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Family Tent Swap

by sethp©

"I want you to cum in my mouth Rob," she said and then engulfed his cock again. Her lips were stretched tight around his cock as she forced her mouth down his shaft. She seemed determined to take him down her throat this time. She nearly succeeded, but then Robert tensed, grunted and started pumping is semen into her mouth. Tammy pulled up so that just the head was in her mouth and she stroked his shaft until he was finished.

"Yummy," Tammy said as she sat up. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Oh my God, Tam!" Robert gasped. "That was incredible." He had a lot of questions going through his mind. Did she do that with all of her boyfriends? Did she have a boyfriend now? Was he her new boyfriend?

Tammy reached over and grasped Robert's cock again. "You're still hard. I knew you would be," she said giggling. "I need this monster inside me. I've been looking for something this big all my life, and it's funny that it was in my own house all along."

Tammy swung her leg over Robert, straddling him. He could feel her wet pussy rubbing against his still hard cock. "Well here's your chance to have what you've been wanting all weekend." Tammy said leaning forward and smothering his face with her giant boobs.

Robert didn't need to be told twice. He reached up grabbing as much of her massive boobs as he could, sucking on her thick, dark nipples. Tammy moaned in appreciation.

"Bite them," she said. Robert obliged, clamping his teeth down on her nipples as he sucked on them. Tammy reached back firmly grabbing Robert's cock. She guided it to the entrance of her pussy and then pushed herself down, impaling herself on it.

If Robert thought that it couldn't get any better than being in his sister's mouth, he had been mistaken. He had never even dreamed of anything feeling as good as being inside her pussy. She was hot, and wet and silky. He couldn't even begin to describe how it felt.

Tammy started pumping herself up and down on his cock. She leaned forward mashing her oversized tits against Robert's chest, and then she kissed him passionately. He was a little leery of kissing her. She had just swallowed his load a few minutes ago, after all. But she was so beautiful. She was the girl of his dreams. He kissed her back. He hoped he was good enough. Robert had never kissed a girl before.

"Oh fuck!" Tammy said, pulling her mouth away from his. "You're so fucking big! You're so fucking long. Uh!"

Robert was bucking his hips up to meet his sister's thrusts. The tent was filled with the sound of their fucking and grunting.

"I'm cumming!" Tammy yelped. "Oh yes!" Her whole body seemed to shake and Robert could feel her pussy contracting around his cock. It was an amazing feeling and he started cumming himself.

"Uh...I'm cumming again too!" he said as he erupted inside her pussy.

"That's it! Fill me up!" Tammy moaned.

When they were both finished cumming, his sister melted on top of him. Her breath was ragged. "Oh my God Robert," she said. "I'm sorry...I couldn't help myself. I didn't even ask...are you...?"

Robert was totally stunned by what had transpired, but he wasn't sorry at all, even if it was his own sister. "It was the most amazing thing ever, I'm serious," he said, luxuriating in the feeling of his busty sister lying on top of him. Her massive tits were pressed between them.

"I meant....were you a virgin?" she asked looking him in the eyes.

"Yes," Robert said feeling a little embarrassed. "I...I'm glad I lost it to you."

A tear leaked out of Tammy's eye. "You are?" she asked.

"Yes," Robert replied. "I've never even seen a girl prettier than you, not even in magazines."

"Not even mom?" she asked.

Why did she have to ask that? "You're way cuter than mom," he lied.

"You're pretty cute yourself," Tammy replied kissing Robert on the cheek. "And you have the biggest cock ever." she finished, reaching down and squeezing Robert's cock. It was still semi hard and wet with her juices. His cock twitched as Tammy touched it. "It looks like its almost ready for some more?' she asked.

"It will be," Robert said proudly. "I have to go piss. How long have mom and dad been gone?" he asked. l "I'm not sure, but if I know mom, she's totally sloshed by now and dad's probably carrying her back," Tammy said, and they both laughed. "Okay, we'll just have to be careful. I have to get something out of mom's bag anyway." Tammy said, pulling on her top and shorts. Robert did the same. Then he headed over to the bathroom. He didn't take a flashlight with him, knowing the way by heart by now.

While Robert was gone, Tammy went over to her parent's tent. She had left most of her toiletries at home, but she wanted to smell good for her brother so she was looking for her mom's perfume. "There it is," she said spraying herself liberally with it.

She heard talking outside and peered out the tent flap. It was her parents, and she was right, her mom was sloshed and her dad had his arm around her helping her towards the campsite. Tammy snuck out of the tent and went around to the side of it, unnoticed. She held her breath listening to them.

"You fucking never knew when to keep your mouth shut did you?" her dad yelled. "Pissed everyone one off this time, including me."

"Fuck you...and I am going to keep these lips closed tonight you worthless prick," her mother yelled back. "I'm going to sleep with the kids tonight. You can have your hand."

"Well good luck with that!" he replied. "You fat cow!" He was slurring his words as well, and was stumbling around the campsite. Tammy was expecting both of them to go crashing to the ground at any minute.

The last thing she needed was to be caught in the middle of one of their drunken arguments. She watched her mother go into her tent. "Fuck," Tammy said under her breath. She had to do something. She didn't have time to think about a plan though, because her father made his way into the big tent, thrashed around for a minute, and then fell out the front of it face down in the dirt. He mumbled something incoherently and then wiggled around a little.

"Holy shit, dad!" Tammy said running over to him. He was a fairly big man and Tammy had a hard time rolling him over.

"I knew you'd come back around booby. I knew you couldn't resist me," he said with his eyes only half open and glazed over. "I got something for you."

"It's..." Tammy started, but then decided that she'd be better off shutting her mouth and helping him into the tent. What he doesn't know won't hurt him.

Her dad reached his hand up and Tammy grabbed it, pulling him to his feet. It would have been impossible without him helping a little. As it was, he nearly pulled them both down to the ground. Finally, she had him up and draped over her shoulder, and she turned him around to face his tent.

As Tammy moved him around, her dad's hand moved down, and grabbing one of her boobs. "I've needed these all day honey." He said kissing her neck. "I love the way you smell, even if you are stupid."

Tammy was horrified. He was so drunk that he didn't realize that she wasn't his wife, and in the darkness he couldn't see her very well anyway. She wiped his hand away from her chest, and picked up the pace towards the tent. She was almost inside when she tripped over the opening flap on the floor and went sprawling inside. She landed hard on her back and barely had time to catch her breath as her father landed on top of her knocking the breath completely out of her. "Well, aren't you in a hurry, you nasty bitch," he said and then with one hand he yanked her loose shorts down to her ankles.

Tammy couldn't breathe let alone tell him to stop. Her mouth worked open and closed like a fish out of water as she watched her father sit up and pull his own pants down. He was even larger than Robert and much thicker. He crawled closer to her face and his cock brushed against her lips, leaking pre-cum on them. Tammy opened her mouth wide to protest, but her father started to slide his cock into her mouth. Tammy could breathe again and was strong enough to push her father back and take off out of the tent. She could have stopped this but...she didn't. God help me.

Tammy opened her mouth wider, and let her father push his cock further between her lips. He grabbed two fistfuls of hair and started to fuck her mouth. Tammy had always been the one in control of her sexual experiences until this moment. She relaxed and kicked her shorts all the way off as she placed a hand on her dad's ass urging him deeper into her mouth and throat. Her lips were stretched tight around his cock. He was so much thicker than Robert and she couldn't begin to imagine how that monster would feel between her legs. Her dad reached down and inserted a finger into her pussy. She groaned around his cock. Oh, God!

His cock head was starting to enter her throat and she was gagging with each of her dad's deep thrusts. She kept trying to take him deeper though, she desperately needed to please him. He pulled out suddenly, leaving a trail of drool down Tammy's chin and neck. She took this opportunity to pull her tank top off exposing her magnificent tits to her dad. She hoped he approved.

"Shit you must drunk be muster than me...drunker than me." He said stumbling over his words. "You can't even take me in your throat tonight. I may have you you in for a newer wife." He finished, laughing. He was an asshole, but with a cock that big, you could afford to be.

He was between her legs before Tammy realized it. She was amazed that her mom could take that beast all the way down her throat. She had forgotten all about Robert. "Uh! Oh god!" She screamed, as his meat entered her pussy. She was already soaking wet, but it was still the thickest cock she had ever had inside her, and it was a tight fit.

Tammy's dad slowly drove his meat all the way inside her and then started pumping her in long, deep strokes. Tammy's eyes rolled back into her head as he picked up his pace. Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, he lifted her legs up over his shoulders and started driving into her like a jackhammer. Tammy started cumming instantly, and whimpering, her whole body shook as her dad continued to fuck her mercilessly. He was a machine. He was a real man. She was his now. Mom is going to have a fight on her hands.

Robert made his way back to the campsite, and could hear some thrashing around in his parent's tent. When he heard a female voice scream "Oh god!" he knew they were in there fucking again.

"Jesus, they're like rabbits or something," he said laughing, as he made his way over to his tent. When he was outside he decided to surprise his sister. He pulled off his shorts and shirt. He was already rock hard thinking about Tammy. He already knew what he wanted to try next. He wanted to try doggy style and fuck her from behind. She had the perfect round little ass to go with her massive boobs. With his parents fucking away in the big tent, he knew there was no danger of getting caught.

He peeked into the tent and saw his sister on her hands and knees with her naked ass pointing directly towards the tent opening. She was kicking off her shorts behind her and looking for something in her bag. It was too perfect to believe.

Robert creped silently into the tent and crawled up behind who he thought was his sister, rubbing his cock against her pussy.

She purred. "I knew you'd come around," she said, huskily. Her voice sounded a little deeper and her ass seemed a little bigger than he remembered, but he was a novice to sex, it was dark, and figured that's how things were. "Perception," he thought to himself as his cock was grabbed and guided towards the opening of his mom's pussy.

Robert gasped as his cock slid in easily with one thrust. He grabbed her hips and started fucking. This is as good as I thought it would be.

"Uh...that's it Bill." She said. "I'm sorry we fought. Don't ever stop fucking me."

Bill? Then this must be... Robert was both excited and repulsed that he was accidentally fucking his mom. It had to be her. There was no doubt. He couldn't stop though. In fact, he started fucking her with more force.

"Oh yeah," his mom grunted, bucking back against him with desire.

Robert reached around with one hand to grab one of his mother's massive tits. They were softer and larger than Tammy's, rubbing against the floor of the tent as he fucked her.

They had fucked, that way, for fifteen minutes at least. "I'm not going to cum this way you know," his mom grunted between thrusts. "Let me on the bottom and plow me baby."

Well, there was nothing else to do, was there? He knew he'd be found out sooner or later, so he pulled out of her, and watched his mom roll over onto her back. It's damn dark inside the tent, despite the bright moon outside and she is pretty drunk. Maybe she wouldn't know. She is shit faced!

Robert's eyes were well adjusted to the darkness by now, and he could see his mother's giant boobs jiggling as she got on her back. Her nipples were twice the size of his sisters. He moved forward driving his cock deep inside her. He fucked her as hard as he could, wanting to be good enough for her. She moaned in approval, and wrapped her legs around Robert's back as he started fucking her hard. He could make out her pretty face as he leaned forward driving his cock deeper. He wanted to kiss her but, he was too afraid. He needn't have been. His mother pulled his head down towards hers. There was a flash of recognition in her eyes right before she kissed him thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

Meanwhile, in the other tent, Tammy was in the throes of another orgasm as her father drove his thick cock into her again and again. She whimpered as he pulled his cock out of her pussy. She suddenly felt so empty. She opened her eyes and saw him moving up beside her head again. Tammy opened her mouth obediently and took his monster cock between her lips. As soon as he entered her mouth he started to cum. Thick ropes of his sperm shot onto her tongue and plastered the back of her throat. Tammy swallowed it all, savoring the taste of her own juices on her father's cock.

"You were so tight baby." He muttered, pulling out of her mouth and collapsing onto the tent floor beside her. "I wish you were this tight every night," he said draping a hand across her and then falling asleep. I am this tight every night, dad.

Tammy wasn't sure what had happened to Robert, and frankly she didn't give a damn. She had never felt so contented in her life. How could her mom be such a bitch to her dad? He was the perfect man. Tammy closed her eyes just for second to catch her breathe and then she fell asleep as well.

In the smaller tent, Robert and his mom were sucking on each other's tongues as they fucked on the tent floor. Robert reached up grabbing one of his mom's massive boobs as he continued to drive into her. She was amazing. She was a lot bigger than Tammy, everywhere, but he didn't care. She was the perfect woman. Does she know it's me?

She started grunting into his mouth and he could feel her body tensing. Just like with Tammy, her pussy contracted around his cock. He kept fucking her through her orgasm. She pulled back from him releasing their lip lock.

"I need you to cum in my mouth Robert." She said. She knew the whole time... "Please." She begged.

Robert slowly withdrew his shaft from his mom's pussy. She was so wet and his cock was dripping with her juices. He crawled up next to his mom's head. She grabbed his cock and guided it between her full lips, never loosing eye contact with him. She started sucking on him. It was more than Robert could take and with a grunt he flooded her mouth with his jism. She kept sucking on him the whole time he came, coaxing out every last drop of semen.

"I needed that like you wouldn't believe," his mom said wiping her lips clean when she was done. Then she sat up quickly, suddenly realizing what she had done. "Your dad and Tammy!" she said scooping up her clothes. "I'm not mad baby; we just need to get out of this tent, quickly."

She pulled on her oversized shirt not bothering to put on her bra. Robert thought that his head would have easily fit into those giant cups. Robert pulled on his shorts too. Tammy had to have either seen us or heard us fucking. Where is she?

Robert and his mom went outside and looked at each other when they heard a loud scream coming from the other tent. They both ran over there as quickly as they could. As they got closer they could here grunting coming from within. Robert's mom pulled open the tent flap and they both gasped at the sight within.

Tammy was on her hands and knees completely naked with her father fucking her hard from behind. He was driving his thick cock into her with long, deep strokes. Tammy grunted with each thrust. She was obviously enjoying herself, smiling as she was pounded from behind. "That's it dad!" she moaned. "Fuck me with that monster. Don't ever stop."

"Bill!" Robert's mom yelled at her husband. That stopped everything.

Tammy looked over like a deer caught in headlights. Robert's dad pulled his cock out. It glistened with Tammy's pussy juices in the moonlight. "I...I can explain," he stammered.

"No need," Robert's mom said reaching her hand into Robert's shorts and noticeably grabbing his cock. "I've got a new man who's young and fit and knows how to treat a lady. He's a stud."

Robert's dad smiled over at her. "Fine!" he said. "I've got a new girl too. She's tighter than you've ever been and she's not a fat cow." With that he drove his cock deep into Tammy, who grunted her approval. "I think we've got some new tent partners then?"

"I think we do," Robert's mom replied. "I'll be over in the next tent fucking a young stud." Then she turned away, leading Robert by his penis.

They could hear Tammy's loud grunting all the way over at the other tent. Once inside, Robert's mom pulled off her oversized shirt letting her massive tits flop free. Robert hardened immediately. "I love how quickly you get hard baby," she said reaching over and pulling at his shorts. Robert helped her pull them all the way off letting his cock spring into view. "Ooh, it's so long baby. That's why momma likes it," she said stroking it. "It's nice that you're not a fat old bastard as well," she said with a smirk.

"Mom," Robert started. "I'm ...confused."

"I know baby," she said moving closer and pressing her massive chest against his side and kissing him on the cheek. "Momma loves you though and everything is going to be alright. You're my new man now. I'm probably a little big for you though?" his mom said frowning."

"No...You're the most beautiful woman in the whole world. I love every inch of you."

"You know how to make momma feel so good." She said smiling at him and nuzzling his ear.

"But what about Tammy?" Robert asked

They could still hear her grunting in the other tent.

"I think she's just where she wants to be. Your father has a thick cock and I think it's just what Tammy needs. There's going to be some big changes when we get home, and the first one is that momma's moving into your room so that we can fuck every night. Now shut up and give me that big, long cock of yours!"

Robert smiled as he mounted his mother and slid his cock into her sopping wet pussy again. Life is good and this is definitely the best summer camping trip ever.


The End

Sethp 2010 all rights reserved!

Written by: sethp

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