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Steffi's Gang Bang

by formywife©

Stefanie knew what was going to happen as soon as she saw her husband's name "Jon" come up on the caller ID. "Hello," she answered, probably speaking a little louder than she needed to as the bar she was sitting at alone was not that crowded.

"Please don't be mad," he said anxiously, as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "but I'm not going to be able to make it tonight. Something huge just came up at work. I'm so sorry."

She couldn't decide what she was most annoyed about; that he had waited over an hour since the time they were supposed to meet at the bar he picked out that she had never been to before letting her know he was standing her up; that he was standing her up at all even though this was supposed to be their romantic night out in apology for all of the extra hours he had been putting in lately; that she really had nothing better to do right now than to sit around and wait for him; or that he took her so much for granted he thought a simple "I'm sorry" would be enough to keep him out of trouble.

"Jon, this was supposed to be our night. You promised this wouldn't happen. Is there a chance you can sneak out for just a little bit?" She finished the drink that she had been nursing for the past hour, and ordered another from the bartender. She wasn't much of a drinker, and couldn't always handle her liquor, but she decided she might even have a third drink tonight, she was so disappointed.

"I'm sorry Steffi, there's no way. I might not even make it home tonight. I'll explain later, but I really have to go now." She took another deep breath, and swallowed down almost half of the fresh drink the bartender placed in front of her. "You still there, Steffi?"

"I'm here. Go. Do what you need to do, but this better not happen again. And I just want you to know, I look incredibly hot tonight."

"I'm sure you do baby. I'm sure you do. I am so sorry I won't get to see you. Try and have fun tonight without me, ok." He hung up without waiting for her answer. That really hurt, and she picked up her drink to finish it.

She really did look good. Her shoulder length blond hair, usually worn in a pony tail, was especially done up in an updo for tonight, to highlight the skin she was reveling with her spaghetti strap, scoop neck, black cocktail dress. Since it had been so long since she and Jon had made love, she had decided she would titillate and tease him over their proposed date of drinks and dinner, so she decided against wearing a bra to contain her full breasts, and they strained against the material of the dress. The dress was shorter than she usually wore, and she had found herself constantly tugging it down as she sat and waited on the barstool. She didn't want to reveal to anyone but Jon that she had made a special purchase for tonight, and if the skirt rode up too far everyone would be able to see that lace tops to her stockings that she wore connected to a garter belt. She was wearing a pair of black, strappy high heels that were a good two inches taller than she was used to wearing. She was planning on giving Jon the time of his life tonight, but he apparently didn't want it.

She looked at herself in the mirror, thought she looked a little sad, and decided that she would try and make the most out of it. She would have one more drink, which was really, really her limit, especially on an empty stomach, and then go find a nice restaurant that Jon wouldn't like and have a nice meal all by herself. Of course the thought of dining alone made her sad again. She decided to just order the drink and stop thinking about it. She was looking at the way that her new diamond earrings caught the low lights in the mirror when she noticed a man standing behind her, staring.

She wasn't sure how long he had been there. He looked to be in his late thirties, and looked tall and strong. He had short brown hair, deep brown eyes, and wore glasses and a goatee. As she ordered her third and final drink, he stepped up beside her and gave the bartender money, not even asking if he could buy her a drink. She thought this a little bit rude, but was still flattered. The bartender delivered her drink, and she turned to say, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, beautiful. My name is Herm, but everyone calls me Bud. I couldn't help but overhear your phone conversation earlier," Steffi turned a soft shade of red, her pale skin being prone to blushing, "and you sounded like you could use a drink. And, maybe a friend. This is a nice place that I like to come here often, and I am almost positive that I have never seen you in here before."

"Hi Bud, my name is Stefanie, but everyone calls me Steffi. No, I've never been here before. My huge disappointment of a husband decided we should meet here, before he decided to stand me up. Now I have nothing to do tonight."

"Well Steffi, I will not continue to hit on you now that you have told me you are married, but maybe we can be friends. If you are looking for something to do, me and some of the guys were just about to start playing our regular game of poker. Would you care to join us?"

Steffi surveyed the room, noticing really for the first time the sparse number of men in the bar. And that she was the only woman. There were five other men gathered around a large table in the back, and aside from her and the bartender, there was no one else inside. "I don't really know how to play poker," she said, not realizing that didn't answer Bud's question, "and I think I need to go get some food in me to absorb some of this liquor."

"We're a pretty friendly crowd. Why don't you come sit in on a few hands and maybe you'll find that you like it. You can play for a little bit and then go get some dinner. Just a few hands? Please." Bud tried to give her sad puppy dog eyes, but on his weathered face it looked especially comical, and she burst out laughing.

"Ok, I'll play a couple of hands, but someone needs to explain the rules to me." She took Bud's hand as it was offered and he led her over to the table. Bud introduced her, but the alcohol was really taking effect and she didn't really remember anyone's names, not even the two striking black guys sitting across from the seat that Bud pulled out for her.

She watched a couple of hands, and was so taken by the attention, the conversation and the atmosphere that she didn't think about the fact that she magically had another drink in front of her. After that, her inhibitions were lowered and she was easily talked into doing a shot. Almost as soon as that was done, there was another drink. Bud suggested she try playing a little, and she quickly agreed.

She won two of the first three hands they played, and as the guys grumbled about beginner's luck, she finished another drink. By the time she won the next two hands she was halfway done with another drink. She didn't realize it then, but she had already consumed way more liquor than she ever had before. That may have been part of the reason her luck turned.

Or maybe it was because the guys had been letting her win, knowing she was consuming alcohol and hoping she would have enough fun to want to keep playing. She was having fun, and would get up and dance a little when she was winning, not noticing that she was turning the guys on when they got little peaks of her stocking tops and garters. For whatever reason, she didn't win a hand for the rest of the night.

Most of her chips went to Bud, who went on an incredible hot streak. Soon she was out of chips, but had a good hand, and wanted to know what she could do about it. "Well, we would usually play strip poker rules at this point, but since you are such a nice girl, I will make an exception. If you win this hand, you get to keep all the chips and stay in the game. Bur if I win this hand, you have to come sit in my lap for the rest of the night." There was another shot on the table, and Steffi did it to help her decision making.

"It's a bet," she said decisively, convinced she couldn't lose. She turned over her full house, and was shocked to see that Bud had four of a kind. If she wasn't so drunk, she might have noticed that some of Bud's cards were the same as some of hers, but she didn't. She was so drunk she actually didn't mind not playing any more. Bud's lap looked so warm and cozy, and she had to admit that he had a certain rugged charm about him.

She was handed another drink as she sat in his lap, tugging at her skirt in an attempt to cover up. She was surprised to feel that he had an erection, and decided to have a little fun by wriggling around in his lap, pressing down on his hard on. She sipped her drink and watched the game, but was increasingly distracted by her companion. At first, his hands just rested on her thigh, right above the knee, but it kept creeping up. Steffi was loving the attention, but still a married woman, so she kept trying to stop him as his hand traveled further and further up her thigh. Whether it was the alcohol, the lonely nights, her anticipation of sex that night, her attraction to Bud, or more likely a combination of all those factors, her inhibitions were loosened and she eventually gave up fighting.

"You have such an incredible body," Bud commented once he got her skirt pushed up so that her stocking tops were exposed, "you shouldn't be so shy about showing it off." His fingers were now stroking the exposed flesh above her stocking, and she was starting to feel very warm and flushed. "You play at being a shy young wife, but I think there is a secret slut inside of you. I think there is something inside of you that wants to fuck a man who is not your husband. Am I right?" Steffi finished her drink, and asked if he would buy her a shot.

As incredibly quickly as Bud's hot streak had started, it ended, and he started losing his substantial pile of chips. By this point, he had her skirt up to her waist, exposing her black lace panties to the room. The guys were pretending they weren't paying any attention, but in fact were intently watching every move Bud was making. His hand had moved up and started caressing her breasts, and he was squeezing them and pinching her nipples though her shirt as he lost hand after hand. She was moaning at his touch, grinding down hard on his engorged cock, and was transfixed by his masterful touch. He slid a hand between her legs, and gently massaged her clit, all the while talking dirty in her ear.

"I bet you're a right nasty slut in bed, aren't you? I bet you can't get enough cock, and you suck cock real good. I bet you love it when a guy cums on your tits, or all over your face. I bet if I pull these panties aside you are shaved clean, the sure sign of a nasty slut. You feel that hard on under your ass baby? Is that turning you on?" She lowered her hand to where his was rubbing her pussy, and slid aside her panties exposing her shaved slit.

Pretty soon Bud was down to his last couple of chips, and as he was about to bet a hand that could get him back in the game, he gave her the shot that had been sitting for a while. "I don't have the chips to cover this bet, so if I lose, you are going to have to take off your dress, ok?" Steffi licked her lips and quickly nodded yes. Not surprisingly, Bud lost the hand. "Sorry baby" he said, lifting the skirt over her head, exposing her bare breasts and lingerie to everyone in the room, "I guess we'll just sit here and watch for awhile."

Steffi knew she shouldn't be letting them do what they were doing, but it felt so good, and she was so lonely and horny, and too drunk to think straight. It was just so much easier to let it happen. Bud now had two fingers inside of her and was sliding them in and out, pinching her nipples the entire time. "You know Carlo over there has one of the biggest cocks I've ever seen," he whispered into her ear as he fingered her. "Do you want to see it? I'm sure he'd like to show it to you."

Suddenly a light went on in Steffi's head, and she could finally see clearly where this was going. She didn't want it to go there. It had already gone too far, and she started to get up before it went any farther. "No, I really should go get some food." She stood up, Bud not resisting her motion. As she did, she noticed the large, slovenly bartender out from behind the bar locking the front door. "I'd like to go home now," she said meekly, scared but incredibly turned on by what was going to happen next.

Bud was behind her, his hand now resting on her ass. "Why don't you turn around and look at Carlo's cock, and then let me know if you still want to go." His finger moved in between the cheeks of her ass and brushed over her tight asshole, an area she never let Jon play with. Her head was spinning, and before she knew what she was doing she turned around, her gaze moving to where Carlo was sitting.

She was shocked by what she saw. He had pushed back from the table and had dropped his pants. He was stroking to life the biggest cock she had ever seen in her life. She had always heard how big black guys were, but having lived a sheltered life had never experienced it before. Until now. His amazing cock was at least ten inches long, and looked to be still growing. Steffi took a step closer, licking her lips. "Can I touch it?"

Bud put his arm around her waist, and led her over. Transfixed by the giant cock in front of her, she didn't see the other men, including the bartender, taking off their clothes and moving the table out of the way. Carlo sat there, still stroking his cock, as she approached. She stood before him, Bud's hand still on her waist, and bent over and gingerly placed her hand on the tip of his cock. It felt so warm and soft, yet she could feel the steely strength in it.

She made a circle with her hand and, still bent slightly forward, wrapped her hand around the shaft and slowly started to stoke his cock, moving up and down with a firm yet supple grip. Carlo watched intently as her small white hand gripped his large black cock, and he played with her now messy hair and lifted her face so she gazed into his eyes. He saw a look of pure lust, and asked her to stroke him harder.

Meanwhile, Bud was behind her, naked, with his hand running up her thigh back between her legs. He easily parted her legs and started to stroke her pussy, she barely even noticing, so transfixed was she by the cock in her hand. She started pumping faster, squeezing harder, desperate now to see the massive cock in her hand erupt. She was dying to know how much cum a cock like that could contain.

She kept working at it, eventually adding a second hand to the project, causing her to bend over more, allowing Bud to slip his fingers back inside of her. She finally noticed what he was doing, and also how wet she was down there, but was only concentrating how much she wanted to make the cock in her hands cum. Finally, Carlo's head lolled back, he started to moan and say, "Fuck yeah. Just like that. Make me cum, slut." A few more strokes caused him to erupt straight into the air, and Steffi watched transfixed as eight strands of cum shot out of his cock and splattered all over her hands. It turned into lubricant as her cum soaked hands continued to pump Carlo's shaft.

Bud pulled her back up, his fingers till buried in her cunt and said, "Lick your hand clean, you are still not done yet." She was normally such a good, normal, shy girl, never one to do anything like this, but she found herself unable to control her impulse to lick the cum coating her hands. She loved her first taste of another man since she had been with her husband. It took a minute, but she managed to clean herself up. "That's a good little slut. Now, you still have more work to do."

As turned on as she was, Steffi was still hopeful she could maintain some semblance of control. She was still thinking, "Maybe I can just wank these guys off and then they'll let me go home." Bud maneuvered her over in front of the other black guy, still sitting in his chair. Bud forced Steffi down on her knees.

"Wrap your tits around his cock and get him off that way," Bud commanded. As worried as Steffi was, she was also incredibly turned on by the way that Bud was ordering her around. This guy's cock was not as big as Carlo's, but it was very thick. She grabbed her large breasts and wrapped them around his cock. She drooled some spit from her mouth over her breasts and his cock to act as lubricant, and then started to move up and down. All she could think about was how much Jon loved it when she did this to him. Of course, it had been over a year since she had done that with him. She realized how much she liked it too, and how much she had missed it.

"That's right slut. You're a nasty little girl aren't you? You like getting titty fucked by a big black cock?" She was getting s hot hearing them talk so nasty to her. Her pussy was so wet at the thought of being used like a slut. She secretly hoped they would make her do more. Just as she was thinking about that, she felt Bud roughly press his fingers inside of her. As he forcefully fucked her, she started to lose control and she felt a wave of orgasm press though her. She had been so turned on for so long that she let loose with the biggest orgasm she had ever felt. Her cries of ecstasy turned on the guy whose name she didn't know, but was getting off with her breasts, so much he spurted his cum all over her tits. She leaned on him for support as she caught her breath, and almost fell over when he got up out of his chair to move it out of the way.

She was on the dirty bar floor; her stocking now torn and dirty, her panties shredded, and two men knelt down in front of her. "Let's she what you can do with your mouth, slut. Suck both of them off," Bud ordered from somewhere behind her. She looked at the two men, strangers whose names she couldn't even remember, and then took one of their cocks is in her mouth. She was being transformed and was starting to love it. She sucked and swallowed him down, then let go of his cock with a pop from her mouth so she could suck on the other guy. She went back and forth, giving one guy a few strokes with her mouth and then switching it up. She had never done anything so nasty before. Bud's voice came from behind her again, "That's a good little cock sucker. Look at how dirty you are sucking off two guys at once." She could feel his body pressing in behind her, and was surprised to feel his cock at the entrance to her pussy. "Now let's see if we have turned you into a total whore yet. I'm going to fuck your cunt. If you like it, you have become an all out whore."

She felt him enter her, slowly but forcefully, and knew she would come again soon. She desperately sucked the cocks in front of her, feeling Bud fill her pussy. He started to slam into her, making loud slapping sounds where their bodies pressed together. His cock felt so good invading her, pounding her tight hole that had only known her husband's cock for so long. She knew he was right. She was a total whore.

Knowing she was going to cum soon, she decided to concentrate on one of the cocks in front of her. She started to suck him off hard, and managed to swallow most of his dick into her mouth. "That's it, you nasty little bitch. I'm going to cum in your whore mouth. Are you ready for my load. Take it you little slut." He grabbed her head and held it steady while he pumped in and out of her mouth, spurting and causing her to choke on his output.

She swallowed as quickly as she could, still getting rammed from behind, and switched to the other cock in front of her. She used a hand to help her get him off, and was getting so turned on by hearing him say, "You're the nastiest little cock sucker I ever had. Your mouth is perfect for sucking cock. That's it slut. Make me cum." She could feel him tense up, and prepared to swallow, but he instead pulled out and spewed his cum all over her face. "Now you nasty little slut, clean yourself up and eat my cum." She knew she was about to cum, Bud pulling his cock all the way out and them slamming it into her hard, and she used her fingers to scoop up the cum from her face and transfer it to her mouth. Sucking this stranger's cum off her fingers, combined with Bud using her pussy from behind, brought her to the edge. "What a fucking cum slut," coming out of the mouth of the man who's cum she was eating pushed her over, and her body tensed and her pussy muscles clenched, and Bud grunted and filled her pussy with his cum. She was panting on all fours, ready to go home now.

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