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A Family Trailer Park Gangbang!

by Ahabscribe©

I kissed her gently, our tongues barely touching. "I love you too, Mom," I replied. "I hope we can do this again."

Mom grinned nastily and licked sweat off my face. "Oh yes, sweet son, again, and again, and again, and again!"

Our little talk was interrupted by someone tapping on my shoulder. I looked around to see Grandpa Stringer standing there, wearing nothing but a frown and a fat hard-on. "Come on, boy. Talk later. Right now I want a little piece of my daughter."

I laughed, kissed Mom once more and then made way for Grandpa. As I stepped back, I heard Mom say, "Daddy, wasn't Jimmy something? He's a wonderful fucker!"

Grandpa snorted and said, "Yeah, Connie, I hear you, but can you shut up for a moment and give your ol' daddy a bit of loving like you used to do?"

I stumbled away, wide-eyed at my grandfather's words, to stand with Trish. We held hands as we watched our mom fuck her own father. At one point as Mom arched her back while Grandpa's cock was buried deep inside her, making her orgasm, Trish leaned over and whispered, "He's almost as good as you, little brother."

As the night went on, Mom seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself as she took on all comers. In her pussy, in her asshole, in her mouth, Mom welcomed and consumed every cock offered to her, working her ass hard when she was able and when she was exhausted and recovering from orgasm, Mom just lay back, groaning and sobbing as she reveled in being the center of attention for all those hard family cocks.

Towards the end, lying on her stomach, leaking thick blobs of hot, white cum out of her ass and cunt, her face covered in sperm, Mom called out to Trish, saying, "I know you're keeping count, baby -- how many loads have I taken?"

"Fifty-one times, Momma," said Trish. You're tied with Aunt Wanda!" Trish had seemed primed to answer Mom and I wondered if she and our mother had discussed this earlier.

"Like hell," Momma moaned. "Daddy, Jimmy, get your cocks up here and fuck me again."

Grandpa sitting over in a lawn chair, his granddaughter, Kelli on his knee, raised an eyebrow at his daughter's demand, then laughed and waved me to get a move on, while he slowly rose from his chair, his semi-erect cock swinging between his thighs.

Following Grandpa's instructions, we pulled Mom off the picnic table and hoisted her up between us, suspending her in mid-air with my dick sliding smoothly up her well fucked asshole and Grandpa shoved his dick into her cum filled pussy. Mom mewled like a new born kitten as our dicks sank deep inside her, filling her up, each of us aware of the presence and size of the other's hard cocks separated by a thin sheath of skin. Grandpa and I locked arms and began pumping back and forth, Mom flailing helplessly between us as she bounced from orgasm to orgasm, her ability to speak gone and barely able to make noise. By the time we'd pumped Mom full of Stringer jizz, she was almost unconscious.

Carefully, we laid her out on the picnic table. Mom lay motionless, legs spread wide, sperm dripping from every hole and smeared over most of her body. She had a silly, satisfied smile on her face. "Your momma's about the finest piece of ass I know," Grandpa said in a low voice. "She needs a good man in her life. You think you're up to it, Jimmy?"

I felt butterflies in my stomach as I realized just what my grandfather was implying. I nodded slowly and said, "Yes, sir!"

Grandpa nodded and said, "Good!" He then turned and looked around at the women folk standing around. "Well," he said. "What are you waiting for? Get to licking."

Mom regained consciousness to find Trish between her legs, repaying her for the favor that had started back in June. My sister hungrily went after Mom's sperm filled pussy, lapping up deposit after deposit of cum before making Mom groan as she teased and tortured Mom's thick clitoris. Rosie capping the cleaning off by licking up the last of the hot spunk in Mom's gaping asshole and then sharing it with Mom, letting it drip from her lips into Mom's open mouth. They ended with a semen smeared soul kiss that was so hot that many of the men looked like they were ready to start the gangbang anew.

Silence fell around the park as we waited to hear Mom's choice to take her home. I held my breath as she looked over the crowd. Her gaze paused when she saw me. Mom held out her arms, fingers wriggling in a come hither gesture. "Son," my mother said in a quiet voice, "Take me home to bed."

I picked her up and cradling her in my arms, walked Mom back to our trailer. I tucked her into bed and sat down next to her, stroking her cheek. At first I thought she had slipped off into a well deserved sleep, but she opened her eyes and smiled up at me. "Some night, huh, kiddo?" Mom whispered, her voice hoarse from all the orgasm induced moans and screams.

"It sure was, Mom." I replied, probably with a little more enthusiasm than was necessary.

Mom smiled wearily at that and said, "Are you okay? You and me...fucking, that's not going to mess you up, is it?"

I shook my head emphatically. "God, no, Mom! This was the greatest night of my life! I've dreamed of fucking you forever! The only thing that would mess me up is if I never got to fuck you again!"

Mom beamed up at me -- a proud smile on her face. "Did you enjoy yourself tonight, Jimmy?" she said, again completing her part of the ritual of the last dozen or so Saturday nights.

I knew my response and gave it honestly and wholeheartedly, "I loved it, Mom!" I paused and went on, "I love you, Mom!" I felt my face heat up and knew that I was blushing.

Mom whispered, "Good. I love you too, son." She held out her hand. "Come to bed, Jimmy. It's your bed from now on...if you want it."

I shook my head and leaned in and gently kissed her as I lifted up the sheet and slipped in beside her. I spent the rest of the night giving Mom my undivided attention, massaging her aching and weary body, showering her with kisses and when dawn arrived, it found Mom lost in one last orgasm as I tenderly licked her pussy and rimmed her asshole.

Summer was over and so were the Saturday night gangbangs. Some of the Stringer clan still visit each other now and again for a little incestuous fun. Me? I stay at home. Mom and I have a really passionate love affair going on and almost all our free time is spent in our bedroom. Once in a while, Trish shares our pleasures with us as does Aunt Rosie, but mostly it's just Mom and me. Next summer, the gangbangs might start up again and we will both be happy and willing participants, but at the end of the evening, it will always be me taking Mom home. We're the real thing, lovers in love, now and forever. In fact, I've already spoke to Grandpa about scheduling a little wedding ceremony in our little gangbang park for next spring

The End

Written by: Ahabscribe

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