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Remember When Ch. 08

by PaulStevens©

Edited by luvtaread


"Not long after the snowy weekend Katy got the good news that she was pregnant, but it was a few more months before Ashley was ready. So as the school year was wrapping up I arrived home to a strange sight..."

Brandon had no sooner entered his home than Katy rushed up to him and said, "Hurry doctor it's the patient upstairs she's critical."

Katy was wearing her sexy nurse outfit that told him some sort of game was going on and if he was right it was one of his favorites. He followed Katy upstairs to the master bedroom and found Ashley faking some kind of sickness there.

"Mrs. Metcalf this is Dr. Love I think he can cure you."

Upon hearing Dr. Love, Brandon smiled, he liked this game.

"Yes, miss what seems to be the problem?"

"I'm so hornnnny," Ashley said in a moan that was more lustful than pain filled.

"Well I don't imagine a woman like you has much trouble getting that problem fixed, does your husband relieve you regularly?"

"Yes, but more than that there is this stomach pain I have."

"Doctor she needs your really special treatment," Katy said rubbing her slightly swollen belly and Brandon understood the real point of this game.

"I see, miss when was the last time you ovulated?" Brandon asked trying to confirm his suspicions in a clinical matter to satisfy the game.

"Last month, but I should be doing so any day now." Ashley said.

"I see and do you and your husband use contraception?" Brandon asked again.

"Not lately I went off the pill a while ago because it was causing a reaction. So we use condoms if we remember but..."

"I see," Brandon said cutting her off. "Well the way I see it miss is that your horniness is natural for a woman in heat as is the pain you described. To put it frankly your body wants a baby and needs one soon."

"But my husband is out of town." Ashley said.

"Well there is another solution," Brandon said, "I could do it, if you need references just ask Katy here." Upon hearing her name Katy revealed her slight baby bump to Ashley and let the brunette rub it, not long after Ashley agreed to accept his help. She had only one condition, she wanted a solo session with the doctor. Katy agreed and silently left the room.

Brandon kissed and caressed Ashley as he undressed her. Once she was naked Brandon ate her to a crashing orgasm before he stripped off his own clothes and positioned himself between her open thighs.

Before he pushed in he looked down at his beautiful wife and smiled. He bent down and kissed her. She embraced him and returned the kiss and Brandon felt that warmth of their strong love envelope him once more.

When the kiss broke Brandon realized that despite the fact that he had done this twice before this one was somehow even more special because his connection to Ashley was that much stronger. Katy and Mel had been fun but this was something else entirely. Ashley's legs pushed against his back and he was shaken out of his thoughts and focused on the task at hand.

Brandon looked down at Ashley and as he looked into her eyes knew that she understood what he felt but was anxious to get started. Brandon slowly buried his shaft into his wife's fertile pussy knowing that the result of this would be a child that would be fully his from now on. No agreements would ever take this child away. As he began thrusting he also realized that his was the first time he really hoped for a boy. In light of Katy and Mel's unique situation he knew that although he would love to have a son it was better that both babies be girls. So far Mel's had gone according to that plan and they would know soon if Katy's did too.

However with Ashley he would at last be a full time daddy and he really wanted a son. Not that a daughter wouldn't be good as well, Leah had taught him that. Brandon focused on Ashley and just got lost in the pleasure. Unlike with Katy and Mel it was very quiet and subdued, but what it lacked in vocal fireworks it made up for in emotional ones.

Brandon and Ashley silently communicated as they thrust together and when they at last could take it no longer they both exploded together and Brandon felt shot after shot of hot cum rocket into Ashley's waiting pussy. As he came he felt her pussy contract and release around his shaft, making him pump his cum deep into her fertile womb where it would soon, hopefully, create new life.

When the waves of pleasure had finished washing over them the pair collapsed to the bed and just cuddled together. Before they drifted off to a sex induced sleep Brandon felt Ashley shift onto her back and elevate her hips. Brandon cuddled against her and kissed her before drifting off.

"...of course we did it several more times that weekend and we found out a few weeks later that we were successful."

"That was beautiful," Mel said and Katy nodded, "But I'd expect nothing less from you two."

"Thanks," Ashley said, "And sorry about not getting your boy."

"Don't be I wouldn't trade Annie for anything, besides I got twin boys a year later so it all worked out. Besides it was fun to see the mini versions of my three favorite ladies grow up. The all looked so much like you three acted like you too Leah the driven red-head, Kara the fun loving blonde, and Annie the caring brunette."

"Ah, but they all had a little bit of their daddy in there too, not to mention they all benefited from that tall gene you have." Katy said.

Brandon smiled thanked them before asking, "Okay ladies what next? I think we've used up the pregnant stuff for a bit. Not to mention speaking of the kids, Leah's coming with her family tomorrow to start off that rotation of our kids and grandkids."

The others smiled and nodded. The next month or so would see the house full of the kids and their families. Leah being the oldest always came down first. Then Kara and Anna, still doing everything together even into adulthood, came down next for a week. Finally the twins and their families visited the week before the annual family weekend. Brandon always said the place was big enough for all five kids and their families to come at the same time but schedules never seemed to work out to get a full week together, so he settled for a weekend.

Of course this new development meant that their nights of reminiscing would have to take a break or at least a different tone for a while.


This is the end for a while I still have some ideas, but I want to stop to work on other projects for a while. I may continue if there is enough requests for it, also if you have ideas let me know and I may work it into a chapter of this story. Thanks again for reading


Written by: PaulStevens

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