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Black Men Crave White Cock

by Samuelx©

Oh, man. This is what I like. I wince in pain mixed with pleasure as Jason O'Leary slams his cock into my asshole. Man, if I knew this young White guy had such a big dick, I would have hooked up with him a long time ago. My name is John Etienne. A big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Nepean, Province of Ontario. And I am that rare bisexual Black man who likes to hook up with White guys every now and then. I think variety among sexual partners is something to be embraced. Is that okay? I certainly hope so. Because I'm not stopping anytime soon. Are we cool? Good.

Jason holds my hips tightly as he rams his thick Irish dick inside of me. And do you know what that makes me? One happy queer Black man! I just love the feel of Jason's hard White dick up my Black ass. Turns me on just thinking about it. Jason knows this and he's giving it to me good. Unlike some other White guys I've been with, he's not intimidated. He's a strict top who knows a sexy bottom when he sees one. I'm versatile but I'm more leaning toward bottoming these days. It's a lot of fun and I guess it can be addictive. I'm a six-foot-five, 270-pound Black man who likes to get fucked in the ass by White guys. Definitely not something you hear about every day.

Jason is fucking me good and I'm absolutely loving it. We're in his apartment at Carleton University. And we have all the privacy we need as we're doing our thing. Jason barks cuss words as he rams his thick Irish cock up my tight Black ass. And I am absolutely loving it. We're literally the last guys people would ever suspect of being anything other than straight. The most macho guys on campus. I play Rugby for Ottawa University and Jason plays Baseball for the University of Carleton. Yeah, you read right. Jason is dating a pretty Asian chick named Cheryl Lee. And he's also banging a hot Latina named Maria Sanchez or something. On the side, of course. What his girlfriend doesn't know won't hurt her. However, like me he is bisexual. A queer guy who craves the love that dares not speak its name.

At the University of Ottawa, I've lost count of how many hot chicks I've banged. White chicks. Asian chicks. Hispanic chicks. Black chicks. Native or Aboriginal chicks. I fuck them all. Pussy is fun. I get all the pussy I can when I can get it. However, my craving for cock won't go away no matter how much pussy I get. My girlfriend, Toronto University student Sharon Gray is a seriously hot Black chick. Tall, sexy and athletic, with dark brown skin and naturally long Black hair. She's got a cute face, awesome body and a big booty. I call her my Jamaican Princess. We have sex all the time. Yet I still crave something that she can't give me. Weird, eh? I knew Jason was bisexual the moment I laid eyes on him. He had one hand on his Asian whore's ass and his other hand in between the breasts of some chubby Black slut but he wanted something only I could give him. Our eyes met at a campus party and I just knew.

And I guess that's why we ended up in Jason's campus apartment, doing the nasty while our respective girlfriends partied downstairs with our classmates and close friends. Jason and I really got it on. We quickly got naked, and got busy. He knelt before me and sucked my cock. My twelve-inch, uncircumcised Black cock. It has been known to make both women and men ( of all races ) squeal in sheer pleasure. Jason tried to fit my dick in his mouth but couldn't take half of it. Well, that's okay. I was more interested in his cock anyway. He's got a nine-inch, kind of thick and ridged White dick that I just had to see up close. I sucked Jason's thick White cock until I got him nice and hard. Then we got to the actual fucking. Jason has fucked lots of guys, though mainly Hispanic guys, Asian guys and other White guys. He's never fucked a Black man before. And he was kind of curious. Well, I made that happen for him.

I got on all fours and spread my ass cheeks wide open. Jason came up behind me and slid his cock into my ass. Jason fucks me hard and I scream loudly as we go on a wild ride. I like getting dick in my ass. Almost as much as I love sticking my dick up a woman's pussy or asshole. Oh, yeah. I totally love it. But definitely not as much as I love sticking my dick up another man's ass, of course. Jason rams his dick up my ass like a gold prospector drilling in the Old West. And you know what? I love it so much it's amazing!

After slamming his dick up my ass in this position for a while, Jason and I switch things around a bit. He puts me on my back and raises my legs in the air as he fucks me. I stroke my big Black cock while Jason's thick Irish member invades my asshole once more. I scream passionately as Jason's cock fills my asshole. Hard and fast he pounds his cock into me. I stroke my cock harder as he fucks me harder. Oh, man. I just know that I'm about to cum. I simply know it. And cum I do. I cum all over my own damn chest. Jason grunts and I know exactly what he is feeling. Moments later he shoots his hot cum deep inside of me. Jason screams as he explodes in my ass. I can't hear him because I'm too busy doing a lot of screaming my damn self. Man this is intense!

Yeah, Jason and I had a lot of fun together. Then we got dressed and went back to the party. We were gone for half an hour and basically nobody noticed because everybody was drinking, dancing or watching the movie Hancock on TV. I went back to my Jamaican Princess, my sweet Sharon. I kissed her, then we left the party. As for Jason, he danced with Cheryl Lee. We exchanged a look nobody caught before I left. Yeah, just another day in the life of a closeted bisexual Haitian guy attending University while living in Canada.

Written by: Samuelx

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Category: Gay Male Stories