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White Women Strapon Black Men

by Samuelx©

Right now, I'm lying on my back and I'm getting fucked in the ass by a chubby, fifty-something white woman named Doris Danes. A weird position for a big and tall Black guy to find himself in, don't you think? My name is James Elroy Atman. I'm a twenty-year-old Jamaican student at Carleton University in the city of Ottawa, Province of Ontario in the Confederation of Canada. And I am very much into BDSM and interracial sex, especially if there is humiliation involved. Yeah, that's how I roll.

Doris holds my legs in the air and slams her thick, ten-inch strap-on dildo up my asshole. And she's calling me all kinds of names while fucking me in the ass. Why is she doing that? Because I asked her to. I am kind of a weird guy, folks. I like women of all races. I've dated across racial lines. Presently, I'm dating a beautiful Somalian chick named Fatuma Ahmed. And we get along great. She's a second-year student at the University of Ottawa. However, she's chaste and I'm into raunchy sex. So I prowl the web looking for sexual partners to engage in really nasty sex acts. Hence, Doris here.

I met Doris on a website for interracial sex partners. Mostly white women seeking Black men but with a few Black women seeking white men. Doris and I started talking and I soon found out we were on the same page. I'm a submissive in the BDSM scene. I love a strong dominatrix. Unfortunately, most of them tend to be white and kind of scared of a six-foot-four Black stud like myself. Well, Doris wasn't intimidated. This English dominatrix was looking for a submissive Black male and I definitely fit the bill. Let the games begin.

We agreed to meet and sparks flew. Doris is married to a British-born Nigerian accountant named Roger Adewale and he's always out of town on business. She has a daughter named Mabel who's studying at the University of Toronto. Doris spends a lot of time alone and loves to hook up with men and women for discreet fun. Well, that's cool with me. I am okay with getting down and dirty. Doris is into race play, which is the most controversial aspect of BDSM. Well, I'm okay with it. She played the role of a dominant Southern Plantation Mistress dominating the hell out of her 'uppity' Black male slave. Sounds really hot to me. Sorry if it disturbs you somewhat.

Now, please don't think that Doris and I condone racism in any way. Doris is married to a Black man and has a daughter by him. It's just that her husband is always out of town and from what I hear, he's not the most sexual man in town. He's not that interested in her so she seeks her fun elsewhere. I don't blame her one bit. I am dating a beautiful Black woman who is smart, sexy and ambitious yet believes in saving herself for marriage. Doris and I are both sexually frustrated people with forbidden fantasies that we dare not share with our significant others. Life is funny, isn't it?

Anyhow, back to the actual meat of the story. Doris slams her dildo deep into my asshole. I stroke my long and thick, uncircumcised Black cock as this middle-aged white lady rams her dildo up my ass. One of the things that attracted me to Doris was her directness. She has a thing for sexy young Black men and wants to sexually dominate one in the bedroom. I am all cool with that. It's my kind of action. Doris berates me while slamming her dildo up my ass. She calls me a punk, a little bitch and a dumb man-slut. I nod along, totally going with the flow. I get off on being sexually humiliated. Lots of women and some men do. It's just the way some submissive types get down. And the world of BDSM is full of them.

While slamming her dildo up my ass, Doris totally cuts loose. With my encouragement she called me a few names that I won't print here. And I totally got off on it. I've dreamed of this moment for ages. For years I prowled the web looking for a specific kind of sexual content. I liked watching bossy women fucking men with strap-on dildos. However hot I found this, I couldn't find what I really longed for. Something I really wanted to see. Any search engine will take you to porn featuring Black men fucking white women in the ass. And most porn sites will take you to some area where white women dominate men with strap-on dildos. Yet I never saw any sites where white women dominated Black men with strap-on dildos. Once in a blue moon I might come across something close to it, like an Asian male or a Hispanic man getting fucked in the ass by a blonde chick with a dildo but never a Black guy. The rarity of this form of porn made me interested in it all the more.

I thought I was the only Black man out there with such fantasies. I wondered what was wrong with me. Normal Black men don't fantasize about getting fucked in the ass by white women wearing strap-on dildos. And normal white women don't fantasize about fucking Black men in the ass with strap-on dildos. Well, that's what I thought until I came across Doris. My magnificent English dominatrix. She totally took control of my Black ass in the bedroom. She made me kneel before her, smacked me around and called me some politically incorrect names. She made me suck her toes and she also twisted my cock while fingering my asshole. Making me with feel pain mixed with pleasure turned her on. And you got no idea how much it turned me on. Not that it's something I would ever admit to my friends. As a Black male living in North America, I'm expected to be macho and tough. Especially around women. Yet sometimes I yearn to be dominated sexually. Weird dilemma, eh? Well, Doris made my most twisted sexual dreams come true. She played the part of the White Southern Plantation Mistress with unsettling perfection. And she filled my ass with her strap-on dildo while berating me. I came spectacularly afterwards. It was the most intense sexual experience of my lifetime.

Folks, this isn't the last time I hooked up with Doris. We both wanted something only each other could provide. We're addicted to each other now. We have no choice. We hook up regularly for wild fun. Doris can't ask her handsome Black husband, the father of her daughter and head of her household, to do the things I do for her. And I can't ask my gorgeous Somalian princess and future wife to call me names while sodomizing me. This side of me must remain hidden from her. Just like the viciously dominant side of Doris remains hidden from her hubby and family. Everybody leads a double life. Ours is just more interesting.

Written by: Samuelx

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