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A Fucking Football Game

by GACumSlut©

My name is Tina and I live in a college town. I'm 30 years old, 5'5, 34D, 26 inch waist, 32 inch hips with long legs. I have long light brown hair that hangs almost to my ass at it's longest point. Anyway, I have some friends who work at the university and as a result, I get a lot of free tickets to sports events and stuff. Since the weather is still extremely hot here, when I went to a recent football game, I used an extra long university t-shirt as a dress, putting a belt around my waist. The shirt still hung to just past my knees, so I was more than decent, even with the v I cut in the neckline to show my cleavage. I had on a pair of stiletto sandals that practically screamed fuck me and as I always do, I wasn't wearing any panties.

So anyway, the game was going pretty good, and the good guys were ahead when halftime came. I was at the game with a guy who I used to date, and sometimes still fuck on occasion named Jason and we decided to stretch our legs before the game started back up. We ended up under the bleachers and started kissing. The kissing soon led to groping and before long, I was on my knees with his 8 inch cock down my throat as he fucked my face. After he did that for a while, he told me to stand up and turn around so that my back was towards him. I did and he pulled up the bottom of my dress, baring my ass for anyone walking by to see. He smacked my ass, hard a few times as "punishment" for going without panties before he grabbed my hips and thrust into my pussy. Knowing we could get caught at any moment, he fucked me hard and fast, quickly making me cum. Now, I'm a screamer, so I had a hard time staying quiet, and we drew the attention of a couple passersby.

One happened to be a buddy of his, Glen. He told Glen to stick his cock in my mouth to keep me quiet. Not one to turn down a free blow job, his Glen opened his fly and pulled out his cock and shoved it in my mouth. Size wise, he was average length, probably 6 inches or so, but he was really thick and I had a hard time wrapping my lips around him. So, there I was, getting face fucked while I got my pussy drilled from behind and I was cumming almost constantly. Jason finally came, his cum filling me and starting to run down my thighs. When he finished, he pulled out of me and fixed his pants.

While he did, Glen pulled out of my mouth and moved around behind me. I thought he was going to go for my pussy as well, but he surprised me by slowly pressing his cock inside my ass. Now, as I said, he was really thick and my ass had never been stretched that much before, so it hurt to start out. Once he was all the way in, he started fucking me hard and fast, wanting to cum before campus cops caught us. After several minutes, he came, his cum shooting deep inside my bowels.

When he finished, he turned to his girlfriend Suzy, who was standing nearby watching and asked her if she had any of the models of the sex toys she sells in home parties with her. She told him she had a vibrating egg and a large butt plug. He told her to give them to him and after she did, he pulled out of me. He put the egg in my pussy and the butt plug in my ass before telling me I could stand up and pull my dress down. I went to the bathroom to clean my thighs off, with Suzy as my "chaperone" to make sure I didn't take the vibrator or butt plug out.

When I was done cleaning up, we went back to our seats. Throughout the second half of the game, the guys kept turning the egg on with the remote control, leaving it on for a short time, and then turning it off. They had me on the edge of orgasm for the rest of the game, but wouldn't let me cum. When the game finally ended, we left and went to the RV that Glen and Suzy had brought for the tailgate party before the game.

Once we were all inside, Glen locked the door and Jason told me to undress, that it was time for my real punishment for not wearing panties to begin. Now, knowing Jason, I knew that his idea of punishment was going to be nothing but pleasurable for me. I unfastened my belt and took off my dress, revealing that not only was I without panties, but I was without a bra, too. Jason told me to kneel on the couch, legs spread as far as I could on the cushions, with my head resting on my arms on the armrest of the couch. I got into position and he stood behind me, taking pictures of my ass before he moved to stand beside me. He and Glen both started spanking me, one on each ass cheek until my ass felt like it was on fire, and I was begging them to fuck me any way they wanted.

They stopped spanking me and told Suzy to take the toys out of me and go clean them up. Glen told me to sit up straight, still kneeling on the couch and he moved behind me. He quickly impaled my ass on his cock and held me against him while Jason got in front of me on the couch and raised my legs up high in the air. Jason thrust into my pussy and they started bouncing me up and down on their cocks. I was soon cumming, my pussy and ass strangling their cocks. As soon as my muscles loosened their grip, they both pulled out, laying me down on my back on the couch. Suzy moved to stand between them next to the couch and jerked them off until they sprayed their cum all over my tits.

When they finished, they fixed themselves up, but told me to stay where I was. Glen got in the driver's seat and we left the parking lot. They drove me home, parking in the street at the end of my long tree-lined driveway and thanked me for fucking them before Suzy opened the door so I could get out. I started to grab my dress, but Glen said he was keeping it for a souvenir. Suzy gave me my belt and purse, and I got out of the RV and went inside, luckily without any neighbors seeing me.

I haven't seen Jason or Suzy since, although I've talked to them on the phone. Glen, on the other hand comes over three times a week to fuck my ass. Apparently, he prefers anal sex and Suzy hates it so she told him it was ok with her for him to come see me whenever he has the urge to fuck someone's ass. I don't mind it one bit, since he makes sure I enjoy it as much as he does!

Written by: GACumSlut

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Category: Exhibitionist & Voyeur Stories