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Against Smooth Skin

by DeliciousInRed©

Bridget gasped as she felt her lips closing around her clit. Her warm mouth captured the erect nub, flicking her tongue across the tip. Breaking the suction she kissed her way further down Bridget's glistening slit. She massaged her folds with her mouth, slipping her tongue just inside her pussy.

Bridget lifted her hips from the sensation, pleading her lover for more. Her tongue moved in and out of her slit. She probed deeply, following with long licks over her folds. Sharon's mouth traveled upwards flicking her tongue over her clit. Bridget then felt something slender penetrate her aching cunt. Looking between her spread legs she saw Sharon's tongue lapping her erect tip as her fingers slipped inside. Sharon started pumping slow and steady as she continued savoring her clit.

Bridget could feel her climax drawing near from the intense sensations running through her body. Closing her eyes she listened to the suckling sounds humming across her sex. She heard her cries of pleasure echoing through the air with every lick. Grabbing her breasts she massaged the weight in her palm, taking her nipples and tugging softly.

Slipping from her pussy Sharon took the tip of her finger and began caressing her rose bud. Bridget gasp as she slowly massaged warm cream over the sensitive flesh. Her heart was beating faster as she braced herself for her orgasm. Sharon closed her mouth over her throbbing clit and sucked. Biting her lower lip Bridget felt the beginning of her release take hold. She continued licking her pulsing clit between her lips while massaging Bridget's tight pussy. She cried out from pleasure as she came with intense force. Her sweet cream flowed onto her her lover's lips.

Bridget steadied her breathing as her orgasm began to subside. Her skin was flush and her body completely sated. She felt the mattress dip as Sharon lowered her body next to her.

Running her fingertips slowly over her tummy, Sharon placed a soft kiss on her shoulder. "You are incredible."

Opening her eyes Bridget sighed softly. "I was just about to say that to you once I caught my breath."

Sharon leaned over brushing her soft lips against her mouth. They kissed softly, their hands touching gently. Bridget tasted her honey once more against her tongue.

Breaking the kiss Sharon ran her palm over the swell of her breast. "I think a warm bubble bath is just what we need."

Bridget's nipple's harden as her hand moved softly over her breast. "Oh that sounds lovely."

Running her hand down Bridget's thigh she placed a kiss next to her ear. "I have only just begun to show you how lovely."

Bridget closed her eyes once more as she felt warm kisses scattered against her smooth skin.

Written by: DeliciousInRed

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Category: Lesbian Sex Stories