is no way to stand up by herself. Furthermore she didn't want to walk home nude and with cum in her mouth. So she told Bill:

Er: Ok… I am yours. But then you will have to help me wash and drive me home.

Meanwhile, Julie Mike Eva and Suzan went down to find Erica and they couldn't believe that she wasn't hiding near the house!

M: Do you think she did it?

Ev: I don't think so… She must be in a panic and hiding behind a car.

J: I think she did it!

S: So, what we do?

M: I think we must go upstairs and wait.

The same time, Bill's dick started to regain size! He was still behind Erica and enjoying the spectacle of the nude tied beautiful woman that had just offered herself to him. He kneeled behind her and slid his large hard dick inside her. He found that Erica was already very wet like she was expecting him to do that. Erica moaned from pleasure! Bill started to fuck Erica. Moment's later he took his dick out of her pussy and forcefull pressed the stem into Erica's ass! Erica said:

Er: Hey! Mmmmm… Ahhhh, hey… What are you doing?

B: You said everything!

Er: Mmmmmm, that hurts! I though you are going to fuck me! But not in the ass!

B: But you like it!

Er: Ahhhhh

B: You like it bitch?

Er: Mmmmm

B: Want me to stop? (and by saying this Bill slides his dick out)

Er: Ohhhh…. No fuck me any way you like but don't stop!

Encouraged by her words Bill started to slide his cock into her ass again. His cock was lubricated from the fluids of her pussy, so it was entering quite easily but due to the large size and thickness Erica felt very painful! She screamed when Bill slid it too fast and that caused Bill to move slower. Erica curved her back more and loosened her ass to allow Bill to fuck her ass without too much pain. Then Bill moved in and out her ass a few times causing her to shiver from pain and pleasure. The Bill took his cock out of her ass and entered again Erica's pussy, then her ass and then pussy again… He kept fucking her for almost half-hour. Erica lost count of her orgasms! Then he pulled out, walk in front of her, grab her from the hair and help her reach his dick with her mouth. The moment Erica's lips touch his dick Bill cum and shot his juices allover Erica's face. The he told Erica to clean his dick and she licked him carefully and tenderly like she was thanking his cock for the pleasure it had offered her.

Then Bill help her by washing the cum off her, locking the apartment and helped her to the car. On the drive back many people looked at the nude (and smiling Erica) but she didn't mind that at all. She smiled back to many people and some lucky truck drivers could see all of her! Bill help her enter her building, pinch her butt goodbye and moments late the nude Erica was entering her flat holding Eva's bra with her teeth.

When Erica returned home she found all waiting for her. She didn't want to tell them what happened, so she asked them to untie her and so they did. They all were dressed now, but now she didn't mind being nude! The night ended with Erica leaning on the sofa and masturbating in front on her friends. She enjoyed cumming in front of them. After all they had helped her reach so many orgasms!

When Mike, Eva and Suzan left, Erica told the entire story to Julie. Julie also told Erica what had happens to her this morning!

Er: So we both were nude in public today?

J: And more!

Er: ha ha! Yes much more.

J: I wouldn't mind do that again!

Er: Me to!!! Definitely!

Erica and Julie felt asleep knowing that their days being nude in public had just begun! But that might be another story!



I hope you all loved the story! Once again I want to say thanks to my good friend MirageLM, who helped with my English (is very hard to write in a foreign language). He is the only reader of my stories in Literotica that have actually seeing me nude in real life (to help me describe myself of course! *giggle*).

By the way I suggest to go and read his story entitled "Watching Eleni"! I love it so much! can you finger out why? *smile*

Written by: Hellen_S

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