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Tabitha- My Hot Little Wife

by Tabbisfull©

This started when she was about twenty two and working in a dress shop. She came home and told me about a man asking her to dance at a party, or wanted to hire her as an erotic dancer. She was kind of offended, but she seemed a little flattered at the same time.

Until then, showing her off, swinging, sharing her, or anything like that had never occurred to me. There was something in her story of the proposal that showed that she seemed a little turned on by the fact that a man was bold enough to ask her such a thing. I think him asking her to do such a naughty thing was more of a turn on than the idea of actually doing it.

I was a little offended that someone would propose such a thing to my wife. After all, she did have a wedding ring on her finger. Tabitha is very fit with a tight little body. She is five feet two inches barefooted and has a curve to her ass that screams, "Feel me!" Her breasts are not large, but they are round and firm. Thinking back, men have always politely commented that I have a cute and sexy wife. The idea that someone wanted to see my cute little wife as a stripper must have subconsciously turned me on. I began to tease her a little and asked what she told the guy. She blushed a little as if to say, "You know better than that."

I continued to play with her sarcastically with her suggesting that she should do it. This kept coming up through dinner. After an hour or so, she began playing along saying, Maybe I will do it."

I knew she was just playing, but I found it to be an amazing turn on. I began to tell her how the guys would be making her dance and strip. When I said that they would make her pull her panties down, it became very obvious by the look in her face that this was making her extremely horny.

She began to dance for me, and I pretended to be one of the guys. She teased and I would touch a little before she would pull back. She was eventually down to her panties and in my lap. Still pretending that I was one of the men at the party, She said that she wasn't going any farther. I told her that there were several men there who would be glad to help me pull her panties down and hold her so I could finger her. Now she was really getting into it and said, "No! I have to leave now!"

I said to the imaginary guys around me, "Come on, let's see what's in her panties."

"I'm married," she said.

I turned her around with her hands on the arm of the sofa and pulled her panties half way down her thighs. I have never before seen her panties wet like that. When I touched her, she felt like she had already been fucked.

I held her waist and began to fuck her from behind. I noticed she lifted up on her tip toes as she was taking a hard fucking. I had never seen her this horny. She was saying things that I had never thought I would hear from her. That is when I remembered we were role playing.

I told her we were going to take turns coming in her. I pulled out and went back in as if I was the next guy in line. I was saying some dirty things to her as I told her how great her pussy was. When I entered her as the third guy, I pushed her forward on the sofa. She was face down like she was being force fucked. She bent her knees with her feet up. As I fucked her, I told her that I could feel the cum from the other guys and that she felt sloppy. When I said, "I love your messy pussy," she began to scream and come. She shook and tried to squeeze the throw pillow with her small hands. I came so much that it must have felt like three guys really had filled her full.

The first thing she said was, "WOW! THAT WAS INCREDIBLY HOT!"

As soon as I pulled out she pulled her panties up trying not to make more of a mess on the sofa. She sat up next to me and put her left leg over my right as I held her close to me. We talked about how great and hot the sex was and vowed to play like that some more.

As I teased her about liking it, she kept saying, "We were just playing." When I asked her if she might like to try something wild sometime, she never said no. She just said, Honey, we were just playing."

I said, "Yea, but you liked it didn't you?"

She said, "You like it too didn't you? You liked them doing it to me."

I said, "I did like it." I told her how hot she was getting it face down.

We decided to go out for a couple drinks. I was surprised when she put on a skirt and blouse and said, "I'm ready." I thought she would clean up a little. She strapped on a little pair of high heel sandals which showed her painted toes and flipped her hair with her hand. To me, she still had that 'I've just been fucked' look.

We sat at the bar down at the marina. She had the attention of almost the whole bar, and I think she knew it like never before. Our conversation turned to sex soon and we wanted to go home. My little wife was getting horny again. She told me that she could still feel the cum in her panties. I teased and said that it was because the guys had just come in her when they did it to her and forced her at the party.

She played along saying, "I know."

We have sexy talks about this adventure every now and then, and it always leads to great sex. Every since we discovered this fun, the seed had been planted. Now my wife also comes up with more and more wild ideas for role playing fantasy sex. This role playing is what lead us into her actually going farther.

When I asked if she wanted to try some of our fantasies, she continued to claim that she wasn't sure and that it would have to, "just happen," if it was ever actually going to. She said she could never go through with it if we tried to plan something.

Tabitha loves to tease at a distance. When they get too close she usually gets scared. I finally decided that it would be a great turn on to see someone doing it to my wife.

She eventually began to tease me about her sleeping with her chiropractor who she was hot for. I began to wonder if she was really doing it or was she just turned on by the talk of it.

She kept saying that she couldn't do it for real. However, I knew something had happened when she came home from a visit with that look on her face. I was pretty certain that she had done it with him. I caught on to her because he had cum in her and she came home with her panties a real mess. Everything about her was disheveled including the look on her face. She confessed that she had finally let him. She said he had been trying for a while. That day she said she was in a mood and allowed him to have her.

It started with him recommending a massage which got her down to her panties although she was under a sheet. The following is her explanation in her words as close as I remember.

"I was face down on the table. He massaged me a while like normal. Then he got to my behind. He acted like he was massaging my cheeks at first. He then said he was going to pull my panties down just a little. He pulled them half way to me knees. Soon his hand was inside my thigh. I started thinking about how we had role played, and it got to me. You know how fun and hot it is when we play like that. At that point I thought about stopping him, because I knew he would see how much I would allow. I got real cold and nervous, but I was beginning to perspire too. Then he touched me there. Since I shave, he could tell I was wet. I was scared, but I admit that I was really horny. All of the sudden he stopped and I heard him pull his pants down. He let the sheet fall the rest of the way off the table.

Without anymore warning, he was on top of me with me still face down. He touched me and put his finger in me very briefly. He then pushed himself in me. I knew I was going to let him do what he wanted to do to me. I thought he might want me to turn over, but he just went in and out kind of hard. I lifted my feet up behind him, because I couldn't open my legs with my panties pulled down just below my butt. He reached around and grabbed my right foot.

He pumped into me with his other hand on my back. Then he leaned forward and took a hand full of my hair and kissed my neck. I had a grip on the table. Then I tried to reach back. He grabbed my hand and held it by my face. He tried to kiss my lips as he had my hair. I was trying not to be too laud.

What was happening didn't seem real. I had never before experienced emotions like that. I felt like I was being so naughty and bad. I remember thinking that he was kind of forcing me to let him do what he wanted, but I also knew that I wanted him to do it to me. It all seemed really quick. He pulled out, and I thought he was going to turn me over or something. As I went to turn around I slid of the table. He twisted me back face down across the table with my feet now at the floor. He had me bent over across the table and held on to me as if I was trying to get up. When he jammed it back in me, it hurt me just a little. He leaned forward holding me tight and close to him. After only a few more hard strokes which were a little too hard and deep, I could feel that he was coming inside me. That was something that I hadn't thought about, but I couldn't stop him. It was done.

At that point the emotions were coming way to fast. I couldn't sort them out and was sort of stunned. I knew that I had allowed him to make me, your sweet little wife, a real slut wife. He had used my body and filled my womb with his sperm.

As soon as he finished in me, he knelled beside me, kissed me on my cheek and asked if I was okay. I whimpered out yes it is okay. He said he wanted to see me again soon and I pulled my panties up. He stayed in the room while I dressed. It was as if My body had no more dignity in front of him. He stared at my nudity as if I belonged to him while I dressed. He handed me articles of clothing allowing them to me at his pleasure. Doctor Luis strapped my shoes on for me before he gave me my skirt. I felt so naked and naughty. Secretly, I needed to be used again. It was too fast for me to have an orgasm. Once I was dressed, he kissed me again. This time it was a longer kiss and with his tongue. Then I left and came home."

She claimed it wasn't really cheating since she knew that I would have wanted her to do it. She promised that she wanted me to know. I asked her how she felt about it. She admitted that it was a very hot experience and hoped that I was okay with what happened to her. Since she allowed it, I asked how she felt about his kiss. She said she was so horny at the time she was frustrated. I asked if she wanted to do it again. She wasn't sure.

She was obviously horny as she told me the story. I was so hard after watching her fidget and twist her hair while telling this story. I simply said, "You need me to do you right now."

I kissed her and said, "Pull your panties down!" I lead her toward the sofa. She obeyed and pulled her panties down with her skirt still on. I could see that she had been fucked really good. Her panties were still soaked and her pussy was a mess with cum. I turned her around and bent her over the sofa. I fucked her just like she had said it happened. She was face down, legs together, with her panties down a little above her knees.

"You wanted to get fucked didn't you?" I said kindly.

"I need you to now," she said.

That wasn't good enough for me. I knew she was horny enough to say anything, so I kept on. "Do you want other men fucking you?"

"Oh!" is all she said.

"Are you going to let them? You going to let them pull your panties down, force their dicks in you, and pump your little pussy full of cum? You want to let them make a mess of your panties."

"YES!" she squealed.

"I'm going to let them." I said. "I'm going to let my friends fuck your little pussy like they want. I'll even hold your little feet open so they can fuck you hard as they want. You know they want to fuck you and you want it."

"I do want it!", she screamed. "I'll let them do it to me! I'll let others fuck me! I want to be your little slut!"

That did it. I was about to come. I forced my finger in her with my dick. I wanted to make sure she came, because I couldn't hold it any longer. I said, "Is this how he fucked you? Is this how you want him fucking you?"

"YEEESS!", she said. "I wanted him to fuck me like that! FUCK ME LIKE HE DID! He fucked me hard! I let him! I liked it! He came in me! I'm full of his cum, and I'm going to get fucked again!! You watch me!! PLEASE FUCK YOUR LITTLE SLUT!!"

My wife started screaming and shaking as she came. When she calmed down, I held her. I let her know that what she did was okay. She promised not to do it again if I didn't want her to.

I said, "We'll see. I think you liked it."

She paused, "Well, it was really hot. To be honest, I did really like it, but it just kind of happened.

"Would you let it happen again?" I asked.

"Probably," she answered.

What started off fantasy lead us into an occasional swinging and sharing experience. It doesn't happen too often, but when everything is right for her she goes down for me. Tabi never thought she could do it for real, but she has turned into a real hot to trot, hot to fuck, young little slut wife.

Written by: Tabbisfull

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