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A Family Trailer Park Gangbang!

by Ahabscribe©

Okay readers, a while back one of my readers reached out and provided me with several "lost" stories from my earlier writings (pre-Literotica). They aren't perfect, but I am very fond of them and now with a few minor alterations for content, I will be sharing them with you (Thanks, Joe!)

This first story is one I created to amuse myself on a long drive on I-75 many years ago. Please share your feedback with me, be it positive or negative. Enjoy!


A lot of people look down on us folks out at the Stringer Trailer Park on the south side of town. They think we're nothing but drunken gutter trash and inbred scum. Well, I'm here to tell you everyone is wrong about us being drunk and gutter trash and scum. As to whether, we're inbred, well, as tight and close as our family is, you know a few people are always fooling around.

I once saw Uncle Bennie feeling up his niece, Wendy in her mom's kitchen, his hands rooting around in her panties. Rumor also had it that Grandpa Stringer was really fond of his granddaughter Kelli. Hell, I'll confess that my Aunt Rosie, Mom's older sister, once sucked my cock when I was feeling blue because Mom and my sister, Trish went off to a rock concert when I was sick. She was a bit liquored up and it wasn't anything she offered to do again and I never had the nerve to ask her to do again (although she has a fine mouth on her).

Grandpa Stringer bought the place in the mid 1970's and over the years has rented out more and more of his trailers to family. All six of his children, four girls and two boys, rent from him. So do several of their adult children, as well as a few of his nieces and nephews. Mom, my older sister Trish, and I moved in three years ago after our old man split on us.

Several years back, Grandpa fixed up a little park, beyond his trailer. It was a nice place for cookouts and to have a few brews and for the little kids to run around. This past summer, many of the Stringer clan took to having a big party for the adults every Saturday night. We'd drink a few beers, cook some steaks and just kick back and fool around and by that I mean horse around -- toss a football around, maybe throw some horseshoes or maybe dance to music from someone's CD player. I'll tell you right now, I had no idea that that first nice Saturday in June, our family was going to take "fooling around," to a whole new level.

My twenty-one year old sister, Trish, started it all. In the aftermath of breaking up with her latest asshole boyfriend, she'd gotten extremely drunk and then proceeded to get into an argument with Mom about her lousy choice of lovers. "Don't be telling me who to fuck," Trish cried. "I'll fuck whoever I damn well please!"

Everyone stopped talking when she said that. Trish staggered into the center of Grandpa's little park and leaned against a picnic table. Trish was wearing a really short pair of cut-off jeans and a little halter top that tightly hugged her trim body. Her freckled face was flushed with drink. Angrily, she looked around at her attentive audience. "If I want, I'll fuck every man here!" she screamed at Mom.

My sister immediately had the attention of all sixteen men there, her brother including. I'd done enough peeking at her in the shower to know that Trish was immensely fuckable. Her tight ass and shaved pussy would give any man the fuck of his life. Her titties were little bitty things, but she had huge, extended nipples that just begged to be sucked.

"Trish, you're drunk!" scolded Mom. "Let me take you home."

Trish grinned at her. "You don't think I'll do it, Mama?" Trish reached down and unsnapped her shorts and let them drop to her feet. Hopping up on the picnic table, she flicked them off and spread her legs wide, revealing her hairless cunt to one and all. Her fresh pink flesh glistened with juices as she reached down and ran her fingers between her labia, flowering her pussy lips open.

"All right, boys," Trish cried. "Let's fuck. Who's gonna be first?" She looked over the men in the crowd, now moving closer. Looking at Mom, who was staring at her with a mixture of disbelief and desire, Trish leered and said, "Tell you what, Mama. You get to have first licks after the guys get done." She stuck her tongue out, fluttering it up and down as if she was licking someone's pussy! I felt my cock stir in my jeans. Trish could be incredibly sexy and lewd when she wanted to.

Mom blushed down to her roots, but didn't say a word. Trish locked eyes with Uncle Bennie and then hollered. "C'mon, Uncle Bennie, I know how you like your, wet, and horny." She spread her legs even wider and ran a finger down her pussy and plunged it inside. Pulling it out, she showed everyone how wet she was and then licked her finger off. "I wanna fuck, Bennie. Pull out that hard cock and fuck me."

Our uncle didn't need any more coaxing. Unzipping his fly, he fished out an erect dick that looked to be at least eight inches long. A murmur of interest ran through the women in the crowd, several craning their heads to get a better look. I idly wondered how many women in the trailer park -- sisters, nieces and cousins -- already were familiar with his impressive penis.

Uncle Bennie walked up and placed himself between Trish's legs and without hesitation thrust himself deep inside her. Trish screamed with pleasure and threw her legs around Bennie's waist. Bennie reached down and tore her halter top off, revealing her long, erect nipples. He bent over and took one in his mouth, sucking hard. He thrust into her again and again, their bellies slapping as Trish rose to meet his cock with her cunt.

I looked over at Mom and was surprised to see her rubbing her heavy breasts absently as she watched her big brother fuck her twenty-one year old daughter. All of us gathered in a little tighter, forming a closed circle to watch the hot spectacle. With each hard stroke, Trish gave a happy little yelp, wiggling her tight ass around as our uncle fed her his cock again and again. Suddenly, Bennie raised his head and bellowed into the night sky. His balls jumped as he began pumping hot seed into Trish's pussy. My sister mewled as she neared an orgasm from Bennie filling her with semen.

Trish then gave a moan of protest as Bennie pulled out and staggered off, muttering something about "best friggin snatch I ever had." Trish, her fingers playing with her turgid nipples then smiled at the rest of us and whispered, "Next."

Our cousin Billy sauntered up to her with an erection poking out of his gym shorts and plunged in. He only lasted about two dozen strokes, an intent expression etched on his face as he fucked my sister, but his long, thin dick brought Trish off before he dumped his sperm in her. Trish kept him locked in place with her ankles crossed behind his ass while she ground herself against his groin, milking his cock for ever drop of his sperm while she sobbed as her incestuous orgasm swept over her.

A few murmurs went through the crowd as Grandpa took his place, some of the women looking with interest at his old horse cock as he held the stiff member in his hand -- letting the uninformed know who Bennie inherited his size from. He let his dungarees fall down around his ankles and smiling tenderly down at Trish, he thrust into her cum filled cunt like he'd been doing it with her for years. Still coming down from her orgasm, Grandpa's thick meat sent his granddaughter over the edge again, making her sob with delight as he fucked her like a man a third his age.

Tearing my gaze away from the incredible scene of my grandfather pounding my sister's wet and sloppy cock, I glanced around the family circle and smiled as I watched Mom avidly eyeing her father's penis as it became coated with sperm and pussy juice. Ten minutes later, he came with a bull roar amid scattered applause. He leaned over, his cock buried deep inside Trish's womb and gave her a tender kiss, whispering soft words that made her smile and blush and then kiss him back, her tongue hungrily seeking his.

As Grandpa eased out of her, his cock dripping with pussy juice and sperm, Trish turned her head towards me. She crooked a finger at me and smiled. I don't actually remember moving or anything, but I suddenly found myself between my sister's legs, my pants down and my dick aching. "I'm gonna fuck my little brother," Trish murmured. "Stick that big ol' wang in my pussy, Jimmy." Her hands grabbed hold of my dick and she rubbed the head against her sloppy, leaking sperm cunt. She pressed the head into her well lubricated hole and thrust upwards. I gasped as I felt her cunt slide up, enveloping my throbbing meat with her slick and wet flesh, hot with her juices and the cum of three other men. I felt myself pushing into her until our bellies met with a satisfying smack.

Trish grinned up at me and then pulled me in for a wet kiss. After we engaged in a duel of tongues for a few minutes, her moaning into my mouth every time I thrust into her, Trish broke the kiss and whispered into my ear, "Mmmm, baby brother, if I'd known how good your cock felt inside me, I'd have snuck into your room years ago and screwed your brains out."

As she lay back and watched me ram my cock into her hot hole, I looked around at my relatives until I found Mom's face watching us with keen and hungry interest. She gave me a little encouraging smile as I watched her slip her hand into her jeans and massage her pussy mound. Mom was dressed extremely casual, her breasts unfettered by a bra beneath her T-shirt and her nipples were visibly hard beneath the cream colored cotton cloth.

Trish then rolled her head back and screamed she was coming. Her cunt tightened like a vise around my dick and I knew I would blow my load any second. Trish looked deep into my eyes and cried, "On my face, Jimmy! I wanna taste my baby brother's sperm!" Without even thinking about it, I quickly climbed up and straddled my sister's chest, stepping out of my jeans as I climbed and barely getting into position in time to cum. I shot a thick wad that splattered off her lips and nose. Trish raised her head up and licked my cockhead, catching the next blast squarely in her mouth. Then I was sucked into her mouth and she nursed my remaining cum out, sucking me like a newborn sucking its mother's milk filled tit. Trish made the most of it, noisily slurping up my jism as if making sure everyone knew how big a slut she could be.

With my head still spinning, I awkwardly climbed off my big sister just in time to see Bennie's son, Franklin ram his babymaker into Trish's snatch. I could see other Stringer males looking anxiously on, some already getting shed of their pants and jeans, stroking their dicks as they waited their turn.

One after another, the men of the Stringer clan took Trish on. Aunt Rosie's twins fucked her at the same time, one in her pussy and one up her ass. Trish convulsed as orgasm after orgasm shook her body as they fucked her with identical cocks. Some came in Trish's ass or cunt, some pulled out and blasted sperm all over her body, others came in her face. Trish welcomed it all, writhing around on that picnic table like a wanton whore from some old paperback porn novel, her hands rubbing cum into her skin or scooping up thick blobs of thick semen with her fingers which she would proceed to eat.

Grandpa Stringer returned for a second round, taking her up the ass. Uncle Bennie fucked her again and I have to admit, I let her give me a blowjob while Billy and his Dad, Uncle Lee fucked her front and back. I don't know what was more amazing to me -- letting my sister wrap those sweet lips around my cock in front of all these people or the fact that my sister was letting three men have her at the same time.

Finally, Trish lay back, full or covered with the sperm provided by seventeen men, who had by my count, fucked her twenty-nine times. She weakly ran her hands over her cum covered body while her legs were sprawled wide on the picnic table, her pussy gaping wide open -- rivulets of jizzum pouring from her well fucked cunt. Trish looked over at our Mom who looked back with an almost feral hunger in her eyes. Mom was standing there, her entire body poised to spring, but unsure as when to make her move. Finally Trish shakily held out her arms to our mother and moaned, "I promised you the first lick, Mama. Come and get it."

With a little cry, Mom rushed over and knelt between Trish's legs. For a moment, she gazed almost worshipfully at her daughter's well fucked vagina, the mixed cum of several men slowly oozing out of her cunt. Then Mom buried her face between Trish's legs and began to loudly gobble up all that spunk. She reached up with eager hands and began twisting and pulling at Trish's extended nipples, now slippery with a coating of semen. The other ladies in the park allowed Mom about a minute before they swarmed in and began licking and sucking and touching my sister's body, stopping only to share with each other mouthfuls of mixed sperm that they had licked off Trish.

The night became filled with Trish's renewed cries of orgasm -- these from the gentler sources of loving tongues and fingers. When they were finished and the only sound was my sister's exhausted sighs and whimper's, the women staggered back to the circle -- Mom the last one to leave, standing over her daughter and giving her a slow, sweet kiss -- sharing the last of Trish's massive cream pie with her.

Mom returned to the circle standing next to me, her heavy breast brushing against my arm. I could smell my sister's cunt on her -- my nostrils flaring at the scent of pussy and sperm. Mom looked up at me, unashamed at what had gone on, her breasts rising and falling as she continued to be aroused by the evening's action. She gave me the loving smile I had known for as long as I could remember and then took my hand and squeezed it gently.

For a few quiet minutes everyone stood there, looking at my naked sister, wondering how this was going to end. Finally, Trish brought the evening to an almost gentle close by asking Bennie in an ever so soft voice, to take her home to bed. Uncle Bennie stepped forward, his mostly bald head shiny with sweat from the evening's exertions and gently lifted Trish in his arms and took her off to his trailer, where throughout the night one could occasionally through our open windows, hear Trish's continued moans of pleasure.

The rest of us slowly drifted back to our respective homes. Mom and I returned home in complete silence, still holding hands. As we walked, Mom would again and again turn and gaze over at Uncle Bennie's trailer with a wistful expression and then give a small sigh. Once inside, Mom retreated to her bedroom and I went and took a shower, the night's events running and rerunning in my mind like an erotic highlight reel.

I had just slid between the sheets thinking I might just have to stroke myself off again when I realized Mom was watching me from the bedroom doorway. Mom's short buxom figure was detailed by her nightshirt, which almost (but not quite), covered her crotch. The sight of her nipples visible through her shirt and just a suggestion of dark pussy hair, made my cock throb.

Now this wasn't exactly the first time I'd ever had naughty thoughts about my mother. You can't grow up in the close quarters of a house trailer without getting a few accidental glimpses of the other occupants in their birthday suits and Mom was a good looking woman. I remembered many a night when the moans coming from my parents' room woke me up and gave me an erection. These moments hadn't stopped after the old man hit the road. Mom wasn't shy about bring home dates or pick-ups from Dailey's Tavern when she was in a mood to get laid!

Mom knew I was checking her out and gave me a slightly amused smile. I wondered if my night wasn't through yet. "So, it was quite an interesting night, huh, kiddo?"

I nodded, feeling my cock stiffen underneath the sheet, making the cotton covering tent. Mom gave it a long, appraising look and then asked, "Are you okay with what happened tonight with your sister, son? It didn't upset you, did it?"

I gave my mom a big grin and replied, "Oh no, I'm fine, Mom!"

Mom smiled at my more than enthusiastic response and said "Did you enjoy yourself tonight, Jimmy?"

She grinned as I struggled to find the appropriate thing to say. Finally, I decided that honesty was the best policy and replied, "Yes."

Mom nodded, her braless tits bobbing as she did, nipples growing more right before my eyes. "Good," she said, taking one last long look at my sheet covered erection. "Goodnight sweetheart." Mom blew me a goodnight kiss as she had done since I was little and then she was gone, padding quietly down the narrow hall to her own bedroom..

The next morning, the previous night's activities weren't even mentioned. Mom got dressed for church, somehow looking very sexy in her modest lime green dress, black hose and short high heels, reminding me to check on the pot roast in the oven before she went to services with Grandpa and Aunt Rosie.

While she was gone, I went into her hamper and fished out the panties she'd worn the night before. They were still damp and reeked of pussy juice. I pressed the plain cotton panties to my face, her scent making me feel heady. I spent a good bit of the morning using them to jack off while I again relived Trish's gangbang. And no, I didn't let the pot roast burn!

Mom had returned from church and we had already eaten when Trish came staggering in -- looking tired and pleased, wearing one of Uncle Bennie's dress shirts. She gave us a weary smile and retreated to her bedroom, closing the door behind her. Mom gave me an odd glance and then excused herself and followed her daughter. I heard their voices talking softly through the thin walls of the trailer and then Mom emerged, looking somehow...satisfied.

"Try and keep it down, Jimmy," Mom said softly. "Trish is exhausted and needs some sleep." She gave me a knowing smile and then left after telling me she was off to visit her sisters. Nothing more was said that night or all the next week about Trish's Saturday gangbang, at least in our home. But come the next Saturday, everybody was back for that night's cookout. Hell, a couple of cousins who'd been out barhopping last Saturday showed up as well to see what would happen.

As the evening grew late, several of the men kept glancing over at Trish who looked as sexy as ever in her usual halter top and blue jean shorts, but she took no notice and it soon became clear that she wasn't going to give a repeat performance. Every Stringer male and quite a few of the females looked pretty glum as the evening began to wind down.

Some of the family started to pack it in, gathering up trash and bottles and getting coolers squared away, but then Aunt Rosie dressed in a pretty little gingham sundress and her bright red hair pulled back in a pony tail, stepped away from everyone else and walked up to the picnic table carrying an old quilt. My aunt spread the quilt out on the table and then turned around and glared at everyone who was suddenly giving her their complete attention.

"Tonight, I'm going to fuck every man here," Aunt Rosie said in a loud voice. With that declaration, she whipped the sundress off and hopped up on the picnic table and struck a spread-eagled pose. There was a long spell of silence in the aftermath of her words and actions and then almost as one, everyone gathered there began to cheer and whistle.

With her tall, athletic body tanned a perfect gold, boasting beautiful, full breasts and a snatch that declared she was a natural red-head, Aunt Rosie quickly had the Stringer men standing in line to sample her red hot body including her husband Tom and her sons Donnie and Ronnie, both grinning like fools.

Nineteen men had their way with my aunt that night. Rosie took (by Trish's count), forty-three loads of cum in her pussy, ass, and mouth. This included three blasts of cum from each of her twins, and a load from me as I enjoyed fucking my first ass. I was her fourth lover that night, following Grandpa, her brother Uncle Lee and Uncle Bennie. Aunt Rosie was wet with sweat when I approached the table, naked from the waist down with my cock in my hand (I'd left my pants neatly folded on a lawn chair). She was quite the erotic sight laid out there, chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath from her second orgasm of the night, nipples hard, pussy lips spread wide and a trickle of sperm oozing from her hole and making its way towards her ass.

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