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Black Couple's Strapon Nights

by Samuelx©

Right now, I'm sodomizing my boyfriend Luke Bernard with my strap-on dildo. And I berate him while working my dildo up his ass. Why am I doing this? Simply because it's what he wants. My name is Cecilia Patil Joseph. My friends call me C.C. A five-foot-ten, slim and beautiful young American woman of Haitian and Indian descent living in the town of Nepean, Province of Ontario. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, but I'm currently an international student at Carleton University. And I'm really enjoying my stay in the Confederation of Canada. Especially since I've got such a sexy Black stud to play with. How did we end up here? Well, it's a story in itself.

You see, I am an ambitious young Black woman blessed with beauty and intelligence. And I am looking for a sexy Black man who can keep up with me. I am very much interested in BDSM. You could say that I am a budding Dominatrix. I've dominated folks across racial and gender lines. Black women. White men. Asian men. White women. Hispanic women. Indian women. They're all fun but not quite what I like. I like my submissive to be Black. Luke Bernard is my first Black male submissive. We met while I was shopping at Saint Laurent Mall not far from downtown Ottawa. This six-foot-tall, chubby but good-looking Black stud caught my attention. You see, he was checking me out openly. Black guys in the city of Ottawa don't notice beautiful Black women like myself. They've been hypnotized by ugly fat white chicks. Since Luke was checking me out, I figured he was from out of town.

I was half right. This Black stud was definitely not from the city of Ottawa. Luke Bernard was born in the city of Toronto to Haitian immigrant parents. His parents split while he was young. He was staying with his father Joseph Bernard, who is a police officer in Toronto. His mother Ellen Joseph worked as a nurse in the States, back in Metropolitan Boston. Luke grew up in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Now he was back in the Confederation of Canada for higher education. Apparently things didn't work out for him at Northeastern University. He couldn't afford it apparently. Understandable since school prices skyrocketed during the Recession. Luke decided to go back to Canada for higher education. Since he held dual U.S./Canadian citizenship, they charged him regular rates. I wish I were that lucky. They're charging my broke ass international fees.

Anyway, I was smitten with Luke Bernard from the moment we met. He was sexy, and definitely smart. He's taking up civil engineering at the University of Ottawa. Unlike most Black women out there, I don't pass up the collegiate brothers for the thugs and wannabe jocks and punks. I like a quality brother. Luke was definitely that type of brother. We had dinner together at Saint Laurent Mall and exchanged numbers. I found him quite interesting. And I was delighted to hear that he was single. Well, I decided to snatch him up before some rare smart sister or dumb white chick got to him. The good-looking, educated Black man is a rare resource for the Black community. Too bad most Black women prefer the bad boys with the low-hanging pants and crooked ways to our finest and brightest Black men.

As it turns out, Luke Bernard and I had a lot in common. We were both good-looking, driven African-Americans residing in the pathetic, bigoted little city of Ottawa, Ontario. It's a boring and insufficiently challenging place for people as driven and energetic as us. However, since we're attending local universities, we must make the most of it. Luke and I began dating. And I was thrilled to discover that he was curious about BDSM. I promised to show him all that I knew. And I definitely fulfilled that promise. Luke had no idea what he was in for. This mixed-race dominant mama intended to fully thrill her Black stud. Amen to that.

Luke and I were a match made in sexual heaven. We meshed really well in the bedroom. He likes big-booty women. Well, I'm a coconut-coloured sister with naturally long Black hair, wide hips, a curvy body and a big, round ass. Being part Indian and part Black, I inherited the best of both worlds. Luke is really into ass worship. He loves to kiss my butt and lick it. He also loves to finger my asshole while licking my pussy. I can't get enough of that. I like to go down on his nine-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. I love taking as much of his cock as I can down my throat.

My favourite thing to do is to get fucked by him. I get on all fours, face down and big brown ass up. Then I spread my ass cheeks wide open, exposing my asshole. Luke comes up behind me and presses his well-lubricated cock against my asshole. Luke eases his cock into my asshole while holding my wide hips tightly. Slowly but surely he works his cock into my asshole. I finger my pussy as my sexy boyfriend fucks me in the ass with his gigantic Black cock. Man, I really love getting fucked in the ass. In a way most women don't. Some of my male lovers told me I'm a very unique woman because of my penchant for butt fucking. Well, I take that as a compliment as I take it up the ass...literally.

Luke fucks my ass until he cums, blasting his load deep inside of me. I scream like a madwoman as his hot cum floods my asshole. Have you ever had a man cum inside your ass, ladies? It's an experience you will never forget, whether you love it or hate it. Oh, yeah. After Luke finished fucking me in the ass, I knelt before him and sucked his cock. Then I returned the favour by whipping out my strap-on dildo. Time for him to get butt fucked. And he happily gets on all fours. I grease up his ass and then push my dildo inside of him. My sexy Black stud screams as I ram my dildo deep into his asshole. I hold his hips as I slam my dildo inside of him. I fuck him good and hard, just like he fucked me earlier. I want to make him really feel it. So I tear his Black ass up with my strap-on dildo. Yes, I am a Black woman who enjoys fucking her favourite Black man in the ass with her strap-on dildo. So what? I'm not the only one out there!

After giving Luke's ass a thorough fucking with my strap-on dildo, I kiss him passionately. Then I make him kneel before me and clean my dildo with his tongue. He can definitely taste his ass on my dildo. Good. I pull him into my arms and kiss him again. Then we head to the showers. I love my Black stud. And I'm a strong Black woman who isn't afraid to show her man that she loves him. Take notes, my sisters. This is how it's done. You got to keep your man sexually satisfied while being there for him mentally and emotionally. It's the only way to preserve the Black man's natural love for the Black woman.

Written by: Samuelx

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