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by Erlikkhan©

It was all too much for Amanda's body to handle. The feeling of her brother's hard meat pushing into her throat combined with the sensations shooting through her ass and pussy from his finger and tongue stoked the pressure in her belly to the point of bursting. When Sean raked his teeth across her clit and shoved his finger deeper into her ass Amanda exploded.

Cum sprayed from her pussy splattering his face and filling his mouth. Sean clamped his lips around her swollen mound and drank from her gushing well. He pumped his finger in and out of her ass in rapid thrusts. Amanda pulled her mouth from his cock and screamed. More juices poured into Sean's mouth. He finally pulled his finger from her ass. She collapsed onto him breathing hard.

Sean wanted back inside his sister's cunt. While she was still catching her breath he slid back until his cock was under her pussy. Amanda pushed up on her knees and looked back at Sean with eyes that could barely focus. The sight before him was a picture of pure eroticism. Between two perfectly round ass cheeks hung her swollen pussy folded open with glistening cunt lips hanging out from the gash down the middle.

Sean grabbed his cock and guided it between the folds. Amanda lowered her ass and closed her eyes. She moaned when she felt his hard meat push up into her empty chamber. Sean's eyes focused between his sister's cheeks as his throbbing member disappeared into her body. He stared at Amanda's cunt lips which stretched tightly around his shaft each time she moved her pussy up and down his length.

Amanda rotated her ass while she slowly fucked him. The level of her excitement, expressed in a series of breathless moans and gasps, pushed her closer and closer to orgasm. Her fucking motions became more reckless and out of control. Sean could see the juices from her pussy clinging to his shaft. Cum was churning in his balls as his own explosion was churning towards its peak.

Amanda reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. Sean fucked his cock up into her pussy each time she slammed down on him driving it deep into her belly. Pussy juice was steadily leaking from her cunt causing his cock to make loud squishing sounds each time it plowed into her pussy.

Amanda's orgasm hit hard and violently. She lifted up and slammed down on her brother again and again sending screams reverberating off the walls. Her fists were clenched and her body shook in a series of uncontrollable spasms. Juices poured from her cunt and flooded down Sean's balls onto the sheets below.

Watching his sister cum while riding his cock was too much for Sean. He could see his shaft swell between her cunt lips from the surge of cum rushing up his length. Sean grunted and thrust up into her the next time she came crashing down on him. A river of cum exploded into her belly. A second wave of orgasm ripped through Amanda's body.

Sean continued to pump cum into her cunt until he could see it leaking down his shaft. Amanda rode his cock to a third and fourth series of orgasms. She finally collapsed forward exhausted with her brother's spent meat still buried deep in her cum-filled cunt. Sean slid out from under her and watched a flood of cum and cunt juice gush from her pussy making a huge puddle on the sheets below her.

Sean realized that he had not only fucked his sister but that he had cum in her pussy. His mind began to wander. Was she on the pill? Maybe she had a diaphragm. This obviously wasn't her first time. How many other guys she had fucked? Was a nymphomaniac? Was she the school slut? Stop it, Sean told himself. This is your sister.

While these thoughts raced through Sean's head Amanda slowly stirred back to life. She found her nightshirt and pulled it over her naked body. Sean wanted to say something as he watched but nothing came to mind. Amanda climbed out of the bed, glanced over at Sean briefly and then left the room without saying a word.

Written by: Erlikkhan

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Category: Incest/Taboo Stories